Weekend Mornings & Less Sensitive

I started off my Saturday morning with enough coffee to be bouncing off the walls a glorious cup of coffee.

I love the coffee here!  Well, I love coffee in general.

I’ve reviewed a dozen coffees from TJ’s to Starbucks to flavored Smores Coffee

And I’ve posted about Caffeine AddictionOh well. But I do love the local, Dutch coffee here, caffeine and all.

Skylar loves the bread here.

I used to love it.

It’s called Muesli Bread and it’s a hearty-textured bread, full of seeds and oats, yet the actual bread itself is really soft.  It’s pretty much “perfect” bread in my book.

But I don’t eat it anymore.  Boo! Although I do eat gluten in small quantities these days, I don’t sit down to pieces of bread.

Now, White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting, well I’ll gladly sit down to those.

If I am going to push the gluten envelope, it’s going to be in dessert form.

Gina recently posted about decreased gluten sensitivity after giving her tummy a rest from it, too.

In a nutshell, after five years of being strictly gluten free (and vegan) and healing my gut with fermented foods like:

homemade kombucha

homemade coconut milk kefir (make it on your countertop, so easy!)

and probiotics (I order them from iHerb.com and to save $5 off your iHerb.com order use code: AVE630  Stock up on your stevia, protein powder, nutritional yeast, supplements and more while you’re at it.  Never pay retail again.)

I do believe my gut can tolerate small amounts of gluten now that it’s healed, but I am careful not to overdo it and end up where I spend many, many years of my life which was in GI distress.

Food allergies, gut health, gluten sensitivity, and how everyone’s body works is all so individual and it’s lots of trial and error to find what works for you is my best advice.

Also, some would disagree with this line of thought in entirely and in no way am I suggesting what I do will work for others or that you should do it.  Clearly I wasn’t Celiac and people who are, can should never have gluten again, period.  I’m simply sharing my own personal experience and because I’ve been receiving lots of emails about it, I thought I’d mention it.

These pancakes don’t have gluten and they’re vegan

And my Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes are GF and vegan.

And you can make them in the microwave.  My idea of a timesaver on weekend mornings.

You can also make them without blueberries, the original Microwave Banana Oat Cakes, and jut add nut butter.

From my last post about the Fantastic Food Finds from the past week, I’m glad you enjoyed those.  So many amazing bloggers with so many awesome recipes.  If it wasn’t so hot here, I’d be more inclined to turn on my oven and bake but for now, I can just drool.

If you missed that post or it didn’t show up in your Google Reader, sorry about that.  Something went haywire with WordPress and the date and timestamp it tried to give the post.

1. How do you like to start off your weekend mornings?  Or any morning?

Brush my teeth, wash my face, make the bed, and hug my pumpkin.  Oh yes, and coffee.

2. Do you have any thoughts about the decreased gluten sensitivity issue over time?

Or, the same thing could be asked for other allergies/sensitvities/intolerances from soy to nightshades or even to pollen and ragweed.

Do you think that a person can become less sensitive to things as time goes on, or not really?

I know that I am more sensitive to certain things as time passes like certain smells that used to bug me now really irritate me like bus exhaust, diesel fumes, or cigarette smoke.  I’m more sensitive to those things the older I get.

3. Doing anything fun or exciting this weekend?

I hope so!

I know there’s FitBloggin‘, BlogHer Food in Atlanta, and Eat Write Retreat all going on this weekend!  Lots of bloggie friends are attending those events so I can’t wait to hear all about them.

I’m off to the beach!

Hope the weather cooperates!


41 comments on “Weekend Mornings & Less Sensitive”

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  2. I start my mornings with a HUGE glass of water. About an hour later I have my green smoothie.

    Less sensitive: I’m glad you are able to re-introduce small amounts of gluten. I am not ready or willing to do that yet. The closest I get to any gluten happens when we go out for sushi, and I use the soy sauce that the restaurant provides. Otherwise, no gluten. Period.

  3. Good for you for making your bed each morning … I really need to learn to do that before I have kids!

  4. I like to start my weekend mornings with coffee, oats (or cereal) and my laptop. Bliss!

    I find that as I get older more things bother me. I was just diagnosed with asthma last year which really bothers me b/c I have no control over my triggers which include environmental causes (ragweed, cut grass, dust, etc). Unfortunatley the office is the worst for me b/c of the exposed ceiling and fans that run constantly. Perfume is something that irritates me now, too. Something that has improved though is spicy food. I use to get horrible heartburn from it, but now I seem OK as long as I don’t overdo it. :)

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  6. OHHH my goodness. Those pancakes look AHMAZING!!!!

  7. Wow, I didn’t know you had a gluten problem and GI stress. I have tummy probs and try not to eat gluten but don’t always win out.
    Were you always in great shape or did cutting back on gluten help?
    I really love your recipes!

    That coffee looks yummy!

    I hate spam, too!

  8. You know, I’m always amazed how different everyone’s systems are. That’s really nice that you can add back a few things slowly. (I would definitely go the dessert route if I did!!) I have also noticed a change in my emotional well- being as well as immense physical improvement since I went gluten free. It’s been really wonderful, so I don’t miss it. :)
    I’m definitely more sensitive to cigarette smoke, smells (especially cologne from old boy friends…). But I’ve seen people who can get less sensitive too- my Mom has less allergies to food than she used to.

    My mornings start kinda like yours do- wash face, do situps and play with my cat, drink coffee…lotsa coffee…

  9. I love my Saturday and Sunday mornings! I’ll spend a couple hours out on my bike, running in the park – something OUTSIDE! And I’ll change up my breakfast routine. Maybe some homemade oatmeal with any yummy fruit I’ve got around the house, always a delish juice, sometimes a bowl of fruit from my local vendors. Then it’s time to relax – read my blogs, head to church, read a book. I HAVE to try your gluten-free, vegan pancakes – they look fab!

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