Weekend Necessities

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

I didn’t.

Well, let me rephrase that.  I didn’t do anything outrageously “exciting” but I did do some things that were necessities.

Like changing the sheets on my bed

Catching up on my laundry after being gone at Food & Light earlier in the week

I’d rather be taking pictures but clean clothes were beginning to be a necessity.

I nourished my near-daily “must make a Trader Joe’s or Grocery Store Run” habit

This looked like a necessity

They were sampling Ready to Bake Brownies

But for the first time ever, I was scolded by a TJ’s employee who told me I wasn’t supposed to be taking pictures in the store.

Go figure since some of their employees actually have posed for the camera.

Not to mention, me blogging about TJ’s is free advertising for them.  I don’t get anything out of singing their praises.

In just two weeks, there’s been the Wall of Nuts post

Wall of Hummus & Dips post

Summer Fresh post

Coconut Palm post

And more posts, top!  I guess I practically live there.

I could go on and on with my positive and glowing reviews of TJs

But I didn’t even take this sample after being scolded for my iPhone pics.

I took one picture, paid for my items, and bailed.  <–I think that may have been a necessity.

Plus, I had these necessities waiting for me at home:

White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars – 4 Layers

I am grateful the Gawkin’ Gods said yes

And the Tastin’ Gods, too.

Some of you told me you’re not a huge fan of white chocolate but others agreed with me that nothing is too sweet or too rich, and there seems to be no overall shortage of white chocolate fans.  Good!

These may possibly be the best bars I have ever made.  Dessert is a necessity, no doubt.

Other weekend necessities and items I tackled:


Organized & Updated my Photography Section on my blog to include my Travel/Workshops/Photography Tips posts

Went on a couple really nice runs and enjoyed the low 70s, sunshine, light breeze, and no humidity weather.  <–San Diego norm.  I actually wish it were warmer.  It’s August, right?  Dog days, right?

And it was a necessity I spent time with my family.  I missed them after traveling!


1. What necessities, chores, or projects have you tackled lately?

Considering that I just posted about wanting more calm in my life because the past couple weeks have been some of the busiest in my entire life,  I was happy to not have anything ridiciulously “exciting” going on Saturday and Sunday.

Ridiculously exciting was Thursday.  I had about 5 things from guest blog posts on a few different sites to blogger meetups galore.

And today I just did something big!  Had no idea I was going to do this today when I woke up, but I did.  More on what I did in my next post.

2. Have you ever been chastised for taking pictures in a store?  Or scolded about something ridiculous by a store employee?

Just on the heels of my restaurant photography post discussing the pros and cons of taking pictures of food in restaurants (and thanks for your thoughts and opinions and if you’re shy about it or not) and I had said I was okay with it, just be discreet, I get yelled at by an employee about in-store photography.

I could speculate about why they don’t want pictures but really, I don’t truly get their rationale.   We live in a very digital age.  I am sure there are people taking pictures (more discreetly) than I am and posting them everywhere.  But that’s life in 2011.  Like it or not, it’s the way it is.

As a mother, I have been scolded by store employees in various different places for letting my baby crawl on their floor.  9 month old baby, baby gets fussy and wants to get out of stroller or out of mom’s arms.  They want to crawl.  That’s what babies do.   Yes it’s a little dirty but we have immune systems.  That’s what babies do.  They crawl and are exposed to germs.  God forbid.

I am sure there are other ridiculous things I have been told but would love to hear yours.

P.S. Thanks for the Attune Foods Healthy Free Food Giveaway entries!

49 comments on “Weekend Necessities”

  1. I can’t believe they told you not to take pictures!! You only write good things about TJ’s and that is great advertisement! Sometimes I see things on your blog and I go to TJ’s specifically for that item.

    Boo. That makes me kind of upset.

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  3. Great Blog I will defiantly be coming back to your blog to search for future post keep up the good word.


  4. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe an employee said something to you about taking pics! If only they had a clue how much free advertising they get from food blogs…they’d be seting up the photo shoot for you! haha!

  5. I take photos everywhere *but* restaurants and stores. My camera is too conspicuous and it makes me too self-conscious so I expect somebody to tell me not to. Funny that TJ’s of all places would care, though. Strange.

    We were at an art festival last week and there were several women with iPhones clicking away in the art booths which is pretty routinely frowned upon by the artists since it’s so easy to digitally reproduce prints now.

    To-do list? I don’t make them :)

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  7. Hi Averie! It’s Maren over from the instagram world!! Glad to be reading your blog :) I need someone fresh and new in my life! Plus I already ADORE your daughter. What a DOLL! Can’t wait to read more!

    p.s. I got yelled at once for taking pictures at a store in the mall of america, but I think that’s it!

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  9. been told that at whole foods. they said it was liability. you never know when it is someone like michael moore or jamie oliver doing an expose on how terrible the product is. not that you couldn’t bring it home and buy it. paranoid big business.

  10. Has that stopped you from ever taking pictures there again?

  11. I did alllll my laundry including sheets yesterday! Now I gotta put it all away. The worst part!

    And my philosophy on germs is that whatever doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger, so crawl away!

  12. Those marshmallow cake bars look absolutely divine!! Silly that they wouldn’t let you take photos at Trader Joe’s. I’ve actually had that happen to me as well, but at a different place. Not sure what they think we’re going to do with the photos. Copy and build our own TJ’s? haha

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