What I

I know some people are into What I Ate Wednesday’s.

But I thought it would be fun to provide you with some other What I’s

What I wish I was doing today: Being at the opening day of Del Mar Racetrack

Oh to be there amongst the ladies who lunch and the gentlemen who pay for it all.  Complete with a fabulous hat which is a nearly bligatory tradition on opening day.

That would be fabulous but isn’t happening today.  I have to work.

We went to the track last season and had a great day at our trackside table.

Skylar loved it.

So did I.

What I worked out with today:  My legs.  No fancy gym equipment required.  I went for a 3 mile run in my new neighborhood

What I bought last: Gasoline for my car.  Overpriced.

What I won’t be buying again any time soon: These nuts.  They are amazing.  A little too amazing.

I ate the entire bag in a day and paid the price for the next five.  My gut + nuts = recipe for disaster.  Let’s just say that as much as I feel I have healed my gut and am less sensitive overall with my food allergy issues, going to town on a bag of nuts is never a good idea for me.  Period.

But I will savor the spicy, limey, amazing memories of them.  Until I forget how crappy I felt and try them again.  Which may be in about a year or so.  Sigh.

What I wish I didn’t have to spend time doing:  Change of address forms from our move.  Tedious but a necessity.

What I would buy if I had extra money: Camera lenses

What I would buy without needing much extra money: Thrift store dishes

And boy, I love thrifting for cheapie but beautiful dishes!  The thrill of the hunt is almost as fun as the dishes!

What I really want to tell people: Get over yourself.  You are not that special.  You are just one of about 10 million others and we all share the planet.  Stop acting like you are all that and a bag of chocolate coconut kale chips.  We all put our pants on one leg at a time.  No divas, please.

What I ate for a midnight snack: A bowl of popcorn with nooch + stevia

Popcorn recipes & versions here

What I drank last: water

What dessert I ate last:  A new one!  I’m not telling you about it yet.

But the dessert I ate before that was a Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting (No Bake)

Make these and just freeze them and take out a square or two as needed.  <– Which for me, could be almost every day.

What made me cry last:  I was moved to happy tears by reading an eloquent recap of a blogging event where the sense of community and camaraderie was palpable and present.  It sounded like an event with great learning and growth for all who attended.  It was Evo ’11 and I am sorry I was in Mexico City while it was held or I would have gone.

What I smiled because of lately: My bonding afternoon with Skylar

and my bonding afternoon with Marla

From my last post, it was interesting to hear how many clicks you take to get the right photo.  Most of us like to click til we get it just right.  As predicted.

And I am so happy many of you wrote about the girl time and gabfests you have with your friends.  So important!


Fill in the blanks

What I : __________________.


What I : __________________.

Thanks for the glass straw giveaway entriesYou all are really wanting to slurp!

48 comments on “What I”

  1. too many nuts kill my tummy and it seems i can only eat pistachios – the other nuts give me a migraine :( so sad especially about nut butter!

  2. Loved this post :)

    What I’m craving lately: salty meats and bread, all savoury, no sweet. Yup, the chemo has gotten rid of my sweet tooth!

    What I loved today: Getting out of the house and chatting with the hair dresser while getting my hair “did” :)

  3. “Get over yourself”! Hah! Love that one :) That should be on a t-shirt!

    Ah – yes the nuts lol ! Well – of course! I think anyone’s stomach would hate them if they ate the entire bag girl – not just yours!! Alas, a huge weakness of mine as well. It’s often all or nothing.

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  5. What I ate today: Yogurt with PB and blueberries

    What I am happy about today: I handed in my last assignment, and did my last big presentation for my summer class. I have nothing to worry about now until I go back to work at the end of August :-)

  6. What I wish I had more of: time in the day!

    What I would fill that time with: longer less stressful workouts and reading/writing!

  7. What I am thinking about trying is going dairy-free. I think it might really help my gut heal. The problem is finding more replacements for the things I love without being able to use soy or too many nuts. I already have to be gluten-free, do I really have to cut more stuff out? Eh, apparently.

    What I am dreaming of is moving. I know you just did it and it sucks, but I am sooo done living in apartments I’m going insane.

  8. The track does sound fun … anything sounds more fun that work this week. :-P D’oh on the nuts, they look awesome, but my tummy probably wouldn’t think so after snacking on them.

    What I did for exercise – run and Bowflex routine.
    What I wish I was doing – relaxing on the beach.

  9. What I wish I was doing today: Sitting on a beach, getting a golden tan and playing in the ocean

    What I wish I was eating today: A burger & fries. Possibly with a shake on the side :)

  10. Love your site!!
    What I should be doing right now is laundry.
    What I wish I was doing right now is making those Nutella/PB bars! YUM!!

  11. what I did today: go for a long walk with my aupair children and realize once more how littleyou need to entertain kids!
    what I am looking forward to: an interview at PETA for an internship!
    btw: Skylar´s hair is soooo long!

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  13. LOVE this post Averie! What I DID do today was go to opening day. It was CROWDED. What I wish I would’ve done today was just relax at home with my boys. Your run in your neighborhood looks amazing! What scenery! I’m jealous. :)

  14. I’m sorry to hear about your tummy! I do the same thing. Eat to much of something, feel aweful, but then eat it again later when I forget how awful I felt. What I ate today- tonnes of fruit. What I did today- work and yoga!

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