Wild Animals, Wild Child

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and private emails from my last post, Playlist & Workout Safety post.  What happened to me was years ago, and I am “fine” now, but at the time, it was horrific and changed my life.

If there ever is a “silver lining” to violent crime, one such silver lining for me is that I became much more aware of my surroundings, my personal safety, and various behaviors that could leave me at risk for future crime.

No one ever “deserves” awful things happening, of course, but being smart, taking precautions, and just playing it as safe as possible is wise.  For me, that includes not running with music.

However, I am careful to not let what happened cause me to live a fear-based life.  I don’t live my life in fear.  I continue to live my life and do what I want; I just play it a little safer.

It was interesting that many of you commented and said you don’t worry about attacks from humans, but encountering wild animals is more likely.  I grew up in rural Minnesota on gravel roads where it was more common to see cow and deer than people.  I can relate.

Here in Aruba, I frequently see wild chickens.

Excuse the grainy picture but this was as good as my zoom lens could do with fast moving mama chicken and her babies that were scampering quickly.

Not as exciting as the zoom lens photos I took hereAhem.

I also see wild cats.

And plenty of other unphotograped dogs, birds, and goats.

When I first came to Aruba in 1996 (and fell in love with it here and knew I’d live here in some capacity) there were tons and tons of wild goats.  Billy goats.

But as the hotels have been built and the development has continued…

…There are very few wild goats anymore here.

Notice the crane.  There was a moratorium on beachfront development for awhile which was a blessing but somehow the big hotels are getting their properties built, oceanfront.

Wild animals Wild people can be found on these buses, daily, too.

And the wild flowers that grow here are lovely.

Right now, it’s time for me to get wild and make a Microwave Oatmeal Banana Cake with PB.

The microwave is all I can manage and as wild as I can get in the heat.

And maybe I’ll get wild and make Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups later.

Another microwave special.


1. Do you have wild animals in your area?

In San Diego and southern California where the weather is warm year round, almost every imaginable animal could survive but in urban San Diego where I live, I don’t see too many “wild” animals in my daily life.

I know there are snakes though that are “wild” and in there area.  I have a phobia! Eek!

And in Aruba, cats, dogs, iguanas, lizards, rodents, bugs, goats, chickens.  Lots of wild going on here.

2. Have you done anything wild lately?

I wouldn’t call it “wild” but I did book a trip somewhere that was very impromptu and spur of the moment.

I didn’t plan it, over-think it, or over-research it.  I just booked it.  That’s as wild as I get these days.

3. Do you consider yourself more of a “tame” person or more “wild child”?  Or a mixture?

I am a mixture and being a mom does take the wild out of a person.  And anyone who says it doesn’t and that kids don’t change them, well, they probably don’t have kids!

I used to be a wild child and a life-of-the-party girl.  Not always though.  I always studied hard, worked hard, but I played hard, too.  And it was great to be able to buckle down when I needed to, but still cut loose and get wild when I wanted to.

You can read about some of my wilder adventures here.

Have a great evening!

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  2. Yeah, I’m super paranoid about running outside, when it’s not crowded. S**t happens here all of the time & I don’t want to become a victim of a crime I can’t emotionally undo. I would also want to beat the s**t out of anyone that tried to hurt me in anyway. Like a Kung Fu movie or something. I have zero tolerance for violence, zero. I don’t care where you came from or your pathetic sob story (the perpetrator). If you hurt me or someone I know I wish ya gone from the face of the planet.

    I do resent that there is SO much violence against women and then we have SCHMUCKS that try to redefine rape according to how a woman dresses or registers prostitutes as “sex offenders” when the dudes hiring them, the dudes creating the demand, well they get nothing.

    I hope someday we can run when & where we want, without having to constantly look over our shoulders.

  3. Hmm I think I’m a very carefree and free-spirited person, but I’m tame as in–I don’t go against others b/c I’m kind of a…”peacelover”? haha.

  4. Let me just say that we have very similiar tastes in music… my new playlist is pretty darn close to yours!
    As far as wild animals go I have deer, bunnies, racoon’s those types of animals. I consider myself a wild child at heart!! When I go out – I really go out! :)

  5. ps how do i get my picture to post when i make comments on your blogs? thx–eva

  6. hello! new to your blog…but have been following for a while….just never commented yet…..with so many blogs to chose from, i can only chose a few to follow….and yours is in my permanent list…this comment is unrelated to your post here, but had to let you know that i have been eating your cookie dough balls for about 4 weeks now–no joke……i do alternate between making carrot cake ones or just plain oats and grinding with some nut (so far, i’ve tried almonds, cashews and macadamias—they all work)…..i’m at the point where i don’t measure, just throw it all in….
    just to let you know, you’ve inspired me to get to blogging….i am just trying to figure out whether to use blogger or wordpress–any reccomendations?..thanks, eva AKA FiveFruitsAndVeggies

  7. I am totally not a wild child! I prefer to keep it safe. I wish I could be spontaneous and crazy, but it’s just not me! I prefer comfort and routine with some fun sprinkled in. Controlled fun is still fun, right? Wow, this makes me sound super boring, lol!

  8. We have wild turkey, deer, coyotes, fox, rabbits, snakes, and bobcats. I”m probably forgetting something, but those are the common ones anyway. I love coming down my driveway and seeing rabbits hopping to get out of the way and turkeys running and deer jumping. (we live way out in the country)
    Not sure I’ve done anything wild lately although I have two little boys, 10 mths and 6 years and that’s probably all the wildness I need..
    I’m more tame than wild but I have my moments;0)

  9. Averie!
    I just made the Banana oatmeal cake for breakfast and it was DELICIOUS! Thanks so much for such a quick recipe!

    1. We have wildcats, bears, rabbits, deers and squirrels where I live so plenty of wild animals!
    2. I haven’t done anything really wild lately, being the mom of a 6-months old baby girl is wild enough for me! ;)
    3. I guess I’m the wild child of my family, but I would still consider myself pretty tame. I’m only “wild” because I traveled a lot and moved 5000km away from my family to start my own and don’t hold the same monetary values as the rest of my family. If that makes me wild, I guess I am!

  10. Wild animals: squirrels, chipmunks, racoons, skunks, small birds (blue jays, cardinals, robins, etc), turkey vultures, deer, frogs, ducks, geese, turkey (at the paintball field), foxes, beaver, and the black crows & sea gulls abound on garbage day.

    Not so much of a wild child myself. Although I do occasionally do things spur of the moment.

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  12. I’m glad you don’t let fear take control of your life. I can imagine that it must’ve been horrifying, but it’s important that YOU have control over YOUR life. So I think you’re a pretty strong woman :)

    I’m not really afraid of wild animals in our neighbourhood, people say there are plenty of foxes, but I haven’t seen one yet, they’re probably too shy to come out ;) Plenty of wild rabbits though, but I can’t say I’m afraid of them haha!

  13. Aruba is so breathtakingly beautiful!
    Here in Australia I have actually seen wild kangaroos several times… it’s really cool actually!

  14. i will be making lots of those microwave oat cake since we remodeling our kitch and all that’s there is a microwave! :)

    just saw your other post about running and music…sorry about happened to you. we just have to be smart bc crimes happen anywhere like you said. i actually run with music…but that post got me thinking. when i do run, it’s in busy street which i think is a good idea now that i think about it.
    but still just have to becareful.

    i am def a wild child…my fave quote “adventure is out there!!” ~ UP
    whether you’re traveling or just at home, i think you’ll find something fun just around the corner. :)

  15. just hopped over here from CCK’s blog and i’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about baking with beans! i was so thrown when i kept seeing beans popping up in so many of her droolworthy recipes, but like you said if it’s got her stamp of approval i’m a believer! ;)

    that said, i don’t live around any wild animals, but growing up one of my friends had lots of goats and chickens…not really all that wild but fun to play around with. hehe. i’m not a real wild child in the usual sense, but like you probably more of a mixture. i think i’d say i can be spontaneous and always up for a fun challenge.

    • the bean post is going live in 2.5 hours :) stay tuned!

      your last comment to me re you being hit by a car…omg that’s horrific and i am so sorry. thank god you’re “okay” but what a shake up, how scary, and awful. sadly ive known many runners who’ve been struck by cars. just so horrible!

      • the countdown is on! ;)

        thank you so much for your sympathies regarding my car accident, it’s been eye opening and like you said terrible that it isn’t that uncommon at all. careless drivers and malicious pedestrians need to be taken off the streets!

  16. Pretty “wild” cat!

    As far as being wild vs. tame, I think I was about like you. I was the life of any party – in school I could always locate beer, pierced my own ears 11x, got some tattoos… but I knew where that line was and what I needed to get done in order to be successful. Thank. God. ;)

  17. Wild goats… nice! haha Last animal I saw was a deer followed by a pack of coyotes. The deer was fine, she saw me, I saw her and she ran in the opposite direction. The coyotes… well, they howled a bunch and started tip toeing toward me. Scariest thing EVER. A group of coyotes attacked a lady down the road from our home last year and she died. Last time I ran early in the morning!

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