Wild Animals, Wild Child

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and private emails from my last post, Playlist & Workout Safety post.  What happened to me was years ago, and I am “fine” now, but at the time, it was horrific and changed my life.

If there ever is a “silver lining” to violent crime, one such silver lining for me is that I became much more aware of my surroundings, my personal safety, and various behaviors that could leave me at risk for future crime.

No one ever “deserves” awful things happening, of course, but being smart, taking precautions, and just playing it as safe as possible is wise.  For me, that includes not running with music.

However, I am careful to not let what happened cause me to live a fear-based life.  I don’t live my life in fear.  I continue to live my life and do what I want; I just play it a little safer.

It was interesting that many of you commented and said you don’t worry about attacks from humans, but encountering wild animals is more likely.  I grew up in rural Minnesota on gravel roads where it was more common to see cow and deer than people.  I can relate.

Here in Aruba, I frequently see wild chickens.

Excuse the grainy picture but this was as good as my zoom lens could do with fast moving mama chicken and her babies that were scampering quickly.

Not as exciting as the zoom lens photos I took hereAhem.

I also see wild cats.

And plenty of other unphotograped dogs, birds, and goats.

When I first came to Aruba in 1996 (and fell in love with it here and knew I’d live here in some capacity) there were tons and tons of wild goats.  Billy goats.

But as the hotels have been built and the development has continued…

…There are very few wild goats anymore here.

Notice the crane.  There was a moratorium on beachfront development for awhile which was a blessing but somehow the big hotels are getting their properties built, oceanfront.

Wild animals Wild people can be found on these buses, daily, too.

And the wild flowers that grow here are lovely.

Right now, it’s time for me to get wild and make a Microwave Oatmeal Banana Cake with PB.

The microwave is all I can manage and as wild as I can get in the heat.

And maybe I’ll get wild and make Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups later.

Another microwave special.


1. Do you have wild animals in your area?

In San Diego and southern California where the weather is warm year round, almost every imaginable animal could survive but in urban San Diego where I live, I don’t see too many “wild” animals in my daily life.

I know there are snakes though that are “wild” and in there area.  I have a phobia! Eek!

And in Aruba, cats, dogs, iguanas, lizards, rodents, bugs, goats, chickens.  Lots of wild going on here.

2. Have you done anything wild lately?

I wouldn’t call it “wild” but I did book a trip somewhere that was very impromptu and spur of the moment.

I didn’t plan it, over-think it, or over-research it.  I just booked it.  That’s as wild as I get these days.

3. Do you consider yourself more of a “tame” person or more “wild child”?  Or a mixture?

I am a mixture and being a mom does take the wild out of a person.  And anyone who says it doesn’t and that kids don’t change them, well, they probably don’t have kids!

I used to be a wild child and a life-of-the-party girl.  Not always though.  I always studied hard, worked hard, but I played hard, too.  And it was great to be able to buckle down when I needed to, but still cut loose and get wild when I wanted to.

You can read about some of my wilder adventures here.

Have a great evening!

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  1. So many great memories on the kuku kunuku buses!!! :D We met some real characters. I should email you a picture… think red mesh shirt, knee brace, and long mustache. All on the same guy, lol.

    I live in Virginia so we have squirrels, deer, some turkeys… not too much in my area because it’s too developed.

    I haven’t done anything wild recently BUT I’m in a wedding this weekend out of town so you never know what might happen!

  2. ahh that cat is precious!!

  3. We’ve got skunks. The occasional coyote finds its way down here. Plus the very occasional mountain lion or bear.

    I am as tame as tame can be. I’ve not ever smoked a cig, much less anything stronger or done any illegal drug. Which in So Cal, makes me a rarity.

    I also have no piercings or tattoos. Maybe I’m just boring. :)

  4. I missed your last post, but I’m so glad you’re fine and have found the silver lining from what must have been very scary and traumatic. It reminds me of that book “The Gift of Fear.” A must-read.

    Wild animals in my area? Sure! In nearby parks, I see wild geese, ducks, turkeys, and turtles all the time. Cranes, too, sometimes. The usual urban animals like pigeons and squirrels abound, as do raccoons. Yes, raccoons in NYC. And sadly, other types of rodents. In my apt, my kitteh has his wild moments.

    I’m def a mixture. Pretty mild nowadays, but that can change. Depending. ;-)

    Probably the wildest thing I’ve done lately was chowing down on absurb amounts of watermelon. No joke, I ate about half of a good sized one in about 24 hours. Haaa!

  5. Haha, we have snakes too but they’re tiny. I quite frequently have to rescue my hubby from them because he can’t stand them. I don’t mind them as much, but I’m not a fan, haha. We have other wild animals like deer, elk, moose etc. I don’t classify those as too “wild” though. When I think of wild I think of things that would like to eat me. Although my little sister in law used to be afraid to wait for the bus on dark mornings because she thought the elk out in the field were going to “get” her, haha. I was wild as a little kid and then I calmed down and I’m pretty tame now. And yes I think having kids does that. But I never wanted to be the center of attention or anything like that. Not my thing. I haven’t done anything wild even for me in a long time, haha. Read: I’m totally boring. :D

  6. Deer and cyotes are about as wild as it gets around here! I’m such a tame person – I’ve never been a wild child!

  7. Hi Averie- LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog! I’m from MN too! Where are u from?

  8. i am soooo not a wild child. i’ve gotten more outgoing since childhood, but i’m not very crazy!
    yup – aruba has changed a lot even in the years we’ve been going (since the early 2000’s) – the marriott, the new mall, the aruba divi phoenix tower…all built since we first went. i heard a rumour in march that ritz-carlton (or hilton?) is building beside the marriott, where the windsurfers are based now…
    so sorry to hear of the incident in your past…thanks for sharing, averie.
    hope you have a great eve. i bet your tan is amazing by now!!

    • you’re so sweet…i am tan, yes…not ridic more so than i was when i came but i am tan :)

      and yes the development and growth here is mind boggling. for me and my property value, it’s good. for the overall island, i hope they stop soon. it’s got “enough” going on. we dont need more more more down here. it’s only 20 miles long, ya know!

  9. I am definitely a mixture of WILD child and tame. I have multiple personalities, depending what I am doing :-) At University everyone always thinks I am studious, and innocent … but if they go out with me on a Saturday night, they might see something different!

    I made one of your banana oat cakes for breakfast! Yummm!!!!

    • you made it for breakkie? thanks for lmk!

      and after meeting you at FBuzz, you are definitely more spirited, i wouldnt say “wild” but you are much more va-va-voom than i would have guessed from your blog…which was an awesome surprise :)


  10. That microwave cake looks soooo good!! Mmm, you have suchhhh delicious food :D

  11. I’m pretty tame MOST of the time, but I can definitely party with the best of them! Of course, I haven’t really raged since college, but I’m never one to turn down a tequila shot!

  12. I live in the downtown area of my city, and I see TONS of wild animals! For a while there was an arctic fox living under a broken-down truck in the parking lot. I’ve also seen many Arctic hares, ptarmigan, black bears, geese, and even a lynx!

    I’ve managed to avoid any confrontation with animals, but I try to be cautious and not aggravate the wild animals!

  13. I think I just drooled when the PB cups popped up! I was expecting more wild animal and beach photos and then BAM! ya got me! =) haha

    Enjoy the beach! mwaaah!

  14. We have tons of deer and geese around here…
    I am definitely a mixture, though I tend to be more on the tame side most of the time!

  15. Fun Aruba pics, lots of wild chickens and turkeys here too.

    1. Yes, rabbits, turkeys, foxes, chickens, owls, and more.
    2. Not really, except failing at a lentil burger recipe experiment. :-P I’d like to just take off on a trip and really need to, but it’s tough now with hubby’s work schedule.
    3. Somewhere in the middle, I seem to be getting wilder with age though instead of mellowing out.

  16. There are so many vultures and alligators where I live!

  17. Work hard and play hard – that about sums me up too. I was a wild child for a few years….I think we all go through that. I didn’t have kids, but I did get “old”. ;)

    I love that there are wild chickens! I want to go to Aruba so badly after seeing all your photos!

  18. Goats!! Dustin and I love goats :) We hope to have some one day–as pets, not for dinner!

    We have all sorts of wild animals in our backyard, mainly deer. We had bears in one of our other houses. I have a pic of one sitting on our lawn, lol.

    I’m a mixture of wild and tame; I’m a switch hitter like that, lol.

  19. Aruba is so beautiful!!! Your photographs remind me so much of Nicaragua, I can’t wait to go back!

  20. We have some wild animals around here but nothing too exciting: ducks, geese, rabbits, deer, squirrels, raccoons, etc.
    Sadly, I haven’t done anything too wild lately. I was much more wild in my younger days, but as you admit, being a mom takes the wild from you. Now the wild only comes out once in a while. ;-)

  21. I am very tame, timid and shy. But every once in a while I turn into a wild child big time. It depends on who I am with and what we’re doing — sometimes alcohol turns this on more, but not all the time. Booze tends to make me even more mellow

    You know the animals I see — deer, turkeys, rabbits, foxes, woodchucks, bears, ducks, loons, geese (millions and millions of geese!), etc.

  22. Ha–we live in bear country! It’s not really a joke, though–makes composting a pain and potentially dangerous. Also snowshoe hares who’ve been eating all our trees through the winter (killed an astonishing number of trees in town) and may yet eat our entire summer garden. And squirrels and voles, soon mosquitoes…Yep–wildlife galore here!

  23. Haha…I always try to take pictures of chickens when we’re in the Caribbean, and they always move WAY too fast for me :-)

  24. Squirrels, racoons, and possums are pretty much as wild as it gets around where I live. And sometimes the occasional coyote. It seems like wild chickens are very fond of beachy areas. When I visited Kauai there were wild chickens running around all over the island!

  25. Mmm, banana oat cake! Those have been my go-to dessert lately.
    1. Where I grew up we had tons of wild turkeys, pheasants, rabbits, dear, moose, even bears. Now I’m in a small city and I don’t see much of it.
    2. Wildest things I’ve done recently are a) decide to skydive this coming Thursday, and b) book a trip to Italy that will make my budget pretty tight!
    3. I’ve never been a wild child in the traditional sense of the word. I love my schoolwork, sleep, and 5am workouts!

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