Winner of the 3 Pounds of Chia Seeds Announced Now!!!!

I want to thank everyone who entered the 3 Pounds of Chia Seeds GiveAway!!!!!!!  Chia Seeds are awesome and judging by the 225+ entries for the contest, everyone wanted in on this action.

But only one person could win and….

…..Drumroll please….

….the lucky winner of the chia seeds is 


Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) said…
Youre like a give-away queen Averie!! You rock. Uh I would LOVE to try Chia seeds because Ive actually never had em (hangs head in shame). Your obv in my google reader and my blog roll. Ill link this on my next post tomorrow! :)

Congrats Abby, you’re a sweetheart and I hope you enjoy your Chia Seeds!  Thanks Chia Seeds Direct!

Feeling bummed you didn’t win?  Well never fear my sweet bloggie friends, I have another Give Away I am announcing in 24 hours so please, Stay Tuned!!!! 

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  1. I'm SOOOO excited for your teaching gig on Saturday :) and you TOTALLY have a crazy awesome bra to wear to your class! woo hoo :)

    I usually just wear whatever tshirt I wear to bed hahaha or old t's that I don't want to wear in real public anymore :)

  2. Hi Averie! Oh how funny about the Mommy & me pottery and my post title ;) I love fun things like that–can't wait to see her artwork :)
    Those dough balls look AMAZING. So clever to use cashews.
    I just can't get into tahini. Any tips to make it less bitter?!

  3. I love all of your little cookie ball concoctions! They look so delish.

    I'm excited about the magic mouse too. Mine is en route and should be delivered tomorrow! So glad you like it.

  4. addicted to lulu, its bad, sometimes I wont let myself go in bc I cannot walk out empty handed!! and since I get a 10% discount bc I am a trainer its REALLY bad!

    great idea making a vegan cesear dressing…love the balls too! (twss)

    congrats on the new teaching job!!

  5. I have been blogless for about a week now and I have missed your little dessert treats! That is very exciting that you will be teaching a yoga class, I wish I lived closer!

  6. Yummy yummy those raw treats look sooooooooo good! x x

  7. ahh those raw cookie dough balls look out of this world good!!

    i really love underarmor workout gear!

  8. k, i was hungry, but now my tummy started growling! have fun with your yoga classes :)

    i knew i'd forget something, sorry i didn't mention your giveaway, if I remember when I get home I"ll add it!

    sneaks seem to be asics… i like nike and under armour singlets, and have a few champion capris :) whatever it is that i find i like, i catch it on sale. otherwise i'd be doing laundry every night!

  9. Yeah, I'm glad you had the right feeling when at the yoga studio! That is very important : )

    That salad looks fabulous! I tend to drench mine sometimes. When eating this many greens you gotta make it interesting, right?

    Okay, so I have the chocolate and now I'm out of agave! What up? Now my interesting food is on hold waiting for Amazon : )

    Love that mouse! I have the same one and it's great! I also have the wireless keyboard which is too cool!

  10. Averie those are some damn good looking balls! Teehee..sorry I couldn't help myself. Seriously though the cashew oat ones look awesome. I so wish I could do that yoga pose! I've always wanted to be able to do the splits. My favorite apparrel place is Lulu lemon for sure. I bought a bunch of stuff when I was in Houston and then ordered another pair of their Groove pants from the web bc I love them so much! I will try to keep up with your blog better when I get back to NC. Right now I'm on my iPhone! Love ya lady..

  11. The new pink sports bra is so cute! I definitely don't have any "cute" sports bras… just functional ones. But I always wear a shirt over them so it doesn't matter too much :)

  12. Very excited about trying the Magic Mouse!! the back button only a swipe away? very cool… and those cookie dough balls don't look bad either!

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