Winner of the 3 Pounds of Chia Seeds Announced Now!!!!

I want to thank everyone who entered the 3 Pounds of Chia Seeds GiveAway!!!!!!!  Chia Seeds are awesome and judging by the 225+ entries for the contest, everyone wanted in on this action.

But only one person could win and….

…..Drumroll please….

….the lucky winner of the chia seeds is 


Abby (Abbys Vegan Eats) said…
Youre like a give-away queen Averie!! You rock. Uh I would LOVE to try Chia seeds because Ive actually never had em (hangs head in shame). Your obv in my google reader and my blog roll. Ill link this on my next post tomorrow! :)

Congrats Abby, you’re a sweetheart and I hope you enjoy your Chia Seeds!  Thanks Chia Seeds Direct!

Feeling bummed you didn’t win?  Well never fear my sweet bloggie friends, I have another Give Away I am announcing in 24 hours so please, Stay Tuned!!!! 

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  1. Hey chica!!

    I love ceasar salad!! It is a huge treat for me! You seriously have me contemplating the whole vegan thing – with your recipes I could totally do it! With mine…not so much, lol.

    As for workout clothes, I love Nike, Under Armour and LuLu, but I tend to buy whatever is cute. :)

  2. I wear whatever I can find to exercise. I even wear my t-ball shirt from when I was in pre-k! Go Reds! hahaha

  3. BTW… Congrats on the new teaching gig! I would totally sign up for your classes!

  4. Aw! Thanks for the mention, Averie. :-D

    I think it's so sweet that you took Skylar to that class. Can't wait to see those pics!!

    Too bad I'm not in Arizona — you could teach me all the yoga stuff I need to learn!! Congrats on your gig!!!


  5. I am so pumped for you and the teaching gig! Let me know if you are ever teaching a beginners class because I will be there front and center!

  6. I MAY have to keep my word on going to one of your yoga classes. ;)

    And I'm a little embarrassed, up until, like last week, I didn't know what TWSS stood for.. lmao right?? Well, being my usual ignorant self, I looked it up on like I normally do when I'm in lala land.. and lo and behold! Your blog makes so much more sense now. hahaha. :)

    I usually wear whatever when I exercise, but I feel better about myself, and am more motivated when I feel/look good in good quality/fashionable workout wear.

  7. hahah it IS nifty to be thrifty! i love it. and you. that sports bra is super cute! nice find. and nice balls. but what i am really digging is that greenery. um YUM!! and i am a cheap ass.. i buy workout clothes at tjmaxx and ross.. sometimes target if i am feeling spendy ;)

  8. I LOVE Lucy. I also really like Lululemon, but usually the stuff I like is full price and out of my price range. I never seem to go there when they have a sale!
    I'm so glad everyone is making your snowballs!
    (I'm on my THIRD batch myself…)

  9. Congrrrats on the yoga job! So fun!

    I go between loose moisture wicking pants I have bought at Gold's (can't remember the "style") and a sports bra I fell in love with (so I bought 12) at Sports Authority & a white or black wife beater. OR cute Bia Brazil sets- those are like tight moisture wicking yoga pants and little tops. Depends on the mood. I get them pretty cheap when the girl comes around to the gym to sell them.

  10. I need to get on this snowball makin' wagon. I have been lazy in the kitchen as of late.. i just dont know what to do these days!! :( But I guess thats why I have a dietion right now, right?

    I usually just wear Lulu Lemons for my workout clothes :D love it!

  11. The Lululemon sports bra, I have heared so amny refering to that one, Is it a good choice for the enviroment? Tell me why it's so good :)


  12. Ceasar salad used to me by favorite meal! I will be saving this recipe for sure, and those cookies?! Swoon!

  13. I LOVE and LIVE in my BebeSport apparel :)

  14. P.S. – and the Juicy hoodies!

  15. YUmmy salad as always.. AND YA for a new gig. How fun!! :) GO AVERIE.

    I cannot wait to see pics of Miss Skylar painting.. dont ya love how kids dont care about the mess?!?

    Thanks so much, btw, for your sweet comments on my post. Im so glad you liked the pics :) Have a super day.

  16. I think my weekend may be more crazy than my week…but that's cause I get to see all my FRIENDS!!! WAHOOO

    mmm you are seriously killing me with those balls. If I could eat like you all the time I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem

  17. how you manage to continually come up with all these ideas is amazing! the chocolate chip cookie dough balls are so cute, and that caesar salad is calling my name. anddddd…i cannot wait to see the painted pottery – adorable!

    i am looking up the manduka mat right now…i think i may have to put it on my x-mas list.

    have a wonderful day dear averie – love you!

  18. OooOoo I wish I could take your class!!

    Averie, have you worn bamboo clothing at all? It's great for yoga and exercising because it wicks away the sweat, is anti bacterial and if you're doing yoga on the beach it’s naturally UV resistant. Love it!


  19. You know I lost my sweet tooth…I keep wanting to make more rich fun yum things and here and there I do but I am not eating them.

    been craving Kale and Yams. HA

    still looks good though! I've yet to try the raw cookie dough balls…but it's on my list.

    Thanks for the shout Mama! put a big ole smile on my face!

    workout wear? no idea. I am certainly a "sale" and "cute" kinda shopper but lately I have been needing more "function".
    I have shopped Kohl's for the last few years but kinda outgrowing them. I am stocked for now but when I need new things I am going to have to shop around!

    CONGRATS on your yoga teaching gig! I am so thrilled for you!

  20. I usually just wear what I can. Im a bargain workout shopper. lol. I hit up TJ Maxx and Target usually for stuff to wear. Ive actually had alot of luck at these stores! Id love to buy some Lulu gear but I think thats gonna have to wait for christmas this year=)

  21. Thos Raw Vegan Chocolate chip balls look awesome- I am going to try them for sure! I didn't think oats were raw though? Love all of your raw recipes – yum!

  22. omg those cookie dough balls look INSANE. My boyfriend would love them I bet! I call him my dough boy…(as in pillsbury) cuz he loves their biscuits and you guessed it, their cookie dough. Thanks for the recipe!! I'm going to try making it one day when I'm feeling a little more adventurous. :P

    I'm no yoga veteran, so I basically wear whatever LONG shirt i have around and pants…If i were rich though, i'd be decked out in Lululemon. hahaha

  23. The only brand that I am loyal to in regard to workout gear, is Asics. I love their shoes and own about a million pairs. I wish they would send me free shoes so that I wouldn't have tospend all of my hard earned money on their fabulous shoes. : )

  24. That mouse sounds really cool! I love fun technology like that. I don't have a mac though so I'm stuck with my old, boring mouse!

    Now that I'm home I need to remember to buy some coconut – your snowballs are on my to do list!

  25. caesar salad dressing is one of the things i miss the most…i think i need to try that now. i cant WAIT to see how the pottery turns out. i was a blue girl when i was little and am a full blown pinky now…so there's hope for skylar yet!

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