What Are Those Black Things?

Why, those are Dulse Flakes. They’re basically seaweed. I think Sea Vegetable sounds better, so we’ll go with that.

Quicker than you can say Mona Vie Acai Berry, I decided to jump on the Dulse Flake Bandwagon. My friend VeggieGirl is a big fan and I’ve recently seen Gina sprinkle them on her salad beasts.

Here’s a close-up of the Dulse Flakes laying ever so daintily across the rest of the
Raw Veggie Goodness:

*Yellow Peppers

*Cukes (Cucumbers for Justine :))

When I sent dear husband to WF to pick them up, I thought for some reason they came in a spicejar sized little container. I was surprised at this big package, but the little flakes are so light and airy, kinda like black cotton candy. Cotton candy should probably never be discussed on a raw food vegan blog, huh!

Nutrition Info for all you Need-to-Know-It’s

And here was another Dulse Creation:
*Orange Peppers
*OJ/Agave/Crack Black for Dressing

The Dulse Verdict?
Good, they impart lots of flavor, they have tons of health benefits because they are a sea vegetable so where else are you going to get those really unique micronutrients? Probably no where.


But (you knew it was coming)..I am really sensitive to sodium and even things that have salty flavors make me prone to uber-bad dry mouth. And after Da Flakes, I have found myself guzzling water like it’s goin’ outta style. Scott likes them, and after I slather his salads with dressing he says that the flavor kinda disappears and he doesn’t seem to have the dry-mouth issues from them that I do. Just for the record, It’s not just dulse flakes that gimme dry mouth, it’s all salty foods and so I am a low sodium kinda chica. The funny thing, the flakes don’t actually have that much sodium, they just taste like they do. I tried them out on Skylar and she said she didn’t want to eat the dirt on her plate. The honesty of kids cracks me up!

Onto More Juicy Matters…60 ounces were cranked out of the Breville this morning!

I decided that I really dig the way green juice makes me feel, but that I have to streamline the process. So, I am Breaking All The Rules, and juicing enough for 48 hours at a time. Yep, lighting, strike me down for juicing in bulk.

Just some of what went in is pictured, but for all 60 oz I used:

*1 bunch of kale

*1/2 head Romaine
*3.5 cukes (cucumbers)
*3 apples
*4 carrots
*2 inches ginger

60 oz of Green Power. Oh here’s another Rule Break: Refrigerating the Juice. Yeah, call me a Naughty Girl.

Prior to the Juice Fest, I went for a quick run around the ‘hood and then came home for a little yoga. Here were some yoga shots du jour.

Revolved Side Angle Pose with a Bind

Peacock Pose, aka Pincha Mayurasana which is probably my fave asana, or darn close. This one is core strength not arm strength. Emily wrote in on one of my comments talking about core strength, so this one will help your core, too, Emily.

Prasarita Padottansana A

After yoga, it was time to get back to life with the lil one. I give my props to Scott the Photographer for this one…it only takes 273 photos with a 2 yr old to get a good one! My little Pillow Hugger. Soon she’ll be huggin’ trees after growing up in a house with all this green juice!



Tip of the Day: For all your bloggers out there, I found some new publishing software called Ecto. It’s compatible with both MACs and the Blogger platform which, I am learning, is not the easiest combo out there. I am neither a PC or a WordPress girl. There’s a free download for Ecto with a 3 week trial and then it’s only $19.99 for the full package later. This is my first post with it, so we shall see once I click publish how things look…Did I mention, I don’t really like surprises? Drumroll….Ok postscript here, terrible surprise. Publishing failed and I had to re-do the entire blog in blogger. Ahhh…yoga breathing. So question for the bloggers out there who use a MAC, what publishing software do you use? Or what are your time saving tricks for blogging?

9 comments on “What Are Those Black Things?”

  1. ABSOLUTELY stunning new mat – and thanks for the great review of it as well!! :)

  2. Congrats on the new mat. It's quite lovely… and useful too I see :) enjoy!

  3. Wow, what an awesome review, Averie! I LOVE it! That's a very cool story how you're destined to have this mat.

    I'm so glad you're happy with it!


  4. Hey Averie! Nice mat! I think it is destiny that it found you:)

    Hmmm, I would say I couldn't live without my weights or my yoga mat. It's a toss up for me too!

  5. my good shoes and yoga mat have to be the best must haves' for me too…that and my resistance band.

    love that thing.

    Love your mat! That and the TURTLE one are my fav's too!

  6. That is a nice mat! I had read one review saying it wasn't sticky enough, but I think it was in relation to hot yoga. It is super pretty though ~ and puts my plain blue gaiam one to shame! Maybe it's time for a new pretty one. I noticed Gaiam also have patterned ones out now too. What brand did you use prior to this one finding it's way to you?

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