White Line Test & Moving Truck Break Down

Hi Bloggies!  You can kind of ignore this post, it’s just a Test to see if there’s a pesky white line running vertically down the screen.  My post yesterday had a funky white line running down the screen and none of my links worked.  Major Grrrrr.  Just what I need on

Just what I need on Move Day.  If this works, I will have another post up before we leave. 

On highly annoying just-our-luck matters, our movers’ truck broke down on the way here and at the 11th hour, I just had to call another moving company.  Delaying us 90+ minutes.  Another company and crew is on the way.  Thank goodness!  But San Diego will all be worth it!

I will be back there today!

I love walking on the Ocean Beach Pier!
January 2009: Note my “winter” coat is a sweater!
 Ok let me know if there’s a white line on your screen or if you can click the Links like my Recipes Tab

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