Loving Spring

I love living in San Diego.  Especially when spring is in the air!

The lemon I used to create my earlier recipe for Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing used a lemon that came from a friend’s lemon tree.

And then, I was at another friends’ house and she had tons and tons of little Meyer lemons from her tree.

I felt guilty taking more than a handful since I already had locally-grown lemons on hand.


But I couldn’t resist these little golf-ball sized cuties.

I have a post that showcases some of my favorite Lemon Recipes.  You’d be surprised all the savory ways and recipe in which I use lemons. 

And ok, in raw vegan cheesecake, too.


And I love San Diego in the spring not just because of all the free, homegrown lemons I seem to be scoring, but because sometimes it will get usually warm for a day or two, and it actually feels like summer for a day or two.

Yesterday it was 82F and sunny with a light breeze during the day, but cooled off perfectly in the evening.  Today it’s a little cooler, about 73F and sunny.  Totally gorgeous.

I have posted before that I love where I live, but that it wasn’t always that way and it didn’t just “happen”.   We chose to live here and have made sacrifices to do so, but it’s all worth it.

This is home and I could never imagine living anywhere else!

I love all the springtime flowers I am seeing, too.

And I’m loving spring time food…

Sweet and crunchy grapes.  That were on sale for 88 cents/pound. Not locally grown but the produce in the grocery stores even seems better in the spring.

And I am craving lighter fare, too.

Like my Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

I’m glad you enjoyed the looks of it and thanks for letting me know if you have a spiralizer, and if you’ve ever tried raw pasta before.

Thanks to everyone who complimented me on my photographs looking nicerI’m trying!

I of course love Springtime Desserts.  Oh wait, I love desserts year round.

Banana Coconut Cookie Bites (Vegan, GF, can make in the oven or dehydrator)

These are a nice springtime dessert.  What I’d call a bridal shower or baby shower dessert.

And Vegan Peanut Butter Chex Mix, i.e. Puppy Chow makes for a nice springtime anytime chocolaty snack!


1. What’s your favorite season?

Spring and Summer for me.  I hate winter.  Fall just means winter is on the way and so when I see the leaves turn and the pumpkins come out, I am not pleased.

2. Is spring in the air for you?


The days are getting longer

Flowers are blooming more abundantly

The birds and crickets are chirping more

Produce in the grocery store just looks better

It’s getting warmer out!

3. What do you love about spring?

I love:

Longer Days

Warmer Weather

Being able to wear less clothes and not have to bundle up in coats and jackets

I just went for a run in a sports bra + shorts!

The fact that summer is just around the corner

And that we’re just entering into what I consider to be the “prime” six months of weather of the year!  The 6 months of fall/winter are not “prime” to me.

Any signs of spring in your corner of the world?




  1. I’M DYING FOR SPRING!!! It’s cold, rainy, snowy, and foggy here :(

  2. I wish my friend had a lemon tree! ha. Very cool. Spring is alllmost in the air, but not quite yet. I’m anxiously anticipating it :]

  3. I like all seasons, to be honest. Probably why I love living in upstate NY. There’s something special about each season that makes me happy to enter it. Still cold and nasty here, but spring is coming!! Can’t wait!

    I am so jealous! I would LOVE to have access to a lemon tree. Too cool!

  4. i love that as soon as it warms up a bit and the sun is out everyone is just in SUCH better moods! in the work place, and everywhere! its so nice to know that the snow is behind us here in Boston because we had a BRUTAL winter!

    I love fresh lemons and have been enjoying them in my water and ginger tea lately…so delicious and adds that hint of freshness I crave sometimes!

    I love the longer days, happier people, not having to wear a jacket every time I leave the house and going on walks outside!

  5. Ahhh, I’m glad I have your pictures to offer a little sunshine in my world! We had a miserable day here. Rained/sleeted alll day long. I suppose it’s okay, since it made it a lot easier for me to actually buckle down and get homework done…but I want spring already :[
    So cool that you can just get your own lemons right off a tree! I’ve heard good things about Meyer lemons – are they really all that different from “normal” ones?

  6. I like Autumn most of all — when the sun is still shining but you have to wear a light jacket. That is perfect for me!

    Spring is NOT here yet!!! Hopefully in a few weeks. We have a few nice days and then we’ll get 2-3 inches of snow. It sucks – but you already knew that! :)

  7. hey averie!

    I’m SUPER DUPER jealous of the spring weather you’re having! It’s still the “lion” part of March up here and I’m waiting for the “lamb” part to appear!

    I pick up fresh tulips each week from February – April, which totally brighten up our home.

    I also love the following about spring:

    – the smell of freshness everywhere
    – putting away the long johns!
    – swapping winter tires for all seasons
    – longer days
    – being able to run outside (I don’t run in the snow)
    – spring colours in clothing


  8. I absolutely hate winter, too. Hate it! It’s snowing right now so spring isn’t exactly in the air over here. :-(

  9. I miss living in SOCAL so much! My favorite season is summer by far, I hate winter too… its raining right now but we’ve had a few spring days over here in norcal and the days are getting longer plus its warmer finally! I’m making that salad asap.

  10. NO! It’s cold and windy and rainy here! I am soooo over it. I am living through your photos right now though! I love fall and then spring. Well, I love them equally. I love being comfortable in jeans and a cardigan and both of those seasons do it for me.

  11. I love late spring and early summer. Not enough of that around here though!

    It’s 38 and cloudy here, but I guess that’s better than it’s been the last couple months. Only a Minnesotan can get excited about low 40’s :)

    Can’t wait to smell fresh flowers and go to the farmer’s market again!

  12. J’adoreeee San Diego! You are so lucky to live in the sunshineee:)

  13. Beautiful flowers! I wish we had some flowers like that here..but the most exotic we have so far are daisies. :P

  14. Your pictures are making me “homesick!” It’s cold and rainy here (Chicagoland area), still have snow on the ground in some areas. I, too, would have to say my favorite times of year are Spring and Summer, whether I am in CA or IL/IN. I SO miss that little red dot in the sky! We are in the process of moving back to CA (close to you, in fact) once our house here sells. CAN’T wait! My favorite thing about spring is it is a time of renewal, new beginnings. :-) Your Raw Pasta Salad and Cheesecake have got me salivating! YUM! Must try. Thanks for giving me a “taste of home!” Have a great evening.

  15. San Diego is SO lovely!!! I have family in El Cajon and I love visiting them because it’s just so darn pretty! :) Here in Virginia it’s definitely starting to look like spring, but I still have to keep my coat with me so it hasn’t quite happened yet…

  16. We are finally having a warm day, with the sun shining and some of the snow melting … but it is no where near spring for us!

  17. I absolutely agree with you about Spring. I am NOT a winter person by any means. Unfortunately its still freezing in NY. I cannot wait to wear flip flops again!

  18. I’ve been reading through blog posts for the past hour with a hunger in my belly. I’ve already had dinner… but I wanted something sweet and delicious. Just so happens I have a jar of cashews in the fridge that have been soaking for over 24 hours. I’m marching downstairs right now to make a individual sized portion of your raw cheesecake! It looks SO delicious. Totally perfect.

  19. i just made zuke spaghetti tonight and it was amaaaazing! i mixed it in with spaghetti squash and some salmon with nooch and braggs! simple and deliiiiiiicious! i always forget about my spiralizer and then i remember it and i end up being thrilled that i did haha

  20. ooooh I make a healthier version of puppy chow called bunny chow! i loooooove that!

  21. Spring has always been my favorite season. Its the starting fresh, the budding flowers, the promise of summer, the first time wearing flip flops (TODAY!!!), even the rainy days. I love a good spring thunderstorm. I’m actually really looking forward to those midwestern spring thunderstorms!

    I can’t believe its only Thursday. This post made me feel like it should the be the weekend.

  22. There is currently SIX FEET of snow on the ground in my hometown. It’s up to the roof of my mother’s bungalow. They’ve been getting blizzards every week now for months. Breaking all kinds of records. And that’s where I’ll be living in a couple weeks!!! Meanwhile, a little south in Toronto the streets are dry and the temp above freezing. It will be a culture shock for sure. We don’t get spring until April back home.

    In other news, I loved your raw pasta photos too :)

  23. I’m definitely a spring/summer person too! It’s starting to get nice here… This morning it rained and in the afternoon the sun came out and I could walk outside with a light sweater! So nice. On Sunday we’re headed to Socal for a week (about an hour north of San Diego) and I’m excited to enjoy some warmth and sunshine!

    That raw cheezecake is so good! Too bad I’m out of cashews right now.

  24. How awesome that you’re getting fresh lemons–aren’t they the best? Do you have a little yard or something where you could have one, even in a pot? I knew people in CA who had them in pots and they fruited plenty.

    It’s been springlike here lately: just above freezing, but so sunny, and in our cabin, with the sun coming in through all the south-facing windows it can get up into the high 70’s or even more–I just love that!

    I adore the Mediterranean and subtropical climates, and I’m definitely a summer person, but winter is beautiful here too.

  25. I can’t wait for spring! It starts for us (if we are lucky) in April. Sometimes we still have snow on the ground in June!!

    Plus, my birthday is in April <3 I am very excited, although I will be in the midst of finals. Ever since I have started post-secondary education, a final exam ALWAYS falls on my birthday. Not this year. My birthday is on a Sunday!

    Can I ask for your stylish California expertise? I put up some pictures on my blog of different hair colors I want to try and I need a second opinion!! I want to color my hair as celebration for finishing another semester, but I can't make a decision.

  26. Look at those photos I see a HUGE improvement all ready!! So exciting :)

  27. I couldn’t agree with you more! Longer days, warmer weather = LIFE! Seriously, can’t stand the cold; I feel like I’m waiting to come back to life again. Turning the clocks this weekend will help, for sure. And seeing organic plums (albeit, from Mexico, but still, the first organic plums of the coming season) at the natural grocery store was a great spring sign for me! We’ve had a lot of rain in the NYC area lately, though, which has been killing the mood. Your San Diego pictures get me every time. So jealous! Coincidentally, many of my friends have moved to San Diego for work — I’ve never been but am going to visit in a few months, with serious considerations about staying. Very much admire your courage and nerve to make the necessary sacrifices to move. Any tips?? ;)

  28. I’d have to say I would love to live there too! Maybe just to own a avocado tree-and lemons would be pretty fantastic too!!!!! The sun and air….ugh….so envious right now! Soak some up for me!

  29. I wish it was looking like spring here….snow is still covering all the mountains!! Love the pics from balmy san diego, though :)

  30. It’s not spring…it’s summer now!! Almost 90 degrees! Holy cow! I do love that I hear birds chirping later in the evening, though. :-)

  31. My husband and I visited San Diego in September. We fell in love. San Diego is just so bright! I would love to live there. I couldn’t get enough of the flowers either.

    I still have at least another month of snow here. I think I need to save up for some plane tickets.

  32. It’s ALMOST spring here in the bay area…not quite yet. but I am a lover of summer!! i love hot hot weather!! :)) omg your vegan cheesecake looks sooo soo delish!! but i don’t have a vitamix…i don’t think i can get cashews to look THAT creamy in my blender. :( i so so want a vitamix!! :(

  33. I too have been enjoying San Diego weather! Yesterday I went to Coronado’s beach (gorgeous!) and today I went to Pacific Beach…we are so lucky – the past two days have been unreal, Chrissy Russo says it’s going to get cooler though until this time next week – beach weather again!

    I also started a garden a week or so ago – my crops are totally sprouting! I’m so excited and happy I live in such a fabulous place. But don’t tell anyone – they might move here, which leads to traffic! :) :)

  34. I am so jealous of the weather there! It’s cold and rainy here in Vancouver :( San Diego looks so beautiful, I have never been, I would love to go to the San Diego zoo :) I’m just going to admire your beautiful sunny pics for awhile longer :)


  35. Thanks for a little sunshine! The weather has taken a turn back for the worse, but at least it’s not AS darn freezing cold as it has been…I love that it’s light out when I wake up – and I love it that the birds are singing like crazy in the morning and the evening!

  36. Gorgeous pictures :) You know that I am a spring/summer girl too! We definitely really pushed to live in Charleston too and its totally worth it. This time of year makes me all giddy knowing that its going to be all toasty soon. Puppy chow! yum. Enjoy the lemons and your Friday

  37. that’s wonderful that you are HAPPY and CENTRED in san diego.
    i love summer the best. it’s still icky in march in ontario…the “nice weather” will start about may! still a while to go…hopefully all the snow will be gone by end of march.
    a lemon tree! that sounds truly exotic! wondeful photos, too!

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  39. i’m so jealous of where you live! it’s so gorgeous!! i do, however, live in tx.. so the days are getting warmer too – which means i can finally wear all my skirts and dresses (comfortably) again!!! :)

  40. Spring in Oregon just means pouring down rain every day. Summer it tends to get too hot, Fall means rain again and Winter is FREEZING. My favorite “seasons” are the inbetween times. Before it’s quite Spring, before it gets too hot in the Summer, and etc.

  41. It’s cold (40 degrees) and raw here in New Hampshire. :(
    Everyone I’ve asked is VERY tired of winter and READY for Spring. Just don’t know when it will arrive (sigh…).

  42. Spring is starting to surface here too with blooming trees and green everywhere thanks to all the rain. Thanks for reminding me that I need to raid my sister’s trees for lemons. :-)

    1. Spring or fall here since they’re both gorgeous, tons of trees and blooming flowers for spring and lots of turning leaves and squashes for fall.
    2. Yes, thankfully!
    3. Warming temps and amazing blooming flowers.

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  44. Summer is by far my favourite season. I’m so jealous of your gorgeous weather, but glad at the same time that you have it to enjoy! Spring is def in the air. I’m feeling that impatience for summer to arrive already, the birds are back singing in the morning and my cats are starting to go squirrelly..all sure signs that spring is in the air!

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