Online Ordering & Mini’s

My recent order from arrived yesterday.

The order contained probiotics, 5 pounds of stevia, and nooch.

And they threw in a couple free samples

They usually throw in something free but this was the first time I got jelly.  And I love jelly!  


The mini jar reminds me of what my grandma used to throw in her purse when leaving fancy restaurants. One or two for the road was her thinking.  Can’t argue.


I needed to replenish my stash of stevia and nooch.  Especially since I liberally douse my popcorn with melted butter, melted coconut oil, stevia, and nooch.

I get This Nooch from iHerb because it’s 40% cheaper than at WF’s

Note: It’s very hard to hold a can of nooch with your left hand and not dump the entire canister, and balance and then focus a DSLR with your right hand, and take a picture that’s somewhat in focus.  But hopefully you get the noochy drift.

I love the buttery + coconutty + sweet + cheezy flavors.  I eat this combo all the time.

I am a huge popcorn fan.  I have a whole section of Popcorn Recipes and am always adding things like cinnamon, ginger, maca, or chocolate chips to my popcorn to jazz it up.

From my last post about National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day, I am so glad many of you were able to celebrate.  Even if unintentionally since I know most bloggers eat their fair share of PB every day anyway.

I’m glad you played along with creating your own holiday.  Lots of you wanted to create a Chocoholics Day.  I am down for that.

Dessert: Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Combines yesterday’s holiday with today’s nooch.  Perfect.

There’s nooch in them.  I created this recipe a couple years ago and added nooch because I feel the nooch adds some “authenticity” in replicating the Reese’s PB Cup filling.  The nooch adds just a tiny amount of “grit” and savory-ness/salty-ness to the peanut butter filling, very similar to store-bought Reese’s PB Cups.



1. What’s the last thing you’ve ordered online?

My order!

Use code AVE630 to save $5 on your order

2. Do you like popcorn?

Yes, love it!

If so, how do you prepare it? — I use a brown paper bag, place 2 Tbsp of popcorn kernels in it, fold the top down, and microwave it for about 75-90 seconds

And what’s your fave popcorn topping? — Lots of buttery spray (such as Pam Buttery spray) or melted (vegan) butter, coconut oil, nooch, stevia, and chocolate chips for me.

3. The mini jelly jar reminded me how much fun mini foods are to eat.  What do you like that’s mini?

I like:

Mini Blueberry Muffins

Mini Chocolate Chips

I like mini debt

And Mini Chocolate Donut Holes (Vegan, GF, No-bake & take 5 minutes)

What do you like that’s mini?


  1. I really need to order from iHerb. You’re always talking about it and it sounds great. I’ve never ordered from them before. I think the last thing I ordered online was a hood for my camera lens… it was 3$ and doesn’t work very well, haha. I guess I got what I paid for :D

    Love popcorn! The kids eat it almost every day, just with butter or coconut oil and a little sea salt. I even don’t mind it without anything on it. Weird I know, Lol!

  2. Owww! I love when companies send freebies with orders- can’t beat that. I just ordered a couple maternity dresses online- I need something to wear to my shower!! I love popcorn. Home popped kettle corn is my favorite. I like it plain or with a little chili pepper

  3. I love my Mini Cooper :D

  4. I just recieved my order a bag of Sun Warrior and Nitro fusion plant protein yesterday, I was all out!

  5. I need to try your PB cups now that I bought some nooch! I hear you on the “grainy” texture of Reese’s PB cups — that is what makes them so delicious!

    Last thing I ordered — a few gifts for Jason’s bday probably — a Grandma’s Marathon shirt for him, that race medal holder thing, and a few more things.

    Those little jars are the best — I also love the little mustards/ketchups you get at hotels with room service. I totally have a little stash in my fridge — they are perfect for long car rides (no need for a giant bottle of mustard, etc).

  6. I am a true popcorn lover! I tried the nooch in the peanut butter and liked it…a lot. I still need to try what I was thinking…I will let you know how it works out.

  7. God, I LOVE that popcorn! Nooch is so amazing on it.. and coconut oil. oh yeah!

    I am still working my way through the 5 lbs of Nooch I ordered over a year ago!

  8. Averie,
    Just saw this online, what do you think?

    Adults shouldn’t eat more than 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast per day—more may cause an increase in uric acid in the bloodstream, putting stress on the kidneys and/or contributing to gall stones or gout. One serving (approx. 3 tablespoons) of nutritional yeast contains 47 calories, 8 grams of protein, 5 mg of sodium, 5 carbohydrates, 4 grams of fiber and less than 1 gram of fat.

    • I don’t eat more than 3 Tbsp per day.

      As with anything, everyone must do their own research. Some people would say a vegan diet is wonderful, others would say it’s the worst thing ever. We all must do our own research and make choices that resonate with our research and life on everything.

    • I was shocked at the information! I eat about 6 Tbsp’s per day! I find that nooch goes well with everything!!!
      Guess I should lay low for a while and not exceed 3 ;-)

  9. Forget the juggling act, get yourself a tripod!

  10. Heather @ kissmybroccoli Reply

    I love your PB cups! I’ve made them with and without the nooch and I think with definitely gives them the right amount of nutty saltiness!

    Last thing I purchased online was my Cuisinart fro-yo/ice-cream maker! I still hadn’t used it yet tho! :-/

    I love making desserts in “mini” form! So easy to grab and go and so much fun to eat!

  11. I got a package today too! Books from amazon :-)

    Lol, I totally used to steal those mini jelly jars!!! I might still have some in my pantry from one of our trips a few years ago, ha!

  12. Yes, I love popcorn! I have never had it with nooch, need to try that! Dustin isn’t that adventurous, he’s a salt + butter guy. :lol:

    I love mini foods!! Anything that’s single-serving is so much fun and makes me feel like I’m in a restaurant, lol. Mini candies are the best. :)

  13. i love popcorn…and i think i need to get on the nooch/v butter/ wagon…looks amazing!!!


  14. I love mini everything and anything! Especially mini cupcakes, and the mini cake tartlet pans from Williams and Sonoma. They are too cute!!:)

  15. The last thing I bought online was a new movie for my best friend ; turns out he had bought it the day before. So now we have the hassle of returning it. :/

    I love popcorn! My boyfriend makes it on the stove. So yummy.

  16. I need to check out iherb-looks great and I love ordering online! The last thing I ordered was chia seeds! :)

  17. Ohhh…popcorn! I’m a fanatic. I have two air poppers and use them liberally! I put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it first and then whatever spice I”m in the mood for….NuSalt, cayenne pepper, chili spices, cumin, lemon pepper, stevia, cinnamon, etc The combos are endless and I’m always looking for more ideas.

    And for national pb day…I think I will melt some pb and drizzle it on.

    I’ve also heard of people making popcorn cereal…as in pouring milk over it and adding some stevia. Apparently it’s good though I think I would miss the crunch (:

    Never tried nutritional yeast (sorry…hate the word “nooch”). Probably because I thought brewer’s yeast was the same thing and bought some cheap stuff and it was gross. Someone told me to feed it to my cat to prevent fleas!

  18. I love minis. I actually got a iherb order yesterday (coconut oil, raw tahini, and digestive enzymes) and I got the same samples, ie tiny jelly jar and madre lab sample. Do you use those madre lab samples. I have a small stack of them and never seem to remember to use them – also I take a ton of supplements right now as I was so deficient in so many things after years of food intolerances and bad digestion, so I always wonder about adding something to the mix.

  19. I love mini-anything. There is just something about a cute size. and I love popcorn, such a good snack

  20. i love your comment about your grandma tucking the jams into her purse when leaving a restaurant.
    i just suddenly flashed back on my mom taking the little coffee creamers with her after a restaurant outing…she always said, “well. they’re just going to throw them out anyway!” – in fact, i think she still takes them, to this day!

  21. Oh, what a cute little jar of jelly! I have a thing for cute little containers! :P And the blueberry muffin looks so yummilicious

  22. That popcorn looks GREAT!
    … I’m definitely using that recipe next time the boyfriend and I have a movie night. It will make it feel authentic!

  23. Yum! I love popcorn, too. My boyfriend is actually more of a fanatic than I am. I used to buy the bags that you microwave but this past Christmas my mom bought my boyfriend an air popper. It’s really cute! It has wheels and it is made by Betty Crocker. If you Google it, you will see many pictures of it (red and white with wheels!).

    My two combinations are:
    melted butter and chocolate chips (pms popcorn basically, lol)
    melted butter and popcorn salt, which is basically seasoning salt with a bit of sugar added as far as I can tell.

    I used to dip popcorn individually into melted chocolate but now I just throw in the chocolate chips and they melt by the time I want to eat them. It’s messy but so satisfying! Smarties/M&M’s are fun too because they add a bit of colour. :)

  24. Just yesterday I ordered a hand-held GPS device for my husband’s birthday because he wants to go geo-caching.

    That mini jelly jar is adorable! You’ve got to keep that one to put something in; Polly Pockets or whatever teeny-weeny toy parts Skylar has.

  25. Sweet score on the jelly. I get that same nooch from Amazon and love it on popcorn.

    1. A new camera strap, Sun Warrior protein powder and more Gu energy shots for my upcoming half-marathon.
    2. Yes, especially with a little coconut oil and salt.
    3. Mini oranges and tangerines, I’ve been eating tons of those lately.

  26. My grandparents TOTALLY do the same thing, except they’ll empty the whole basket… It’s a little bit embarassing

  27. I LOVE popcorn. I usually pop it on the stove in coconut/canola oil because my microwave is ghetto and doesn’t rotate, so popcorn doesn’t usually pop. I like it salted and nooched!

  28. I love iHerb. They actually have reasonable shipping rates and are usually SUPER fast, too. And I love the free samples they throw in! They are my go-to for buying chia seeds. It’s $8 or $10 from them or $25 from my co-op. Yeesh.
    You’re making me really want some popcorn now!! Man, I can’t remember the last time I had a bowl of popcorn!

  29. I like mini everything. I make all my cookies small, because then I can eat more of them. Plus, cute little things are just…cute.

    Love nooch, love popcorn, love cooking it in the micro, love my micro, but don’t love the coconut oil thing. I don’t know. Doesn’t it make your popcorn all soggy? Even when I could eat butter, I never liked it on popcorn, because they’d turn all soggy and nasty. I’d pick around those, so all that was left was a bowlful of mushy soggy butter-laden popcorn. Which I bet sounds like heaven to some. :)

    • i need something to get my massive amt of toppings to stick, so either use spray (coconut oil or Pam) or just melt butter/coconut oil…but that’s much more gloppy. So the spray is better but it’s also more expensive that way and Im cheap. There IS some sog factor but honestly it’s probably b/c of the abundance of nooch and stevia and cinnamon i tend to add :)

  30. Girl you know I love my popcorn! And like you, I love making different concoctions – preferably of the chocolate variety ;)

  31. I’m all about weird flavor combos! This one sounds good, interesting, but good! I have been getting the same brand of nooch from WF, good to know I can get it cheaper somewhere else!

  32. Wow, I’ve never heard of the paper bag microwave popcorn trick! Do you put oil in with it, or does it work without it?

  33. Funny you mention popcorn, because I was just snacking on some! I love how versatile it is: I can add some spices for a savory snack or some chocolate chips or a warm batch for some melty goodness!

    I’ve heard so much about iHerb, but haven’t ordered anything from them! As frugal as it makes me sound, the fact that they send free samples is really appealing!

    I also need to get my hands on some nutritional yeast — Top of my foodie to-get list!

  34. I’m going to make that popcorn right now. Perfect evening snack!

    Oh, and I love mini-muffins. :-)

  35. I love getting things in the mail so im always ordering online, I love all things mini especially cupcakes soo cute :)

  36. Hmmm…that nooch is the same price as our WF by the pound. I guess I’m lucky there.

    Last thing I ordered…a book I think. I don’t remember which one.

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  38. Last thing I ordered online was a super cute necklace. I love popcorn, but I just don’t eat it often enough!

  39. Anything is cuter when it is mini! My personal favourites: baby shoes, the mini little one bite mandarin oranges, and mini cupcakes!

  40. Last thing I ordered online was cacao butter and a bunch of other stuff from nutsonline. They ship incredibly fast and tend to throw something in too. I order an awful lot online because we live at the end of the road in the boonies and I have esoteric tastes, lol!

    I don’t care for popcorn, but Phil adores it, and really isn’t interested in any fancy toppings: a lot of salt, usually butter or some kind of oil, that’s it, and a huuuge bowl! Popped on the stovetop.

    Mini debt–haha, congrats again!
    Most of my favorite snacks are little bitey things that you can eat three or four of for a serving.

  41. 1. What’s the last thing you’ve ordered online?
    I ordered the most amazing tea from Amazon: White Chocolate Kisses by Bigalow (and it came in a 6 pack… as in 6 boxes! ha ha)

    2. Do you like popcorn?
    I did back in the day but I don’t eat it anymore.

    3. The mini jelly jar reminded me how much fun mini foods are to eat. What do you like that’s mini?
    Hm, good question – I generally like everything BIG! Go big or go home! ha ha!

  42. I have been enjoying your website for weeks now and made several recipes. I want to try nooch soon.

    You mention iherb alot. I order supplements and some food products from and anytime I’ve done a price comparision they are cheaper than iherb. Might want to check them out. Although they don’t have some food products that iherb does.

    Thanks for the blog.

  43. LOVE popcorn! havent had it in AGESSSS!!! i so wnt to get stuff off iherb, but i dont have any valid excuses :(

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  45. I like mini donuts (the kind you can get at the fair).

  46. Last thing I ordered online was Lululemon for my husband. ;)

    The only kind of popcorn I reall like is kettle corn. I’m not big on salty popcorn at all…

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  49. Thank you for the discount code. I’ve had my eye on a few things at iHerb and this actually got me to order them!

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