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I’ve never blogged from my iPhone until this post. There was a power plant explosion or power lines severed and almost two million people in San Diego county are without power. The outage also involves parts of Orange Co, Tijuana and northern Mexico, and east to Palm Desert. This is serious.

They do not know when it will be back.

It’s pandemonium here. The streets are gridlock and there are sirens and ambulances and chaos everywhere in my neighborhood.

We will live by candlelight and flashlight until further notice.

It’s also 92f and no AC of course.


We are fine but please pray for the elderly and the sick. The last time i saw the city this way was the 2007 fires.

On lighter matters thanks for the smiles when you told me what items of yours have been discontinued from my last post. At least I’m not the only one that happens to!

Fingers crossed we get power soon! You don’t realize how much you need it til it’s gone!

Have you ever been without power? Situation?

For how long? Were you scared?
I’ve already prepped skylar for how dark the house will be very soon here….

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  1. Hi Averie! Found your blog a few weeks back and I’m a first time commentator here. I heard about the blackout on the news this morning and you were the first one I thought about. I hope they get the problem resolved soon. Our family went through the Northwest Blackout in August of 1996. That one involved 8 western states. Most of the businesses told employees to go home because they didn’t know how long the power would be down. Talk about mayhem driving home!

    We are avid campers in the mountains here in Idaho. So if the power went out for a lenghth of time again we could “rought it” urban style!

    Be safe and take care!

  2. When I was young we used to lose power all the time in the summer from the crazy Michigan thunderstorms and because the wires on our street were not built to handle all the air conditioners (my neighborhood was built in the 50’s) and so we would be without power a few days at a time several times in the summer. These are some of my favorite memories from growing up. We would barbeque every meal, sleep on sleeping bags in our sunroom, take treks to the mall, the movies, and the pool just to stay cool during the day. I know it seems like a huge hassle and inconvience but I bet neither you nor Skylar will ever forget this!

    Even so, I hope your power is back on soon and that everyone is ok in CA.

  3. I was so busy all day yesterday I didn’t even have a sec to read the news… I picked B up from the airport around 7 and the first thing he said was, ‘Do we have power?’. To which I said: ‘uhhhhh yes ?’ I guess we’re far enough north that we (and the OC airport) were unaffected. I’m so sorry to hear that you guys have to deal with this!! What a pain in the butt. And of course it’s blazing saddles hot right now. :l When you said that a line was severed or a plant exploded… did you call to find that out or just guessing ? The first thing that came to mind was San Onofre … Obv if it were the reactors, I think we’d have heard about it.

  4. I heard about your power problems this morning. It even made it to the Dutch news! I hope it will be solved asap. And if not, I wish you and family a cosy night with candlelight.

  5. Bummer! I hope it all comes back soon. Thinking of you! :) It makes us appreciate everything so much more.

  6. Atleast you have eachother for company and support. Hopefully you get power soon.

    The longest I have been without power was 4 days due to a hurricane. It is not fun but when you have company, it makes it a little better.

  7. I have been, but it was way worse when our water was out. Some pipe had burst in an apartment below us and they had to turn off water for an entire day. You have no idea how often you use water until you realize you don’t have any. I went crazy trying to brush my teeth with a little water we had in the fridge, I was bummed I couldn’t do my usual work out (no shower!) and going to the bathroom got interesting…

    Hope everything is fixed easily and soon!

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  9. Our power was just off for days, and only came back the other night. I live in the Detroit area, and in our suburb area there was a major thunder/rain/wind storm last Saturday. There were actually electrical fires at the end of our street in the park, from a blown transformer! We had half power– enough to emit a dim glow from the lights, but we couldn’t run any machinery. Then the power truly went off for a few days– it was definitely weird to realize that almost every part of our lives is built upon the power. But I sort of enjoyed being unplugged. I’m glad we didn’t have any scary riots or anything! The worst that happened here is that quite a few people had trees fall on there house.

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  11. How crazy! Glad this didn’t last long! Oh yes, I’ve been stuck without power for days in horrid heat and humidity while living in Florida during hurricane season and so sorry you had to go through this!

  12. I think the longest our power was out was a couple hours.

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