Big Dogs

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that it’s common for people to bring their dogs into stores here, including the grocery store

Yesterday Skylar and I were out doing some shopping and we were inside the grocery store…

…when a homeless man who was drunk (and probably high) had a big dirty dog that was not on a leash and it was trying to sniff Skylar while we were in the sugar aisle.


The Mama Tiger in me comes out when I see large animals with big teeth or drunk scary looking dudes approaching my child!

As in, you better

And get your big toothy slobbering, unleashed, hungry-looking dog away from my child before I flip out.

I didn’t say a word to the man but was ready to pounce if need be.  He looked at me, muttered some choice, vile four letter words, which I really didn’t care about because this was about my child’s saftey not what this man said he wanted to do to me.  I shot him some icy stares and he and Fido kept walking.  Thank God.

Feeling unsafe in the sugar asile was not fun.

So we went to the produce section and I bought some red grapes that were on sale for 88 cents per pound

I put half in the freezer because I love frozen grapes but they were so good.  Crisp, crunchy, and sweet.  We did major damage to the bag already.  Must get more.

I have to go back to the store anyway because I forgot half the items on my (mental) grocery list after the brush with wild animals inside the store.  I just lost all concentration, but who wouldn’t.

I was actually thinking of using grapes in a Mixed Berry Clafoutis  <– sounds complicated but it’s really just a fancy name for a twist on pancake batter in my opinion

I wonder how grapes would bake?


1. Do you have a fear of any animals?  Are you scared of big dogs?

I mentioned before that I do have some animal phobias including snakes, ants, and yes, unleashed, mangy, dirty, hungry or just mean looking dogs do scare me.

I grew up next to two huge German Shepards and was bitten by them as a child and my sister was, too, and that has scarred us for life with big dogs.

Yellow labs, golden retrievers, they’re fine, but in general, I prefer smaller dogs.

A major pet peeve of mine is when people say about their (unleashed) dog, “Oh, he’s friendly” as he is coming up to me and trying to sniff my crotch, lick my child, and is jumping around and acting hyper like dogs do.  They’re dogs, it’s what they do.

We all have boundaries and things that we are comfortable with and not comfortable with, and I am not comfortable with big dogs not on leashes or those who just race up to kids in parks, as the owner is trailing behind saying, “Oh he’s harmless”.  Sure.

However, you just never know when a child could pull a dogs ear the wrong way and although the dog is friendly for the owner, it may not be under certain circumstances.  So it’s better, in my opinion, to keep dogs and kids separated until everyone is absolutely sure it’s safe.  Not to mention, some dogs have heads the size of my child’s torso and teeth that could do damage.

I never thought this was until I had a child.  Yes, kids change you and change the way you see the world.  Mama Tiger, indeed.

2. Have you ever baked with grapes?

I never have but I think I’d like to try.

But they are so juicy and perfectly in-season right now, why would I want to mess with them or alter them in any way.  But who knows.  You never know til you try, right?  That’s Baking Rule #12

Thanks for the Manna Bread Giveaway Entries

Have a great Hump Day

37 comments on “Big Dogs”

  1. Allowing dogs in stores seems like a health issue to me, but there are very prevalent here. I think pretty much every time I’m at a store I see at least one.

    I actually have the opposite fear, big dogs I’m fine with, it’s the smaller ones that make me nervous. Probably because I have been bitten and scratched by a small dog (that looked exactly like the one in your first picture, except more mangy). And I grew up with black labs and golden retrievers. So I’m more used to them. But I totally agree, all should be on leashes and “he’s friendly” is no excuse!

    I am intrigued with the baking with grapes idea. They seem so juicy I wonder how that would work.

  2. You’re way nicer than I am! The one time a big dog off-leash came at my kids (he “treed” them on the playground equipment… which was kinda funny in retrospect) I grabbed his collar, called the owner and waited until he got there to take the dog home. Gave him an earful too.

    And grapes? For baking?? Didn’t even know you could!

  3. Oh my goodness, that does not sound like a fun trip to the store. I hate it when things like that happen! Feeling unsafe is the worst feeling in the world. I am glad that it all worked out ok in the end though, that is all that matters right? Baking with grapes is awesome! They just turn into really juicy raisins. I think you should go for it for sure! They will get more dried out if you cut them up, as opposed to putting them into a batter whole, so you just have to decide on what kind of texture you want them to be!

  4. I grew up with a huge golden retriever who wouldn’t hurt a fly. However, I’ve been bitten by too many dogs in my life and am not a fan. The fiance wants a corgi, which I think I could stand, but nothing bigger than that!

  5. I have a 50 pound (is that large) dog who I know will never bite (he’s a therapy dog who has been through rigorous training and testing) BUT I NEVER let him run up to anyone for multiple reasons but a big one is what if the person is scared? My dog was my choice not yours and you may not want his love and that’s okay!

  6. I am only scared of dogs if they are not on a leash. I have never baked with grapes, but I make a dessert called burnt grapes, which is really good. No baking required!

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