Good Morning

Good Morning from the Atlanta airport.

We’ve been up all night on a red eye.

Punchy much?

Seriously though I have no complaints with my four year old traveling companion.  She is such a trooper.   She nodded off on the flight from San Diego to Atlanta for maybe an hour or so but the lure of the journey and not wanting to miss a thing trumps the lure of sleep when you’re four.


Hopefully on the next flight to Aruba she gets a little more shut eye.  I’d like to because at this point I’ve been up since early Friday morning, about 28 hours ago.

This is so worth it.

And now I’m off to get some of this…

(recycled photo because if I had it in hand, I’d be chugging it, not typing)


How well (or poorly) do you function on little to no sleep?

Before I became a mom, I was a “need my 8+ hours” girl.

Life changed and I adapted and I need so much less now.  More would be nice, but not essential.

And with a vacation, I can sleep on the beach so no biggie.

Can you sleep on airplanes?

Yes, but not in the past 5 years.  There is just no way with a child I can get any!

Between her fidgeting and me being ultra-aware of my surroundings, I rest quietly but I wouldn’t call it sleeping.  Not to mention, the ole neck kinks are more profound the older I get.  No way to really get comfy, that’s for sure.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You need one of those travel neck pilllows! They have cute animal ones for kiddos, too.
    Happy travels!

  2. Jennifer@knackfornutrition Reply

    I can’t believe how big she is getting! So beautiful! Since I’m not married and have no kids (whew!) I’m one of those “I need y 7-8 hours” types. :)

  3. I can definitely sleep on an airplane. And if I get less than ;7 hours of sleep, I’m done. Seriously, you don’t want to be around me.

  4. I’m so jealous you’re off to somewhere sunny and warm! It’s just getting colder by the day here!

    I need about 6-7 hours of sleep to function. I’m definitely not one of those college students who can pull all nighters to study. :P

  5. Oh wow.. looks gorgeous :) Sleeping on planes is almost impossible for me, had some bad experiences! I generally get about 7 hours sleep, more would be nice, any less I probably wouldn’t function well at all. Enjoy your trip!

  6. Safe travels, you will be in heaven there soon! So amazing, I wish I was heading to a beautiful beach right now! I love that you guys go every year, Skylar will always remember these fun memories!

    Happy Saturday! xoxo <3

  7. No sleep SUCKS!
    p.s. I live just 1 1/2 north of Atlanta! We were practically in the same place. ;)

  8. So jealous – have fun!

  9. Safe travels! So glad to hear Skylar’s such a great little traveler!

    Soak in every moment of your trip- you definitely deserve the break!

  10. Depends on the ratio of sleep to coffee. For every two hours of sleep below 7, I require an extra cup of coffee beyond my normal 3 a day.
    Still windy here in California; hope it didn’t follow you to Aruba!

  11. I can doze a little on a plane, but not much. I’m definitely an 8 hour + girl. But it’s weird b/c I used to be the 5 hour person. Guess I’m playing catch up!

  12. I do not sleep well on planes. I almost completely stopped flying redeyes because of it, but sometimes you have no choice.

    I used to need a lot of sleep, but after motherhood, you learn to adapt. Starting with first trimester and insomnia. Now I can function on much much less, but I still prefer 7 hours.

    • yeah no choice from CA to the east coast 99% of the time for our travels..ugh! and yes from 1st to 3rd tri insomnia to new baby who doesnt sleep to preschooler and then jr high and then high schooler that you worry about…I have written it off for 18 yrs.. lol

  13. I’m not a good sleeper on a plane…I just like my bed….

    I wish you a safe trip doll!!! You still look so gorgeous ;)


  14. I’d like to say I function better in limited sleep, but I susually don’t. At least you have the knowledge you can just fall into the sand and sleep for 36 hrs., if you wanted to. ;) Sleeping on planes is a skill.

    I’m working on it.

    what a lovely travel companion!
    with respect to sleep, i need three hours daily . . . and once each fortnight (normally on saturday, i will sleep for 7 straight). i cannot sleep on airplanes.
    enjoy your holiday! x

  16. Cute photos, I’m traveling today too. I don’t function well on a lack of sleep, which is less than 5 hours. I get cranky and clumsy. And I can’t sleep on planes, too uncomfortable and loud.

  17. I have never slept on a plane because I’ve only ever flown during the day. And I’m still a need 8+ hours girl. Hopefully I’ll be able to adjust if I have kids, but for now I need sleep!

  18. Best of luck, and safe travels! You all deserve it! :-)

  19. I can’t believe you blogged from the airport. Actually, no I can believe it. But, I can’t believe you blogged BEFORE coffee?!?! Crazy lady.

  20. Oh wow hope you had a safe flight and trip to Aruba, you’re probably there now. Enjoy the sunshine and if there are hot men, send them my way ;)

  21. Have lots of fun and take lots of pictures! Don`t spend all your time baking… can do that at home! Enjoy the sun and beach. Yet again you do live in Cali so that`s not to hard to find either. Look forward to reading your blog which your in Aruba.

  22. Have a brilliant time in Aruba!!! :D

  23. You’re a super blogger getting in a post from the airport :)

    I like to have 8 hrs or more but I survive on less. I don’t have kids so the weekends are my catch-up time. I cannot sleep in an airport unless D promises to stay awake. I’m also ultra-aware of my surroundings. If I happen to doze off when I’m traveling alone, I wake-up in a panic!

    Safe travels and rest up once you arrive!


  24. I function VERY poorly on little sleep … especially when the little sleep is due to going to bed too late. I do a bit better if I go to bed early and then get little sleep.

    I can sleep on airplanes, but not well.

  25. Those sandwich style caramels look amazing! Pinned!

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