Peachy, Beachy, & Ouchy

Hope you’re having a peachy day.

My day hasn’t been super peachy so far.

I managed to slice my finger open while I was slicing some bread with a humongous serrated knife and did quite a number on it. Just one of those little kitchen calamities that happen but I wish I had one of these to eat to forget about the injury.

Baked Peach and Nectarine Donuts with White Chocolate Drizzle and Sprinkles


Or one of these to drink

Sex on the Beach

However, we are headed to the beach right now. I may just order one.

Yes, that’s sound like a plan.

What’s been the best part of your weekend so far?

Mine has been being in Aruba, with my family, and great (albeit super hot) weather. It’s been a fabulous weekend other than my finger.

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43 comments on “Peachy, Beachy, & Ouchy”

  1. Bleh! Hope that finger heals fast! I’m thinking that peach donut has healing powers too.

  2. Oh my goodnes!! I ended up at the ER Tuesday night after almost chopping off my middle finger and I am no exaggerating!! They actually took x-rays to check for bone damage. I was so scared!! But 5 days later I am back in the kitchen cooking and baking. Five more days to go and I get my stitches out so I am right there with ya…sort of, I am nowhere near a beach. I bet that would have made feel better a lot quicker :)

    • It was my middle finger, too! Loaf of bread, holding it with left hand, knife in right, and somehow I just miscalculated the length of the blade and BAM middle finger looking very gnarly. GLAD you are okay – but stitches and possible bone damage. That is SCARY. Take care of yourself and glad you are on the mend and cooking again. :)

  3. The best part of my weekend has been playing in the kitchen with the bounty of fresh fruit and veggies one of my patients gave me (that’s what led to the cantaloupe ice cream the other day). I love fixing meals that didn’t all come from the grocery store. I also made what I thought would be a boatload of zucchini chips in the dehydrator, but those suckers shrink down SO much. Still good though! Hope your finger is ok–cuts like that make it hard to use your hand. Seems like my hands are always getting wet from washing them at work or when I’m in the kitchen so band-aids don’t last long.

    • I cook and wash dishes with gloves on as much as possible. I wash dishes and everything else what seems like non-stop and even within one food photo shoot the amount of wiping and de-crumbing and rinsing is just insane so I try to put on gloves to save my skin as much as possible!

      And yes – kale chips are so deceiving! They shrink like crazy!

  4. Eek! Sorry to hear about your finger. Cuts like that are the worst! Have that delicious looking cocktail–it’ll take your mind off of it! ;)

  5. So sorry to hear about your finger. I’m always afraid of kitchen accidents. I hope you are doing okay and heal quickly. Did you have to go to the doctor? Need stitches? Hope not :)

  6. I just ate a peach! So good. Ouch on the finger! I slip a lot cutting stuff while I’m keeping an eye on Kay…Best part of the weekend? Its been a crazy crazy weekend- throwing a bachelorette party and taking Kay to a kids party. Im ready to fall on the floor

  7. Eek, sorry to hear about your finger, Averie! I hate when that happens :( hopefully a drink and some gorgeous sight-seeing will make you forget about your throbbing finger. Emphasis on the drink :) have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. OUCH! So sorry about the finger…the salt water will heal it up quickly at least. Hey, you could get Scott to do the dishes?….Your pictures of the beaches are so gorgeous as they are every year. I’ve been emptying out my fridge. Poured chocolate over everything and called it Chocolate Bark LOL>
    Take care of that finger. We need you cooking up a storm when you’re back from Vacation! :)

  9. oh gosh, i’m so sorry about your finger! i hate kitchen accidents!

  10. Oh Averie :/ so sorry to read about your knife/hand collision!!! I hope it’s fast healing (get that sex on the beach!). The best part of my weekend was girls night last night – so much good food!!!

  11. Kitchen accidents are no fun, hope it heals quickly!

  12. Take care of the finger! :)
    Best part of the weekend thus far is a toss-up between shameless sleeping til noon and dancing around in the park last night with friends at a concert…

  13. Ouch, Averie… I hope your finger heals quickly…
    I am so glad to win the infuser, can’t wait to make my favorite drinks in it! :) Thank you, Averie!

  14. Oh no! I know that situation all too well. I have lost feeling in places where I have almost hacked off fingers because I never went to get stitches. Serrated knives are the worst because it is not a clean cut. Yikes! I hope it heals quickly!!

  15. The Urban Bike Ride today was awesome!

  16. sorry about your finger girl.
    it happens to all of us–just your turn.
    my weekend was amazing.
    i’ve been screaming it all over FB, lol, I cleaned out all the house gutters, took down a tree, and took down a ton of branches from another tree.
    i’m exhausted, but its a good kind of tired, since the gutters were so full. here in NE we get a ton of rain and gutters have to be cleaned.
    isn’t this a fun comment? LOL. boring I know.
    take care of that finger girl

  17. hope you’re ok. Best part of weekend was hanging out with the kids. School starts tomorrow and it’s sad how time flies.. Honest

  18. Just read the above comment…my boys started last Wednesday! It IS early to start!

    I am so sorry about your finger! I’m glad you are all right, but I know that hurts! Did the same thing when I was cutting a sourdough sandwich roll with a large (new) serrated bread knife and ended up in the emergency room where they glued it shut. The thing was, that was when my boys were babies and they were in pjs when it happened and I had to scoop them up, one handed, buckle them in their car seats and make it to the docs on my own. THAT was the hardest part! ;-)

  19. I’m sorry about your finger! My mother-in-law did that to her finger last week cutting bread. It’s not fun. i hope it gets better soon! That beach looks gorgeous!

  20. Oh man…I am so sorry to hear about your finger! I hope it heals quickly! The beach always makes everything better (as least in my book!) Have fun on vacation!! :)

  21. Oh no! I hope your finger heals quickly. I didn’t get to hit the beach, but I did find some cute shirts for date night with my husband at my local thrift store-score! Feel better soon Averie and soak up the sun for me :)

  22. Aruba sounds amazing! I would love to go there! Im so sorry to hear about your finger! I hate injuries! I cut and burn myself a lot!

  23. I am the worst! You told me about your horrible cut in our email and I didn’t even touch on it! You poor thing! I hope it’s feeling all better today. A sex on the beach definitely brightens my day, so I hope you got to enjoy one OR at least spend a decent amount of time at the beach. I wish I was there! My weekend highlights was the great photo sesh on Saturday, having my mint pie turn out wonderfully, and sneaking in a 6.3 mile run yesterday morning!!

    • so glad you had a great photo sesh (makes up for all the ones that don’t go as planned) AND that you had a nice run. I have to run here in the morning too, well before noon…Lol…or it’s just so hot. Okay even at midnight it’s hot!

  24. There’s nothing worse than a knife cut. Lucky for me (I guess) I have more of a habit of burning myself. Got quite a nasty one on Saturday. Sorry to hear about your finger. I’m glad you had a great weekend otherwise. I had a lovely day yesterday baking with a dear friend.

  25. I’ve done that exact same thing and it hurts so bad! :( So sorry. Side note – I’m still in love with those donuts. So pretty.

  26. Ouch! Hope it’s not too serious of a cut. And I hope you enjoyed some serious beach time!

  27. Is the water really that color – ? What a paradise. It is hot and humid here in San Diego, so enjoy your vacation…

    • Yes, it really is. Even more so. The vibrancy is just outta control. Have heard it’s super hot back home — nothing could top the 95F temps and probably 80% humidity and 40mph headwinds here. Other than South Florida or central Texas I think :)

  28. The best part of my weekend last weekend was my friends going away party, and this weekend I am looking forward to spending some time with my honey.

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