Culinary Chic Meets Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoying food starts with careful preparation, fresh ingredients, and an appreciation of new flavors. And when that food also happens to be good for you, it truly feeds your body and soul.

That idea is the focal point of the Lean Cuisine Culinary Roundtable, featuring renowned chefs and restaurateurs coming together to collaborate on some culinary creations. Among the food aficionados involved were Anita Lo, a New York-based master of Asian cuisine; Paul Kahan of Chicago, who typifies farm-to-table cuisine; Brad Farmerie, known in Napa and NYC for his fusion flair; and Lucien Vendome, head chef and Director of Culinary Innovations for Nestle.

Enjoy a small sampling of the Roundtable in the kitchen to see for yourself…

For an encore, you get to enjoy Lean Cuisine Chef’s Pick varieties (including Ranchero Braised Beef and the forthcoming Spinach & Artichoke Ravioli), thanks to the Roundtable’s dedication to delicious and healthy dining. The blending of these great culinary minds serves to make healthy eating fun.


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This post is sponsored by Lean Cuisine. See what’s cooking at the Culinary Roundtable here.

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  1. My husband likes the butternut squash ravioli–thanks for the coupon link!

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