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This is going to change your life. Having groceries delivered directly to your doorstep. Say hello to AmazonFresh.

It’s grocery delivery service and it’s as easy as pointing and clicking the items you want from their site and then selecting when you want the delivery. No more running around from store to store, fighting the crowds, or dealing with crowded parking lots. What a refreshing way to shop!

Amazon Fresh $100 Summer Sizzler Giveaway - Skip the checkout lines, parking lots, running around, and have groceries delivered to your door!! Enter to win a $100 gift card to try out the most CONVENIENT way to shop!!

My first order was placed on a Monday afternoon at 2pm and my groceries were on my doorstep before 7am on Tuesday. If you order early enough in the day, they can often do same-day delivery.

Before 7am is the time I chose but there were a wide variety of times to choose from. You can choose to be present for your delivery (I was present, just not awake) if preferred. Shipping is free with all orders over $40 and a monthly subscription.

Amazon Fresh $100 Summer Sizzler Giveaway - Skip the checkout lines, parking lots, running around, and have groceries delivered to your door!! Enter to win a $100 gift card to try out the most CONVENIENT way to shop!!

I realize not everyone is a food blogger and doesn’t go to at least one (but usually two or three) grocery stores but even before I was blogging, I was constantly running to the grocery store for odds and ends, things that I forgot, and when I’m at the store rather than sticking to my list, I impulse buy things that I don’t need. With summer upon us and San Diego being a touristy town, the less I am out driving around and fighting the crowds, the better off I am.

With AmazonFresh I ordered things that I know I always use and need, both as a baker and a mom. Among other things like paper products and pet supplies, I ordered Arthur Flour, C & H Sugars, McCormick Vanilla Extract, Pam Olive Oil spray for summertime grilling, and Mary’s Crackers, green apples, and strawberries for snacks. The AmazonFresh prices on flour and sugar were about half of what I usually pay in my local grocery store which was awesome.

Amazon Fresh $100 Summer Sizzler Giveaway - Skip the checkout lines, parking lots, running around, and have groceries delivered to your door!! Enter to win a $100 gift card to try out the most CONVENIENT way to shop!!

I also ordered Happy Belly Eggs, an AmazonFresh exclusive, as a test. Would the eggs arrive broken? No they didn’t and were all intact – very impressive.

The Silk Cashewmilk had zero leakage and the fruit was perfectly fresh and not blemished. Everything was extremely well-packed on ice and was very cold.

Amazon Fresh $100 Summer Sizzler Giveaway - Skip the checkout lines, parking lots, running around, and have groceries delivered to your door!! Enter to win a $100 gift card to try out the most CONVENIENT way to shop!!

To help spread the love to my readers, AmazonFresh is giving a $100 credit to use on anything you want! To enter, comment below telling me what your grocery store staples are or what you’d definitely order on AmazonFresh. Giveaway is open to all. Ends August 2, 2017. Winner will be contacted by email. If you don’t see your comment appear immediately, it’s because I have to manually approve all comments. No need to make a duplicate comment.

Post is brought to you by AmazonFresh. The text and opinions expressed are my own. #AmazonFresh 


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  1. Can’t live without my coffee so that would be #1. I’m really getting into healthy and organic foods so I would love to pick up some new items for my pantry.

  2. Cheese POTATOES butter milk and fruits and veggies are my staples Id def buy avocados and peppers from amazon fresh . cant wait to try them

  3. My grocery shopping staples are rice, pasta, canned beans, tomatoes, squash, broccoli, spinach, and fresh fruit.

  4. My grocery essentials are eggs, bread, and fruit for breakfast and salad veggies for lunches. I would love to try this service out for these sort of items!

  5. I would get fresh veggies and fruits, plus any odd thing I need for a recipe but hate to make a special trip for!

  6. My staples are:
    Cashew milk
    Chicken stock
    Brussel Sprouts
    Olive oil

  7. My top stapes are bread, eggs, milk, fruits and veggies.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  8. Our grocery staples are eggs, milk, cheese, butter, bread and yogurt!

    I love that Amazon is offering this service. It’s also great for when your sick and stuck at home.

  9. my staples that are always on my list are : milk, yogurt, fruit, broccoli, sliced ham and cheese, and whole wheat bread

  10. Our staples are broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, bread, and ham. Those are the top on my list.

  11. I love amazon fresh and I consistently order milk, lettuce, yogurt, eggs and bread from them. Basically things I feel like we run out of no matter how many times I try to go to the store!

  12. I would order fresh fruits and veggies–berries, sugar snap peas, and enough meal prep items for a week. Thanks!

  13. I’d like to have milk, eggs, cheese, bread, and fresh fruit in my delivery. What a time saver this service it!

  14. I would love to use it to get my family some fresh chicken, veggies, & some other summer favorites to throw on the grill for a barbecue!

  15. We get almond milk, butter, cheese, peanut butter, avacado’s, bananas, berries, oatmeal, almonds and yogurt.

  16. I always get yogurt and fruit and snacks and spinach and usually butter lol

  17. I love Amazon Fresh since I live in Manhattan, it is so easy and convenient! I always buy eggs, peppers, onions, avocados, and pico de gallo!

  18. I would order fresh fruit and cheddar cheese and peanut butter. I would love to get fresh food delivered right to my door.

  19. I have a lot of staples – avocados, diced tomatoes, black beans, eggs, various cheeses, coconut milk, onions, all kinds of sauces, cauliflower rice, broccoli, baby carrots, etc.! I always plan my menu out for the week, but also am always pretty sure I have all the sauces, spices, and baking essentials on hand so I usually stock up.

  20. If my kitchen isn’t well stocked, I’m not happy. And as a home baker, I have to have several kinds of flour, sugars, and flavorings, and as a home cook, I have to have pastas, different rices, canned tomatoes, dried beans–all the usual pantry stuff. For fresh ingredients, I need milk, butter, carrots, celery, onions, and bananas, or I can’t function. :-)

  21. My grocery staples include fresh fruits and vegetables, soy milk, eggs, coffee and any sort of baked chips with dip (preferably hummus) – this seems to be my go-to list on a weekly basis. Thanks so much for the chance!

  22. Flour, milk, bread, eggs, avocados, salad stuff and fruits…it would be great to just order it all and avoid the store!

  23. I wonder if this is available here in Alaska…any fresh fruit is awesome! I’ll even trade some smoked salmon ;)

  24. I would definitely order the toddler staples- cheddar crackers, applesauce, yogurt packs!

  25. Milk, eggs, butter, sugar, all purpose flour, peanut butter, celery, onions, peppers, pasta, meat

  26. Bananas, nuts, pretzels, eggs, yogurt, salad fixings, chicken, granola bars, berries, milk

  27. My staples are always peanut butter, cilantro, almondmilk, eggs, eggs, and eggs, and chocolate! (To make those quadruple chocolate chips cookies!)

  28. Butter, eggs, hummus, carrots are some of my staple items! We love hummus and carrots for a quick snack!

  29. I would definitely order better quality baking ingredients than what is offered at my local store, apples (I can never have enough) and berries :)

  30. My grocery staples: greek yogurt, bananas, salad mix, bell peppers, Fairlife milk and chicken breasts – these seem to be the things that we always need

  31. this is AWESOME!!!!! def would order everything i need for meal prepping for the week! heavy cream, eggs, sausage, spinach, herbs, ALL THE CHEESE, mushrooms, bell peppers, and of course some chocolate ;)

  32. Usually go to a number of grocery stores, but the real reason I’d use the service (besides pricing) would be that I really do not like going to the grocery store!

  33. I eat a lot of yogurt, could use toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenex, just to name a few items that I use on a regular basis.

  34. We eat a lot of salad, turkey bacon, whole wheat pasta, eggs, almond milk and fruit!

  35. Milk
    Romaine lettuce
    Red onion
    Cherry tomatoes
    Yellow peppers
    Chicken breast
    Dog food
    Cat food
    It depends on the day really, but I am curious about how this works especially now that I am on disability and grocery shopping has become so difficult for me.

  36. Milk, cheese, butter, nuts, peanut butter, fruits and veggies, beans, flour, olive oil, chocolate chips.

  37. Staples include: milk, eggs, salad, various produce, bananas, and yogurt. I end up at the grocery store every other day practically, as I always need something fresh!

  38. Things I always run to the store for are milk, eggs, cheese, fruit and veggies.

  39. I love your blog and the great video instructions. I pin them to my pinterest recipes all the time. I am wife, mother of 3 boys ( 2 college age) who love to eat and special education teacher. Not only do I need everything under the sun for the boys and my husband, but also snacks for my students who sometimes their only meals come from school. I make a weekly Costco run and sometimes other stores if there is something I need at the last minute. After a long day, knowing that my food will be waiting for me at the doorstep and not having to circle parking lots and stand in long lines sounds like a dream. Thank you for the pictures showing how fresh the food arrived.

  40. This looks awesome! I’m always getting eggs, hummus, crackers, veggies, and dog food ?

  41. Milk, Simply Pure Creamer, Fage yogurt, Eggs, butter, bread, fresh fruit, fresh vegies, cheese, chicken, fish, beef, to name a few.

  42. We almost always have peanut butter, bananas and some sort of cereal and milk on hand. I’ve heard about Amazon Fresh but haven’t tried it out yet!

  43. My staples are milk, bread, bananas, strawberries, turkey bacon,almonds, and tuna.

  44. Ghee and Dave’s Bread make the best toast. Having a good meal for the two boys I raise, I can plan ahead to have the best things made. While their waiting, there is always cheese from Amazon fresh as snacks. We like Nature Valley. Hope it helps one of the people reading this review discover the convenience and tasteful creations fresh can do for subscribers.

  45. Love Amazon so this sounds sooooooo handy! Staples are Milk, half and half, yogurt, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables. Thanks!

  46. I would love to not have to run by the store after work to get produce. I don’t have a big enough fridge to keep-up with the kiddos being home for the summer!

  47. I always need a meat of some sort for my carnivorous husband. But my go to items are milk, coffee, Oreos and a variety of veggies to try. I also love Rhodes frozen bread products. Yummmmm.
    I’d use AmazonFresh to look into new and more snacks for us at home! :)

  48. Amazon fresh is awesome. Hopefully they can team up with more local farmers to provide local produce at reduced prices and Amazon fresh convenience.

  49. Amazon Fresh sounds like a win/win solution for alternative shopping. I am forever needing: wheat flour, eggs, nuts, fruit, bagels, butter, cheese, veggies, tortillas, cream cheese and dark chocolate…..and hate the lines at the grocery store after a long day at work and stressful commute. My grandkids love to make wraps and have snacks of fruit, nuts and chocolate.

  50. This is such a great idea! Staples include dried fruits, nut butters, flours (whole wheat, coconut, almond, unbleached white), and veggie staples like nutritional yeast

  51. Flour, sugar, eggs, spaghetti noodles, ground turkey, taco seasoning…those are the main things but the list goes on lol.

  52. An assortment of gluten free flours, peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate (chips and baking chocolate), a variety of spices and seasonings, maple syrup, honey, eggs, granola, cocoa powder, an assortment of nuts, and dried fruit

  53. Awesome idea!! Going to the store with two toddlers is INSANITY!!! I would totally order flour and sugar and all our other pantry staples!

  54. Grocery staples in my home include everything I need for baking (flour, sugar, baking powder/baking soda, yeast, etc) and definitely cheese (which we eat daily)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. Our staples are definitely greek yogurt, eggs, butter, wheat bread, black beans, tortillas, and chicken. I’ve been thinking about trying Amazon Fresh, since I’m addicted to Amazon Prime, so this is a cool giveaway for sure!

  56. My grocery store staples are Costco & Sprouts. I love the idea of Amazon Fresh! I would order my dairy product & produce.

  57. Gluten free flours, Xantham gum, tapioca flour, fruits and vegetables, eggs and baking supplies.

  58. As a family of 6 that usually has 3-4 extra kids per day, I would definitely get snack staples.  Also 2 children have dairy allergies and in a small town, items are limited.  I would love to see what they have to send that could accommodate that.  

  59. Milk, bananas, seasonal fruit and veggies, yogurt, almonds, and crystal light. Oh, and chocolate chips!

  60. We are gluten free so I’d probably stock up on gluten free staples like pasta and rice.

    Other staples are eggs, juices, lots of baking supplies, etc….

    Thank you for doing this!

  61. So cool! I would order bread flour, eggs, vegetables, fruit, green olives, black olives, phyllo dough, 100% fruit juice, baybel cheese, and coffee. Cheers!

  62. This sounds like a good idea! I would order orange juice, paper towels,coffee, creamora,half and half, cleaning products etc.

  63. Hi Averie, this Canadian friend is so jealous. Fresh Food Home Delivery! Now that’s totally awesome. I checked on and fresh food delivery is not available here. Amazon has some great prices for all sorts of baking items and supplies. Buyer beware, always do price comparisons. Even within the site, the prices can vary depending upon the seller. I love amazon because of all the variety that is available for items. Choices, choices, choices. Just what every Domestic Engineer needs and wants. Happy baking Eh! Sorry, a little Canadian humour. :)

  64. baking supplies – flour, sugar, chocolate chips. I would try it for fruit to see if I had the success that you did.

  65. Definitely will have to try out this service, it will be great for those ingredients that I can’t get locally!

  66. Pastured eggs, grassfed milk, organic Orange juice, grass fed beef, fruit and vegetables 

  67. Skim milk, almond milk, yogurt, fruits, veggies, and baking supplies like flour, sugar, and butter.

  68. Almond milk, fruits and veggies, cheese, and nuts… that’s my go-to’s.

  69. I would love to order this way, especially because we cannot get specialty items I seek where I live. Unfortunately, I doubt Amazon Fresh is available for us. I wish it was though . . .

  70. Staple grocery’s for my always include yoghurt, nuts, granola bars! Anything that makes my life easier once the school year starts!

  71. Fresh fruit, milk, bread, deli meat, kind bars, eggs, boneless chicken breasts, whatever we’re out of that week. I try to only go to the grocery store once a week because I HATE grocery shopping but it’s inevitable that I always forget something and end up back there again lol. I would most definitely give Amazon Fresh a try to keep my butt out of the grocery store 3,000 times a week ❤️

  72. Wow, great idea, staples I would order….vanilla ,eggs, leafy greens, bananas, apples, avacadoes, some flour, some sugar and coffee:)

  73. I would try the different flours and sugars that are available. May give those eggs.
    Anyhow, definitely save time in traffic and waiting in line. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Almondmilk, kale, eggs, lean protein, and seasonal veggies. Gotta make up for all the dessert I eat :)

  75. I have heard they have awesome produce!  leafy greens, smoothie ingredients, fresh eggs and sprouted bread!

  76. Staples include almond milk, bananas (surprisingly versatile! Snacks, sandwiches, muffins, etc.), cheese, yogurt, beans, and some kind of grain.

  77. I’m so glad nothing was broken and the fruit was in good shape. I would do my weekly grocery shopping with this. I’m like you always forgetting something! It would defiantly save money not impulse buying!

  78. Awesome! Butter is a must have for me…I hate running out. Weird huh? And eggs, milk, fruit, bread, flour, sugars…I could go on and on!

  79. Eggs, Bays English Muffins, skim milk, baked Lays, fruits & vegetables, butter. Yes, I would love to try this service!

  80. What a time saver! Thanks for the opportunity. My order would include flour, sugar, eggs, milk, coffee, soup, artisan cheeses, pasta, spaghetti sauce.

  81. My staples Are potatoes, carrots, almond milk, corn tortillas, beets, and cereal! I would also buy fresh herbs, ground spices, and vinegar!

  82. Nature’s Own whole wheat bread, eggs, vanilla soy yogurt, coconut/almont milk, coffee, apples, strawberries, spinach, arugula, green bananas, mandarin oranges, baby bell peppers, lunch meat, chicken, salmon, and olive oil. Yes, please. Today after 5 pm.

  83. Every week, milk, cheese, bread, produce, meats, cat food. There are times I wish I didn’t have to go to the store – this would be wonderful!!!

  84. Produce, yogurt, cheese sticks, milk, eggs, baking supplies, snacks/crackers, canned tomatoes/beans. Family of 5….we buy a lot!

  85. Produce, cheese, deli products and baked goods. Have recently started online ordering of groceries from WalMart with great success and would love to try delivery.

  86. I would order veggies, fruits, dairy and meat items (if they have meat?)  I would love not to have to go shopping the OLD way.  I will check into AMAZON FRESH.

  87. Produce and cleaning products. That’s what I buy the most and always seem to forget while shopping.

  88. Wow! This is great! Eggs, milk, almond flour, bacon, and gluten free products!

  89. This sounds amazing! I am all about fresh fruits and veggies, as well as yogurt and of course peanut butter! :)

  90. Fresh fruit, eggs, bread, milk, and everything else I might need that week!

  91. Almond milk, oatmeal, strawberries, bananas, eggs, milk, peanut butter, kale/spinach mix, and some kind of chocolate!

  92. coffee, sugar, flour, chicken tenders, spaghetti and sauce, cake or brownie mix, dried fruit, fresh fruit, cheese, milk, prunes, bread, lettuce, mushrooms, black olives, pickles

  93. Fresh vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers, kale, cabbage is what I will be sure to order.

  94. I would order fish, yogurt, almond milk, nuts, stevia, gallons of distilled water, eggs and almond butter!

  95. Fresh fruit is a staple for us. Definitely eggs, cheese & salad ingredients. Sour cream. It shouldn’t be a staple, but if I don’t buy it, I inevitably need it, so it has become one!

  96. Eggs, Milk, Flour, Butter, Spinach, Lettuce, Corn, Zucchini, Olive Oil, Meat, Garlic, Cream Cheese, Bagels, Rye Bread

  97. Eggs, butter, milk, yogurt, bananas, and grapes are always on my list! 

  98. Keffir, Flour, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, and other baking items. I’d also get staples like catsup, honey, and maple syrup.

  99. I always need Eggs, Milk, Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables, King Arthur Flour, Sugar, Baking Soda, Baking Powder and most importantly Coffee !!

  100. Oh wow, all of the things! Definitely garlic powder, eggs, meat, almond butter, olive oil, and nuts. This would definitely help me stock up on some healthy items!

  101. Almond Milk, Zing (stevia*), onions, and of course we can’t forget GARLIC!!

  102. 00 flour for making pizza. KA AP flour, superfine sugar, Lamaxi Curry powder.

  103. I would LOVE to win the Amazon gift card!! Me and my husband are on Disabitly and cook for a famly of 4 grown ups and one 8 year old’ We are always trying to find ways to pay for our going to the store 3 or 4 times a week. Milk, eggs,, bread, fish fresh fruits and veggies, coffee drinks etc. It would really help!

  104. spinach, eggs, fruit, vanilla, flour, yogurt and along spices garlic, garlic paste `

  105. My staples are olive oil, garlic and onion! I would love a place to deliver some specialty items so I dont have to go to 3 different grocery stores to make a yummy meal! Also it would be so convenient to have them deliver the heavy stuff right to my door so I dont have to carry it!

  106. Love the idea of having groceries delivered! I live across the street from my parents and help take care of them (I’m the only child….mom has Parkinson’s with Lewy Body Dementia and dad has breathing issues).  Sometimes it’s so hard to get to the store to get ingredients for healthy meals. Our staples are fresh fruits, veggies, peanut butter, yogurt, vegetarian “meats”, dairy, cheeses, granola bars, baking goods, supplies for our feline family members, and unfortunately, Diet Coke.  (Working on kicking it to the curb…again).  

  107. As a mom of a toddler Amazon fresh would be great to avoid the “I WANT” grocery store meltdowns. LOL. I would definitely get milk, bread, veggies and fruits for every day as well as stocking up on pantry staples like pastas and condiments

  108. Milk
    Yellow Potatoes
    Raw Sugar
    Chicken breast
    Ice cream

  109. My staples are fresh fruits and veggies, along with kitten food, organic milk and cheeses. I would like to order “exotic” foods such as vegan and vegetarian meat substitutes, kosher products, fruits and vegetables that my local super market doesn’t have.

  110. I would definitely try ordering some spices that my normal grocery store doesn’t have on hand! I’d also order frozen acai packets to try my hand at making smoothie bowls!!

  111. Staples, oh, my goodness! Eggs, bread, ground beef, steaks, pork chops, fresh veggies, luncheon meats, peanut butter, hummus, coffee.

  112. Definitely would try ordering those bulky or heavy items like paper towels, cases of water, cat litter!

  113. My grocery store staples are peanut butter, coffee, unsweet vanilla almond milk and eggs! Oh well chocolate chips too so I can sprinkle them on a spoonful of peanut butter! Yum!

  114. My grocery trip always involves kale, spinach, cashew milk, eggs and kombucha. Oh… and wine

  115. I can’t wait to get started with this – especially when winter comes. I am so bad about going to the store and coming home with so many items I didn’t need (junk food)! I’m on Weight Watchers and this will certainly help to stay on plan. Looking forward to it (especially since almost everything I buy is from Amazon)!

  116. Without fail, every grocery trip involves Greek yogurt, bananas, and mushrooms.

  117. I would order things that I am always running out of like Pam spray, fresh ground pepper, whole wheat flour, baking powder and baking soda among other things. I like this idea a lot!

  118. Flour, Sugar, Vanilla, cocoa powder, chocolate chips all my baking needs!

  119. We would order baguettes, Brie, canned mandarin oranges (don’t ask – one of my kids is obsessed), tofu, butter, flour, eggs, milk, and more!

  120. Eggs, half and half, whole grain bread, fresh produce, yogurt and the list could go on and on!!!

  121. Fresh veggies, fruit, and my baking essentials: flour, brown sugar, vanilla, and eggs.

  122. butter, coffee, chocolate, butter, coffee, chocolate, butter, coffee, chocolate…………..

  123. I think I’d start with produce! My (rural) community is sorely lacking. Then I’d branch out and try staples like butter, eggs and milkE

  124. Fruit, Vegetbles, peanut butter, soy milk, black beans, quinoa & grains, oatmeal

  125. Coffee, creamer, organic milk, eggs, cheese. This service sounds wonderful!!

  126. If given the opportunity to order, I would order in season fresh fruits and vegetables, and probably items that I wouldn’t typically buy, so that my family could try new things, something that we do enjoy doing. Thank you for this opportunity!

  127. I’d love to try this service! I would like to try the Happy Belly eggs and produce. Stocking up on things like flour and sugar and baking supplies here also sounds good!

  128. I would purchase organic eggs, cheese & greek yogurt plus a lot of other great stuff. Thanks!

  129. My staples are definitely things I would bake with, such as eggs, for, milk, and butter. Always on the list!

  130. It would have to be sugar, flour , eggs, milk.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  131. Milk, eggs, butter and half and half, peanut butter. Here in South Africa, we do not get a lot of food stuff that the US keeps so I would love to win this!

  132. King Arthur Flour, definitely! Other baking items, like chocolate chips, vanilla beans (do they have those in Amazon Fresh?), coffee, some jams, lemon curd (if they have that),

  133. A few things I would get would be Zupa Noma Ready to Sip Chilled Vegetable Soup, crumbled Feta cheese and cottage cheese!

  134. Everything! I love to cook but do not like to shop. How wonderful to not have to find a parking spot, shop the isles, stand in line, load the car. Just input my list and it is brought to my door! I am all in! With my family of four plus our dog, $40- per order is so doable : )

  135. I have heard great things about Amazon Fresh. I think I would be constantly purchasing eggs, almond milk, yogurt, flavored creamers, fruit (bananas, oranges, summer fruits etc), broccoli and other veggies, King Arthur flour, butter and more!

  136. Staples would include coffee, tea, creamer, eggs, yogurt and oatmeal, garlic, green onions and fruit.
    What an amazing offer.

  137. I would love never having to go to a grocery store after work. I will buy ground turkey, steaks, fresh fruits, veggies, dairy, and everything i get from the store. Shopping online is something that appeals to me and i would definitely give it a shot.

  138. I have many grocery store staples, such as olive oil, butter, eggs, sugar, etc.

  139. As I do a lot of shopping on Amazon as it is I would jump on the chance for fresh staples and or groceries. It’s difficult for me to get around as I’m handicapped, and this would alleviate a big problem for me. I love fresh vegetables and fruits. Hope the prices are competitive.

  140. My staples would include milk, almond milk, bread, eggs, cheese, fruit, chicken, broccoli and other assorted vegetables. My sister and niece currently order thru Amazon Fresh and they love it! Thanks

  141. I’ll take anything your offering. whether it be meats, peanut butter, vegetables, staples or whatever. If your offering it, i’m taking it.

  142. My grocery store staples are eggs, lactose free milk and almost anything gluten free!

  143. I would love to give this a try! My Saturday is spent running to three different grocery stores for meat, produce and baking products so I can try all your recipes posted during the week. I would love good deals on peanut butter, butter and of course chocolate! DON’T forget the bacon!

  144. I like to can and preserve. Its that time of year and I have been collecting some new recipes for small batch canning. So lots of produce and fruit. I like to bake, as well. So flour, sugar and butter.

  145. I would get my everyday items I use, gluten free bread, fruit, veggies, tofu, nut milk, etc. Sounds wonderful to have it arrive before 7 am! I would know that my items were not sitting out in 115 degree heat!

  146. Fresh fruits and vegetables, almond and coconut milks, eggs, quinoa, rice and yogurt.

  147. Wow, this would really help as I have a toddler and don’t always feel up to going to the grocery store. I would buy baby food as he still loves to eat that pureed stuff with yogurt. We eat the same stuff every week, boring but that’s life. Grahams, frozen pasta, pasta sauce, eggs, whole milk, sweet Italian sausage, cheese.

  148. My staples are broccoli, skim milk, rice cakes, peaches, bananas, eggs, gluten free pretzels, gluten free jam/ jelly, strawberries, jif reduced fat peanut butter, hot pockets( meatballs and mozzarella), butter, cherrios, twinning Irish breakfast tea decaf bags, yoplait strawberry yogurt and orange and cream flavors

  149. I need to try this, it sounds great! I would definitely have almond milk, eggs, and quinoa on my list. I’d probably also buy things that aren’t as easily found in my area.

  150. Wow! Sounds great! Ours will be almond milk, bananas, salads, butter! Well fruits in general but we always run out bananas faster! Thanks…Gina F

  151. We eat a lot of produce at our house so that would be the most ordered.

  152. Fresh fruit and milk are definitely the two things I’m always running out to get. I almost always have an extra bag of sugar and flour on hand for baking but if they’re less expensive on Amazon Fresh, I’m in!

  153. Love this idea! Perfect for me right now as I had surgery on my foot and ankle and can’t drive and it’s so hard going to the store and then having to lug all the groceries in. Some of the things I like to have on hand is miso paste, fresh fruit (especially Lemon drop melons), and fresh vegetables. Also, I am a diabetic and I get so frustrated that a lot of the stores around me don’t carry much “diabetic friendly” items.

  154. I would love a chance to give it a try; gala apples, oranges, bananas. strawberries, lettuce mix, tomatoes, bacon bit pieces, salad topping, ranch dressing, lunch meat ham, pepperoni, pizza crust, tomato sauce, sausage (Bob Evans) Thanks for giving me the chance.

  155. I would consider Amazin Fresh for the items I buy on a repeat basis every month and the occasional oops I forgot that scenario. I have never had items delivered but have considered it for quite some time. Very curious about service and costs.

  156. I go to at least 5 grocery & specialty stores a week to get the freshest produce and meat.  Fresh fish here comes in on Wednesday, otherwise you buy salmon etc they are old after that-  Currently it is more of a challenge for me to shop.  My husband who is 63 and has always been active and travelled all across the world for work, suddenly got diagnosed with mouth cancer and metastastic to neck stage 4-  Now he is currently going chemotherapy once a week and radiotherapy 5 times a week, it is a challenge cooking for him.  his appetite has decreased and also his sense of flavour.  So the challenge I have now is find find the freshest possible enticing foods that he can eat due to some difflictly now in taste and swallowing.  I would love to try amazons new launch of fresh food/groceries.

  157. I would order organic  vegetables and baking supplies that I can’t  find in our local stores.

  158. gluten free and dairy free items would be nice. I live in a rural area so I am not sure that they would deliver to me.

  159. As someone who struggles to leave the house, this service is incredible.
    If love to order fresh dairy as well as vegetables and potatoes. Quick foods like granola bars and trail mix are also important on those days I’m too sick to cook.
    When I’m able to i love baking and it would be great to have what i need for that sudden baking desire delivered quickly!

  160. my grocery store staples are dry foods that don’t spoil.  Crackers, snacks, flour, sugar, spices and seasonings.  Noodles and Pasta’s, canned goods and bottled juices and water

  161. I would order organic  vegetables and baking supplies that I can find in our local stores.

  162. I would love to try delivery groceries as I love to cook but often work 12+ hour days and don’t have time to stop at the store on the way home. Beside some last minute staples I think I would use Amazon fresh for more difficult ingredients to find like ethnic spices

  163. Our staples are veggies, fruit, milk (assorted), yogurt, nut butters, protein bars…
    I’m still really not sure about ordering food.  We really like to pick & have really fresh, natural ingredients.

  164. I am familiar with Amazon Fresh, and thinking of giving it a try, since I do order from Amazon at least twice
    each month. Right now, my husband and I use Butcher Box for the majority of meats and poultry, since the meats are grass fed and organic. And, I order quite a bit from Thrive Market online.

  165. I love this! I would order fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt, milk, baking supplies and bread.

  166. Would love to try this as I live on Amazon anyway. My staples would be bread, produce, dog food, I just ordered 20 lbs of dog biscuits lol. I’d love to see if it’s even available in my area though as many things aren’t. Being disabled by a couple kinds of pain disorders, it’s getting more and more difficult to get out, this would be a Godsend. Thanks.

  167. I presently order my dog’s food from Amazon so getting our people-food from you would be a real time/travel saver. My shopping lists include various cheeses, milk, cereal, veggies (all kind), fruits- bananas, melons, berries, canned Italian tomatoes, Greek yogurt, butter. cottage cheese, spices, pasta, meats, plus other odds and ends.

    Donna A.

  168. Definitely soy milk, fresh organic fruit and veggies, eggs, and bread.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  169. I have been wanting to try this! With going to school full time, and working with only Tuesday’s and Sunday’s off getting to the store can be challenging! Staples that I have to get are salad, bread, cheese, yogurt, and halo top ice cream ? Thank you for this amazing opportunity! It would be so neat to try out!

  170. I would love to know what kosher items they have. If the prices were reasonable, I definitely would use them!!

  171. Milk, eggs, coffee & creamer! Also fresh produce: lettuce, carrots, broccoli just to name a few.

  172. My staples are cheese, eggs, pickles, peanut butter and fresh veggies, like celery (For the peanut butter, a favorite snack). This would be fantastic!

  173. This service would be GREAT! My staples are almond milk, fresh berries/fruit and vegetables, eggs, breads and cheese.

  174. It seems I have to always run to a store after work almost every night of the week. Anything that gets me home sooner is wonderful. Staples include almond milk, cheese, Greek yogurt, fruit and treats for the puppies.

  175. I would order shelf stable items, baking supplies, toddler snacks & meals, soups since fall is coming….now I am getting very hungry & excited for baking season LOL

  176. My grocery store staples are yogurt, cheese, cookies (gotta have those!), sandwich bread, eggs, and frozen pizza (for the hubster – he loves ’em!).

  177. I wonder how they handle meat? My list would include almond milk, lots of fruits and vegetables.

  178. I will definitely give this a try! I am so tired of always going to the grocery store, and I will probably save money by sticking to a list.

  179. I would be interested to try.  Want to see if they have the usual that I buy at my local Jewel food store.  I am single and cook for one.  Can I buy small quantities of deli meat or fruit.  I buy a lot of frozen food.  Will it still be frozen when I get it or can I get my favorite frozen meal.  That is what I am very much interested in.

  180. I will certainly try this service!!! My staples are always fresh veggies, milk, eggs, bread and meat.

  181. Milk, cottage cheese, eggs, bananas, & spinach would be my staples! I have heard a lot of good from Amazon fresh, I definitely want to try them out! 
    Thank you,

  182. I would love to try this out! I am a big amazon fan but haven’t tried this yet. I so need to. Our staples are milk, bread, fruits and veggies, and eggs.

  183. I bake a lot, so would like to get baking ingredients which would be from flour all the way to fruit for pies and cakes. I am disabled which makes shopping hard for me as I rely on one of my family or friends to take me to a store which is not always convenient for them when I need something.

  184. Avery–I’d totally use Amazon Fresh to buy fresh fruit and veggies, plus all my baking supplies. Just like you I am always running out to grab that pint of heavy cream or bag of white chocolate chips that I don’t keep on hand but need for a yummy baking recipe I want to try.

  185. I would definitely use it for my gluten free foods and for organic meat and produce. I hear their prices for organic foods are fantastic and the quality is very good and if they deliver to my front door and save me a drive to Whole Foods then that’s a win as far as I’m concerned!

  186. Fruit and chicken! I would definitely order staples and them adventure into my whole list! I am a wanderer and tend to over buy so online shopping sounds amazing!

  187. Nuts (almonds, walnuts, nut butters), eggs, almond milk, lots of fresh produce, brown rice, oats, popcorn, dark chocolate – those are my staples :) 

  188. Wow! Sounds interesting! Will have to check it out! Milk and bread are a couple of items I seem to run out of!

  189. I would love to try this! Working 50 hours a week and a house full of men makes shopping stressful! Staples for our house are: fresh sliced munster cheese, various deli meats, milk, cereal, salads, almonds, veggies, baking goods and of course always paper towel and toilet paper.

  190. I’ve never tried food delivery. This would help to get me started for sure.  I would like to use it for milk, eggs, bread, and drinks! 

  191. I do a lot of baking, so I always have flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, chocolate, a variety of flavorings/spices, milk, sour cream, cream, eggs, and lemons.

  192. I try to always have fresh fruits and veggies on hand. I can’t wait to try AmazonFresh!

  193. I am a huge salad eater so I would love to see how cold the bags of salad mix are when they arrive! This could totally change the way I shop!

  194. I’d do my entire grocery list on Amazon fresh
    From fruits tomassive paper towel quantities. Might save me making multiple stop for cheaper prices. Costco, shoprite and Trader Joe’s!

  195. I would get diet cokes, bread, jelly, sour cream and some snacks. What a great contest. Thanks for the chance to win

  196. Some of my staples are salad mixes, fresh fruit, almond milk, and all the nut butter. Would love to try this out!

  197. I would love to try Amazon Fresh, I cook dinner for my family 6 out of 7 nights a week and sometimes am too tired to go to the market. I work full and have to take my kids to multiple activities. I would definitely order:staples such as organic milk, eggs, organic chicken, lots of veggies and fruit. My daughter and I are bakers (for fun) and oncea month get kings Arthur flour, vanilla extract, and a couple different sugars. I am a little doubtful about how food is packed so it’s good to hear all arrived fresh and whole. I would appreciate the chance to try. Thank you!

  198. I would definitely buy lots of fresh produce and chocolate because who can live without chocolate? :)

  199. This would be awesome in the winter here in SW Ohio. How nice to be able to order one afternoon and have it here the next morning without having to dress in multiple layers, boots, hat, gloves. Fresh bananas, yogurt all without starting a cold car!

  200. I think I would stick to canned and boxed foods. Maybe unusual new products that aren’t available at my store. It would be fun to have $100 to try it out!!

  201. I’m so excited to learn about this!
    Having three children and owning a small bakery I am also constantly going to the grocery store. Some staples I would Order from Amazon Fresh are eggs, meats, baking supplies, produce, Go Go squeezes, sunbutter…I could go on and on.
    Thank you for entering me in the contest. ?

  202. I love to make bread so my staples always include King Arthur Flour…AP and White Whole Wheat, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, and  flax meal.  Certainly organic fruits and vegetables as well!

  203. I would definitely have to try some produce to check out the quality. I’d also like to see if there’s some good bread.

  204. My husband is a 53 year type 1 juvenile onset diabetic. How nice it would be to receive his regular staple needs at our doorstep: milk; eggs; bread; orange juice; and fresh fruit, apples, bananas and oranges. That would give me so much more time to do the other things that I need to do in life–like care and cook for him! Thank you for making this great offer available. dts

  205. fresh fruit (especially berries), yogurt, soy milk, veggies (ALL OF THEM), sweet potatoes! 

  206. I should definitely try this! Going grocery shopping while very pregnant and having a 2 yr old in tow is getting tougher by the day. My staples would be almond & regular milk, eggs, greek yogurt, and berries!

  207. Fresh fruits and veggies, coffee, breads, yogurt and dairy, cereal, baking goods, household supplies.

  208. Always going to the store for milk, eggs, butter, fresh veggies. Need some bell peppers now! I would try amazon fresh!

  209. Fresh fruit (especially watermelon right now!), veggies, yogurt, and milk. And a fresh loaf of bread never hurts!

  210. I would buy bell peppers, apples, and cucumbers since we go through those like crazy! Also always having almond milk on hand for my morning coffee sounds amazing!

  211. I would love to order some fresh fruits, cantaloupe, peaches, cherries, apples, oranges!

  212. I love Amazon Fresh. I first started using it after I had foot surgery and couldn’t go to the grocery store. I found the prices to be cheaper than Safeway and on par with WinCo. The produce is fresh. The frozen foods arrive frozen, even ice cream!! It was so convient that I continue to use it today. Like you, when I go to the grocery store i buy more than what is on my list. Amazon Fresh has really helped keep my grocery bill down! My staples are oranges, apples, lactose free milk, frozen Amy’s meals, frozen burritos (my man cannot love with out those), eggs… among other things.

  213. My necessary staples are Silk dark chocolate almond milk,organic strawberries,bananas,frozen blueberries and peas and whole grain bread and cereals. Bring it on Amazon Fresh! ?

  214. My summer staple is fruit! Watermelon, cherries, pineapple – nature’s dessert :) 

  215. I would love to win! I love to bake so I would definitely order some baking essentials like vanilla, chocolate chips and flour. Thanks for the giveaway!

  216. I’d order baking supplies – flour (King Arthur), sugar, choc chips, etc. They’re always in my pantry.

  217. My staples are almond milk, eggs, greek yogurt, bread, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

  218. We are always picking up fresh vegetables at the grocery store. Also, I love cheese…So that’s always in the cart!

  219. Hi! My staples are almond milk, whole wheat bread, eggs, sugar, carrots, fresh fruits and veggies, and plenty of chicken breasts and fish! My daughter is a vegetarian, so it is imperative that I keep fresh foods around. We make several trips a week to the stores so this is possible. I have wanted to try Amazon Fresh. I am a Prime member, and figure I may as well try what other services they have available as well! Thanks for the opportunity!

  220. Cheese, milk, eggs, bread, butter, low carb tortilla shells, mios, turkey burger, chicken, seafood, veggies

  221. I would probably use it for things I can not find locally. Malt syrup for making bread, large tapioca pearls for making treats for my son, lot of things I just can’t find here.

  222. I just had surgery and will.not be able to drive for a few months so grocery delivery is a must…for anything that my hubby forgets on his grocery trips

  223. Eggs, almond milk, chicken, yogurt, turkey, bread, salads…would definitely order all of that!

  224. Fresh veggies, always! I would order spices, never have enough spice in life :)

  225. My staples are granola bars (for work breakfast), chicken, and some sort of noodles.

  226. my staples are bagged spinach, bagged romaine, strawberries, almond milk and ice cream for the hubby!

  227. We make most of our meals from scratch, so flour and shortening are the two most commonly used staples in our home.

  228. I would order eggs and milk every week so I don’t have to go to the store!

  229. would be great for getting groceries when we have a newborn and don’t want to have to leave the house

  230. Fresh fruit and vegetables are my grocery store staples. Thanks for the chance to win!

  231. Fresh fruit, butter, maybe some clotted cream :-) ….yummy stuff would be my on my order!

  232. oooo, I would order baking supplies and organic items, spices…anything really! Thanks for the chance!

  233. Flour. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to the grocery store and not bought flour. Flour, eggs, and butter.

  234. Just noticed this morning that we need eggs and milk again. So, definitely those. Ideally, Horizon organic skim milk with DHA or similar, and cage-free/free-range brown eggs with omega. And probably some spices/herbs, because I just did a cleanout of all the old stuff, and the shelf is practically empty!

  235. Cottage cheese, eggs, avocado, greek yogurt, and bananas are our everyday staples!

  236. I’d definitely order bread, milk and eggs along with olive oil and bananas which are used daily in our home. I’d also probably order some of my Asian cooking staples as those often cost me a trip to a second (or third) store.

  237. We go through so much bread! I have a family of toast and sandwich eaters so I feel like I am constantly at ththe store buying more. My Amazon list would definitely include bread, peanut butter and bananas…can never have enough

  238. It seems that we always have milk and eggs and fresh fruit such as bananas and apples and what else might be in season. I try to get the fresh frozen veggies as well. We usually look for cheese for my husband and a probiotic drink for myself.

  239. This is such a great service! My staples are milk, butter, peanut butter, fresh fruits and veggies, eggs, and pasta!

  240. I’d get anything and everything to avoid a trip to the grocery store!! Fresh fruits and veggies for my little man, lunch meat and cheese for my husband’s lunches, and pantry staples to make easy dinners!!

  241. What a great giveaway!  I’d order KAFlour, butter and all baking supplies as well as fruit and veggies!

  242. With a family of 4 my staples are definitely the usual milk, eggs, bread and lots of fruit!! Also healthy fast snacks.

  243. I would get a lot of my staples – greek yogurt, almond milk, eggs, rolled oats, english muffins. I would probably still get some things at the grocery store, especially ones where I’m picky (choosing the perfect tomato or peach, for example).

  244. Well, my staples are toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, (I see a theme here), bread, milk, and cereal.

  245. I eat a low carb, high protein diet. I buy berries, nuts, cheese, eggs, and fresh vegetables several times a week. I am an avid cook. I love Amazon pantry and look forward to trying the Amazon Fresh service!

  246. What a great giveaway! I’ve tried Amazon Now but not Amazon Fresh yet ? You can always find eggs, oats, almond milk, nut butter, and bananas as “staples” in my kitchen!

  247. I would order my staples: oats, eggs, peanut butter, carrots, chicken, and brown rice!

  248. My staples are unsweetened almond milk, gala apples, low carb bread, and cheese. Thanks for a great opportunity!

  249. Good morning from south Orange County, California –
    Our preferences are qualified as fresh, non-GMO and organic choices, including various nut butters. wholegrain bread, 2% Greek-style yogurt, green & red head lettuce, carrots, green & red & yellow onions, red peppers, whole garlic, radishes, kiwi, kale, apples, other seasonal fruit, celery, beets, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, rolled oatmeal, buckwheat, manuka honey, wild rice, Brazil nuts, various herbs and spices, Orgain Protein Powder (plant based), wholegrain crackers, olive & coconut oils, black/pinto/garbanzo beans, cocoa powder, various preserves / jams, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, almonds – just for starters !
    Thank you for your consideration.

  250. I’m super excited to try Amazon Fresh! My weekly Staples include soy milk, butter sticks, flour, sugar, and fruit. Obviously I’m a baker, lol. I would love to have the heavy items like flour and sugar delivered instead of multiple trips up/down stairs and out to the car! I would also have paper goods like paper towels delivered – they can be super expensive if I run out of time to go to multiple stores and buy them while picking up groceries. Can’t wait to try it!

  251. Some of my grocery staples are apples, bananas, lettuce, red bell pepper, cashewmilk, yogurt, bacon.

  252. Milk (lactose-free and almond), whole milk Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, cheese, fresh veggies/fruit, eggs, 85% dark chocolate, vanilla extract!

  253. Thanks for the opportunity! Glad to hear it was a good experience. The things I find myself buying weekly are Fiber One cereal, Guittard chocolate chips for baking and snacking, baby carrots, berries and Greek yogurt, and SO many pints of Halo Top ?. Would love to see how they handle ice cream!

  254. Cheese, eggs, and milk are staples. I’d love to try ordering King Arthur flour off Amazon for a better price- it’s the best flour to bake with!

  255. I’d order the classics: eggs, milk… and probably some baking supplies!

  256. I would order all the heavy stuff that I don’t like to deal with at the store. Flour, sugar, milk, and the many bottles and cans of soda I purchase on a regular basis. Sure would be nice to have them delivered to my very own doorstep without having to lug them from the store to the car to the house! Hmmm…I’m liking this Amazon thing!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win and I enjoy your blog.

  257. I would order avacados, eggs, barley, and if they have fresh salmon that too!

  258. I’m the same way with running to several stores a week, and I get so frustrated with myself ! I’d probably use it for a lot of my weekly essentials, greek yogurt, almond milk, apples, strawberries, eggs. And MAYBE I’d check out a couple snack items to find something new for myself to enjoy!

  259. I would love to have fresh fruits and vegetables show up at my door! If the prices were comparable to Aldi, I’d also buy milk, eggs, bread, etc.

  260. I have considered doing one of these grocery delivery services and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. My staples are eggs, milk, bread, apples, and peanut butter. Thanks for the opportunity!

  261. This sounds so convenient. I would definitely order some fresh veggies and fruit.

  262. I always need heavy cream or buttermilk and tons of fresh fruit, nuts and chocolate to make scones.

  263. I always need half and half, produce, chicken and fish. I know a couple of people who use grocery store delivery services and love it!

  264. I would stock up on fresh fruit and produce!  I feel like I am always making multiple grocery runs to stock back up!

  265. My grocery store staples are organic produce and organic dairy. I would order pantry basics and I’d be willing to try the fresh foods if they were reasonably priced.

  266. My grocery store staples are cheese and butter, i feel nobody can ever go wrong with these two grocery items :-)
    I would definitely order PUMPKIN PIE PUREE. I live in South Africa and we unfortunately we don’t have half the stuff here that USA has… So i have never tasted a pumpkin pie :-(

  267. I will order choc chips and any baking staples. Plus breads and snacks like granola bars

  268. I would order almond milk, eggs, peanut butter, avocados, bread, orange juice. Thanks for the chance to win :)
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

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