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This is probably the best giveaway I have ever hosted.  $100 smackeroos gets everyone’s attention, right?

FitnessMagazine.com would like to offer one lucky reader a #Fall into Health wellness package to help give your healthy lifestyle a boost.


First, they are sharing an awesome new tool that will help anyone looking to get a better handle on their health and health care costs this fall – HealthyIs.Aetna.com

Next, FitnessMagazine.com is hosting its own $300 “Live Smart” giveaway and you can enter here

Finally, they are rewarding one lucky reader of mine a chance to receive the following:

$100 Visa Giftcard to help you fill those grocery bags with nutritious produce or spend how ever you choose


An Omron GoSmart Hip Pedometer to help you measure your daily exercise


An assortment of Yogi Teas to help you relax and get those antioxidants flowing


To Enter the Giveaway to win $100 Visa Giftcard, the Pedometer, and Yogi Tea:

1. Share your secrets and tips on how you’ve been keeping a healthy lifestyle this fall.  Please provide at least two specific tips or things you have been doing.

Repeat, you must share at least two FallIntoHealth Tips to be entered

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3. For a third, fourth, or fifth entry, do one or more of these things and leave a separate comment for each (that’s five total chances to enter)

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Contest ends Monday, October 24, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen.

Open to all

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  1. 1. I make sure to eat a complete breakfast every single morning and drink water throughout the day.
    2. I take my young son on walks every evening, about a mile a night, he gets restless in the stroller. ;)

  2. I have been using organic products in my home, as well as using Wii Fit and Wii Sports games that use a Heart Monitor. Helps me to stay active even in the cold weather!

  3. To keep healthy, I’ve been making water kefir and drink a quart a day. Also trying to incorporate more raw veggies into our diet. Yoga!

  4. I have been enjoying all the wonderful fall produce – yay winter squash, pears and apples! – and making sure to drink enough water. It’s easy to forget when the weather starts cooling off!

  5. My way of keeping healthy this fall is to start doing more yoga, sitting in the sauna 3x/week and using my neti-pot everyday =) Cheers to good health!

  6. My healthy ways to stay in shape this fall are
    1. Stay active. Get out first thing in the morning for at least 30 minutes (I run as soon as my son gets on the bus, go to the bus stop in running clothes – no excuse)
    2. Always have a bottle of water within reach – stay hydrated!

  7. I usually practice yoga first thing in the morning, if I don’t, the day gets away from me and I can never make the time. I have also been cutting back on portions. I feel I eat the same amount as my 15 year old son. He’s growing and I need to stop growing, so cutting my portions back seems to be working.

  8. I make sure to drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning (to cleanse/hydrate) and (try!) to write in my food journal when I can during the day. :)

  9. I have been keeping careful watch of my water intake…making sure to drink enough each day. And in these last days of tolerable temperatures in my area, I’ve been intentionally parking far away from the door whenever I do somewhere so I get a few more steps in!

  10. I completely cut out refined sugar from my diet and I am over halfway finished with a 30 day Repairvite diet, which is supposed to heal leaky gut. I feel much better than I have in years, so it’s all worth it!

  11. OOps forgot to add my two things:

    1. I started taking Vit. D to supplement now that winter is setting in

    2. Added some light weights to my cardio routine finally

  12. Holy great giveaway! Throw in some of those samoas from your last post and I’ll be in heaven (:

    Thanks for hosting this.

  13. I have bought a pernament card to enter as many zumba classes as I can during Autumn and Winter and I have reintroduced multivitamins into my diet.

  14. I’ve been focusing on getting lots of fresh fall veggies. Also, taking advantage of the cool, but sunny weather and getting out to do some hiking in the mountains, surrounded by beautiful fall colors.

  15. I follow you on pinterest and all your fabulous desserts. i re-pinned your No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles.

  16. two healthy things i make sure to do: drink my daily green smoothie (i seriously notice my energy levels drop when i miss my green goodness). I also make sure to make it to the gym at least three mornings a week and strive to do fun activities during the week to add more cardio to the mix, while also adding variety.

  17. Oops, I forgot my second fall fitness thing- this fall I’m getting into races for the first time! I ran my first 10k, and I’m signed up for two more in the next few weeks! I’ve also been taking advantage of healthy fall foods by eating lots of kale, squash, and sweet potatoes!

  18. Get outside every day! The weather is too wonderful not to enjoy and move within. I’m also learning more about self care – this can look differently for anyone but for me this season it looks like going to sleep earlier and making time to do what I enjoy.

  19. This fall i have been keen on getting outside as much as I can, even through the deadly rainfalls, and 80km winds. I have been cycling, walking and jogging. Plus enjoying the regular fall duties in the yard, i.e raking leaves into a pile then jumping in them!!! I am enjoying getting in the kitchen and making good ol’clean food for my tummy. As well I have been going to the gym a few times a week to get my weight lifting done or my attempt to weight lift!

  20. I plan out my meals for the week. Not only does this keep me on track, but it makes grocery shopping easier! The other thing for me: I make sure to get 8 hours of sleep. I usually am up at 3am weekday mornings, to get my workout in before work- so getting 8 hours of sleep (and the exercise) helps me to stay healthy during the colder months.

  21. This fall, I’ve been cooking and eating a lot of fresh, local, seasonal food, like butternut squash, and apples I picked at an orchard today. I’ve also been cutting down on caffeine (slave to coffee no more!!), and doing yoga 2-3 times a week. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Wow, crazy giveaway! How I’ve been staying healthy this fall:
    1. Remembering that I don’t need to have EVERY treat every day. Pick one, and the other will still be there tomorrow!
    2. Find time for exercise, even just a little each week. I have a busy schedule, but you just have to squeeze it in when you can.

  23. I just started taking Juice Plus+ supplements in an attempt to be healthier this fall. I just got back into working out after being sidelined with an appendectomy. I am attempting to get to the gym in the morning to get it out of the way first thing so nothing else can get in the way. Then I also have some quiet time (good for my mental health) before my daughter wakes up.:)

  24. I’ve been buying the pre-washed and bagged kale at Trader Joe’s to make stir fries (SO much easier than prepping yourself) and making sure to have a REAL dinner. None of this snacking all night business :)

  25. Tips: Keep the fridge fully stocked with fruits and vegetables, and essentially have them available and prepared so that there is easy access to delicious food!
    Another tip is that I keep my running shoes and workout gear in eyesight when I wake up, so I remember and keep myself motivated!

    In addition, I also have gum in my bag all the time or at my office desk! I find that gum helps when I am just craving something to chew on! :D

  26. Hey Averie! I haven’t stopped by in a bit but I guess this is a great time to post! Awesome giveaway!!

    Here are my two tips
    1: When I make a sandwich for lunch I always cut it with 1 side larger than the other. I eat the smaller portion first and for some reason it makes my 2nd portion feel so much more filling.

    2: When you treat yourself to an unhealthy snack it’s all good! One trick for me is to not bring it in my house. The minute it’s in my house I’m going to eat it. If I go out to eat I don’t bring it back home. It’s definitely helped keep my snacking in check.

  27. I have been drinking a lot more tea. The real stuff, not the stuff from the bottle. It keeps me warm in the colder months, and I drink it after supper. It has actully curbed my snackiness in the evening after I’ve already eaten. The other fall fitness thing I’ve been doing is taking the dog running outside. In the summer he doesn’t like to run outside, and when it is hot and humid neither do I! The fall is the perfect time for this.

  28. We’ve been eating lots of fall/winter squashes, as well as going for walks and hikes in the Smoky Mountains! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. To stay healthy, I’m doing a detox (eating clean and using Repairvite) and training for a half marathon in January! That’s keeping me motivated to exercise.

  30. 1. I have been walking 3 miles 3 or 4 times a week weather permitting. Need to enjoy the fresh air before the snow comes!

    2. On my off days I practice yoga for up to an hour and a half.

    3. Everyday that I can, I have a smoothie with cashew milk, bananas, blueberries, chia seeds, hemp nuts and anything else healthy I can throw in.

  31. I have been adding a teaspoon of ground flaxseeds to my oats every morning and I make sure that I’m taking my vitamin D supplement as the days are getting darker and I don’t get enough sunlight. xx

  32. I’ve been keeping a food diary to get more conscious of what I’m eating (those nibbles here and there are easy to forget). I’m also cutting back on my smoking (yeah I know)

  33. I pinned your White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars… they were delicious, but aren’t helping with staying healthy so much ;-)

  34. Fall is always busy! I am trying to stay healthy by scheduling gym time (with a friend) so I cant put off going. I am also putting in a strong effort to stay better hydrated!

  35. 1. food prep up the wazoo! that way i don’t ever have to rely on unhealthy campus options!
    2. i refused to purchase a parking permit – saved me money and forces me to walk a ton each day!

  36. My two tips that have helped me this fall:
    1. Get up and get some exercise first thing in the morning, even if its only 15 minutes. You can always do more later.

    2. Drink LOTS of water, tea, and coffee. Every day. All day.

  37. keeping a healthy life style is hard, especially at this time of year. when the weather is colder it makes it hard for me to get outside for a run. There is also every type of sugary sweet treat around which can be sooo hard to pass up. So some things i have been doing to stay healthy are: going to yoga and Zumba classes, choosing fruit over candy or treats, and in general eating healthier foods with lots of veggies and whole grains.
    I would love having a pedometer because I live in a rural area where our cross country practices are through forests or small trails where it is hard to measure the distance. Tea is my favorite drink:) and i would buy some new running shoes with the visa to replace my ones with holes in the toes that i use for volley ball, zumba, track, and cross country:)
    I love your blog I have been reading it for a little over a year now and its quite inspiring to me as a high school student.
    thanks- Erin

  38. #1 ‘Ice cream’ made from pureed frozen banana chunks has been an obsession of mine lately. So good!
    #2 Get at least 20 min of exercise a day, even if it’s just walking. Switch it up every day to make it fun, and don’t stress out about it. For me, it’s such a mood booster during these cold winter months.

  39. Tip #1 – is listening to my body tell me when it’s really hungry and not following a schedule of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I find now I don’t have lunch until 2 and then OK with a 6pm dinner. I take air popped plain popcorn in my car with me for a snack or something else healthy. Try to cut back on sugar – and have nothing with sugar till after dinner and when i do in moderation. And I always have 1 or 2 glasses or bottles of water in the car. I buy a case at Costco.
    Tip #2 – I switched up my workout to spinning 5 days a week – and incorporated more stretching. And I feel so great and energetic!
    Bonus tip – is I love listening to http://www.hayhouseradio.com. They have a wonderful medical intuitive – Caroline Sutherland who gives great advice on eating and taking care of your self. The shows are archived for a few days too – so if you miss it you can relisten later – and it’s free.

  40. I eat my cruciferous, liver loving veggies every day, i.e., cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc., a healthy serving of nutritional yeast daily, a green smoothie and stevia in place of all sugar!

  41. 1. I have been cooking healthy meals for my husband and I. I always eat healthy, but I want him to adopt healthier eating habits, so I have been cooking meals we both can bring leftovers of for our work lunches.
    2. Instead of a second cup of coffee every day, I’ve been drinking more herbal teas.

  42. I’ve been gradually increasing the amount of water I drink every day, and I’ve been using Livestrong’s Loop tool to better measure the mileage I have been running.

  43. I’ve been focusing on eating healthy foods make me happy while I’m eating them AND keep me feeling satisfied instead of just eating junk food for quick energy when I’m busy at work.

  44. I’ve been doing relaxation meditations, focusing on breath, and I’ve been practicing mindfulness. Both help to improve my health and happiness. :)

  45. Great give away!!!

    #1 – I’ve been focusing on eating a plant-based diet.
    #2 – I’m also making a huge effort to eat at home more – it’s healthier and I’m saving tons of $$$

  46. I have been writing an exercise plan to follow and have been doing big batch cooking on Sundays so I can stay on track with my healthy! Also-it never hurts to keep a water bottle nearby!

  47. My 2 tips for staying healthy this fall are:

    Always make time for some “me” time.
    Move for at least 30 minutes everyday.

  48. my 2 tips are 1. eat in season! 2. drink only water or water based drinks (tea, coffee) most days of the week!

  49. I signed up for another half-marathon so I have a training plan to follow and I am being diligent with my water consumption – I find drinking my water through a straw makes it easier :)

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway and for opening it up to us Canadians!

  50. I’ve been doing smoothies every morning for the past few weeks and really enjoying them. I finally worked up the nerve to try spinach greens in my smoothies and it tastes just fine!

    I’ve been working on going to bed on time so that I can get up before the kids in the morning and do a bit of yoga or other exercise. Even a little is better than nothing, especially when it is every day.

  51. I have been making lots of yummy nourishing soups.

    I have cut back on my daily coffee- now only having it a few times a week!

  52. My tips:
    Wash my hands as much as possible and try to get outside for at least 20 minutes a day. I live in CA so the weather is never too bad to get outside and breath some fresh air!

  53. Fall is always a struggle to keep consistent with exercise and diet for some reason… I guess it is the sudden onset of chilly weather?? Shorter days?? It just makes me want to bake. And cuddle on the couch. Also, my schedule always seems to be changing this time of year in one way or another.

    So, THIS fall…

    1. I’m trying be more flexible with my workouts! I am really a morning workout person, and have been for a bit now. If I didn’t workout in the morning, I just didn’t do anything at all. But lately we have been staying up later and I am giving in to the “need” for sleep in the mornings, and trying to do something active in in the evenings instead. I’m trying more “non-traditional things” like walks outside and dvds to spice it up. I find I look forward to doing those things more than “going to the gym.”

    2. I’m being honest with myself – and everyone else – about what I want (and don’t want) to eat. Work is always a tough place for “food pressure” and the other day I finally skipped out on that not-so-desirable chocolate cake, even though I got some looks for it. I made it up with some vegan cookies at home later, but it was a decision I felt good about. I want my treats to be the most delicious thing I can think of! And I like to share it with my husband, too!

    Thanks, great questions & giveaway!!

  54. This fall I’ve been pushing my cardio sessions into a full hour rather than 30 minutes. I’ve also been concentrating on eating more protein as it keeps me full longer and helps me avoid the snack monster.

  55. To stay healthy this Fall I have started drinking a Green Smoothie every morning.
    My usual go-to blend consists of 1/2 C. Kale, 1 C. Spinach and 8 oz. Frozen Mango Chunks all blended with 1 C. water.

    Also to stay healthy this Fall, I have started to make delish, comforting, healthy vegan stews in my
    Crock-Pot to eat for dinner. I cut up the veggies, and add spices, dried beans and water (or broth) in the a.m. to the Crock, and when I come home at the end of the long day I have a stew waiting for me to eat that’s filled with antioxidants and high fiber goodness. :)

  56. I am eating high-raw and doing yoga. Both of these new habits have made the last several weeks some of the healthiest and calmest I can remember!
    Thanks! lesliedoll at hotmail dot com

  57. I make it to the farmers market at least once a week to have fresh organic veggies for a daily green smoothie. I also exercise at least 5 days a week, and try to switch up the type of workout to keep it fun and engage more muscles! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  58. I’m eating a lot of local and organic veggies, combined with whole grains and beans. Also doing yoga every other morning

  59. Two tips I’ve been following this fall to stay healthy have been: 1) Make exercise a part of my day, everyday. Even if it’s a walk around the park, I get moving every day. 2) Make my lunch every day. No going out to lunch for me this fall. Packing my lunch is cheaper, healthier and tastier! :)

  60. I’ve been trying to cut down on meat, and rely on more vegetarian based meals. I’ve also been increasing my workouts by ten minutes every two weeks. I’ve switched from regular milk to coconut milk. And I’ve been walking my dog for longer. :)

  61. I lost 30 lbs 18 months ago by joining our city recreation and fitness center with a family membership. Our family has greatly reduced the amount of processed food we consume eating more fresh foods. It takes a tad bit longer to prep and cook but we feel so much better!

    I keep off the weight I lost by working out 5-6 days a week doing cardio and weights. During the winter months I work out with my son doing exercises and practice moves that he does in wrestling. We are about the same height and not too far apart in weight making mom the perfect partner off the mat.

    I would love to have another pedometer since I lost mine over the summer. I wore it everyday and really miss it!

  62. 1. With the colder weather I go for walks or jogs outside. While I do enjoy going to the gym, the crisp Fall weather convinces me to take in nature. And when you feel calm on the inside, you can project calm to the outside.

    2. Take advantage of the fruits and veggies that are now in season. Pumpkin and apples taste good year round, but are especially tasty right now!

  63. Two tips!
    1. I use motivation to exercise more by bribing myself that if I do an hours worth of a good workout session then I can chill, read a book, get coffee, watch my DVR’s show. It works very well because I barely have time to do my favorite activities so when I reward myself, it feels great.

    2. During meal planning, I make sure each meal has veggies and fruits and try to reduce the meat and grains.

  64. Two things I’ve been doing this fall to increase my family’s health & vitality: #1 buying local and seasonal ingredients – I’m learning to prepare meals based on what the farmer’s market & #2 reading food labels and trying to avoid artificial colors and flavors.

  65. I’ve been doing bikram yoga and running/walking more on a consistent basis. So much nicer in the cooler weather! Also, I’ve been eating more fruits and veggies and trying to cut out the processed foods.

  66. What a generous giveaway!

    1. One thing I’ve been doing to stay healthy this fall is: in the past if I’ve tried a new recipe or made something new and I didn’t like it, I would immediately throw it in the garbage. To reduce my waste and stay healthy by eating what I’ve made instead of tossing it in exchange for something less healthy, I’ve made a pact with myself to FINISH MY FOOD! I know that it will benefit my body better and maybe I can LEARN to like something new. :)

    2. A second thing I’ve been doing is trying to eat more seasonal food, instead of just what I feel like eating all the time. I grew my own garden this year and it has felt so satisfying to eat something I grew myself!

  67. My favorite FallIntoHealth tips include drinking lots of water–the cooler, dryer temps make my skin yearn for hydration AND implementing hot yoga–it’s the perfect exercise for warming the body, mind and soul. Namaste!

  68. The most important thing I’ve done is eat mostly plants all day–a green and fruit smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, big salad for dinner and maybe some kind of protein, like quinoa. Fall squash is great on salads! I love adding roasted brussels sprouts :)

    2nd most important thing is doing vinyasa at least 3-4 times a week!

  69. My TWO “Fall Into Health” tips are….
    1. Add pumpkin to your food. It is more fiber and Vitamin A.
    2. Enjoy the crisp weather by taking a walk outside.

  70. FallintoHealth Tips:

    1) Green smoothies! Even though they are cold, they make me feel so alive and refreshed that I drink 1 or 2 each day!
    2) Become a couponer! This is for my financial (and mental) health! Using produce coupons and browsing circulars for the best deals makes life so much cheaper and easier! Plus its mentally stimulating and reassuring.

    Pick me?!

  71. Tip 1: I work out with a buddy! It is our time to catch up. She also helps keep me accountable. Even if I am not in the mood, I know she is waiting for me!

    Tip2: I put the training sessions into my calander. Just seeing it there, makes me prepared to do it!

  72. Well-the first would be that I have cut meat out of my diet and enlisted my fiance to keep me on track. In the past, if I felt like no one was looking, I might sneak some naughty “treats”. I have not only decided to do this for myself (because if you cheat when you think no one is looking-you may not be ready for the life change!)-but I have my fiance to help me when I am feeling weak. I have also started to take Yoga again in the mornings!! I can slowly feel the change!

  73. 1. I’ve been working out 5-6 times per week (usually HIIT or hot yoga) with one or two active rest days.
    2. I’ve been eating clean with lots of fruits and veggies.

  74. I have been working out with friends. My best tip is to find people with similar interests and schedules and commit to a workout schedule with them. I find that it’s easier to commit to others than it is with yourself. My second tip is hydration. I find that often when I think I’m hungry, my body is actually dehydrated. Now I try to drink a small cup of water (4-6 ounces) and then wait 10 minutes. Usually what I thought was a “hunger pang” is actually my body telling me to drink water!

  75. Two tips that I follow to keep a healthy lifestyle are:

    -always pack lunch and snacks for work to prevent eating out
    -sign up for classes at the gym, this keeps my accountable and not wanting to sleep in because it’s starting to get chilly out!

  76. This fall I’ve started a food journal so I’m trying to shift my whole health system I got going. Excercise more, get in those 8 glasses of water, a lot of tea and detoxing foods and of course lots of veggies. A food journal has been a great way for me to visualize what I eat in a whole day.

  77. this fall i have been taking advantage of the cooler temperatures by taking my dog for twice daily LONG walks outside! we both love it.

    my second tip is to take advantage of the new produce that’s becoming available this fall! lots of our meals have been including winter squashes, brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes!

  78. I have been eating more fruits and vegetables and hitting spin class and body pump class twice a week. I love how the classes push me to work out harder :)

  79. what an awesome give away indeed!
    I make sure I get moving. To motivate myself for that AM run or walk I set out my clothes the night before. For whatever reason once I have my clothes on I feel committed to doing that activity. I also have my workouts planned and written out to the T. I have to have a plan or it’s not going to happen.

    As far as what I consume. I don’t buy box or freezer meals and I don’t eat out except when we are out for an event. I am a stay at home mom so I have the luxury of being able to cook meals. I make my breakfast and lunch the night before (when I pack my husband and daughters lunch) so I don’t munch all day long on cookies or whatever is laying around. Also we always have a bowlful of fruit and precut veggies on hand for when we get the munchies!

  80. I always love the fall produce season so my first tip that I do is try at least one new recipe a week using locally sourced seasonal ingredients. I made some baked apples from personally picked apples right off the tree. :) And the second tip is I try to walk my dog for 20 minutes 3x a day. That adds up to an hour of walking which is great! Thanks!

  81. my tips: put on some warm clothes and go running as often as I can! nothing feels better than coming inside a warm home after a long, cold run outside and take a hot shower :) also I try to always start my day with a freshly pressed juice for extra vitamins and in general I try to eat not cut down my daily dose of fruits and veggies (during fall I eat less salad). and I always dress appropriate! nothings is worse than freezing, so I never leave my house without a scarf, even if I don´t need it, I will simply put it in my purse or wrap it around the handle of my purse (so that it looks like its meant to be there ;)).

  82. This fall I am training for my first duathlon and getting back into more regular yoga practices. Thanks for the giveaway.

  83. I’ve been walking my dogs every day now that the weather has cooled off. Also, I’ve added a scoop of coconut flour to my morning smoothie for added fiber!

  84. I’ve actually been car-less for a few weeks and can’t get to the gym, so I’ve been walking/running out in parks and around the neighborhood. Healthy body + healthy world.

    And I’ve been enjoying teas instead of coffee. They’re better for me, and they’re pretty fun to learn about!

  85. My tips : I work in the basement in my building (yes, basement) and I take the stairs every day. I usually take leisure walks for my 15 minute breaks, and let me tell you those stairs are a killer!

    -pininterest! I have found lots of yummy, delicious, and healthy recipes through different pins.

  86. My two “tips” I’ve used to stay healthy:
    1. I’ve forced myself to sleep-in at least one day a week, no matter how much much work I have to get done that day.
    2. I’ve upped my consumption of green tea. Stash brand with lemon and ginger is my favorite, and I’ve been trying a few new flavors.

  87. I’ve been working toward a healthy fall in a few ways. Trying to eat as seasonally as possible (whenever possible!), enjoying fall walks whenever possible and moving my workout to indoor/outdoor stuff to get it all in!

  88. I’ve been trying to make myself complete a workout, even if it’s not the full hour I intended. I try to remember that getting there is half the battle. My second tip would be getting enough sleep. I used to do workouts in the morning, but if I was really tired I ended up skipping them. By working out at night, I get extra sleep time in the morning and it’s easier to stay on track all day if you’re not tired!

  89. i make myself run regardless of the yucky weather. ive also been enjoying the tastes of the season with warm and roasted veggies!

  90. Tips:
    Get enough sleep! I need 7-8 hours a night. Without sleep,I drag all day! It is a crucial part to health and lets my body recover!
    Drink Water! Staying hydrated is something I often struggle with,but I feel so much better when I am adequately hydrated! It gets even more difficult in the winter.. when I am not actually sweating my brains out and dying of thirst..but it is JUST as important!!!

  91. Followed all of your pin boards on Pinterest! Started off by pinning your Caramel Pumpkin Whip Dip and will continue to re-pin EVERYTHING pumpkin!! :)

  92. I liked Fitness Magazine’s Facebook page! I’m glad I did this giveaway or else I never would have found FM’s page! Thanks! :)

  93. I like your “Love Veggies and Yoga” Facebook page (I actually “liked” it a long time ago because I wanted to keep up!)

  94. I’ve been working on PORTION CONTROL, cutting back of CAFFEINE, staying motivated by reading lots of HEALTHY BLOGS, and drinking a ton of WATER! :)

  95. Variety!!! I’ve been trying a new to me veggies from the farmers market. Fall at the farmer’s market is beautiful so I challenge myself to buy something new and cook it in a healthy way that my family will enjoy.
    Variety with fitness also! A body gets bored with the same movements so I am challenging myself to try new ways to move. There are so many fun ways to do this with dance based exercise, karate based, equiptment based with a HIIT interval and so on and so on!
    Have a super day!

  96. Also, to keep healthy this fall, I’m going to train for/participate in my first ever competitive run. It’s only 5 miles, but I’ve never done anything like it, and it’s going to be a fun challenge!

  97. To keep healthy this fall, my boyfriend and I are making it a point to get outside and hike in the foliage each weekend until it disappears. We’ve been bringing our cameras and getting some great nature shots, too!

  98. Best. Giveaway. Ever. :)

    1. Bundle up and take a walk outside! The leaves are beautiful here right now, and I’m taking full advantage of the not-so-freezing-cold weather while it lasts.
    2. Enjoy the seasonal produce! I’ve been loving all the apples (ok, maybe just honeycrisp… it’s an obsession ;)), perfect sweet potatoes, and pears right now.

  99. 1. To continue eating produce since berries became so expensive, I have a list of “in season” fruits & veggies to keep things exciting and keep me motivated :)
    2. I’ve been rocking things out in the gym instead of running outside because of the cold weather!

  100. 1. I have been hitting the gym after school. I have enjoyed taking new classes:)
    2. I have also changed my diet. Some foods were making me not so good. After eliminating them I feel so much better!

  101. 1. i’ve been making sure to stay hydrated..i got myself a GREAT water bottle that keeps my water cold and ice frozen for hoursssss
    2. i’ve been trying to get 4 good meals in per day..no more skipping breakfast for me! :)

  102. two ways I keep healthy…..1) I’m very active. I work out 6 days a week. I have animals so i must walk them at least twice a day. 2) I eat a vegan diet.

  103. 1. i’ve been adding intervals to my morning cardio. 45 minutes at one speed on the treadmill was getting monotonous… and my body was not feeling it as much. throw in 30 second sprints and i’m toast!

    2. i start every morning with a big glass of water. sometimes i find i don’t even need that mug of coffee after proper hydration.

  104. Since the weather has been beautiful, ive been going for walks with my dogs daily. Its not only good for me, but them as well.
    I also park the farthest away when im at a store to get in some more steps.
    And ive been trying to add more natural supplements into my diet to give my body that extra umph!

  105. I’ve been adding vegetables into my VitaMix pre-workout daily smoothie (you really can’t taste them!) and incorporating new types of yoga into my weekly practice (Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa) to balance out my tight muscles from running. Happy Autumn!

  106. My two health tips for fall are: Try including some winter squash in your diet. It’s a great source of vitamin A and fiber! Look for buttercup, acorn and spaghetti squash in your grocery store. My seconded tip is move more! We tend to scale back on spending time outdoors when the weather becomes cooler. Take a short walk outside and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.

  107. Two things I’ve started to do this fall is to a) take daily walks (14 blocks on the way home everyday) and b) turn “pesco-vegan” – I’ve given up dairy and eggs along with meat but still eat fish and seafood two to three times a week – it’s so hard to give up sushi!

  108. I have been trying to improve my health by #1 – Food Journaling via an app on my ipod to help me stay in my nutrition and calorie goals, and #2 – Using my Heart Rate Monitor when I work out to ensure I get the best bang for my buck during workouts! Seems to be working!!

  109. My healthy tips are that : keep track of what you eat and the portion size of what you eat is just as important too. On top of that its important to stay hyrdated no matter what if you get dehydrated then you might over eat.

  110. two things that I’ve been doing to stay healthy is go on long walks and runs as well as making sure I eat enough protein!

  111. I’m focusing on getting more quality sleep (eg going to bed earlier) and preparing meals and clothes for the week ahead on Saturday or Sunday so I don’t have to think about those things. On a spiritual level, I’m releasing people, things, and emotions that just don’t help me stay focused on the positive. Clearing out ‘stuff’ has been tremendous.

  112. I make sure to always have a glass of water in front of me – as soon as it’s empty, I get up to refill it. This makes me take small breaks (to the water cooler at the office) and it ensures I don’t get thirsty because I ran out of water. I also keep a calendar by the treadmill. If I do any sort of exercise, I mark it on the calendar with a big X. It keeps me motivated to see I’m halfway through a whole week of exercising; it also gets my butt in gear if I see there are a lot of blank spaces. The other thing I do is only watch my favorite DVR’d shows while I’m on the treadmill. Even if I’m walking slowly, at least I’m moving and not sitting on the couch. If I really want to know what happened next on the show, I’ve gotta get movin’!

  113. I’ve been really trying to incorporate tea into my daily diet. I do drink quite a bit of coffee as I am a student (hello midterm week!), but I find that with all the stress in my life and the excess of caffeine, I really need something to mellow me out. Forever Nuts from Davids Tea or any green tea are my current favourites. Bubble baths only add to the relaxation!
    Also, I haven’t been depriving myself of any foods I want, I just make sure to balance them out. I let myself eat that bagel, but enjoy it with a large side of fruit, a large fruit and almond milk smoothie, a large balanced salad, raw veggies, etc. Also, I do a lot of walking on campus as well as too and from bus stops, and find myself walking at least 5km per day just in these activities regarding school, not including walking around the city, at work, etc.

  114. I have tried to stay healthy this fall by incorporating more in season veggies and fruit by shopping local farmers markets , stands and CSA’s . Also I have been doing more yoga which helps me start the day off right and keeps me going all day Ü

  115. I have a green smoothie almost every single day made with organic greens and fruits, and am now adding more hemp seeds to my diet. The hemp is very versatile and can be sprinkled on lots of things, and help me feel full. I also make sure to have at least one square of dark chocolate each day (boy; is that hard! LOL Hard to eat only one, that is). There…I have 3 ways I’m keeping a healthy lifestyle :).

  116. To stay healthy this fall, I’ve been eating lots of colorful, seasonal veggies, especially leafy greens. I also made a (loose) workout schedule for myself, so there is no excuse for “not enough time” to move the body with school and other comittments.

  117. O my goodness what a fabulous giveaway! To keep healthy this fall I recently started running and am falling in love fast! I have gone from 3 miles a week to about 25 miles a week and am enjoying every second of it. I am also really trying to up my veggie intake and decrease my sugar intake. I have a huge sweet tooth that I often fulfill with candy but I am determined not to buy any more candy because if I don’t have it in my house I can’t eat it!

  118. I completely changed my diet to be 90% plant based. I have been juicing and drinking vegetables every day. (It’s like making a healthy liquid salad. Delish!) I have seen such positive changes in the past few months! Very exciting!

  119. I’ve been keeping healthy this fall by going for a walk every day (Fall weather is perfect for exercising outdoors!) and trying to get enough sleep during the week instead of making it up during the weekends.

  120. 1. I’ve been hiking a lot! It’s a great way to embrace this beautiful time of year and stay fit!
    2. Using natural and organic ingredients in recipes like apples and pumpkin. So delicious and healthy!

  121. two easy tips: 1) stock your fridge with fall goodies- apples and pumpkin = awesome snacks! 2) exercise to feel well.. go outside and stroll or run and enjoy the fall colors!

  122. As the days start to get darker earlier (and with the sun rising later), I make sure that I plan exactly what my workout will be for each day. I absolutely know that if I don’t go straight to the gym or yoga or on a run right after work, I will not make it out later in the evening. The second I get home in the winter, the slippers are on, the down comforter is out and I’m nesting. Winter is the time to treat yourself to specialty workout classes, yoga, the groupon that you’ve wanted to buy, etc.

    As for healthy eating in the fall, it’s all about maximizing squash intake. It’s so cheap during this time of the year and can be used for pumpkin foods galore, many types of sweet or savory squash soups, pasta/squash casseroles or lasagnas. Because a squash generally yields many servings bulk dishes are easy to make and freeze for later use in the winter when veggie variety is dismal.

  123. Oh and I have pinned a few things I’ve been drooling over….all the different PB cups for instance!

  124. This fall the best tips I have are planning ahead with food. Always having fresh produce and healthy staples around for quick easy meals. For instance… i buy some fall squash and tempeh for protein and always have something to roast!

    For fitness I have been switching up my workouts. I love my gymboss interval timer, it has really helped me to cut back on time and increase intensity!

  125. For the last ninety days of the year I printed out Oct, Nov and Dec calendars and hung them in the living room. I have three goals to accomplish every day (yoga, exercise, no snacking after dinner). Every night, I cross out another day and then mark which goals I accomplished. So far I’ve almost always completed all three goals because I don’t want to mar the nice calendars! This calendar thing is really keeping me motivated with my Fall goals!

  126. I’ve been eating lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables (love pumpkin and apples in fall!) and I’ve been drinking lots of herbal teas when its too cold for water.

  127. I am eating seasonal vegetables this fall (cannot get enough pumpkin and apples- YUM!!), and I am taking advantage of this beautiful fall weather by exercising outside. Running in these cooler temperatures is so great!

  128. I’ve been biking more, and paying attention to engaging my lower abs when biking. Also, I think exercising outdoors is important when the weather’s nice, so I’ve been using workouts in nature to keep me motivated and connected. Next up is a hiking session.

  129. What a good giveaway!
    Two things I’ve been doing… drinking lots and lots and lots of water. Annnd, enjoying the season’s fruits… right now apples are in season so I’m trying to get my fill and eat what is in season!

  130. Two tips:
    Plan your meals ahead of time and pack your lunch the night before you go to work.
    Incorporate exercise into your daily routine…I ride my bike to work 2x a week – 10 miles!

  131. I have been switching it up at the gym, rather than running on a treadmill I have been doing some fun cardio circuits, and I am also watching my portion sizes and enjoying seasonal veggies :)

  132. my two tips are always carry a serving size snack with you such as a low fat granola bar or rice cakes and always drink lots of water. i carry a water bottle with me wherever I go.

  133. 1.) I signed up for a 5-K (my first one ever). This has definitely motivated me to get my booty jogging. Along with my partner in crime, my dog. Mapping my jogging with mapmyrun has been fun too as its helped me visualize my run and track my *gasp* progress.

    2.) Packing a lunch the night before, and always packing healthy snacks. No blood sugar dips, not tooo many nasty treats on the go. But I did have some apple butter ice cream-got to allow yourself treats as part of a healthy lifestyle. :)

  134. This fall to get healthier I started training for a half marathon as well as doing some body weight exercises to get myself fit.
    The other thing i have done is to make sure that I do my grocery shopping weekly and don’t slack so we have no excuse for fast food, and when I shop I get only fresh foods and a few essentials from the inner aisles like oatmeal and brown rice.

  135. I did the Couch to 5k program to work my way up to running my first race! Intervals of walking and jogging helped me to be able to run for 30min at once. I also make sure that I eat within an hour of working out to help refuel and build muscle.

  136. With school, things can get hectic and (for many) people can get sucked into unhealthy habits. So, I make sure to always plan working out into my day. So a typical Monday and Wednesday looks like this: Wake up, Class, Workout, Work. If it is a part of my schedule I know it will get done.
    As for healthy eating, I cook up huge amounts of chicken, brown rice, and vegetables on Sunday nights so all is readily available for me for meals. It is easy to be healthy and active if you prepare for it and are realistic with your goals.

  137. Oh! Fall health tips!
    Eating seasonally – I just went to the market and got $20 worth of butternut and acorn squash.
    Increasing my vitamin C! With camu camu and fresh fruit mmm

  138. Alrighty. 2 Fall into health tips. Here we go…

    1. Keep moving. Fall is the best time of the year. However, the mornings and evenings are cold. The days are warm. You might wake up at 6 am for a morning run, open the door, shiver and say: “Heck no! I’m not running today!” Do it. I am the ultimate fair weather runner, but once you break through the morning chill, you will feel like a CHAMP. Don’t let the morning chill discourage an early workout. You’ll be glad you did it…once it’s done. =) Just tell yourself: it could be snowing, right?
    2. Halloween foods. Pumpkin and fall squash are the ULTIMATE healthy foods to incorporate into your fall diet. If you like muffins or coffee cake, find some pumpkin muffin/bread recipes and try those instead. Also, steamed, grilled, or oven-baked squash is divine. It’s almost a guilty pleasure…but there’s nothing to feel guilty about, because it’s squash!
    You can do it people. Fight the chill and eat the squash. Everyone else will be throwing pack the Halloween candy while you’re whippin’ up a batch of pumpkin hummus! Do it girls. DO IT!

  139. 1. Work out at the gym on my days off (I work 12 hour shifts, so daily workouts are impossible).
    2. Take my women’s multivitamin and calcium with D daily.

  140. I’m just recovering from an injury, so I’m slowly getting back into the routine and am hitting the pool for the first time since I was a kid. I’m also reaching for carrot sticks, hard boiled eggs, and nuts to fuel me instead of the halloween candy and baked goods taking over my office.

  141. I run 6 days a week and do hot yoga on my “rest” day. I eat a lot of salads and tea, and stay away from processed foods and sugar. I’m also buying a lot of local seasonal fruits and vegetables and I eat at home 99% of the time.

    Awesome giveaway btw :)

  142. To keep healthy this fall, I have been:
    1) going for a jog about three times per week in the beautiful trails near my home. The colors and crunch of the seasonal leaves on the path are my favorite!
    2) buying up the deals on seasonal butternut and acorn squash! I love roasting and pureeing them into a big batch of soup, then refrigerating a large container for easy to-go lunches for class or having a quick, full-of-vitamins dinner option upon arriving home STARVED. :) No more PB and banana for dinner every day! (Although some days- that is exactly what hits the spot!)
    Have a lovely weekend, Averie! :)

  143. I’m keeping healthy by 1) spending quality time with my family – relieves stress and does my heart good. And 2) by getting my workouts done earlier in the day, because it’s harder to workout when it gets dark so early.

  144. 1. I’ve been trying to brew and drink unsweetened tea more often. I used to drink looseleaf tea every day, and stopped somewhere along the way. I want to pick it back up…so many antioxidants.
    2. I’ve become more diligent about taking my vitamin D, especially as we move into gloomy weather.

  145. I use the beautiful leaves and the cool temperatures as motivation to go on hikes and outside runs. Fall also means pumpkin season! I use pumpkin in everything to get my fix on Vitamin A.

  146. I’m eating lots of tasty fall vegetables and making exercise fun by signing up for races/events/workshops with my friends.

  147. This fall I am trying to stay hydrated. I keep a water bottle at my desk at work and in my car to remind me to drink more water. I am also trying to do three different types of workouts each week. Cardio, strength, and boot camp style.

  148. To keep healthy I have been drinking a whole ton of water. I always have a bottle of water with me at all times.

    I have been walking a lot, too. I am a pacer while I talk on the phone, so I put my pacing to good use and walk around the block a couple times will I am chatting after dinner. It helps to calm my nerves and relax me for the night.

  149. I’ve been trying to do some form of exercise at least 4 times a week (better than nothing at all) without beating myself up if I don’t get all 4 in.
    Getting my kids to try new fall foods with me at least once a week.

  150. My two tips that I have been using are 1) Working through the 60 days of the Insanity DVDs and 2) Packing my work lunches every day to avoid going out to eat.

  151. I’ve been keeping a fitness journal to hold me accountable and allow me to plan an appropriate amount of cardio, strength, and rest days and I made a goal of eating less sugar, so I put a post-it note where I see it a lot to remind me.

  152. To stay healthy this fall, I have implemented a total lifestyle change by:
    1) Maintaining a positive attitude, especially when it comes to accepting and confidence within myself.
    2) Kept up with/tried news ways to be active. I’ve been swimming or running daily, along with strength routines, and even tried out yoga.
    3) Started eating so much healthier. I have cropped out lots of not so good stuff, but still allow for moderate indulgence, and it’s wondeful!
    4) Made sure to get enough sleep, which I found is challenging but VERY helpful with working 2 jobs, being a full time student, and completing a field study.

    It feels GREAT! :)

  153. 1. Having a VERY healthy smoothie every morning. It is a great way to get in fruits and vegetables and keep you full for at least 2-3 hours!
    2. Spending more time grocery shopping in the produce aisles and skipping the processed aisles. It forces you to buy more healthy and eat less processed.

  154. Two things I’ve been doing to stay healthy this fall are:
    1. Biking my kids to school in the morning- perfect way to start the morning!
    2. Enjoy the cooler weather by running outside instead of inside which has also motivated me to increase my mileage!

  155. I’ve hired a personal trainer twice a week to help keep me motivated and I joined a local food co-op to eat seasonal/local/organic foods!

  156. I’ve scaled back a bit. I have been running 2 times a week and trying to go to yoga 2 times as well. I’ve also been enjoying all the fun fall veggies. I love when the seasons change because it gives you a change to switch up your routine and your food. Keeps things from being boring!

  157. Tip 1: Focus on being with nature. Most outdoor activities involve exercise!
    Tip 2: Focus on food from nature! Real, whole foods of the season. Forget the processed food!

  158. This fall I have been taking walks after dinner every night. The weather is perfect and the colors are breathtaking!

    Secondly, I am taking advantage of all the fresh produce my town has left before it is gone for the season and the only thing we can get local are potatoes!

  159. I’ve been working out regularly and making it a point to drink more water throughout the day.

  160. Two things I’ve been doing to keep life healthy and good this fall:

    1. Starting each day with a minute of mindful breathing.

    2. Trying to make as many meals at home as possible, using the last of my amazing local produce! :)

  161. I have been taking a walk every morning while practicing deep breathing. Also I’ve been practicing my vegan baking skills; substituting coconut oil for butter and creating new juices for the fall.

  162. To stay healthy, I’ve been taking vitamins (multi and fish oil) and drinking lots of water. To stay happy, I’ve been eating lots of candy corn!

  163. 1.) I plan and write out my workout plan and note if I enjoyed the workout.

    2.) Get a list of seasonal produce. Then I search for recipes that use them.


  164. This fall I’ve been:
    -making sure to eat at least 2 servings of fruits or veggies at each meal
    -drinking plenty of water

  165. How exciting! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! We’ve been a part of our local organic farm’s CSA and I love that we are eating seasonally, locally, organically, and I’ve been challenged to try new things on the fam. in order to not waste anything. We also have been challenging ourselves to do at least 15 mins./day of heart-rate increasing exer. as a family. I am currently 4 mos preggo so it’s typically me that’s lagging behind! :-)

  166. This fall I have been:

    1. Meal planning so I always have a healthy dinner on the table every night.

    2. Getting my workout in before work so it’s out of the way.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  167. I’ve been adding flax seed meal to my oatmeal & sauces + have been switching up my workouts to not exhaust certain muscle groups

  168. How exciting! Something I can enter from Australia :)
    My healthy lifestyle tips are:
    1. Watch your portions- instead of counting calories I’ve been watching my portion sizes of healthy food.
    2. Variety in exercise is key- switching between the things you love keeps you active and excited for your workouts.

  169. While I always run, and will keep running all fall, I am making a conscious effort to go wheat free, as while I am already a vegan, I have found out that wheat makes me feel so sluggish and gives me tummy aches! Additionally, I am trying to drink more tea – green, black, white, herbal, whatever! It helps me unwind and has lots of good-for-you antioxidants! Good luck everyone!

  170. ive been keeping it busy in the gym- about 6 days a week and trying to switch up my workouts! i have also been trying to drink more water.

  171. This is a good one, but the WF’s was pretty damn close!! I am training for and running a half marathon (and plan to keep up the miles) and continuing to maintain my weight workouts. Not easy, but important.

  172. This fall, I’ve been keeping my healthy lifestyle by committing to having a green smoothie everyday for breakfast (made with organic and local produce) and making sure I eat plenty of dark green leafy greens.

    Another way I’m keeping a healthy lifestyle is by mixing up my workout routines. I’ve started regular spin classes and private Pilates lessons and I feel amazing!

  173. I’ve been keeping my water bottle filled at work and I’ve been having a green smoothie every day for breakfast! Delish!

  174. First, during the cooler months I much prefer warm drinks, so I bought a cute travel mug. I’ll fill it up with tea in the morning (leaving the tea bag in), and then in between classes, I’ll run into one of our on campus coffee shops and have them fill it up with hot water again, to make sure that I’m getting enough liquids as the day goes on (it also helps safe money and keep me from buying a bajillion cups of coffee).
    Secondly, as a super busy student who rarely has the time or energy to make dinner at night, I’ve started preparing large tupperware containers of cut veggies and grains on Sundays (when I have a bit more time). For example, this week, I have a big container of pre-cut broccoli and another container of brown rice, so on weekdays all I have to do is throw a couple of handfuls into a frying pan, add in some fake sausage, and I have dinner in less than 20 minutes. I never realized what a huge difference having these things done makes!
    Also, an unnecessary third note, I always try to carry some kind of snack around (granola bars or trail mix, usually) in my purse, so that on days when I’m too busy to get real lunch (eep, I know that’s bad), I don’t have to resort just to coffee and whatever I can find on campus to go.

  175. I am making a point to downgrade my current exercise routine as I finally discovered that it’s an unhealthy obsession.
    I’m also eating in season. Apples, pumpkin, citrus….whatever I can get my hands on that is locally grown.

  176. I’ve been using mapmyrun.com to keep track of all the walking I do during the course of the day. I’m shooting for 4 miles daily, which I usually hit. I also bring my water bottle with me everywhere to be sure I stay hydrated

  177. two ways i have been keeping a healthy lifestyle is i take daily morning walks. not only is it a form of exercise, but it also helps clear my mind in the morning. i am in arizona so our mornings have a slight chill that is so relaxing. it helps me mentally and physically.

    i also have tried new fresh seasonal fruits and veggies and have been trying to always get them from our local farmers market. i just had my first acorn squash and am in love! i love supporting local farmers and the produce is so much more fresh!

  178. I’ve been keeping hydrated, getting to the gym at least 6 days a week, and wearing clothes that are appropriate for the weather!

  179. i’ve been using a heart rate monitor to make sure i’m hitting my target HR in all my workouts ANNNND i’ve been trying to eat clean :)