Giggles & Contagious Laughter

I hope your weekend is off to a good start.  I enjoyed a nice 20 minute run outside.  I took this picture yesterday before the rain moved in.  It’s much more dreary and rainy today.  Ugh.

I stopped to smell the roses the Bird of Paradise

I came inside and made a Biggie Microwave Banana Oat Cake


I shared half with Skylar

And we had a few Mounds Balls, too

And then Skylar danced around and got the giggles.   Must be the Mounds Balls.  Or anything, really. She just gets the giggles, randomly.

Last night for dinner I heated up some Vegan Sloppy “Lentil & Bean” Joes for dinner and paired it with a salad.

I dressed the salad with Cheezy Hemp Salad Dressing

If you don’t have Hemp Oil, you can use EVOO or even coconut oil.  The nooch is where it’s at for me, anyway.

From my last post on my Wish List – Part 2, thanks for sharing what your wish list items are.  Lots of you agreed with the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and personal masseuse.  We can dream and wish.

And thanks for letting me know about some Reader’s Requests topics you’d like to see more of.

Dessert:  Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls

As I said yesterday when I posted my no-bake pumpkin pie dessert suggestion, it may not necessarily be pumpkin or gingerbread season, but I’ve never known blog readers to pass up a pumpkin or gingerbread.  Especially in the form of Starbucks seasonal lattes. No lattes here, just balls.


1. Best thing you’ve ate or done so far this weekend?

Watching Skylar laugh and laugh was highly entertaining and the best thing so far.

2. Did you ever just get the giggles as a kid?  Or do you get them now?

I remember spontaneously just laughing and laughing as a child and not being able to stop!  What sweet memories to just be that happy for no special reason.

I think I outgrew the spontaneous giggles by junior high or so.  I even remember getting in trouble from teachers while having my own little gigglefest going.

3. Do you think laughter is contagious?

I do!  I think we’ve all been in situations where one person starts laughing and then just watching them laugh is so funny.  And another person starts laughing at the person laughing.  And it multiplies and spreads.  And pretty soon the whole room is busting out with laughter, for no special reason.  And no one even knows why they’re laughing!  Seeing friends laugh and laugh just makes me laugh even more.

Spontaneous, contagious laughter for sure.

Have a great weekend everyone!


39 comments on “Giggles & Contagious Laughter”

  1. I hope I never stop getting the giggles. :-) Life is too serious without contagious laughter.

  2. I knew Skylar would have something to do with this post when I saw the title :D

  3. Oh my … I get the giggles ALL the time … and always at the worst possible times. Once I was in a class in high school and was reading a note from a friend who was not in the class. The whole room was quiet, and I knew no one in the class, and all of a sudden I BURST out laughing. Everyone stared at me and I was really embarrassed. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about what she wrote in the note, had the giggles and kept trying to hold them back during the class, but did a terrible job of it :-) I think people thought I was a freak who laughed at my own jokes in my head.

  4. Fits of laughter are one of the best things in life :)

  5. I don’t think I’ve eaten anything exciting yet this weekend. I am planning on making muffins this afternoon, though!

    I still get uncontrollable giggles, to the point where I blush and can’t stop giggling! It usually starts with someone tickling me.

  6. I think you should come watch the video on my blog today!! FULL of giggles!! I love laughing and it’s totally contagious!!

    Skylar is so beautiful and wow her hair is so long and pretty!! :)

    Hope you are doing great!!

  7. Laughter is completely contagious! Tony and I were cracking up when we sent to bed the other night…I guess that’s what happens when you live with your best friend! I hope you are having a great weekend!

  8. I’m more of a belly laugher myself. Giggles come when I have had a bit too much to drink. :) Then everyone is hysterical.

  9. Your daughter is the cutest!

  10. i love giggling and laughing!! whenever you post pics of skyler it always looks like she is mid giggle or mid laugh! its so cute!!!

    beautiful weather! i hope we have weather like that in boston soon!

  11. we’re running twins today! this is the first time i’ve been outside exercising (not counting hoofing it to work/bus) in 2 months!!! it was so glorious! 2 miles. 18mins. 25 degrees, yes i wore my ear muffs but pure bliss! a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, hope yours was as wonderful as mine! laughter is most def contagious and i love it! best thing i did this morning was get a surprise gluten/dairy free brownie from a bakery near us called ‘gluuteny’ from nate :) very sweet of him to think of me!

  12. She’s really growing! Wow. Do you/have you ever cut her hair?

  13. I just thought to myself the other day that I wanted to get hit with one of those laugh attacks for no reason and with no end in sight, the kind that you could never plan. It’s been a LONG time, but how cool is it when it happens? Maybe as adults we get a bit jaded without even realizing it. Boo.

    But on that note, I was in a store the other day and this baby was cracking up with the greatest laugh ever. It made me laugh and I commented to the dad, “What a great laugh!” He said, “We’re hearing it for the first time, too. It’s contagious!”

    I agree ;)

  14. Now I see why it is called birds of paradise!! I had never realized until just now aha:) Anywhos those mounds balls sound so good, I still need to make them!!

  15. the most amazing thing i ate this weekend would have to be my first taste at indian food last night! i had chicken tikka masala! it was delish! and laughing is completely contagious especially when it comes from childrens’ giggles!!!

  16. I’ve been lurking your blog for a while but never commented. I had to leave a comment today to say what an absolute cutie Skylar is! I remember the days of getting the giggles too. Sometimes I still get them. :D

  17. Skylar’s hair is so long!!! I need to try that oat cake!!

  18. I totally get the giggles all the time! Its soo good to just laugh

  19. YES Laughter is SO contageous…. especially when someone who is already laughing has a funny laugh… lol.

  20. I still get the giggles! I had to give a presentation in class and my professor’s mustache was making me laugh the whole time :)

  21. Best thing I ate was deffff last night’s dinner. I had a salad w/ lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, cucumber, turkey, roasted sweet potato & carrot fries, all topped with salsa/hummus. DELISH! :D

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  23. AW as soon as I saw the title of this post, I knew it was going to be good!! i LOVE GIGGLES!!! and i LOVE laughter- i honestly think it is amazing and can do so much for your mood! I was such a giggly little girl.. and still am :)

  24. giggles$$$$$ i LOVE laughter…… best for health

  25. Laughter is the best medicine for all worries.

  26. Such a beautiful child, she looks great when laughing pray to God make her every time.

  27. Oddly the weather here has been gogeous for the weekend despite the dreary weather reports. A little chilly, but I’ll take it!

    Yum, I’ve gotta try the Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls.

    1. Movie and dinner out with hubby.
    2. As a kid sure, never as an adult though.
    3. It can be, but not as contagious as yawning unfortunately.

  28. I definitely still get the giggles from time to time and I LOVE when that happens!

  29. I went to a Catholic school so we went to church (which was next to the school) with class twice a month. My bestie and I always seemed to get hit with uncontollable giggles mid mass and always heard about it afterwards. We just seemed to set eachother off!! And I think certain laughter is contagious. I have a few friends with GREAT belly laughs and I always end up laughing with them. Forced laughter isn’t contagious, IMO, though….

  30. Best thing on Saturday: visited the Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary. What a great job they are doing!

    Occasionally I laugh and can’t stop. My stomach & lungs hurt. My brothers call this “breaking Beth”.

    Laughter is absolutely contagious. Thankfully!

    Skylar looks like she is having such fun.

  31. Thanks very much for your flawless post;this is the stuff that keeps me going through my day. I have been searching around for this site after I heard about them from a buddy and was pleased when I found it after searching for awhile. Being a avid blogger, I’m happy to see others taking initivative and contributing to the community. Just wanted to comment to show my approval for your article as it is very energizing, and many bloggers do not get credit they deserve. I am sure I’ll drop by again and will spread the word to my friends.

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