Wish List – Part 2

Since my last Wish List a week or so ago, I figured it was time to wish, again.  I can keep dreaming, right?

Items 1 through 5 are here

6. A personal masseuse to come over for weekly house calls.  My entire body back is prone to major issues and I am a massage junkie.  I would love pay Heather or Christin to be on-call.

photo source

7. Bedding. Luxurious, amazing, wonderful bedding.   You can never have too many sets of 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets on hand, right?

My bedding is West Elm but I always love new bath + bedding items.


8. More time.

I need to work on Item #4.   At least 6 hours. And that hasn’t been happening unless there are more than 24 hours in a day.

I am so pressed for time, that microwave recipes are my BFFs.

Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes


9. Nearly anything on Etsy

That’s where I got my Camera Bag, but there are tons of other cute things I covet.

10. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, Komen Pink

I know, I can keep dreaming.

From my last recipe post, Vegan Sloppy “Lentil & Bean” Joes, glad they looked good to you.  At least I satisfied my inner Manwich craving. Thanks for telling me I am not the only one with a Manwich crush, either.  And it’s vegan, too.

Dessert: No-Bake Vegan GF Pumpkin Pie

It’s not really pumpkin pie season, but this is a Wish List post.  Bloggers always wish it was pumpkin season, right?


1. What’s on your wish list?

It’s fun to window shop, internet browse, dream, and wish.

But as I said before, money and material things don’t necessarily make one happy.   It’s important to find happiness in non-material things because a Gucci bag isn’t going to warm your soul for longer than a month or so.  Once that initial hit of retail euphoria wears off, you better have something else that’s going to make you happy.  Like a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer.

2. Weekend plans?

Working, working out, kitchen time, errands, time with Scott & Skylar, and hopefully enjoying the weather, but they are talking rain. Boo!

3. Reader’s Requests? Have any requests or topics you’re interested in hearing more about?

I have been enjoying Angela’s Daily Glo Series, Tina’s Blog Dogs, and Kath’s Home Neat Home series.  None of those have to do with food, and I love them all.

Food & recipes, fitness, shopping, tips, workouts, recipes, you name it, I love hearing what you’d like to see more of!

29 comments on “Wish List – Part 2”

  1. hey averie!

    woo hoo! it’s the weekend! yipeeeee!

    ah, wish list! thanks for sharing yours.

    massuese – they’re called “registered massage therapists” up here. i just started seeing one regularly again and wow-oh-wow: total awesomeness! thank goodness for wicked insurance coverage on massages. another good part? she’s just a 5-minute walk from home!

    kitchen aid stand mixer: i’ve had one for 10 years now and use it 5 times a year, max. if you’re not a regular baker (I’m not), I wouldn’t recommend getting one. spend your money on more useful appliances, such as an immersion blender (perfect for soups and if it comes with a mini chopper attachment, even better), a spice grinder (perfect for grinding your own flax and spices, e.g. toast cumin seeds and then grind them = heaven), food processor (if one doesn’t already have an almighty vitamix!)

    super-soft sheets: i’m with you on that! i’m super picky about sheets; they HAVE TO me super soft!

    more time: me too!!

    my wish list:

    – a new camera (mine’s 6+ years old and i’m waiting for it to be unrepairable first… sigh… practical me)
    – more time ;-)

    my weekend plans are low key: gym, make granola, drinks with friends.

    requests: hmmm! i’m really happy with what you post (fitness, food, thoughts). i’d be interested in hearing about work-life balance with a young child. speaking of which, skylar looks so grown up now! :-)


  2. Girl, I would be your on-call massage therapist any day!! ;) I just gotta start making the big bucks so I can fly out every month or so to hook you up and enjoy that Cali weather (and your lovely company, of course!) :D

  3. Summer would be the first thing on my wish list right now! Secondly would be to have a TV designer come in and redo my basement for us! I have zero sense of style. LOL Third would be a dog. But we just don’t have the time right now. And we already have 3 cats. :)

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