Wish List & Does Money Make You Happy?

I have a few things on my Wish List:

1. This camera lens

EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM

It’s really expensive.   And I think I am going to buy it anyway….

…After I handle Item #1.  Which is so imminently close that by month’s end it will be done.  And the noose from my neck will be gone.

The practical side of me cannot in good conscience buy something like that until I take care of business.

2. The Rules are Meant to be Broken side of me would like to blow off work and spend a week back Here

3. An immersion blender

4. Cute dishes

Cute dishes were on my last wish listAnd probably will be on the next one, too.  Or I could just raid Jenny’s stash.  Or Jenn’s stash.

These are from Antrho.  So pretty and spring-like.

And how cute are these Nesting Owls from Urban Outfitters

5. Roller Skates!

I haven’t roller skated since the 80s (Rollerblading took over in the 90’s/2oo0’s for me but haven’t done that in ages either)

How impractical but oh so right and oh so cute are these skates

From my last post about my Chocolate Stash and what you keep stashed on hand, and what you’re going to make next with chocolate, and what I should make next, thanks for the fun comments!

Dessert: After fantasizing about my Wish List items, it’s time to fantasize about a Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowball

Or perhaps a Turtle fantasy…

No-Bake Vegan Turtles


1. Do material items make you happy?

I am not going to lie.  Life is easier with money than without.  Anyone who says that money doesn’t matter has never been poor or has never wondered how they were going to eat tomorrow or keep the lights on next week.  Money does matter.

However, money doesn’t necessarily make one happy.  Look around Hollywood.  Many of those people are rich and unhappy.

Material items are nice, and if they make you happy, and you can afford them without going into debt, knock your socks off.  Buy, spend, and enjoy.

But many times, after purchasing an “amazing” item that cost a fair amount of money, there is a let down.  The said “amazing” item isn’t fulfilling long term.   It’s fine, but it doesn’t make you all warm and fuzzy, day in, day out.

For me, that reinforces that happiness cannot be bought long term.  There has to be something else to make one happy other than just stuff.   And I believe that has to come intrinsically.  It has to come from within.

Only you can make you happy.  No one else can.  No things or items can do it.   You have to do it.  Gotta dig down deep and figure out what makes you tick.  And what makes you happy.  And it’s probably not going to be a new camera lens, a new sweater, a Vita-Mix, or a trip that will sustain your happiness.  Although I wouldn’t complain if anyone wanted to hook me up!

2. What’s on Your Wish List?

No judgments passed. If money was no object, what would you like to have?

Get crazy and extravagant!

3. Has your week been going by fast?

Mine has!  Probably because I’ve been so busy!

71 comments on “Wish List & Does Money Make You Happy?”

  1. 1. I totally agree with you on that! Though it does make life easier, it doesn’t really make you any happier. I’d rather spend time with people, make a nice meal or go for a walk to get happy.

    2. A Vita-Mix, a Breville juicer (which I’m actually getting today – YAY!), a french oven from Le Creuset, a bag from Matt and Nat, shoes from Olsen Haus and pretty spring dresses. I also want a new pair of jeans because the only pair I have/had fell apart, but that’s more of a need than a want. A girl needs more than a pair of cargo pants and leggings, right?

    3. Absolutely. I’m on reading week this week and am supposed to be studying for mid terms next week. I haven’t done much of that… and yet I still have time to stay up-to-date with blogs. Whoops.

    • Hi darlin,

      Quick question, what will you be using the lens for? Food photos? Landscape? I am still learning about my DSLR camera, I just got it 2 months ago but have been having TONS of fun taking pictures for my blog!!

      Immersion blender is a MUST!! Mine also has the whisk attachment and I just LOVE it, a kitchen essential! You can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond for $40-50. I got it in silver and I think it was about $50. You’ll love it!

      I love me some fun dishes!! Today I went around to different thrift shops looking for fun antique dishes to use for my blog. It’s fun and inexpensive if you’re looking to save $$!

      Have a great weekend Averie!


    • Stephanie,

      Yay for your Breville!! You’re gonna love it!! Green juice makes my heart sing!


  2. I read somewhere recently (actually in a couple of places) that money leads to happiness up to a max of $65,000, and then beyond that the happiness doesn’t increase. Interesting thought!

  3. To be perfectly honest, material things do matter and they do make me happy. I go to work each day, my kids are fed and healthy and the bills are paid, which are all top priority. After that, if I want to buy loads of Lulu clothes or my kids want an item or 2, why not? After spending *years* living pay to pay, after a childhood where my parents had to penny pinch and we often went without (the extra’s, we were always fed and clothed) , I can now afford the extras and love it! :)

  4. do you use unsweetened baker’s chocolate for the turtles?

  5. It definitely seems like money is important for happiness when you are a student and having enough money to fill your gas tank makes you feel like you won the lottery. That was me less than 10 years ago.

    Money doesn’t make me happy. Quality relationships with others do.

    From personal experience, I think some people would find happiness and less stress if they got organized and just managed their money better. Some people aren’t poor, but decide to use their rent money to buy nice clothes and shoes and live above their means and then expect family and friends to pick up the slack when they need more money. In that situation you have no money and end up with crappy relationships.

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