Being Practical


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Some days are all about just getting things done and being practical.

Let me count the ways…

Being Practical #1: Grocery shopping and stocking up on some produce for the weekend

Various produce on countertop

Being Practical #2: Grapes were on sale for $1.99/pound.  Sure beats the $3.99/pound they were earlier in the week when I had picked up a bunch only to realize at checkout they were going to be $9.76.  So I told the cashier to forget about those, but she said they’re going on sale tomorrow.  So on Friday, I scored on cheap grapes.  That’s practical.

Bag of grapes

Being Practical #3.  Red-tape sale bananas.  29 cents/pound.   I have no idea what was “wrong” with these but I am all about sale and reduced-price fruit.

Bunch of bananas

Being Practical #4: Stocking up on sale pears


Being Practical #6: Replenishing my  eat-one-a-day tomato habit stash

Vine ripened tomatoes

Being Practical #7:  Eating this big green salad with Vegan Slaw Dressing

Green salad with Vegan Slaw DressingJar of Vegan Slaw Dressing

And adding Mango Ginger Maple Tofu to it

Mango Ginger Maple Tofu stacked in container
Close up of Mango Ginger Maple Tofu in container
Being Practical #8: Bundling up your child in a winter coat and Ugg boots when it’s “freezing” out in the “winter”.  i.e. 58F and windy.  Head to toe pink is optional.
Young girl bundled up in pink jacket and boots
Being Practical #9: Reorganizing your pantry and finding an 18 Rabbits bar you forgot about.
18 Rabbits Funky Figs and Cherries granola bar

I think my 5 Minute No Bake Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies taste just as good and are a fraction of the price. 

That’s being practical. Use dried cherries rather than raisins if you want to keep things really mimic an 18 Rabbits bar.

No Bake Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Close up of No Bake Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Being Practical #10:  Stopping to smell the roses in February.  And enjoying time outside.  And having the good sense to Streamline my Workouts months ago so I am spending more time outside or with my family or doing things other than working out.  It’s nice and all, but ya know.  I am a practical girl.
Pink flowers
From my last Challenge Post: TV Shows, it was great to hear what your favorite shows are and many of them were on my list.  Shows I never watch are 30 Rock, The Office, Glee, and the entire NBC lineup that was frequently mentioned.   Good to know there are lots of Bravo TV fans, too!
And thanks for telling me what Challenge you’d like to see me write about next.
It would be practical for you to make these this weekend.  They only take 3 minutes.
Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars
Close up of one Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bar
1. What’s in store for you this weekend?
I am working, being with the family, not watching the Superbowl, and hopefully watching some mindless tv.


2. Do you consider yourself a Practical Person?

In many ways, I am extremely practical.
I am practical because:
I like to save money and I am budget conscious.  (This post was a good example of how I save money on my grocery budget)
In life in general, I plan ahead, I take time to ensure things are planned out for the future and that I am not flying by the seat of my pants on important life matters.
In general, I think my common sense and judgment is good and it helps me be, well, practical.
But I am a dichotomy and in other ways, I throw practicality to the wind!


3. What do you do that’s Practical, even though it may be more fun to be…not practical?

It would be more fun/easier/tastier to eat a whole bunch of gluten.  For a minute. And then I would feel like crap.  So it’s more practical to keep gluten out of my life.
It would be easier to blow off work and let my credit card debt linger.  But I am making progress on it.
It would be more fun to go to my house in Aruba for another monthBut I need to stay here and work.
Woman and child sitting on couch smiling
Beach in Aruba with people and boats in water

Are you Practical?  In what ways?  Or what ways do you break the rules and buck being practical?  Trust me, life is a balance of doing that, too!  Sometimes I throw practical-ness to the wind and say…screw it and live in the moment!

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  1. I would like to be practical, but most of the times I’m a very complicated guy. I have a lot of jobs to do all the time and I do the things the hard way.

    Thanks for your advice, and congratulations, your pictures are very nice.



  2. Great work on those roses. It is a magical thing to be able to take some time out of a busy day and watch the garden, especially when flowers are in bloom. I make use of spent coffee grounds for flowers like roses, because it promotes soil and plant health. I’d be happy to take you through it at some time. Anyway, keep up this great site and all the best to you and the family.

  3. Love this post, Averie! I’m with you on reduced for sale produce. I also buy reduced for sale bread/buns/etc. Every penny counts, right? :) And I consider myself to be a practical person, but at the same time I try to stay aware that I’m not falling into the whole “routine” trap.

  4. I’m pretty much a practical person. Like scoring deals and saving money on the budget where I can. Surprise deals at the check out are great :)

    I go to bed every night before 10pm, even though I would love to stay up later.
    I get up by 6am every morning (7am on weekends through the winter) even though I would love to sleep in and stay in the comfy warm bed. Work beckons, and pays for all fun things :)

  5. I bought red taped bananas a few days ago too for .29 a pound – though mine looked a bit mroe aged than yours, haha. I bought a little more than 7 pounds and when I peeled them, they were all still perfect! So now I have tons of frozen banana slices for smoothies and “ice cream”. Cheers to being practical. :)

  6. I’m not practical. At all. Oh wait, well I do tend to have my whole life including appointments, groceries, yoga studio, work stay in the downtown core, where I live, so I never have to take too much time and stray too far. I don’t have a car so I walk or take transit everywhere. If I ask where something is and they say “over the bridge” I’m like, no thanks, do they have something downtown? haha.

    And another practical thing we do I guess is grocery shop over in the States instead of Canada. Everything is pretty much half price. It’s worth it for us to do that. I went to Costco in the States for the first time last weekend and nearly died it was soooo cheap!!


  7. I’ve been meaning to try the dressing..I think I have all the ingredients?!
    Skylar is to cute in all her pink :)

  8. I have always been so practical and such that when I was younger everyone always said I was 8 or 9 going on 30. I like being practical though sometimes I wish I could be a little more reckless! And that is so cool that the cashier told you the grapes were going on sale! I am having a hard time finding cheap grapes which is SO SAD because I love grapes (especially frozen!).

  9. I’m practical when I’m not being irrational :lol: I tend to be a wee bit too emotional sometimes! Working on that. :)

    Grapes always get me, too! $3.99 (per lb) doesn’t sound so bad until you realize they’re $10 bucks! Geez Louise, no thank you!!! Why must they be sooo tasty, though?? hehe

    I love Skylar’s pink outfits! I wish my parents took more pictures of me when I was a baby and growing up. I was just complaining to my mom today how I have so few baby pictures. Kids of the digital camera age have 100 pics a DAY! hahaha

  10. Grapes and bananas on sale = awesome.
    Head to toe pink = more awesome!
    This weekend I will be studying, working, dinner with the boyfriend’s rents and hopefully some indoor bouldering!
    I am very much like you. I am practical when it comes to financial and life-planning decisions. Things I would love to blow money on are thrills like going sky diving again, or going to a theme park (I live in Florida and Orlando is a 2 hour drive from here) but those things take a lot of cash to do. I’m a student with very little aid and no parental contribution so I have a lot of other things I need to put money toward.

  11. Funny how our bodies adjust to different climates. We had -20 morning lows here in Telluride this week and after that 20 degrees in am feels very comfortable.

    Yeah, I’m a practical girl – especially when it comes to shoes and food.

    Random question…..I get confused with this……which kind of coconut oil are u supposed to cook with – refined, unrefined……what is the difference. Can you explain Averie? Thanks! Peace and Light.

  12. I am pretty practical … especially when it comes to big purchases. For instance, I always buy a 1 year old car, and end up saving BIG bucks. I also would never buy a really expensive car, because vehicles are not an investment. I also am very practical when it comes to homes.

  13. i try to be practical as much as I can! OMG I just discovered the ‘reduced price’ fruit and veggies at the store…UMMM hello?!?! how did I not know about this before…I have picked up peppers (red) for like 99 cents a lb when theyre usually 3.99!! its awesome! i love it! I also try to get the generic brand of some items that saves a buck!

    this weekend i am moving! I don’t talk about it on the blog, but Im moving into a new apt with a friend so I’m psyched! also seeing “no strings attached” tonight with my friend yay!

  14. To be practical, I do my research on produce prices and try to buy produce on sale/discounted when possible. However, I’m unpractical, too, because I just eat more produce when I can get it on sale. Silly me! :D It’s a good thing you decided not to buy those grapes (and that the checkout lady was able to give you an inside tip)! $10 for grapes is insane!

    Have a lovely day!

  15. Love your practicality!! You are quite a smart shopper–I HATE how expensive grapes are. And cherries–WHY are they so much $$?!

  16. I can be practical if I want to be. The problem is… I never want to be ;) Case and point: the $25 worth of peanut flour I just bought.

    happy weekend, lovely!!

    1. yes girl but you are stocked up now and had you not done that, you’d be kicking yourself :)

  17. Skylar is ROCKIN’ that pink! I have honed my practicality down way more than I used to, especially when it comes to shopping (food and otherwise!). I used to shop with abandon no matter what the cost, and being a student and having less money has really taught me how to budget shop and look for bargains and browse consignment shops and the like. My roommate is the MASTER of this stuff too, so she has really helped teach me in the ways of the frugal! :)

  18. I am super practical, especially when it comes to money, but I have a very impulsive side that takes over in other areas of my life .. and I do things that some people might consider reckless, but they usually work out for me. It’s gut instinct thing.

    Love your microwave bars! I think using the microwave for desserty/snacky bars/cakes is so freaken cool. I just love it. I would never turn my oven on for a single serving cupcake or bar ( my frugal energy saving practical side) ..

    1. Amen lady! I would never turn on my micro, oven, or really make more than a single bowl + spoon as a dirty dish for JUST a single serving thing, or a snack. It’s how my working mom brain, works. :)

      The energy conservation point, we’ll go with that. Only it’s MY energy, not the power bill, i am really trying to conserve!

  19. Hahaha. So cute in all pink! I WISH it was 58 here. That sounds downright tropical.
    Weekend plans:
    1. Yoga
    2. The usual errands
    3. Superbowl Party
    I could give a crap about the game, but it’s my beau’s favorite team (Packers) so I am going despite my apathy toward football. And I have a German colleague in town who has never in his life been to a Superbowl party, and he really wants to go. So (yawn), Go Packers!

  20. I was raised to always strive to be “practical”. Sometimes I think “meditation” is very practical. It calms me down and makes me more productive in the long run. It a time where I dont have to think about anything and I can just be.
    Have a good weekend averie! I too will NOT be watching football. But I’m all about Bravo marathons (seriously,its one of the few channels I watch, I dont even know much about “glee” except that its like an adult version of high school musical).

  21. I almost NEVER buy grapes due to the price and only want organic due to the dirty dozen factor. But when they are on sale I go nuts for them. I could eat a pound in one sitting.

    One of the ways I am practical is that if I don’t have the money, I don’t buy it, I never use a credit card anymore.

  22. Should’ve said–another impractical thing: I know I shouldn’t eat cacao or chocolate because of adrenal probs, but sometimes I do anyway, especially at hormonal times–not practical, but feels ‘worth it!’

  23. Thank you for posting this! I have been running myself down for not being practical, but in all the ways you list as practical, I am, very much so! I shop very carefully, get things on sale, grow lots in the summer, sprout in the winter, use leftovers creatively. Avoiding gluten’s a no-brainer for me, I’m never even tempted. But sometimes I think about just blowing everything off and going off by myself and doing random things, but I stay home and work!

    Our cabin is tiny, but I’m not particularly tidy and neither is Phil. I’m good at finding things, though, and he isn’t, especially with his eye trouble atm: I’ve been down on myself for not being better organized and on top of cleaning/tidying/consolidating, because those would be more practical. I think you’re good at those things, though.

    I remember feeling gipped when it was below 60 degrees! Living up here, though, a 60-degree day is midsummer weather!

  24. I’m pretty practical. I’m also extremely cheap- I won’t buy grapes unless they’re on sale too! Glad you got a good deal :)

  25. Skylar is so adorable!! I like to think I’m pretty practical for the most part. I’m always buying foods on sale etc. but I am not practical about Kombucha b/c I have been reaping the health benefits from it, and I’m not practical about my haircuts. :-)

  26. hey love!!

    Oh the host move thing, yeah . I have no IDEA whats going on, he was sick which I felt bad, like hospital sick, he finally contacted me and told me that after disappearing and not responding, then last week when he did get back to me he said by saturday he would def have something for me, and I never heard from him, so its now over a week again, Im upset but I cant control it I guess : (

    Love ya girl! I love pears, have not bought them in forever, I buy apples always! I hope you have a great weekend! We are laying low, Anthony has a basketball game today and then home to watch movies and be bums! Its crappy weather out and cold!

    love ya! xoxo

    1. Um that sucks girl. I am so sorry. I swear, it’s always something, isn’t it! Well if you need to jump ship and need info, just email me and I will send you over my deets. I know you already paid tho, right? God..that’s just awful. But familiar, sadly.

  27. It’s always most fun to neglect being practical-but that’s something I REALLY need to work on, i’m such an impulse person!

  28. Those are such great deals on grapes and bananas! i love grapes but they are so expensive and i could eat a whole bag in under an hour so not too practical lol

    My boyfriend and i just adopted a 5 month old puppy yesterday which probably wasnt the most practical thing since we are both students but he is the sweetest thing:) And i get a new running partner so its all good!

  29. My weekend is FULL of homework and laundry and finishing my packing for my wedding!! We leave Thursday!!!! :)

    1. MAJOR CONGRATS!!!! And here’s to a happy, wonderful marriage and a great wedding day!

  30. Ohhh my, you have roses?! I consider myself to be QUITE the practical person; I hardly go out to eat, and I make my own hummus/nut butters/beans/grains, and only buy the fun produce (like pomegranates) when there’s a special deal on them. But the rest of the delicious green veggies are purchased no matter what:)

  31. I am a very practical and realistic person also… I think it would do me some good to be a little more impulsive once in a while though :)

  32. You always have the best looking baked items! I wish I could bake- help me haha. Love your blog by the way, it’s a favorite of mine

  33. Grapes are crazy expensive, but still one of my favorite foods. Cute post, not sure I’d go back to the store just for cheap grapes.

    1. Running, shopping, dinner with my sisters and who knows for the Superbowl. :-P
    2. Yes, I plan out my financial future and do not spend a lot of money in general.
    3. I don’t spend a lot of money on fashion, I drive a very practical car that I’m determined to get the most value from and I avoid credit card debt. But I also spend a lot of money on food and technology.

    1. well thankfully i had tons of other stuff to get but the grapes were a nice bonus :)

      and pets per your reply to me. No, none now. Maybe when Skylar is older and the “i want a cat/dog” inevitably will happen!

  34. I’m usually pretty practical/frugal. But that doesn’t mean every once in a while I take Friday off, just because I don’t feel like working or being practical

  35. we’re going to a super bowl party tomorrow, but i likely won’t watch the game…i’d rather chat with everyone!
    i’m practical. i’d choose the word “organized” to describe myself, even more…but the two terms go together, i think.
    it’s much more *practical* to dress skylar in all pink than all-white, eh!

    1. oh and i forgot to tell you that vanilla sugar you asked about, Ling’s i think. Either that or Superfoods. :)

  36. I feel like I am practical in certain situations and not in others. I am definitely NOT pratical when it comes to our food budget…at all!!! I am working on it though.

  37. I’m fairly practical for the most part. My only downfall is seeing cut clothes on sale. I’m a sucker for sales ;-)

    1. every time I tongue-in-cheek post about our weather here, I know ppl don’t fully “get” my little jokes…but glad to know you were a coat too! :)

  38. I’m all for those red taped bananas! Some times I end up buying them all out just to stock up- I go through those thing QUICK

  39. I think I’m pretty practical — I like to find deals, keep myself occupied, get things done, etc. I don’t like to leave lots of unfinished projects laying around, and I find myself pretty responsible (which is what practical means to me!)

    Sale produce? Yes please. Grapes were 1.99 here too, I love it!

    I would love to just blow off work each day and do what I want, but that wouldn’t be practical :)

  40. ooooooh my gosh I love Skylar’s pink winter gear!
    This weekend…homework+teaching. I remember I used to have a life.
    Practicality, I don’t go out to eat or order out (unless my dad or my boyfriend take me), I prefer to stay in and cook for my friends. I don’t go out on Saturday nights anymore because I teach on Sunday AMs and while I used to be down with Sunday morning hungover Pilates, maybe I’m just a litttttle too old to do that anymore, I don’t do well with hangovers like I used to. Also I just added a new one…when I go grocery shopping it takes me sooo (literally spands over days) long because I have to go to like four different stores to get everything I need. I’m now trying out FreshDirect, which is a grocery delivery system here, and I have 30$ of produce and a few dry gods on its way to me tonight … I think at this point paying $5 for the convenience of not having to run all over the place for what I need is really not too much, at least once in a while.

    1. convenience of $5 to save 4 stores…YES!!

      and yoga/pilates while nursing a hangover is so 1999 :) Glad you are over that one too! lol

  41. I’d like to think I’m pretty practical about most things. I know what needs to get done, and even though I might not want to, I try to just do it. I’m practical about things like the way I dress (especially in winter), going out (never if I have too much work), and sleep (#1 priority most of the time)! And food, of course! It would be yummy to eat icing and chocolate for every meal, but that probably wouldn’t be practical later in life when I have a million problems with my health.

    I will happily trade 58 for the 20s if you all want a taste of winter!

  42. I think it’s great you’ve stream lined your workouts:D Some people spend sooo much of their day in the gym – up to three hours! This is excessive.
    My husband would probably say I’m not practical. I can be very impulsive and sometimes “doable” is interchanged for “practical” for me ;)

  43. It’s funny how our bodies acclimate to different climates. I’m sure you understand from growing up in a northern climate, that around here people start wearing shorts when the temperature hits 58! I say that from 16 degrees and snow-covered northernmost Ohio (the Michigan state line is at the end of my street).

    I’m hopefully going thrift shopping with my girls today, and a trip to Trader Joe’s later. Tomorrow is all football all the time. I’m not a huge fan, but Brent and two of our kids love it so we’re heading to my brother and SILs super bowl party. I’ll be in the kitchen making food and probably playing with the kids while the game is on. I also have to work at some point.

    Practical? Sometimes. I’d love to shop and shop and shop, but I’m committed to paying off all of our debt so other than some thrift store goodness, the shopping isn’t going to happen.

    1. Yes people from MN or Canada or most cold climates wear shorts if it’s above freezing! lol

  44. Rob is on his three-day weekend, so yesterday we played beauty salon: I cut his hair and he dyed mine. We do this about every 6 weeks. Can’t get much more practical than that; no money is exchanged, barter only! (wink, wink.)

    Today is Saturday morning basketball, then I have a whole list of things to pick from for the rest of the day: Cooking, reading, grocery shopping, etc. Tomorrow I work; I don’t give a darn about the Superbowl.

  45. I love being practical and scoring cheap produce! Grapes are on sale at my store for 99 cents a lb this week!!!

  46. I’m definitely practical but I think its because I like simplicity. Love the pink outfit. Stylin and totally practical for that weather. I wear a jacket in 70F weather, haha.

    1. every time I post about our weather here, I know ppl don’t fully “get” my little jokes…but glad to know you were a coat too! :)

  47. How wonderful that you get to choose between SD and Aruba as your place to reside! I think I am going to try your microwave oat bars this weekend. Have a good one!