Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars


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I made these bars in 3 minutes flat.  They are going to become a new staple.  Fast, easy, simple, portable, and kid-approved.  And mommy-approved.  And they contain chocolate and peanut butter.  I mean, what’s not to love?

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars


Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars

2 Tbsp Chocolate Chips

2 to 3 Tbsp Peanut Butter (or other nut butter)

2 Tbsp Milk (or nut milk) (I used vanilla coffee creamer!)

1/2 C Oats


1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Tbsp Sweetener (Brown/White Sugar, Agave, Maple Syrup or Stevia to Taste)

1 Tbsp Other Dry Ingredients (coconut flakes, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts, more chocolate chips, raisins, scoop of protein powder, etc.)


Melt the first three ingredients together in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring and checking

Then add the Oats and any optional ingredients, stir to combine.  (You want this mixture to be fairly dry.  If it’s not dry enough, add more oats one tablespoon at a time)

Press mixture into bars or balls.   Using a piece of plastic wrap on the inside of a square plastic container will save on dishes and cleanup.

Put in refrigerator or freezer for 10 minutes, or until bars have set up.   Slice or break apart.

Yields 3 Larabar-sized bars that are also vegan and gluten-free.


Did you notice that snazzy Print This widget feature?  Thanks Christine for the tip off on that one.

Here’s how things went down.  Visually speaking.

Ingredients for Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars

Add the Chips + PB + Milk and then Nuke

Peanut butter, chocolate chips and milk in bowl

Then add the Oats and other OptionalsMelted chocolate chip miter with oats added in bowl

Press it into a plastic container or bowl, then freeze or refrigerate til set up.  Using plastic wrap saves on mess because you can just lift the whole thing out.  Messy cook anyone?

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bar mixture being wrapped in plastic wrap

Yields 3 Bars.  I don’t always need a dozen, or more, bars.  Sometimes just a few is all I want or need.Sliced Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars on white plate

Close up of Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars sliced

Bars on plate showing the chocolate covered oats

Side view of sliced Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bar

The inside is perfectly chocolately and peanut buttery.  The peanut butter and oats keep them chewy, and the chocolate keeps them…Mmmm!Cut side of bars showing the layers of ingredients

Close up of cut side of bars

Three Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars on white plate

Definitely Kiddie Approved.

Young girl eating one Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bar

Young girl eating bar and smiling

Wrap any extras in plastic and take for an on-the-go snack.  That is, if you have any ‘leftovers’ from the yield of 3 bars.

Bar wrapped up in plastic wrap

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From my last post about the Challenge: In 10 Years, it was amazing reading where you all think you’re going to be in 10 years!  Wow.  Thank you for gracing me with your stories, dreams, goals, aspirations, and honesty.  I really loved reading those comments and I’m glad you enjoyed my thoughts about where I’ll be in 10 years and what I’ll be doing.

And yes, it’s so hard to predict life and the changes, twists and turns it will take.  Most of you told me you are amazed the way your life has unfolded and the life path you’re walking, living, and breathing right now.


1. Best thing you’ve ate or done over the weekend?

I picked up some things for Skylar’s birthday party and we spent lots of time together as a family.  The weather has been great, high 60s/low 70s and sunny and we went for a few great long power walks.

2. Do you like to make your own snack bars?

Yes, see the above links.  Clearly, I’m a fan.

3. What’s in your “dream” snack bar?

Mine would have to have oats, chocolate, peanut butter and from there…you can’t go wrong!

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. I have made these 3 times now- my fav way is 50/50 large flake and quick oats , chia seeds and coconut and use 1 tbsp PB and 1tbsp almond butter and almond milk- delish, These totally help with a sweet tooth fix while i am watching my weight, thank you!

  2. I am making these once a week at least … I add coconut oil and ground flaxseed and wheat germ to up the fibre. My two year old gobbles them up and it is really helping solve a constipation issue we had going on. Thanks for a great recipe.

  3. just did these with bear naked vanilla granola tastes awesome!!! think i nuked the liquid mixture a bit much so stick to 2 30 sec rounds i did 3 and got that overcooked chocolate smell still awesome tho thx

  4. Just wondering if it’s the “quick oats” or the “rolled oats” you used… I heard that eating a lot of the rolled oats raw can cause lower digestion issues.

    1. If you look at the photos, you can see that I used old-fashioned rolled oats. They really aren’t ‘raw’ anymore because the warm microwaved mixture softens them and I don’t have any digestion issues with them. Hope you try the bars!

  5. Really yummy I missed that “if not dry add more oats” comment, so ours are a bit gooey. Taste like cookies to me!

    1. I’d use approximately the same amount of Nutella, and yes, you can add in dried cranberries – stir them in at the very end.

  6. Mmmmm… Just made these. Added chia seeds, some cinnamon-sugar (just a touch), a few walnuts, and some MINI-MARSHMALLOWS! Cut it into 4 pieces, instead of 3 so each of the fam could have a taste. Mom didn’t want hers (she didn’t like the chia seeds), so I may have a second later tonight. :)

    Thanks for the easy recipe. I found it on pinterest (long may it reign).

    1. love pinterest! and love the feedback – thanks for sharing what you did and finding me – glad you liked them!

  7. Before I make these, are these hard, soft, chewy, dry or what? It sounds like it might be dry, so I am thinking of adding some more wet if the original recipe is. Thanks :) as always, love your blog and you are an inspiration with all your pretty pictures!

  8. Deeeelishious! I made it with semi-sweet choc chips, almond butter, chia seeds, dried cranberries, coconut and rolled oats. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi! I scrolled through your comments and I didn’t see this question, would you be able to approximate how many calories this portion amount is for the CPB&O bars?

    1. You could plug the data into one of so many types of online calculators that are online and see. I’d guess 150 to 200, max, per bar but that’s a total guess. I don’t have time to do the calculator stuff on my posts; but feel free!

  10. I found you on pinterest. These are in the freezer right now! SOOOO excited! It will totally fill my chocolate craving! Thanks so much! I will give you a shout out in my blog!

  11. My bf wanted marshmallows to be added to this recipe, so I added them to the chocolate chips, peanut butter mix before putting it in the microwave. They turned out great!

    1. Sort of like a quick ‘n easy chocolate-ized rice krispy treat but with oats not rice cereal..sounds like a winner! Thanks for LMK about your tweaks!

  12. YUM, thanks for this! I have been trying to make something with the extra fiber brown sugar oatmeal packets because my little one doesn’t like to eat oatmeals anymore and I still have a ton left! I’m going to use that in place of oatmeal and the optional sugars. Hopefully it wil turn out just as good as yours! :)

  13. Making this today!! I am sure my kids will request more. I do think it is mislabled though as being gluten free. All of my celiacs friends can’t eat oatmeal.

    1. Oats are inherently a GF grain. Many true celiacs require specialty *certified* GF oats because traditional oats can be cross-contaminated in the milling process; but oats as a grain do not have gluten. It’s just dependent on manufacturing and production whether they are cross contaminated.

      Hope you enjoy the bars!

  14. Hi I wanted to try the Microwave Banana Oat Cakes recipe linked towards the bottom of this recipe but the link isn’t working. Is it still available anywhere??

  15. I just made these and they are DELISH! Great for packing in the kid’s lunch tomorrow…

    And btw, my daughter is also Averie. I LOVE the spelling! Great name! hehe

    1. Holy moly, that was a FAST turnaround! I am so glad you made them and enjoyed them and yes, lunch boxes are begging for these.

      Averie vs Avery..glad you like the way I spell it :)

    1. Hi Kalee! Thanks for finding me via Pinterest and sounds like you’ve made these and are enjoying…good!

  16. These look like a definite MUST TRY! I have all the ingredients on hand already and they look so easy and YUMMY!

  17. Um, so, as a college student with only a microwave readily at my disposal… I am going to HAVE to try these! :) brilliant idea!

  18. 3 minutes!?!? You know how busy I am so I will def. be making those!! I made your cheesy broccoli bake tonight..it was so yummy!

  19. I always make my own bars! I eat them almost everyday and they’re much tastier, healthier, and cheaper than store bought! I just made these and WOW! They are fabulous. Thanks for the recipe :)!

  20. I absolutely love the simplicity of the oatmeal bar, especially because living in a dorm room my cooking options are pretty much limited to a microwave!!

  21. You’re Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars will be a huge hit with my husband. He already LOVES your No Bake Vegan PB Choc Chip Coconut Protein Bars. No need to tell him they are raw and vegan ;)

    Best thing on Sunday: snowshoeing with my hubby in the clean, clear, crisp outdoors.

    Love making my own snacks. They taste better, and we get to lick the bowl ;)

    Dream bar: chocolate, nut / seed butter, chia or flax

  22. Averie – – i’ve been reading your blog since the summer. i suppose i’m what blog-people call a ‘lurker’, since i never comment, but all i can say in my defence is that i’ve always been a good listener…
    but, i have to say that these bars were made INSTANTLY. i’ve made your p.b. protein bars a number of times in the past with great success, and these were no slouch, either! i augmented mine with some ground flax and a scoop of choco-protein, and liked the firmness of these compared to the protein bars… (might try and combine the two into some kind of SUPER-BAR!)
    thanks for doing what you do. it’s been a pleasure watching a life well lived, and inspiring to see someone else discovering the little ways in which less can really mean (so much!) more.

  23. Averie! This is my first time checking out your new site — it’s gorgeous!! Great job – really like how easy it is to navigate. Oh, and your pict is absolutely stunning too of course. :) My sweetie will be trying these snack bars soon – YUM, FAST, and EZ, Love it! Thanks so much for sharing. Many blessings on your week. ~K

  24. Aw, thanks for the shout out on the print feature. :-) The bars look wonderful and super fast and easy, awesome job! And great pictures too.

    1. Watched the Sacramento Kings win a basketball game, ate out and spent time with my sisters.
    2. I haven’t yet, but should, I really liked the raw dough balls I made which would also be a good portable snack.
    3. Lots of chocolate, low calorie and a good crunch – that’s a streatch, I know. :-P

  25. I like bars that have peanut butter and are all-natural. Going to mark this recipe to try soon! :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hi Averie,

    Congratulations for the great good-looking snack bars and also, thank you very much for sharing this recipe, I was really interested in the recipe. When I saw the pictures, the next second I started drooling, yummy. I am going to try to cook some microwave chocolate peanut butter oat snack bars too, I really hope they will taste good and I won’t mess up everything, hehe.

    Best regards,


  27. Hi there. I have been attempting for the first time to eat RAW this week. I have been looking for a good blog And WOW have i found it! i LOVE your pictures and recipes and how you give the vegan and raw alternatives to the recipe. I found it by looking for a good Raw cookie dough recipe. i have not tried anything yet but am planning to try a few! Just wanted to say thank you!

  28. DEEELISH!!! you have outdone yourself again averie!!! i love this simple recipe!

    this weekend was camp savage all weekend and it was amazing!

  29. Sigh, oats, I love them but I am realizing they might not be the best for me with some health issues I have. Even the certified ones. I like to make oat bars for Chris incase he forgets to eat lunch or breakfast. Good idea. Without microwave, I’m assuming a stovetop and bake them? Yes slower but non an open fire at least.

    1. melt over stovetop
      it seems like so much work for such a small amt of chocolate but if that’s your method, go for it.

      and once melted, then just add everything else in, stir, freeze.
      whether you melt the choc on the stovetop or in a microwave wouldnt effect the need to bake them. At least not for me! :)

  30. You had me at “Three minutes”…and guess what- I’m sooo excited b/c I ran out of my store bought bars and said “I need to find a good recipe for my own”. I just made yours (tweaked of course- I added crisped rice for volume and added the chips at the end so they were whole)…I’m anxiously awaiting when I get hungry enough to eat them- thank you!

    1. there are a hundred tweaks one can go with these but basically single serving-ish, micro, no bake, choc, PB, vegan/Gf for those that care…these win on all fronts. And yes rice krispies will give them bulk! and i was gonna suggest chips at the end too and then honestly…didnt even want to confuse ppl by taking something so simple and making it trickier. lol

  31. Those bars will definitely be a staple for me too. I’m on a huge ‘make it in the microwave’ kick :)

  32. Hey Averie!

    Those bars look and read delicious! I’m going to make them. Thanks for sharing!

    The best thing I ate this weekend, well, I’m hoping it’s going to be my Caribbean-inspired 3-bean-butternut-squash-sweet-potato-stew that I invented on the spot and has been in the slow cooker all afternoon! It’s GF and almost vegan (had some chicken stock to use up, but could easily use veg stock or water).

    I’ve NEVER made my own snack bars! I’ve made cookies, muffins, roasted chickpeas, granola, but never bars!

    My dream bar: it MUST have chocolate and nuts (yours is really looking like a hit to me!)



  33. Um, I LOVE YOU. I hope this doesn’t make things awkward between us but holey moley this is my new fave recipe. They taste like oatmeal cookies! I used butterscotch chips because that’s all I have. Looooovvvveeee.

  34. I am so obsessed with making snack bars lately! I made some using oats and some almond pulp (a riff on your bars) the other day, but they’re almost gone, so I gotta get crackin’. Speaking of snacking, I just made a version of your seed crackers (savory), using some tamari and nooch and all chia (no flax). I don’t want to eat them all in one swoop, but they’re good! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  35. These look amazing, and all the amazing pics you took of them makes me want them NOW! Pics like that make me very very hungry !

    Awwwwwww Skylars birthday soon! How fun! I bet she is so excited!!!

    Love ya girl! xoxo Have a great Sunday night!

  36. These remind me of “no bake” cookies that are huge here in western PA. These are a lot healthier though and even look prettier. :)

    1. yes i am the no bake queen.
      you are the baking queen.

      feel free to come out there and bake for me anytime :)

  37. I have never made my own snack bars, but when I do I will be using one of your recipes!!!

  38. i feel like i never make my own snack bars just because i’m not really a snack bar type person! i never feel like i’m full after i eat them and by the time they’re gone i still want more haha but these are definitely a great idea for when i’m on the run with school and everything now :) great recipe as always girl!

  39. mmmm those bars look great! This weekend was a real nice weekend here in Austin so yesterday I played a full day of sand vb (10am-5pm :-) ) and today I had a great run on a gorgeous trail!! My dream snack bar HAS to have Peanut Butter or any kind of Nut butter :-) the rest doesn’t matter to me!

  40. OK…I’ve been following you for a couple weeks now, and I’m finally commenting. I’ve tried a few of your snacky recipes, and they’re great! This one looks awesome, and I’m definitely going to be trying it. I don’t usually have milks in the house because I don’t use them very often, so I’ll have to go get some. And chocolate chips. I love that your recipes are generally small…because I go overboard if I have too much around! Thanks!!!

    1. you could skip the milk and add any kind of butter/fake butter you have, about 2 Tbsp worth. Even water, really, would be fine.

  41. Those look wonderful!
    I actually spent all morning perusing your recipes page with my boyfriend…I am seriously considering pulling a Julia and Julia and working my way through each and every one of your recipes day by day!
    But for now, I’m going to make your oreo balls and coconut mint balls for our superbowl party this upcoming weekend! I don’t care about football at all so the food is what I put all of my energies into.

    1. if you worked your way thru my recipes day by day…even if you made 10, I would be beyond flattered :)

      going to make your oreo balls and coconut mint balls for our superbowl party = please tell me how they go over with everyone!

  42. Ahhh yummy yummy! Microwaveable = easy peasy, aka these will be a staple in my college diet next year. I think I am going to need to learn to love the microwave!

  43. I love to make my own bars! Of course I have to have oats and nut butter or honey, other ingredients vary depending on my mood. Sometimes I like chocolate if I am in a chocolate mood. If I want salty/sweet then I go with nuts/seeds and oats.

    I had gumbo for lunch today, that was delish :)

  44. I am in love with this. I have been wanting to make my own bars and this is so simple. I will definitely be making these this week. Thanks

    1. no shame girl. we are all busy and if someone wants to melt chocolate over a stovetop, they can. for me, i like the micro :)

  45. Ahhh those look SO good. This reminds me that I need to make your PB protein bars again soon….they’re one of the first blogworld recipes I ever made, and Mike still talks about how good they were. PB, chocolate…the best two ingredients are covered. I’ve just been on a baking hiatus since Christmas!

    Best thing from the weekend…well, since my birthday wasn’t technically on the weekend, I guess that only leaves dinner at Candle, which is fine because then I don’t have to choose between the two. You really do have to get there sometime, it’s absolutely amazing!

    1. i was just trying to comment on your post…and I.D. is being glitchey for me but i emailed you my comment :)

      and mike still talks about that recipe, and it being one of your 1st? awww, that’s so sweet thanks for telling me :)

  46. I don’t know how much of that batter would make it into the microwave — it looks so delicious beforehand too! (yes, sometimes I like to eat raw oats. not a lot. just a little. or i’ll put 1/2 a spoonful in my tea. strange food confession)

  47. These remind me of these no-bake cookies my grandma used to make. Only in her version, sugar wasn’t optional. :) And there was probably a lot of butter too.

  48. Droooooooooooooool! Those bars look scrumptious!! :)

    I think my dream snack bar would contain Nutella and chocolate chips.

    Love the Print Recipe plugin :) It’s so handy!

    1. Yes for sure!

      Food trivia…A baker’s square will melt easier (lacks the stabiliziers that chips have so will melt smoother/easier) and possibly be a darker % chocolate, but in many other ways, they are the same.

  49. If you find yourself with a few extra of these, I’d be more than happy to send you my address…