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TGIF!  How’s your day been going?

Mine?  Busy.

Time for Day 21 of the Challenge – Favorite Shows

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Favorite Shows

1. Real Housewives.  Love all of them except D.C.  I just never really got into those ladies and the episodes sat and sat on my DVR and I deleted them because the Beverly Hills ladies and Atlanta ladies were on.  I feel a “connection” to the O.C. housewives, probably because they are only an hour north of me.  And the NYC housewives give me perspective on east coast/NYC life.

2. Millionaire Matchmaker.  I loved her episodes from NYC, but am excited she’s going back to La-La land next.

3. Kendra.  She’s a San Diego girl, too.  She makes me laugh.

4. Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  Again, feel a “connection” to them because of geographical proximity and as much as they do have a crazy family life, they all love each other so much and I love watching big families interact.

5. Survivor.  I desperately wanted to be on Survivor and about 5 years ago they were in San Diego doing casting calls.  But I was newly pregnant and couldn’t go.  However, I lived in the jungle in Costa Rica for a month doing my first Yoga Teacher Training ten years ago.  Monkeys were throwing sh*t at our huts, I lived on tropical fruit and very little else, the clean drinking water situation was iffy at best, and showers happened.  Just not the frequently. So I feel like I could make it for a month on Survivor.  And I am a jock and tough despite being girlie.  I want to kick butt in the challenges!

6. Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa.  I posted about my love for her here.

7. Jackie Warner’s old show that got canceled, not her newer one.  I loved watching how her trainers trained people and the drama-filled office politics.

8. Million Dollar Listing.  Watching very young rich people make even more money by doing very little is strangely entertaining.

9. American Idol.  But I don’t watch it or follow it closely anymore.  But before Skylar was born, loved watching this.  My faves were the massive auditions and open calls.  Some of the people auditioning are seriously tone deaf.  And brave.  They must know they are going to get ripped to shreds yet they still subject themselves to it just for their 2 minutes of fame.  Crazy!

10.  As a catch all, most anything on Bravo, the E Channel, The Food Network, and reality shows in general will always be my go-to shows.

Other TV tidbits:

I hate commercials

I DVR everything and watching nothing live

I watch TV to escape and zone out for a few minutes.  None of the shows I watch are intellectually stimulating.  By design.

I watch less than 2 hours of TV per week.

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I’m glad you enjoyed my last post on Maca.  Seems like lots of you have tried it and lots more of you want to try it.  Thanks for sharing if you like it or notice any effects from it.

Weekend breakfast or snack idea: Biggie Microwave Banana Oat Cakes

Biggie Microwave Banana Oat Cakes

Hand holding portion of Biggie Microwave Banana Oat Cake


1. What did you do today?  What’s in store for your weekend?

I did an at-home workout with some yoga and core moves after a quickie run.  Even though it was chilly and it’s been so windy here, I can’t complain because it was sunny.

I am working, I grocery shopped, cooked, did laundry, did food prep for the family, blogged, handled emails and phone calls.  You know, I sat around watching hours and hours of TV shows while eating peeled grapes and bon-bons.

Flowering Tree

2. What Challenge Day should I do next?

3. Any shows “everyone” watches but you never watch?

This would be most any and all shows out there from Glee to Gossip Girl to the Emmy’s and Red Carpet to movies.  If it wasn’t on the list above, I probably haven’t seen it!

4. What are your Favorite Shows?

Can’t wait to hear about these!

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  1. I’m a sucker for Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, all the CSI shows, The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser. Other than that you can find me watching The Food Network. I use to like watching Jackie Warner’s show, too. Haven’t seen anything from her in a few years, though….

  2. I don’t watch most US or Canadian shows, so I’m out of the loop there. The exception being that I do watch Mad Men, Rescue Me, and Big Bang Theory.
    Most of the shows I watch are from the UK: Top Gear, Doctor Who, Torchwood, BBC Documentaries, Spooks (aired in US as “MI5”), New Tricks, The IT Crowd, Sea Patrol (Australian show), Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Reggie Perrin, QI, Gavin & Stacey.
    We don’t watch anything “live” or with commercials either. That is what torrent sites are for ;)
    We tend to download a whole season and blow through the whole thing at once.

  3. I love reality shows, like Big Brother, Survivor, Bachelor, and American Idol. I loved Canadian Idol, but it isn’t on anymore :-(

  4. Awesome list of shows. I watch Kendra sometimes too and a I should watch Survivor since some of my co-workers are obsessed with it. And I agree on commercials, DVRs rock.

    1. Today, err yesterday, I worked, shopped and ate out – exciting, I know.
    2. Day 23.
    3. Survivor, American Idol, Glee
    4. Dexter, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, Dr. Oz, Cougar Town, Weeds, House Hunters International, Holmes on Homes, Good Eats, Iron Chef

  5. Survivor is one of my favorite shows too! I’ve watched it from the first season. Wow, it’s been a long time….but I can totally see you kicking butt on the show! Do it girl!

  6. i never watch anything live either!! i have ZERO patience for commercials so i just record everything! i LOVE kendra, and the kardashians and millionaire matchmaker and real housewives!! LOVE LOVE THOSE.. my fav dramas are 90210, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Skins, True Blood, Vampire Diaries,… i could go on.. lets just say tv is my speciality!

  7. fave shows: real housewives: loved NY the best, need to see DC, still; we are addicted/drawn to jersey shore, which is completely unexplainable – talk about a guilty pleasure! love the food network for background noise.
    like you, tv is not a priority, though.
    i’d suggest #22 from the 30 day challenge – haha, reading through the list, i see that in your regular daily posts, you’ve already talked about quite a few of the topics siince you started your blog!
    oh, and hate commercials, too! pvr=the best!

  8. Haha…it was fun hearing your description of shows because I never saw any of them :-). I watch the telly to “zone” out as well – news, talkshow stuff like Colbert or Letterman, movies when I’m lucky and any old show that’s remotely interesting when I just need couch time – preferably with the guy so we can comment/laugh together. Lately we’ve seen stuff as random as “Ice Road Truckers” and a docu about Karl Lagerfeldt…(!)

    My week has been rough! And my sat just started out with the guy having to get up at six to pick up someone at the airport because someone else called in sick at hios work during the week :-(. But I have no work this w-e, so nothing will ruin MY good mood, hehe :-)

  9. I love Real Housewives as well – I was slightly bored with the last few episodes of Atlanta though. Beverly Hills rocked my world ;) Camille Grammar – wtf?! :)

    I think the best show on television is “Criminal Minds”…eek! I can’t watch it alone or at night…I also love love love “The Mentalist”…he is such a hottie! ;)

    Great post – can’t wait to make those banana oat cakes

  10. Oh boy, my favorite TV shows are the polar opposite of yours, LOL. I like Weeds, Boardwalk Empire, The Glenn Beck show, John Stossel, House Hunters, classic sitcoms of all kinds, and just about everything on the History or Discovery channel. :D

  11. I’m not a tv watcher at all. I have never watch Survivor, the only really I watched American Idol was because Kris Allen’s mom works for my company so I did watch the last few episodes.

  12. I don’t have cable at the moment, but when I did I really enjoyed watching the Food Network. The Barefoot Contessa was one of my favourites and I actually got one of her cook books this past Christmas from my mom. :)

    I tend to buy the boxsets of the seasons of shows I like much, much later after they come out because the price usually drops. Right now I’m watching NCIS, Roseanne, and Sex and the City. :) At school I hear girls talk about Glee, House, Grey’s Anatomy, and Jershey Shore but I haven’t watched any of them! So I have no idea if I’d like them or not but I pretty much know what is going on just from my daily existence around people that talk talk talk!

    Today was a busy day – I had two classes at university (chordate zoology and genetics) and then I studied until I had my chemistry midterm at 5pm. Since then, I have come home and worked out a bit and made dinner. It doesn’t sound like much but I felt like I was buzzing around all day! The workout felt SO good.

    I think it would be interesting to see how you have changed in the past two years.

  13. I watch about two tv shows and then football. My cable bill is worth it though. Just for the football. It’ll probably get cancelled after Sunday.

    I went to the Pearl Islands while they were filming the Survivor there when I worked in Panama! It was crazy. A tiny island and half was closed off to everyone not involved in the show. We took a boat tour and saw the littler islands that the “tribes” were living on. And heard stories about locals smuggling them food and alcohol. Behind the scenes…love it.

    Ugh today was another epic day. Work, gym, teach, drop off car to be fixed, teach more, pick up car (not done yet), work, really pick up car, groceries, clean house….I’m tired.

  14. Averie – I am loving your posts!

    First, I need to make that recipe – the picture is amazing – your photos are great :)

    I LOVE TV!!! :) It’s so crazy because I discovered the Slice Network on the weekends – and that’s when a lot of your faves come on! I LOVE Millionaire Matchmater – that Patti…

    You’d be PERFECT for Survivor! Go for it! I love that show – comes on again later this month and Russell and Rob are coming back apparently. i always wanted to do that show…but I can’t swim well -let alone in the ocean! – and I would miss food too much ;)

  15. I love the OC Housewives best too! Other fave shows: RH, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Rec, Biggest Loser, Will and Grace and Seinfeld. I guess I’m very dedicated to NBC!

    And I think you would be awesome on Survivor! I’d like to try it too.

  16. Ahhh, a girl after my own heart!

    I also love all the Real Housewives, even DC because I really liked watching the blonde one… Michaela. She was… interesting.

    I love Millionaire Matchmaker, but felt the New York one was so overtly fake. I know reality shows aren’t “real”, but I just felt the fakeness come through on Season 4. Won’t stop watching though, I still love it!

    I love Survivor, have watched every single one of them. I could definitely NOT survive that way, I would drive everyone crazy because I’m quite high maintenance – I need my coffee, my lip balm, no bugs, clean hair, and I’m a people pleaser. Actually now that I think of it I would be a great contestant, I would make great TV with all my diva-ness!

    I would love to see you on Survivor, that would be so cool!

    I also love the home renovation shows like Property Ladder and House Hunters International. There’s something so appealing to me about smashing up an old ugly kitchen and making it pretty!

    I never got into Glee, Lost, Gossip Girl. Sometimes I fear I’m missing out (but I doubt it!)


  17. I love Kendra!!! My boyfriend always says her and I are twins separated at birth lol. We don’t have cable anymore and my parents won’t record it for me (they deem it “crap” television, fair enough) so I miss it. I also like teen mom a lot, luckily I can catch that one at the gym. I used to watch the “of love” shows on vh1 too, and I like cupcake wars on the food network. Glad to hear you watch reality shows too, I used to get so much crap about it!
    However, I will say I love glee :)

    I think you should do challenge day 8!

  18. Favorite shows — I have a lot! I watch a lot of TV as part of my job. Old shows that aren’t on anymore — Alias, Lost, Roswell, Better off Ted, The Tudors

    Shows that are still on: Parks and Recreation, Community, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights (kinda over), fun CW shows, Detroit 187, Modern Family, Daily Show and Colbert Report, Fringe

    That is a short list. There are a lot of shows I watch.

    Shows other people watch and I don’t: Reality shows in general. Every show you listed, plus stuff like Jersey Shore. Never seen it, don’t want to. Comedies and CW shows like 90210 are my fun fluff. I don’t like watching fame whores being mean to each other.

    Today I went to acting class and I’m going again tomorrow. Sunday, going to a Superbowl Party even though I’ve paid no attention to football this year!

  19. Oh my gosh I loved Jackie Warners old show. Can’t think of what it was called but I loved watching the trainers dotheir stuff!

    I truly dislike The Office. My husband and basically everyone else I know thinks it’s hysterical. I have to leave the room when it’s on because of the enormous amount of boredom that consumes me :)

    I would love to read about you day completely bulletted. You seem to always be balanced and I am fascinated with how you keep yourself from just being lazy!

    1. How I just keep myself from being lazy? FT Job, FT Family, FT everything…there is just no time to be anything but 100% productive :)

      And The Office…NEVER have gotten into it either. At all.

  20. My TV is always on; but I never seem to “see” anything.
    I’ve seen some reruns of Millionaire Matchmaker, but the times keep switching on it. I kind of liked it when I saw it though.

  21. This is so fun!

    American Idol – lovin some Steve Tyler this year
    Grey’s Anatomy

    I use to faithfully watch Sex & The City. I was such an obsessed fan of that show!

  22. haha i never hopped on this 30 day challenge thang but it’s prettttty fun to read everyone else’s! you and me seem to be bravo whores (in the best way possible haha) i could watch housewive, matchmaker, top chef, you name it marathons for days and days to come! are you not SO excited for miami!

  23. I like most of those shows too, except Survivor and AI… but the other ones rate high for me too!!! :)

    I also LOVE Parenthood and America’s Next Top Model!! :)

  24. We don’t watch much tv. We like 30 Rock, Outsourced and Modern Family. I love Foodography on the cooking channel. That’s about it. Even if I watch things, I can miss them. I, honestly, could live without it.

    1. i dont think i get the cooking channel? only food network.

      Foodography on the cooking channel = sounds interesting!

      i have learned that i dont miss movies. I know, crazy, but true. Havent seen one in…years!

  25. MY favorite shows: !!!
    1. LOST
    2. Sex n d city
    3. Grey’s anatomy (esp seasons 1-3)
    4. sometimes Keeping up with the Kardashians (although I think Kim is the most boring of them all)
    5. International House Hunters
    6. No Reservations – Anthony Bourdain
    7. Foodnetwork’s Chopped.

    Do challenge #28!

    1. lost, grey’s – never watch them

      The rest, yes! and i love them all! anthony B. is sooo entertaining!

  26. I love the Barefoot Contessa! She makes the best food, and she’s adorable. We call her ‘Our Lord’ :)

  27. Love the kardashians! Girl I hate commercials too, slash I never watch anything on tv it is ALWAYS on hulu…I am lazy:)

    I just got back from dinner with my sister, and i’m about to make this week’s indulgence friday recipe! Ahhh i’m so excited:)

  28. TV: I hooked up the cable for the first time in 7 years the past 3 months.

    I watch Sex & the City reruns and the occasional show on the History Channel or National Geographic. I like The Middle – other than that I’ve never seen any of these other shows… I often feel slightly out of the popular-culture-loop when people make references to shows in conversation. I sit there thinking “huh?”

    I get SOOOOOO much more done in the evening after the little one goes to bed if I don’t have the distraction of TV, so as of the 11th cable is shut off :)

  29. I don’t watch all that much TV, but Survivor is one that I do not miss! I so want to be a contestant. I even sent in an audition video when I was in college. I hope it’s still on when I’m done having babies because I can’t let the dream go. ;-) Wouldn’t it be cool if we were on the same season? ha ha :-)

  30. I don’t think we have ANY shows in common. I haven’t even seen half of those. I’ve seen the Real Housewives on the plane but it was DC and it was weird. I like Glee, NBC thurs shows (community, the office, parks and rec), dexter, and animal rescue shows like pit boss. i don’t watch them live either and also hate commercials. I guess a lot of people watch gossip girl but i think it’s for a bit of a younger audience? I use to watch NO tv but now that I don’t work I can fit it in. And my standards tend to be lower if I am on the treadmill or machine at the gym or on the plane.

  31. 1. I went to a Bible study this morning and plan on going grocery shopping this evening if I can kick this headache I’ve got going on.

    2. I’d love for you to answer #12-Bullet your whole day, or #27-A problem you have had.

    3. I don’t watch The Office. I actually can’t stand it. Don’t hate me! I’m probably the only person who feels that way.

    4. I, just this year, got hooked into watching Gilmore Girls reruns. I’d never watched it before. I don’t really watch a ton of TV, but I do like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I watch American Idol now and then.

  32. I don’t think there’s enough room here for me to post my favorite shows.
    I’ve never been into Glee no matter how mainstream it is. I hardly like listening to A cappella in person, I don’t know why I’d want to watch it on TV. And I’ve never watched any of the Housewives because I feel like they’re too dramatic. I do, however, like Bethenny and her show. She’s funny.

    1. Bethenny…I hope they bring her show back for a 2nd season. Loved her so much on her own show (and not sure if she’s in the cast of RHW’s of NYC this coming season). Not that you are glued to your tv for that answer :)

      1. I just started watching Bethanny Getting Married and never thought I would – but I love it! She is sharp and funny, but still real :)

      2. Yay for Bethenny! And the fact that she’s a mom and keeping it all together, I love her even more :)

  33. My guilty pleasures are the real housewives, the kardashians and jersey shore (its like watching a train wreck). I would like to hear what your favorite movie is (#24)! Enjoy your weekend!! :)

  34. I really only watch Bravo — FYI Nene from Atlanta housewives is going to be on The Apprentice with Donald Trump — I cannot wait for that show. I’ve never watched Glee, I hate 30 Rock (boring!), and there are so many other shows that I have never watched. Grey’s Anatomy? Never watched. Lost? Watched 3 times. Oh well. There are plenty of Bravo shows to watch!

    I would love for you to do challenge #25 — someone who fascinates you and why.

  35. Nice post! I like Housewives also. Althought im not much of a TV watcher..i like to watch Auction Hunters! It keeps me interested. I never thought about all those old abandoned storage units. Its crazy how they do that.