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Hi Friends!  How are you doing today?  I’ve got exciting news!  For those who have been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember that I pursued the highest level of yoga certification which is a 500 Hour Credential called a RYT-500 through Yoga Alliance this past fall/winter.   A little background…I’ve been a yoga teacher since 2001 and had my 200 Hour Credential, but last fall and winter I took the plunge and worked hard in order to obtain my 500 Hour Credential

I really wanted to do it, worked my butt off to put in document-able hours, studied more, read more, practiced more, taught more, and I even did a Raw & Vegan Foods Cooking Demonstration for members of my teacher training class.   It was my service to the others in my program to help show them how easy it is to make simple, easy, delicious raw vegan foods and incorporate these choices into their lives.

After the Raw Foods Presentation, I graduated from my 500 Hour Program and applied with Yoga Alliance.  Yoga Alliance takes awhile to process applications, but my letter and new card just came in the mail!

Mail from Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance Certification Card

So I’m Official!!!  I now have my 500 Hours and am registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest level! 

This has been a decade in the making of daily practice, commitment to yoga, and to teaching yoga and inspiring others.  I am so proud I finally have this milestone that I can check off my list! 

Close up of Yoga Alliance Card

If anyone missed my mega Yoga FAQ Post and you’re curious what this means or what you should be looking for in a teacher, I covered it there.

I’m glad you all enjoyed yesterday’s post on Vegan Protein and all the Info & Charts I posted about plant-based protein sources and how this relates to me training for fitness competitions

Most of you seem to be at a place of peace regarding protein and most of you don’t seem too stressed about it.  However, not everyone trusts that they are “getting enough” and some of you said you’re driving yourself a little nuts “making sure you’re getting enough” and that it’s all a bit of a source of stress for you.  I mentioned that I don’t count or stress, and why, and what I’m doing differently now that I’m training.

I’m really glad you guys enjoyed the Protein Post and thanks to everyone who chimed in and shared your path.  And thanks to readers who de-lurked or commented for the first time and also to new readers.  Thanks for finding my blog and reading!

If you’re curious, about the Other Protein Comments, you can Click Here
Here’s a Couple I Found Interesting:

One thing I’ve learned from school (and experience) is that people assume that they need wayyyy more protein than they really do! As a testimony: I’m a vegan who doesn’t use protein powder very often & loves her carbs. I’m running a lot (which degrades muscle) <– and despite all that, I’ve actually been gaining a lot of muscle! So, I agree with you :D


Of course I don’t stress about my protein! NO ONE who is eating an adequate amount of calories from a normally diverse whole food vegan diet needs to worry about their protein intake. And that isn’t a revolutionary stance, that is a fact agreed upon by even very conservative nutritional resources and agencies like the USDA, FDA, WHO, etc, etc.

When is the last time you heard of someone who had access to enough food (ie not starving to death) daying from lack of protein? I never have. And when is the last time you heard of someone dying from a heart attack, cancer, or stroke? Well, all the time, since they are the 3 leading causes of death in the developed world, and all 3 are directly caused by too much animal protein consumption. And a vegan diet can prevent and in some cases even reverse those conditions. Yay plant power!

From Lindsey@Sound Eats

Ultimately everyone needs to listen to their body. I was vegan for 7 months, up until this past weekend. I think my body is probably the opposite from yours, because it’s very sensitive to carbs and needs more protein. The entire time I was a vegan I knew I needed more protein and my body craved animal proteins. I focused on plant based protein sources, but it got to the point where my body wasn’t functioning as efficiently anymore. I am just starting my nutrition studies (going back to school to be a R.D.!) but I have a suspicion that part of my body’s inefficiency was because most plant-based protein sources are still carbohydrates, too. Since reintroducing animal protein (eggs and some dairy, and I think I will be trying chicken and fish again) my energy levels are so much higher, my satiety levels are MUCH longer lasting (which is important since I’m trying to lose weight caused by a medication) and more. I feel better. And as much as I love animals, I have to put myself and my respect and love for my body first.

If you’re curious, about the Other Protein Comments, you can Click Here

Today I cracked open the mail and the Toothpaste I won in Tess’ Give Away was waiting for me

Powersimle Toothpaste

Along with the toothpaste, Tess sent the most amazing handmade toy for Skylar!  A tiny bag filled with even tinier little wooden handmade pieces of food!

Handmade bag with red heartBad with wooden handmade toys

Tess must have fine-motor coordination that rivals Picasso’s because the attention to detail on these very, very tiny pieces is amazing! Complete with tiny green threads for carrot stems.

Close up of toys
 They are the perfect sized Barbie and Dollie Food!

Play Vegetables, A Chocolate Bar, and Coconut Oil.  Tess knows me and our fave foods around here very well!

Close up of bag of toys containing chocolate bar, vegetables, coconut oil etc.Hand holding small coconut oil bottle toy

Tess, I cannot thank you enough and Skylar loves it!  She’s thrilled and all the Barbies are very happily devouring the Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate that Skylar’s been making for them with all the play coconut oil..haha!

Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate diced up in bowl

What else was in the mail?  A Pink Sports Bra from Handful

Handful Pink Sports BraClose up of Pink Sports Bra

It came in a mesh bag and has removable inserts.  Which I promptly removed because they were making the sports bra too tight and bulky looking on my frame.

Mesh bag for sports bra
Removable bra inserts next to mesh bag

 Why Wear Handful?


I asked you guys yesterday and everyone said to post pictures of me wearing it, so hear you go!  No rude comments, please.  If you feel the need to write something rude, please stop and realize I am a real person with feelings and do not click send on your email or comment.  Thank you.

Front View

Woman wearing Pink Sports Bra

Side View

Side view of sports bra on woman

Verdict: Snug but not too snug.  I had tried a large which was too loose and the medium is definitely snug, but I went for a 3 mile run in it, did yoga in it, and everything stayed in place. The bra definitely lives up to it’s word of Flattering, Not Flattening, and if you need a little extra oomph, the removable pads would be perfect.  The only drawbacks are the straps are not adjustable, but I’m almost 5’11” and they worked for me, and the straps are thin.  Meaning if you are really busty, all the weight is just being distributed on thin straps.  Fabric is super soft and the pink is a really pretty shade of pink despite my lighting making things look a little orange…whoops!  Overall, definitely Two Thumbs Up!  Thanks, Handful!

I tried a Date Heart Thrive

Heart Thrive Date BarNutritional Facts on back of Heart Thrive Date Bar
Nice Stats, Vegan, and Gluten/Soy Free


Cute Hearts
Heart shaped Heart Thrive Date Bar in handClose up of hand holding heart shaped bar
Cute Food Usually Tastes Better, Right?

Skylar wanted in on the Cute Food but said, Mommy, Water Please!

Child trying Date Bar
Child with disgusted face after trying bar
So Dry, More Water Mommy!
Childs scrunched up face while eating bar

But in the End, Seemed to Enjoy the Heart Thrive.  Some flavors are much more dry than others, dated seemed very dry whereas apricot was not nearly as dry.

Child finishing date bar after finally enjoying it

Green Food was Kale, Tomatoes, Cukes 

Green salad with mixed vegetables
Close up of salad with mixed vegetables

Dressed with my latest dressing creation: Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing

Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing in white bowl


Salad dressed with Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing
 I’ve been craving kale like crazy the past few body must want all the Plant-Based Calcium and Protein in it.

Dessert for Scott and Skylar were a few Cinnamon Hermits from Newman’s Own Organics that I reviewed in This Post

Package of Newman's Own Cinnamon HermitsOpen package of Newman's Own Cinnamon Hermits

Oh these smelled so good.  Molasses and cinnamon and Grandma’s Kitchen smells.

Hand holding one Cinnamon Hermit

 And they were so moist and chewy looking with raisin pieces and molasses and coarse sugar.

Close up of side of Cinnamon HermitClose up of stacked Cinnamon Hermits in container

As I said in This Post, when I opened the Ginger Hermits for Scott and Skylar, I rarely miss gluten-containing foods, but this is one I would have loved to try, but didn’t.  Not worth the 2 weeks of belly pain, joint inflammation, headaches, and moodiness I would experience though.  One bite is never worth that.

If you want a Glimpse at the Ginger Hermit Review, Click Here
Cinnamon Hermits stacked with bite taken out

For Dessert, I ate some Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate

Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate
Diced up Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate in white bowl

Followed up with Coconut Oil & Five Spice Popcorn

Overhead of Jar of Coconut Oil
Hand holding jar of Chinese Five Spice


Coconut Oil & Five Spice Popcorn

 Five Spice is perfect with the laundry list of Other Toppings I’ve been smothering my kernels in!

Close up of Coconut Oil & Five Spice Popcorn
Coconut Oil & Five Spice Popcorn with chocolate chips

Yoga Today is Bakasana (Crane Pose)
You must lean way forward in bakasana after you’ve made a little shelf with your elbows and triceps.  You need to feel like you’re about to face-plant and then, only then, will you know you’re far enough forward.  If you don’t have that feeling, it means that your butt will weigh you down and you’ll never lift off.  Your center of gravity needs to be forward to get your butt and hips airborne.  The only way to accomplish that is to keep leaning forward.  The worst thing that can happen?  You fall.  All of 6 inches or so.  No biggie, you get up and try again!

Woman doing Bakasana yoga pose

Gym & Weights Workout Today
(since you told me yesterday you were curious to see what I’m doing, here was my Full Body Workout that I did today)
I did 3 sets of 15 Reps Each:
Squats with a Smith Machine
Bent Over Barbell Rows
Stiff Leg Deads super setted with Seated Calf Raises
Incline DB Press super setted with Lunges (Pulse Lunges he calls them, I just call them a lunge)
Standing Military Press super setted with Abduction leg lifts (for the outer thigh)

Previous to that I went for a 2.5 mile run, just to get my cardio going a little
And I always do 20-30 mins of yoga stretching, abs/crunches, daily.  I did this before I was training for fitness competitions, too.
I just didn’t want to bore you with it, but since you asked for the details there you go. 

Tip of the Day: Did you Check and see Who Won the Cuisinart Food Processor in Stainless Steel Give Away?

Cuisinart Food Processor

Click Here to See Who Won This Beauty!

1. I hate dry food.  I mean, I hate it!  I like to have a little food with a big pool of sauce!  I’ll take some lettuce with my dressing or as my mom used to tell me when I was a kid, are you going to eat fries too, or just the ketchup?
Can you handle Dry Food?  Do you over-apply your condiments and sauces?  Scott actually prefers things dry and I think his logic is terribly flawed…haha!

2. Do you watch the Real Housewives?  I only tape about 2 or 3 shows per week, and watch 20 mins, tops, of tv per day.  But I am excited about the RHW of NYC tonight.  I used to watch Survivor back in the day, but don’t anymore.  And what happened to Jackie Warner’s Workout?  Why did they take that off the air?  And I watch Kendra too but maybe my DVR was acting up because I don’t have a fresh episode from her this week?  However, Patty the Millionaire Matchmaker has kept me laughing, as usual.
What are your Fave TV shows?

3. My session today with the trainer was awesome and I am really, really committed to pursuing the path of fitness competitions now.  As I said at the top of the post, I have been pursuing yoga for the past decade and it’s what grounds me, roots me, gives me strength, both internally as well as physical strength, and now that I have my RYT-500, it’s time for a new adventure!  Trying out and Training for Fitness Competitions is my latest huge Goal.  I always am working on something new in life, I cannot stagnate.  I always need “a project”.

Blogging goals: Shorter Posts but I have alot to say and I don’t know if this will really happen..haha!Less time on my Computer
Less time devoted to Blogging/The Blogosphere In General because as much as I love it, it’s not just writing the posts that go into running a blog.  See This Post if you missed What Blogging Really Entails It’s all the other things besides just writing my posts that take alot!  All the Bloggers, you know what I mean! 

Other Goals Include:  
More Sleep
More Protein
Training/Gym Sessions
Working Out A Lot and Getting Stronger
More LaughterMore time in the outdoors
More time just being a mom and not feeling rushed onto the next thing, task, activity
More time in my kitchen creating things 
More time reading books & magazines
More time with my Family having happy, loving, fun times!

What are your goals???  Do you plan them out or not?  I don’t normally write lists like I just did, but I always have a mental tally of what I would like to try next or areas to work on.  How about you?

Stay Tuned For Another Goal/Thing I am Working On…


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