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Hi Bloggies, how’s your Tuesday been?  Mine has been great, but I am wiped out right now!  Why you ask?  Well for starters, 5.5 hours of sleep is clearly not enough for anyone on a regular basis and sadly, that’s been the norm for me for the past year or more.  However, now that I am committed to training for fitness competitions, I can feel how this is just not going to work and that I need to prioritize my sleep, period.  No more 3am nights, midnight just has to mean lights out for me. 

That said, I got up at 6:30am today, left the house at 7:15am, and went to the gym for my first solo weight training session!  My trainer yesterday had given me a list of exercises to do, and we ran through 30 different exercises at his gym on Monday.  However, that was 30 all at once, and my head was spinning a bit from all the new info and machines and terminology, plus this was at his gym not the one I have a membership at, so needless to say, I was a little worried about going to my gym, alone.  I googled everything last night just to make sure I knew what I was doing and wrote my own little shorthand list for myself.

I thought that if I needed help strutting my stuff in tiny shorts and a tight tank top would help get me some much-needed attention, but I was wrong.  I didn’t bank on the fact that all the trainers at the gym were tied up with personal clients, clueless, and not interested in helping me.  It’s ironic because I actually teach yoga there.  When I asked one girl who’s a trainer there where the seated row machine was and she said I don’t know, that was my clue that I needed to just Figure It Out On my Own!   Which is what I did.

I had my exercise list and found all the free weights and machines that I needed to use, did what I needed to do, 3 sets of 15 reps each, got in, got out, and left high on life.  Since the treadmills were all taken and I hate treadmill running anyway, and it was a beautiful morning, I went for a 3 mile run outdoors before I drove home.  Perfect start to my day!  I loved it!  And I am so glad I was forced to just “figure out” the weights, machines, exercises, and everything on my own.  It feels so empowering to know I didn’t need a gym stud to help me.  Not that I would have been complaining, but ya know.

Tuesdays and I get along well because lately My Blogger Meetups seem to fall on Tuesdays.
See the Tuesday Meetup In This Post with Alyson of Nourished Fitness

 Two women in booth with young girl standing next to them

In This Post there was a Tuesday Meetup with Maureen

Woman and child sitting in oversized chair
Woman and baby chewing on carrot in chair

Here was my Most Recent Tuesday Meetup with Alyson

Two women in booth with child standing next to them

Well today I met up with my local friend, Madeline, and also there was someone new at our coffee clutch: Jenn of Girl-Heros!

Woman smiling with young girl on lap
Madeline with Skylar crunching free sample pita chips in her ear
Woman smiling with young boy on lap
Jenn & Her Son, Noah


Woman embracing child smiling
 Me & Skylar

Jenn’s in Arizona visiting and she and I planned a meetup a few weeks ago but when I realized that Madeline had off today, it was just the more the merrier!

Three woman and a young girl and boy standing behind a table

And a merry time we did have chatting, exchanging life stories, and getting to know Jenn better!

Jenn was so Thoughtful that she brought Madeline and I each some Tea

Raspberry Earl Black Tea

Her Favorite kind she told us, made locally in the part of California where she lives.  Can’t wait to brew it and Thank you, Jenn!  It was awesome to hang out with you and Madeline, today!

Close up of Raspberry Earl Black Tea label

After we said our goodbyes, I browsed around WF’s, but remember I treat this store as a museum.  Look but cannot buy.

So I grabbed my Pita Chip Hound and we came home and I got to the mail, but before I do that…

Young girl eating pita chip at table full of barbiesWoman with child on lap at table smiling

I wanted to thank you all who chimed in with voices of support for my decision that I posted yesterday about beginning to train for fitness and bikini competitions! I wasn’t sure if I was going to dive in or not, I was really leaning towards it, but after my First Training Session with my Trainer Yesterday, it sealed the deal that this is something I want to do!  Thank you for supporting me and cheering me on!  I am sooo incredibly excited and pumped up (no pun intended) and am thrilled that you guys are rooting for me, too!

And I loved hearing about Your Motto’s and Approaches to Life.  As I mentioned, I am a go-getter, I give 110% to everything, always.  I also believe this is innate It was interesting to learn that most of you seem pretty hardcore and driven and that you, too, believe this is a nature, not nurture, type of trait.  Good stuff, bloggies.  And I loved all your Life Motto’s and Words To Live By that you shared in the Comments.

Seems it was my day for Tea!  After my blogger meetup today, I got the mail and received some tea from

Various Leaf Spa TeasLeaf Spa business card
Close up of leaf spa website address

I am normally such a coffee girl.  Can you Tell?
Kona & Fudge Brownie

Kona Blend and Fudge Brownie Coffee Bags
  S'mores Coffee with grounds in filter

But this Mint Chocolate Rooibos Herbal Tea from Just looks and Smells Beyond Amazing!!!

Mint Chocolate Rooibos Herbal Tea

Organic Mint Chocolate Rooibos Tea
I can’t wait to brew a cup of this and I bet the Mint Chocolate Tea will make an Awesome Iced Tea, too!

Remember how I love my Iced Coffees?

Empty plastic coffee cup with ice
I think Mint Ice Tea will hit the Spot, too!

And who doesn’t love Creamsicles?  Yum!  Can’t wait to Try Creamsicle Tea!

Chamomile Creamsicle Tea

Organic Chamomile Creamsicle Tea

And I bet the Black Grapefruit Tea will be really refreshing, too

Grapefruit Black Tea

Organic Grapefruit Black Tea
And Paper Tea Bags and a Re-Usable Metal Tea Bag that rests on the edge of your cup while the tea is steeping. 

Boxes of Re-Usable Metal Tea Bag
Hand holding one Re-Usable Metal Tea Bag
How Cool, I have never seen something like that!
Thanks and I will keep you all posted as I drink my way through the tea!

Green Food was Dressed with a Combo of Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing that I mentioned yesterday.  And glad to know there are some horseradish fans in the house.  For those of you who have never tried it, if you’ve tried wasabi, it’s along those lines but not quite.  Spicy with a kick for sure though!

Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing
And Also Ketchup
Salad with Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing and Ketchup
Bottle of Organic Ketchup

I’ve seen other bloggers put ketchup on their salads before and since I’ve done mustard, horseradish, Vegan Mayo (Veganaise), and Evan mentioned yesterday in the comments that his fave condiment is ketchup and I had a taste for it.  So, I figured what the heck, let’s give it a whirl.

Vegetables with ketchup on them

I didn’t really love it, but it could be that the bottle of TJ’s ketchup, although unopened, was just sitting around too long in my fridge and was a little funky.  I’ll try again with some new ketchup.

Close up of Organic Ketchup bottle

My Dessert was Popcorn with Coconut Oil

Popcorn with Coconut Oil in bowl

Coconut Oil is Such Awesome Stuff!

Overhead of open jar of Coconut Oil

Remember This Post, when I added some Pumpkin Pie Spice in addition to the Maca, Nooch, Cocoa Bean Extract and all the other toppings I’ve been piling on The Popcorn

Jar of Pumpkin Pie Spice

Well I decide to Add some Chinese Five Spice Blend Powder to The Popcorn today!

Jar of Chinese Five SpiceHand holding jar of Chinese Five Spice
And it turned out so yummy!  

I love the in the Chinese Five Spice Blend: Anise, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cloves, and Ginger

Label on back of Chinese Five Spice bottle
Popcorn in bowl with Chinese Five Spice

 Perfect with the laundry list of Other Toppings I’ve been smothering my kernels in!

Close up of popcorn in bowl

Yoga Today is an Olympic Event in 2012 ??
People doing various yoga poses

Actually, no, it’s not.  

It was an April Fool’s Joke and as I mentioned, I don’t like April’s Fools JokesGabriela sent me this great link and I was all excited about Yoga Getting Recognized at the Olympics, til I realized it was a joke.  SighYoga is not a Joke!
Check out this Post of Mine if You Have any Doubt.  All Things Yoga: Yoga FAQ’s

Tip of the Day: My Cuisinart Food Processor in Stainless Steel Give Away!!!!!

Cuisinart Food Processor

Do I Need to Say More?  This is an Awesome Give Away and I Hope You’ve Entered to Win It!!!!

1. Ever tried Chinese Five Spice Powder?  Do You like Anise?  You either do or you don’t on that one.  I didn’t use to, but do now in small doses.

Ever tried ketchup on your salads?  Or mustard, salsa, hummus, tahini, maple syrup & dijon, agave & Orange Juice or anything else unique?   
Click on those Links for Dressing Recipes I have made with those ingredients!

2. Do you want to know or care what I am doing in the gym?  I will never be as detail-oriented posting my workout info as April, Janetha, Susan, Naomi, or many others are, but I could write a sentence or two on it, if you care.  If you don’t care because you have no interest in what someone else’s workout is, I totally get that, and won’t bother wasting my time posting it or yours reading it!  haha!  So just let me know!

3. In This Post I mentioned that Skylar had free access to “treats”, some cinnamon sugar coated pretzles, but only chose a few bites

Young girl reaching for cinnamon sugar coated pretzels on countertop
  She seemed to like the 3 pebbles pretzels she chose to have.  But then was done and wanted apple slices.
Young girl eating cinnamon sugar covered pretzels

And in Yesterday’s Post, she Chose Books over Candy and thanks to everyone who wrote telling me you noticed her choice and thanks for giving me a pat on the back for that.  You all are too kind!

Young girl sitting on floor playing with toys

I believe that if you give kids choices, and access to things, and don’t squelch their ability to eat intuitively at this tender age, that they will eat “good” foods, by and large.  I mean, who wouldn’t choose a piece of juicy, fresh fruit over a dry packaged cracker or highly processed foods?  Well I guess that’s a silly question because looking at the number of unhealthy people, clearly many people are choosing Twinkies over Raw Veggies.  And I am a fan of Sweets and Desserts, but it’s just one small part of my life; I’d say 95% of my diet is wholesome foods.

For me, healthy food tastes great and it’s easy for me to “choose” the healthy option and Skylar seems to do the same.  I don’t provide Twinkies in the house, but I also don’t shun or “forbid” sugar, fat, or desserts, the kind I make of course which are high raw vegan, and she seems to take a few bites of desserts, but then she’s done.  

I don’t think her eating habits are any different than what nature intended.  Meaning, provide the right foods, and the choices become easy.  I haven’t read it word for word, but what the Intuitive Eating proponents advocate is a much more fleshed out version of my own thoughts.  I provide an array of healthy foods from those, she can choose what she wants.  If you never provide hot dogs with fillers and Mac-n-Cheese out of a box, then kale chips and raw veggies are just what kids eat.  That is our biological normal, provided the mechanism hasn’t been skewed or “messed with”.

However, this mechanism of choosing healthy foods and self-regulating processed, sugar-laden, trans-fat-containing foods can become totally out of whack.   Clearly, if we look at the obseity and chronic health problems that we have in the US, obviously people are not able to choose intuitively.  I won’t belabor Jaime Oliver’s latest endeavors because I think it’s been discussed plenty the past few weeks, but I think what he’s doing is great.  People are so far off track from what is healthy that anything and everything anyone can or wants to do to help others regain balance is wonderful.  Shoutout to Kelly who is passionate about the problem of Childhood Obesity. She’s doing her part to try to help & educate others, you rock, Kelly!

So somewhere between what we were born with, which I believe is the ability to self-moderate and self-regulate our food intake, both in terms of quantity and quality of foods, and say early adulthood (sometimes childhood), many people have lost this abilityWhy??

My Questions For You…
Do you eat intuitively?  Do you find it easy to choose broccoli over cheesecake, a peach over processed crackers?  Does making healthy choices come naturally to you, or not?  And I realize that everyone’s definition of healthy is different.  A whole wheat bagel with cream cheese is infinitely “healthier” than a fast-food fried and greasy breakfast burrito but for me, the gluten in the bagel and the dairy-containing cream cheese is very unhealthy because of my Food Allergies 

If eating healthy and making the choices that I believe are intuitive within us (provided this mechanism hasn’t become skewed or out of whack) comes naturally to you, what do you attribute this to?  And if it does not come easy to you, what are you doing to stay on track?  

Additionally, do you think that kids with “free access” to all types of food will self-moderate or do you think they can’t handle it and will just stuff themselves with junk food if given access to it? 
We all know people who grew up in a house where there was no junk food whatsoever and when they were out of the house, they went overboard and ate everything in sightAnd then there are kids who have junk food in the house, and they still go overboard and childhood obesity is such a problem. Sigh.
How did you grow up?  How has that shaped your food choices today and your relationship with eating and food? 

Stay Tuned For Grocery Finds…

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