Vegan 4-Ingredient Homemade Hummus


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Hummus is so easy to make at home, takes just minutes to blend, saves money, and can be customized based on what other flavors or spices you enjoy.

My basic hummus recipe follows, and from there I tweak it.

Vegan 4-Ingredient Homemade Hummus in bowl


Four-Ingredient Hummus (vegan, gluten-free)


1 Can Garbanzo Beans (Drained about 80% of the way.  You can make your own beans but I frankly don’t have the time or desire and for 99 cents, I use TJ’s organic garbanzos, happily)
3/4 of a Tsp of Salt (increase to taste, if desired)
Juice of half a lemon (1-2 Tbsp)
3-4 Tbsp olive oil (Note: Some people would drizzle it in at the end but I add it with everything else)


Combine everything in the canister of a food process or blender and blend until desired texture is reached. Hummus will keep for up to 4 days in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Optional (add some, none, or a combo)
2 Tbsp Tahini (or 1/4 c sesame seeds)
1/4 c diced bell peppers (I added red to this recipe)
1/4 c diced zucchini (I added zukes to this recipe)
1/4 c cucumber
Garlic to taste
Onion to taste
Chipotle Seasoning to taste
Mrs. Dash Grill Seasonings or Seasoning Blends work amazingly well in homemade hummus.  The right “flavors” are already pre-mixed and there’s no extra sodium.  I would use 1 Tbsp of whatever Seaonsing Blend you choose.  Mrs. Dash Chipotle Blend is really good and this is a case where I don’t sweat the non-organic status.


The ingredients

Ingredients needed to make hummus
Overhead of ingredients in blender

…The Extra’s or the Optional’s (add some, none, or a combo)

2 Tbsp Tahini (or 1/4 c sesame seeds)
1/4 c diced bell peppers (I added red to this recipe)
1/4 c diced zucchini (I added zukes to this recipe)
1/4 c cucumber
Garlic to taste
Onion to taste
Chipotle Seasoning to taste
Mrs. Dash Grill Seasonings or Seasoning Blends work amazingly well in homemade hummus.  The right “flavors” are already pre-mixed and there’s no extra sodium.  I would use 1 Tbsp of whatever Seaonsing Blend you choose.  Mrs. Dash Chipotle Blend is really good and this is a case where I don’t sweat the non-organic status.

For this hummus blend, I added 1/4 c of red pepper and 1/4 c of zukes

Blended hummus ingredients in blender with sliced peppers and zucchini added

A quick blend later and I was in veggie-hummus heaven.  You can see the colorful veggie flecks.  I like a little color and texture to my hummus for sure.

Hummus blended after vegetables were added

I put it in a container for the fridgey.  And a bonus is that I put the price tag of the large container this recipe makes at about $1.25
99 cents for the organic garbanzo’s from TJ’s and the 1/2 of lemon at 25 cents.  So there ya have it…a money saver for all you hummus heads, too!

Vegan 4-Ingredient Homemade Hummus in clear container

And you know what this hummus is really good on?  Those Raw Vegan Kale Chips I make!

Vegan Kale Chip on lined tray


Up close of hummus in bowl showing hints of the vegetables

Do you like hummus or make your own?

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  1. AMAZING. i pinned this. walked into my kitchen and 5 minutes later I’m heating my veggies dipped in this hummus. only used 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tbsp evoo. so good. unbelievably flavorful and lemony and light. THANK YOU well done.

    1. So glad you made it and it’s a hit! People make SUCH a big deal over hummus and I never know why…it’s so cheap and easy to make on your own! Next time add any variety of seasonings, a handful of fresh or dried herbs, whatever you like – I like it pretty pure and light but herb-it-up if you like!

  2. I am absolutely addicted to hummus! This is so easy when not having enough ingridients at home. But what I really love about hummus is how creative I can get with it, I love adding things like olives or veggies (pepper or carrots or even broccoli) or spicy peppers for an extra kick!

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  4. These are great, Averie! I don't have a dehydrator but I put my oven verrrrry low and hours later, voila! Delicious cheezy kale chips. Thanks sweet Averie!

  5. I've been making these kale chips at least once a week now! We LOVE them. I used purple kale in my most recent batch and they came out just as wonderful (and green!). Thanks for the amazing recipe!

  6. Love the reminder pictures, yummy! :)

    I have had giveaways but not enough. I've been meaning to have a chia giveaway but alas, I haven't gotten around to it.

    I wish I knew Spanish! Being a native San Diegan, I should know it but have yet to climb that mountain : )

  7. Ooooh I'm a big fan of this highlight post :) I love the way you put banana slices on your bread and cake – makes it so much more true to the flavor and I am totally taking a page out of your book next time I make some. Peanut butter will also be involved ;o)

    Can you believe I've never tried to make kale chips? I've also never had nooch! There is so much I still have to explore and want to taste. That's the most amazing thing about blogs, in my opinion – it helps me create never-ending "to try" lists!

    I echo your sentiments about giveaways. I try to support other bloggers when I can and I love entering those that I genuinely want to win.

    Best and easiest dessert? Sign me up!

    Languages I'd love to know how to speak better? Spanish and French. I know a lot more Spanish than I do French, but learning both and then traveling to Spanish-speaking countries and all over France would be amazing!

  8. You've had a very busy- but successful!- week! As soon as I get a dehydrator, whenever that may be, I'm making macaroons. YUM. Your kale chips look pretty fab as well… I've only made them a couple times (baked in the oven), but the next time I buy kale I will try your recipe… even though it won't be quite raw!

  9. girl, are you trying to kill me with all this awesome food!?! :)
    i live in a largely hispanic community so i'm starting to pick it up.

  10. Oops! Forgot to say (as if you aren't sick of me) that I took 5 years of Spanish in school and can't hardly speak a lick. Sad! I wish I could…I think you need to immerse yourself in it somehow.

  11. NOOCH!! I could not, for the life of me, remember what nutritional yeast was called. I was in TJ's today thinking I'd like to buy some but couldn't remember what it's called. I don't know if TJ's even sells it but I'll have to try WFs. Those kale chips look awesome – I can't believe I've never had plain kale chips! I bought a bunch of kale a while back and ended up juicing it all.

    I LOVE your highlights of the week – it's a great way to recap your recipes and remind everyone to make your goodies..which I still need to do. Those damn soaked cashews are still in the fridge and I have avocados waiting to turn into chocolate mousse or brownies!

    Thank you so much for the nice comment you left on my blog and also for the email you sent. I promise I will write back soon and let you know what's going on. I haven't responded yet primarily because I'm trying to put it all out of my head and focus on the positive.

    Please don't think you have to respond to all my comments on here either…it's too just to reply to – I tend to ramble!!

    Case in point – look at the length of this.

    P.S. (you knew I couldn't end on that didn't you?) I SHOULD enter more giveaways but I don't…I'm bad enough as it is right now with keeping up with reading blogs and commenting!

  12. Averie, your baked goods look so moist…yum! ;) seriously lookin' good!

    I totally wish I was fluent in more languages. French, Italian, Spanich…all the romance languages bc you know, I am just so romantic! :)

  13. Huh?? Did that just post?? Grr. Was gonna say so behind on my reading so Im super happy when you do a re-cap. :-)

    I'm not good about give-aways at all- I don't do them nor do I enter them. I feel already at my limit just trying to keep up with reader!

    Loved your FBF- fun to see old photos of you- would love to see more of that! How about some hubs photos too!?

    Your nanner conconctions really do look yum- and cute with the little nanner decor on top!

    Re. what I like in blogs…it's so varied. As we've discussed I get overwhelmed so I tend to freak when I see a long post (and feel guilty when I write one!!) and yet I want to read every word, so it's a love/hate thing!! Sometimes I try to just leave a very short simple post b/c I enjoy that in others. Sometimes I like seeing what people get up to in their days more than their food. Just varies on my mood and how much fun bloggie time I have to spend.

    Will need to catch up!

  14. love the week recap! and ooh, kale chips :)

    I started college as a classics major, so I can "speak" latin and ancient greek. essential life skills! I'm actually also trained as an arabic linguist, although I'm not currently utilizing that skill either. ah, well! of any (non-english) language, latin is my first and greatest love :)

    hope you are having a wonderful sunday!

  15. Thanks for the give-away updates.. I never know about like any of these!! Super re-cap by the way!

    I speak NO other language.. I totally suck. My hub speaks Spanish fluently and I know he wishes he could practice his skills.. but it would be a waste on me. SOO in that case, I wish I could speak Spanish. We were in Spain a few yrs ago and I totally had to rely on him for everything.. yup, not fair! I actually used to work in a french magnet school and the kids knew more than me.. don't worry, not embarrassment!

    Have a super Sunday Averie :)

  16. Hope you are enjoying a tranquil and calm sunday, darling :) what would we do without this precious day of the week? sundays keep us sane! especially after a day like yours yesterday – busy busy!

    and thank you for giving me another reason to look forward to sundays.. I get so excited now about your recaps :)

    oh one legged wheel – that is one pose I love to hate.. so hard on the bunzzzzzz.

    happy day, sunshine! :) xo

  17. I try to enjoy my Sundays too, but there is always some work to be done! I used to know both Spanish and Italian, but since I have been out of school I no longer use them therefore don't know them anymore. I have been thinking lately I will try to relearn them again. Both Lori and I are enjoying the coconut kefir!!

  18. lookin at the recap is like a sweet trip down the week's memory lane! a good place to find your links too!

    I love languages but I am not so sure I am ever gonna have time to learn.

    I enter giveaways if I could really use the item…lately though the requirements are things I don't use..twitter, or FB…kinda things.

    oh well. they are fun though! i just won one this week and I am so excited! I need to host one!

    Happy Sunday

  19. Sunday is DEFINITELY a day of rest in this house! Your Saturday sounds jam packed!! Trees of noochy cheez and containerize – haha :)

    I took German for 5 years in middle school/high school but I've lost quite a bit of it. Particularly grammar which was hard to remember in the first place! I do remember my German swear words though – scheisse is probably my favorite!

    PS. The comment from Elise's post is 100% true! I'm the kind of cook/baker that follows recipes to a T so the stuff you whip up just blows my mind!

  20. oh my. Made the muffins and about passed out they were so delicious. That, and they were straight out of the oven… like i'm going to wait for them to cool.pssh.
    Keep it up:)

  21. Loving the recap… so much yumminess. ;)

    Thanks for the shoutout Averie and enjoy your "day of rest!"


  22. Congrats on winning the apron! I hope you enjoy it! My goal for this upcoming year is to participate in more foodie events. This past year has been crazy with getting the new version of the Foodie Blogroll up. But this year I hope to have more time. I am all about supporting other bloggers!

    By the way all your treats look delicious. I especially love the kale chips!

  23. averie…that pose at the end is RIDIC. it only makes me love you more! one question: what do you do with all these vegan treats you make? if those were in my house, that is ALL i would eat.

    you are fabulous – thanks for the shoutout!!!!

  24. Hi-I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it-especially the gluten free recipes :)
    Ok, so what language(s) would I like to know fluently?
    Most definitely Hebrew and Japanese.

  25. Man, when you said Monster Post, you weren't kidding! There's so much goodness on this post I don't even know where to begin… but of course the chocolalte mousse sticks out to me ;). And oh yeah, that carb-y banana bread. But the muffins too… and the kale… Oh I could go on and on.

    P.S. Your email was right-on! I'll email ya back later today, missie.

    Love ya so much!

  26. I always like the roundups. It's wonderful to see all that food in one place. Today, I have some photos of raw soups from past posts on my blog.

    I can't believe my weekend is still going strong. No rest here. We even got lost in a corn maze Friday night. I left Hayden with my mom, so I could take Jacob. It was in the dark, so there was no point in bringing in a surrender flag if we needed help. No one would be able to see it. We actually got so lost that we cheated and made our own diagonal path to get out.

  27. Sounds like a run of the mill Saturday for me too. Run run run run til you drop.

    Was the block party fun? Or lame? Those things can go either way, I find it really depends on how many people you know there.

    I enter giveaways if it's something I truly want and will use!

    You've given me ideas for new posts on HBH – I have to believe you aren't the only one struggling with WP! I think a tutorial or Intro to WP post just might be in order!

  28. I only know a bit of Japanese that I picked up from watching tv. I'd like to become fluent, but I can never get myself to put in the time to learn.

    I never thought about it before, but when bloggers host giveaways, probably only other people with blogs are meant to enter it. I have tried anyway, because a lot of the time it's things that I could never afford to buy myself and want to try.

    I read blogs like your's because I'm trying to recover from an ED and learn how to face food normally, so I guess wanting to win food so I can eat it is a good sign.

  29. i love that you do these highlight posts because sometimes i have weeks like this past one where i just can't keep up with everyone! a few things:

    -those muffins look epic!! i need to make them.
    -i love love love dehydrated tomatoes. my sister makes them in my mom's dehydrator and i think i need to steal it from her. magic box needs to be mine!
    -saturday night for me! night owl. hoo hoo.
    -i dont always enter giveaways.. especially not lately because i am moving
    -speaking of, i realized i never replied to your email because i suck. ugh. sorry. and nooo zevia yet!

    LOVE to you averie!!

  30. Must. get. a dehydrator. asap.! Those kale chips look delicious.
    I do love learning new languages! I took 9 years of French (compulsory, given I grew up right next door, but I loved it anyway) and I'm going back to school for it again too, to get the fluency going on…
    The yoga pic today made me immediately want to get in to that pose. You make it look so easy ;)
    Enjoy your day of rest! Mine started off an hour early, because I forgot our clocks were changing (oops!) but I have nearly finished going through my reader already and it's only 07:17!

  31. Love your roundups :) Enjoy your day of rest!

    I took French for 6 years and I could be pretty good again if I brushed up on it. I took 6 semesters of Italian and with practice I'm almost fluent in that. And I have 1 semester of German, just for fun :P I'd love to learn more Spanish though!

  32. I love giveaways! And I took 3 semesters of Italian in college, but never got to go to Italy, alas, my knowledge is very rudimentary these days. I'd also like to speak Spanish better, it would be kind to be able to communicate efficiently with all of the Spanish speakers here in So Cal.
    In an ironic twist of fate, I picked up two bunches of kale tonight at WF's. I made a massaged kale salad which was bitter and I'm going to have to try it again to see if it's a go for me or not. But the extra bunch of kale I got to make kale chips, which I've never had either. Am going to try and make tomorrow!
    And now I'm off to bed. Happy Sunday, Averie!

  33. Ohhh, as for giveaways: if its something I really really want I'll do all that is requested of the blogger, but sometimes I'm lazy.. and in those cases, I'll usually just comment. Love em though!

  34. The bikram class wasn't my fave either, but it still went pretty well. Probably not something I'd do everyday. Thanks for your feedback though, always appreciated coming from a yogi teacher! :)

    And yes I baked my kale chips at 225 I think, but then upped the temp, because I was getting impatient. I'd probably just die with a dehydrator.

    Yayyy for banana desserts. Love them all. And as for your raw chocolate chip cookie dough? I. Cannot. Wait.

  35. "Like stickers stuck to your new dishes!"

    That one made me smile :)

    I took about 6 years of Spanish and 2 years of…wait for it….Latin!

    What a tricky language (conjugating nouns?!) but like you said, it is the root of so many other languages.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  36. I also love showing my support to other bloggers in particpating in their giveways :D

    Again. I love your recipes :)
    Kale chips are the bomb