Cheezy Kale Chips


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I love kale chips and here’s my recipe with a visual guide below

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Cheezy Kale Chips

By Averie Sunshine
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours 10 minutes
Servings: 4
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  • 1 cup cashews, soaked for a few hours
  • 1 red bell pepper, de-seeded
  • 2 Tbsp Lemon Juice, juice of 1/2 a lemon
  • 3 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast
  • ½ Tsp Salt
  • Dash Black Pepper
  • Optional: 1/2 Tsp of Agave
  • Optional: Splash of water if mixture is too thick to blend
  • 1 bunch kale, washed and trimmed


  • Blend all ingredients (other than kale) together in your Vita-Mix, blender, or food processor. (I processed my cashews for 30 secs alone, first but not necessary)
  • Place kale in a large mixing bowl and pour sauce mixture over kale and massage it into the kale very well using your hands.
  • Dehydrate for 4 to 8 hours, or until desired crispness is reached, flipping intermittently.
  • Or, bake in a 200F oven (optionally keep with the door ajar) for about 3 hours, or until done and crispy, flipping intermittently.


Serving: 1, Calories: 218kcal, Carbohydrates: 16g, Protein: 6g, Fat: 16g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 12g, Sodium: 520mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 4g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Blend all these ingredients together  in your Vita-Mix, Blendtec, or food processor.  I processed my cashews for 30 secs alone, first.  But not necessary.

Sliced red pepper, kale, lemon and cashews on countertop

After blending

Ingredients after being blended in blender

Smooth consistency but not perfectly pureed is how I prefer it

Tamper holding up some of the blended mixture

Wash and de-stem one large bunch of kale and tear into pieces and pour the mixture on top

Kale in bowl with blended mixture poured over top

Massage in with your hands & Put on Teflex lined screens to Dehydrate

(last time I made them I didn’t have my Teflex screen liners and let’s just say the chip coating mixture leaked everywhere.  Not so fun.  I was way more prepared today!)

Mixed up kale and blended mixture placed on lined dehydrator tray

It’s unseasonably hot here today, like 100F.  I don’t need a dehydrator, I could just put my kale chips on my back patio table and roll that way.  Kidding, sort of.

But into the Magic Box they went.

Close up of covered kale on dehydrator tray

It has been suggested to dehydrate at 105 F for 12 hours.  I have a tendency to dehydrate a little warmer and for less amount of time, but that’s because I am impatient and want to start munchin’ my chips!

Close up of blended mixture over kale

….After their time in the Magic Box, I finally got to enjoy!

Finished Cheezy Kale Chips on dehydrator trays
Overhead of Kale Chips on dehydrator tray

Thin-n-crispyraw vegan kale chip

Hand holding up one crispy Cheezy Kale Chip

Some of them still have a lil of the chunky red pepper action going onbecause the coating mixture was smooth-ish but not totally pureed as I noted

Up close of hand holding front of Kale Chip

And if they make it a container, you can put all your chippy’s into a reusable container or just devour 2 screens worth at once.  I won’t tell.  Promise.  They are savory, cheesy, crunchy, and I totally wouldn’t blame you!

Large Kale Chip on dehydrator tray
Have you ever tried or made kale chips?


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    1. So old but you know what, the recipe still works :) And it makes a killer dip, too! For any kind of veggies, etc!

  1. Ah, now this recipe I can totally approve, even without tasting! I almost always prefer salty to sweet and these sound great.


  2. What an incredibly amazing idea! I just recently started experimenting with kale chips, trying to spice it up with different things like salt, pepper, cinnamon etc. This is certainly a must try!

    1. Ditto :)

      Or that make it out of the dehyd in true crispy form after all the taste-testing and sampling over the many hours while they are dehydrating…

  3. Hi Averie :)
    I'm a new fan of your site – especially all the incredible gorgeous, irresistible recipes. I've just made the chocolate mousse and my reaction was just like you foretold….. I could NOT believe what my purely happy taste buds just told me there!!! SO smooth, rich, creamy and authentic. Actually much better, I think!
    My boyfriend is a chef and I can't wait to surprise him with this awesome treat. Maybe he won't even be able to guess the base? ha ha :)
    Love, Maria

  4. Just made this! :] I've made a similar one before that had peanut butter, but I'm pleased that even without the PB, this tastes great!
    However, after a few spoonfuls, I remembered the batch of PB cookies I made this week that didn't turn out as well as I'd wanted. So I threw a couple of those in the Vitamix and blended them in briefly. Pb-cookie-chunk-chocolate-mousse! So I ended up with some PB in there after all, haha.

  5. I think it's about time I tried ProBars! Two Thumbs up must mean that they are pretty darn GOOD! :D

  6. Enty #3 – Post on your review of ProBar.

    PS. Not that it will help me win ProBars but Skylar is too cute copying mommy!

    PS. I made the Vegan Mousse but the recipe I had was one avocado, one banana…..Sooooooo good. I keep forgetting about it. Delish!

  7. Those deserts look heavenly. I'll have to try them when I'm back in the states!

    I never new that all the probars were vegan – that's super cool by me!

    (Entry 8)

  8. You're wild with those desserts, girl! :-)

    And this is for entry #9 for the ProBar contest.

  9. yeah i'm digging the review and i really want to try them now! still have to make that mouse though. the avocados in my fridge are calling the vita-mix's name.

  10. I am absolutely loving your recipes, yoga moves, and reviews on your blog. Thank you for always putting up great things!!!

  11. thanks for the PROBAR shout out. fruition has been an office favorite and we are hoping to wow ya'll with more cool flavors. Thanks Averie!

    PROBAR FB and Twitter guy

  12. Averie – Hey, I love the hair! I'm glad you were able to find someone who does your hair like you like… that's one of the problems with moving… having to find new places to get stuff done (eye doctor, hair stylist, vet, etc). The DIY pictures look good… it's funny and difficult to try to get a picture of yourself at the angle that you think makes sense. :P Plus the lighting in bathrooms seem to hate the camera, at least mine does, and for some reason that lighting can't be fixed with photo editing software either!

    Anyway, you did great and Skylar is adorable showing her highlights! :)

    All your chocolate desserts look amazing, my brain says, "!"

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair Averie!! The highlights look beautiful! Seeing you and Skylar stand side by side – now i see where she gets her lovely smile from.

    I know I say this every time I read your blog, but I am seriously salivating over those chocolate pictures. Can it get any easier than that? I had some of Chris' pumpkin pie cheesecake for his birthday dessert at dinner tonight so I won't be making any raw desserts right now, but you can bet your booty I'll be doing so tomorrow. I still have pre-soaked cashews in the fridge waiting to be used. That was for another raw cheesecake! I have some avocados in the fridge, too – now I know what I can use them for.

    That side crane pose is crazy – you are too cool for words. :)

    I love your attitude about returning things and it's refreshing to see you stand up for yourself and speak your mind. My mom is the same way – she said it comes with age. I guess I'm not quite old enough yet, because I stand up for myself with some things (returning grocery items that were bad, things I decided I didn't want…unopened of course) but I've never had the balls to go back to a salon and ask for a refund. My mom has complained to me so many times about botched haircuts and/or colorings and I always tell her to go back. She recently went back to have the lady fix it but she's never asked for a refund. I don't blame you!!

  14. That over-the-head shot is so cool! The highlights look woven. very nice, you blonde bombshell you :)

    Fab tshirt! I saw Gena wearing it in one of her posts and I admired it then. Looks adorable on you :)

    The choc mousse…we make that too! We call it pudding…so creamy and good!

    Skylar is cute as a button, posing with you. You're a lucky mama :)

  15. awwww, i love seeing you and skylar having mommy/daughter moments. so cute!!

    get the eff out with that mousse!

    oh, and btw, i laughed out loud at the line about you sitting around eating bon bons all day…love you!

  16. that mousse looks wonderful! we made a similar one at the restaurant using coconut meat instead of avocados.. the avocado bitterness is a little hard to mask
    love the eat raw, live long shirt! i have the pink baseball style one :D
    will you please teach me how to do side crow??? i'm working on it, but no luck so far
    have a great night!

  17. Love the new hair!!! Makes me want to go dye my hair again… I have not done that in a few years.:( I need to get one of those raw shirts! Our post tonight has a shout out to you and your coconut kefir.

  18. Those coconut snowballs look MIGHTY tasty!! Oh I may need to try those out soon! Thanks for the great post! And love the daily yoga poses!

  19. hey mama! so, i just caught up on your 3 posts i have been missing out on. first off i LOVE LOVE LOVE when random synchronicities happen. i think that is one of the greatest things in life. your license plate thing rules. my roomie's plate says "PJS" and we joke that if penelope jane was her dog then it would be the perfect license plate since my roomie's last name starts with an S. anyway, moving on! i love hummus recipes that don't call for tahini (it can often hurt my tongue for some reason) loved the side note about the evoo :P i love halloween! marsh and i are dressing up for a party on friday and then i am oging out with my friends on actual halloween. oh nice snowballs! i wish it would snow for real here. maybe if i made your balls it would encourage the snow to fall??? wow look at all that nut butter. nom nom nom. oh YAY you got your hair fixed to the way you want it. happy to hear, although i think you are beautiful in any shade! glad she is quick and cheap (TWHS!) such a cute photo of you and skylar in the mirror. hey, pro bars are from utah! holler! haha ummm was this comment long enough? i think not. a few more words: I LOVE YOU!

  20. oh Averie! you smile brightens up my hair :) and I love the hair.. very natural you blonde bombshell!!

    I am very curious about those probars.. espech the fruition ones.. so I can't wait to hear how you like 'em my foodie guru!

    How do I ask for my money back? I don't.. bah! I'm so passive when it comes to things like that. Yeah, pretty sure I'm going to be demolished when I enter the *real world* ah, better enjoy my youth while I can!

    Happy thursday angelface :) Love you!

  21. GORGEOUS hair Averie! I've definitely had my share of not-so-great colorings, so I totally understand the value of a job well done. I think with coloring, often times the stylist will do her best, but it's the PRODUCTS and CUSTOMOER'S HAIR TYPE that really make or break a coloring. Although it makes a huge difference to go to someone who knows how to use her products and how to read your specific hair type. :)

    Loving this mousse! What a perfect recipe for my new food processor. ;)


  22. THERE IS A KETTLE CORN PROBAR?!?!?!?! how did i not know this?

    in more important news, your hair looks fabulous as does skylar's. and your vegan raw goods get me every single day.

    have a good one girl :)

  23. ahh funny you mention the hair saloon I went about 2 weeks ago, asked for color (to be darker) and she made it redder than I would have liked WAY too red. SHe knew I was not pleased and said for me to wash it myself a few days and if i wasnt pleased then go to back, and this is just what I did! for that kind of money, I am not just going to be unhappy!

    you and skyler are too cute!! your hair looks great! love the highlights!

  24. Pretty hair! I love it. I've never dyed my hair because it's so dark that I WOULD have to bleach it. It would be kind of fun to go blond, though…

    You and Skylar are so cute!

    That mousse! Those SNOWBALLS. Chocolate and coconut. Gotta have it! Right now, actually… going to go see what I can do!

  25. I really, really wanted to make the chocolate snowballs yesterday, but Trader Joe's doesn't have coconut oil. I know you said I could do with out it, but you also said it is good for your immune system and that I need post marathon and swine flu!!! I just love your recipes Averie, I get so excited everyday when I take my lunch and see a new one!

  26. Ooo I love ProBars, but I haven;t tried their new fruition ones. Sound yummy!

    I LOVE YOUR HAIR! That is so cool with the streaks and everything. I'd like to imagine you lounging around eating bon bon's all day lol. It seems so relaxing ;) Have a wonderful Thursday.

    As far as getting my money back.. I just go in, and if they ask why then I'll honestly tell them what happened or why I'm not satisfied.

    p.s. thank ya ma'am!

  27. I have been meaning to try avocados in a mousse like dessert. I'm glad you showed a picture because it looks too good to pass up!

    If they don't give you your money back you can just remind them that you have plenty of friends to NOT recommend them too : )

    Love the new do by the way : )

  28. Hi Averie and thanks for the triple shout-out! It was great having you be a Guestie.

    Gosh, bad service bad apples- it really depends. the Vons at the bottom of our road is GREAT about returning stuff that's bad. Other stuff is on a case-by-case basis. And you have to look at the big picture- how much money was spent, if I want to go there again, who I know there…I always feel bad even though I shouldn't. Silly huh!

  29. Choco licous is RIGHT!
    the mousse is just what the doctor ordered tonight!

    Returning things…no prob…I have MASTERED the fine art of nice but get my point across…

    hair…that's a whole other animal. I simply don't go to salons anymore..sooner or later I get a nasty cut and THAT's IT!

    Your new hightlights are so fun and beautiful and lil Skylar looks so sweet back there…like she's your assistant!

    Side crane pose looks easy but I jsut read the how to's and now I am not so sure. I am still figuring out the kukutasana…

    it's like pretzel stands instead of hand stand!

    Happy Thursday to ya!

  30. No more boob shirts? Come Averie…we know you love to show off the girls! :)

    Great color and I love that your daughter was primping too. My daughter is a complete girl and is constantly checking out her reflection!

    I love the chocolate mousse. I have made it before and I keep meaning to try it as a frosting on some cupcakes.

  31. All the chocolatey goodness is killing me!

    I'm pretty timid about asking for refunds/returns. If it's food, sometimes I suck it up and find other uses for them (example: mushy apples, which I've gotten a lot when I buy them in a bag, get turned into applesauce) but if something is completely inedible, I'll take it back. Most stores I shop at have great customer service and don't ask any questions. As for hair… well, I'm quite scared to go to new places. My girl moved away 3 years ago and since then I don't do too much with my hair (I used to have a choppy angled bob with lots of layers and she always made it look fantastic) but about a year ago I went to a salon in the mall and the girl butchered my hair. It was super short and NOT what I asked for at all. I came home and cried, and my best friend said I should call, speak to the manager and explained the situation. She was like "yeah, come back, I'll make Julie fix it." WHY WOULD I WANT THE SAME GIRL WHO MESSED IT UP TO FIX IT?! We compromised and I met with the manager who made it somewhat bearable, but still, I wanted my money back. Didn't happen.

    Phew, that was long. Sorry! So now I am just a paranoid consumer, that's all :)

  32. Yay for raw chocolate mousse! Yay for chocolate ANYTHING! But when it is in pudding or mousse form it seems even MORE delicious, doesn't it? So luscious and perfect and….now I have to go make some!

  33. Seriously every vegan chocoholic would probably pay for you to fly to them and live with them for a week. I'm not even a chocoholic and everytime I read your blog I want chocolate more and more!

    that yoga pose is badass girl!

  34. Everything looks great Averie! All your chocolate messes and the bars :).

    You know I have tried the avocado, choc. thing before and it just wasnt jiven for me. Maybe I should try again. I dont think I chilled it and I think I mashed it with a spoon :(.

    Have a great day!


  35. Hi.. can I move in and have you cook for me?? Loving in the pics.. Your highlites look great from up above!!! :)

    Have a super duper day Averie!! ;)

  36. Same here! The older I get (that makes me sound like I'm ninety), the less embarrassed I am to return items/complain about unacceptable service. It must be part of growing up and becoming comfortable in your own skin. You stop caring so much what other people think. LOVE IT!

  37. Chocolate posts are my fave, and I love the shirt. I've wanted one like it, but I already have the 3/4 sleeve athletic version sold on the site a couple years ago. It is brown with pink lettering. Very cute.

    I'm not big on returning and refunds. I guess it is because I worked in retail when I was younger. I hated returns.

    I had a terrible haircut once. I actually didn't say anything about it until I got to the car. I broke down in tears and went to the Hair Cuttery to fix it. They actually did a great job and it was cheap.

  38. Love your hair – looks great:) I am naturally very dark brown hair and want to try a more blonde look but i'm sorta scared haha…

    Love the mousse recipe – i do the exact same thing with carob powder for my 17 month old son and sometimes add a dash of cinnamon. He loves the stuff and we call it his chocolate pudding:) When i make it for me, i use half cocoa and half carob b/c i need my chocolate fix!! but for him, he doesn't need caffeine to add to his ongoing energy haha…

    Great recipes – i'm thoroughly enjoying your blog!!

  39. Lovin' the updated color – I didn't know you weren't a natural blond! ;)

    Love the new t-shirt, and that sweet baby girl sneaking into some pics too!

    Asking for my money back? I'd really have to be unhappy about something to ask for my money back – but when I do I just try to be sweet and polite, figuring I'm gonna have a better chance if I'm laying the sugar on! (Sweet, but not SICKLY sweet!)

  40. Love the hair Averie! I get mine done but with bleach, not good for the hair, but I just love the look. All other shades turn out too brassy.

    And that pudding?! My mouth literally dropping at that lusciousness!

  41. wow you are totally rocking that yoga pose. i have never tried that one!
    i have to agree with devan! everything in your house looks amazing. i would love to try some pro bars but i cant get them here in singapore sadly, they look very promising though!
    your daughter is such a sweetheart. i love her smile in the photos.
    have a great day averie

  42. i think I would LOVE to live with you.
    hoesntly. raw pudding!? coconut desserts? your makeup ;) !!!
    all amazing

    you and your daughter are so beautiful :-)