Time for Day 6 of the Challenge – 30 Interesting Facts. However, I am not that interesting pressed for time so am going to stick with 10 facts.

30 Day Challenge Photos with challenges each day

10 Facts

1. I need and crave fresh air.  I don’t care if it’s -40F in Minneapolis or 112F in Phoenix.  I need to be outside, even for 5 minutes, every single day.  This was the view from my neighborhood 15 minutes ago.  65F, breezy, but sunny.

Palm tree

2. I love finding deals on products, clothes, or groceries.  Finding a good deal excites me.

3. Contrary to how it may appear on my blog, I can actually go over a week without chocolate.  And I don’t miss it that much.  And then I will think, oh, I haven’t had chocolate in awhile, and will have some again.  I have an entire Chocolate Recipes Collection in case you can’t go without chocolate.

Such as Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

4. Exactly how it appears on my blog, I cannot go without coffee each day.  I do miss it!  And get caffeine withdrawal headaches.  I did a big Coffee Review Post, recently if you need proof.

5. I eat lateVery late. And go straight to bed.  I don’t subscribe to “Rules”.

6. I used to have my nose pierced in high school and college and it’s not pierced anymore and the now closed up hole looks like a large pore.

7. I floss twice a day, every day.  I go to the dentist every 4 months for cleanings. I’ve never had a cavity.

Toothpaste and floss

8. I hate ants.  As in, I practically have a phobia of ants being in my house.  One or two doesn’t bother me but there are never just one or two.  They bring hundred(s) of their horrible friends.

9. I haven’t seen a movie in a movie theater in 5 years.  I was pregnant with Skylar the last time I saw a movie and only went because we had no a/c in our house and I was so terribly sick with morning all day sickness.  I spent the entire time I was at the theater in the bathroom being sick, but at least I was sick and climate-controlled.

10. I cannot sing.  Rephrase: I belt out tunes in the car or from my ipod, but to quote Randy from American Idol, “Dog you are Not Going to Hollywood”.

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From my earlier post about Skylar’s Birthday, thanks for all the awesome birthday wishes for her!  I have been blown away by the amazing birthday wishes!  Thank you to every one who wished her a Happy Birthday!  I’ve been telling her all day that my blog friends and readers have been wishing her a happy birthday and it’s made her smile.  She totally “gets it” and loves it!

Young girl wearing birthday hat with cookie and cupcake

I really enjoyed reading about your memorable birthdays, too, and the great stories and trips down memory lane!

As for store bought vs. homemade bakery items like cakes and cupcakes, glad to know some of you rock the store-bought items, too!

This meal is home made, though. 

Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos and Veggies

Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos and Vegetables

Plated Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos and Vegetables
For anyone who doesn’t “love” coconut.  Not to worry, far from eating a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic or anything.
Close up of Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos and Vegetables

More One Pot Meal Ideas & Recipes here

And this dessert is homemade: GF Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars with Vegan Chocolate Frosting

GF Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bar with Vegan Chocolate Frosting
Hand holding one bar
GF Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bar with Vegan Chocolate Frosting on plate

GF Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars with Vegan Chocolate Frosting


1. What’s been going on in your day today?

I went for a run, got a 20 Minute at home workout in with some yoga moves and core work on my ball.

I went to Target and replenished some essentials.

I have been returning phone calls, paying bills and just slammin ‘n jammin!

2. What are your Interesting Facts?  Any amount you want to share is great! Sharing is caring.  Rattle some off!

See you later!


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