Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snow Balls

Humpity hump, Humpity Hump.  Happy Wednesday Friends!  I wanted to thank you, new and faithful commenters alike, for you positive response to my 4-Ingredient Homemade Hummus Recipe.  I hope you try it and maybe it’ll help you break your Sabra addictions.


What else have I been up to?  I whipped up a quick-n-chocolatey raw vegan dessert that requires nothing but a bowl, spoon, and the freezer.  Music to your tastebuds, I know.

Averie’s Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snow Balls
1.5 cups shredded coconut
3/4 c maple syrup (or agave to be technically raw)
3/4 c cocoa powder
Dash Vanilla Extract
Optional: 1/4 c coconut oil (I used it and encourage it!)
Optional: 1/4 c chia seeds (did not use it in today’s blend)

Mix all the ingredients together by hand

Vegan Chocolate Heaven in the house

Transfer to a container for the freezer.

If you want to make Snow Balls by hand, hence the name of the recipe, feel free to make golf-ball sized choco-balls and then freeze.  You’ll probably yield 15 balls or so.

I was not feeling super inspired to roll the mix into balls.  Instead, I just scooped things outta the container with an ice cream scooper as needed when I raided the freezer.

…And here’s where I have that ice cream scooper ready for the frozen Choco Coconut Snowball dig-out fest.

I dug out a ball.  (So much TWSS potential there….)

A Big Chunk Went Missing from the Container

Thick, rich, fudgey, sweet.  Fast-n-easy, no specialty appliances required, either. Pretty much everything you’d want in a dessert.  And let’s not forgot those health benefits of coconut and coconut oil.  Everything from an immune system boost to increased healing.  So you can keep on convincing yourself why it’s good for you to eat this little dessert.  I’m just what the Doctor Ordered.


After I raided the freezer, I raided my pantry and was looking through my nut butter stash…

…I made a bowl of oats for Scott, threw in some cinny & brown sugar, raisins, and topped them with a Sunbutter and Barney Butter Combo courtesy of a Barney Butter Sample I got.  For all inquiring minds, Barney Butter is Peanut-Free.  It’s Almond Butter and mighty yummy!

I also got some You Bars to Sample.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of these, they are suuuuper cool!  Why are they cool?  Because you get to build your own bar!  So you get to customize your own bar, shake or trail mix based on whatever ingredients float your boat!  What a great idea, why didn’t I think of that?

I like the Nutrional Stats but love that Dates are the first ingredient on this pre-made chocolate bar

As a special treat for you, You Bar is hooking my readers up with a 5% discount off your order!!! Simply enter the code “LoveVeggiesAndYoga” at checkout and you’re all set to save!   Thanks, You Bar!

Tip of the Day:  Remember the Me & Gogi I reviewed yesterday, well Wednesday, October 21st they are going to be on the Today Show at about 9am Eastern time and they are offering free shipping on all orders over $15 on Wednesday only.  I know some of you wrote to tell me you were gonna wait to order, well you may wanna get on that for the free $hipping action.


Things today were brought to you in VeganMofo spirit. 

Yoga today is Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III).  I love this pose because it really works your balance.  Best thing to do is pick a focal point or dristi and once you feel steady, start to slowly extend your arms and your leg.  Don’t be lookin’ around.  Keep your gaze steady as it will steady your balance.

Tip of the Day:  Missy’s GiveAway

The Candid RD’s GiveAway

Does anyone have a favorite Tea they want to tell me about?  I have been trying to get more into teas lately and although they just don’t fully cut it for me because I am just a coffee drinker at heart, there are so many great seasonal and holiday blends coming out this time of year, what are your faves?

Stay Tuned for another Chocolate Dessert recipe…  I don’t ever want to hear you’re sick of chocolate desserts!

Til then, enjoy a Snowball!…

70 comments on “Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snow Balls”

  1. Thanks for the recipe!

    Must say, I live where access to a VS means a $400 plane ride… am envious of your shopping spree. Online shopping just doesn't do it for me… I've found that after nursing 4 kids it's hard to the perfect fit for the Sisters– 32 LONG. =)


  2. Did some experiments with this recipe (had to adapt, didn't have Agave in the house)

    since I didn't have Agave in the house, I used Dates (4-6 dates make a good substitute) Blended separately after the oats and cashews before adding in the more fluid ingredients.

    Also added 2 Tbsp Frangelico Liqueur (hazel nut based)

    can't get enough of these…

  3. Girl, these cookie dough balls are AMAZING! I made my first batch last night and can't stop eating them! Thanks for a great recipe!

  4. I just made these!! (with pecans instead of cashews) sooooooooooo good… I'm eating it right out of the bowl!! hehe..

  5. These cookie dough balls are AWESOMEEEE!!

    I microwaved a big ball for 10sec and the chocolate chips melted inside, it was SINFUL.

    I'll blog about it on my next post :)

  6. I finally bought some cashews and made a batch of these! SOOO good! They ARE pretty spot on to cookie dough! Cashews are gonna have to be a standard staple from now on, beside my almonds & walnuts.
    I also saw that you posted a coupon to iherb.com… I'm so impressed: 10 free samples, best price on organic coconut oil… and they rush delivered it to Canada in 3 days!

  7. Yah! I just got all of the neccesary ingredients to make the raw chocolate chip cookie balls. You know what I'm going to be doing this afternoon!

  8. I just made your chocolate chip cookie balls and–of course–they are AMAZING! I love how easy they are, not to mention delicious. Hubby LOVES them…as well as my 13 year old step daughter! YAY!!

  9. Made your choc chip cookie dough balls and they're amazing!! Thanks for all your creativity :)

  10. Hi Averie,

    I am new to your blog as of today and have just hop, skipped and jumped through it so far but I have to say I am inspired! Well done for living the life YOU want to live that equates to happiness for you.

    I'm going to give your raw vegan choc chip dough balls a try but I just hope I can find some vegan choc chips!

    Best wishes,

    Britt from Australia.

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  14. Great recipe…I went to my local health foodstore and bought 10 balls for 10.00,a bit pricey so I looked on line for the recipe and came across yours…there will always be balls on hand at my house…thks again…

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