My Exercise Path in Aruba – Lots of Island Pictures

Hi Friends!  I hope your day is off to a great start!   I have some fun island pictures to share with you.  They are pictures from my 3 mile walking path (or slow jog) as taken from my front door and continue along my path.  I figure you may like to see photos along my route.  Madeline did this once when she was back home and I loved seeing what her real route was like.

First on my path, neighborhood cats.  There are lots.  And lots of stray dogs.  The animals are very friendly.  But the locals don’t “get their pets spayed or neutered” like Bob Barker told us to do.

About 1/2 mile from my house, I pass the Hard Rock

Sidewalk in front of the Hard Rock 

And in front of Senor Frogs where we went for Sex on the Beach

Then I pass the Radisson and Westin.   More photos of the Radisson and Beach Shots, Here 

The cactus grow big here!  It’s a desert.  You’d never know it from all the rain and flooding the past few months, but the island is known to be a desert. 

Asked a passerby to take my picture.  Trying not to look hot.  A mere 85 and humid and pushing the heavy jogging stroller works up a sweat.  

This “peanut” is probably 40 or 45 pounds and the stroller is another 30 or so.  Nothing like pushing 75 pounds.  On sand or rocky roads.

Then we pass The Butterfly FarmNo, we’ve never been, but it sounds cool.  One day we’ll go.

 Butterfly Farm Buildings

And this is my turnaround point.

Skylar likes to get out and stretch her legs at the turnaround point

“It’s so bright, Mommy.”  Yes, when nearly looking into the sun at pretty much the equator, it’s pretty bright.

All are self-portraits to follow because this stretch of beach is always empty and no one to take pictures of us…

Most of the “tourist” beaches are white sand and then the farther you get away from the high rise hotels, there are some shells and rocks on the beaches.

And on the northern side of the island, there really are no beaches per se, just cliffs that drop off into the ocean.  We used to take ATV (4-wheelers) and scale the side of the cliffs, but that’s not an activity one does with a small child!

I almost got wet shoes to get this shot but I thought the green moss looked cool enough to brave the tide.  And my feet stayed dry, but barely.

These next 3 pictures are taken from the road, overlooking a little tidepool with sand, and then a gentle sloping downward through the clearing toward the ocean.  The perspective is a little hard to gauge in pictures, but in person, super beautiful.

And then we continue home.  It’s about 3 miles, it takes about 45 minutes or an hour to complete if I am walking and pushing the stroller.  Not breaking any speed barriers.  And with leg-stretches at turnaround points and shell and moss observation for Skylar, that adds time, too.  I try to remember that life if about the journey; not just hurrying up and getting to the destination.

If I am running or alone and using it to get a workout in it’s more like 20 minutes and then I’ll go home for 20 minutes of lifting/strength work, i.e. water jug lifting, in conjunction with a few yoga moves.  My workouts depend on the day, my energy levels, and what my mind, body, and spirit is asking for. 

Moving On…
From my massive sugarbomb of a post yesterday that included some, ahem at least 20, of the friends’ dessert recipes I want to make, I’m glad I got you drooling!

DSC_0012 (45)

Aimee’s Raw Vegan Oreo Cake from yesterday’s post was the most commented on item
Check the dessert recipes post out if you missed it because there are some very talented ladies in the ‘sphere and I want you to go check out their goodies!

Everyone said it was fun to see all those desserts.  Most of you said you have bigger eyes than stomachs and see more things that you want to make than things you actually make, but it’s always fun to look.  Window-shopping for recipes, that’s the great thing about blogs!

And, if you missed my 12 Days & Recipes of Christmas post, that one was full of sugar too….  haha!

12 Days & Recipes of Christmas post

Tips of the Day:
1. Did you see Who Won the Sarris Candies Chocolate Give Away?

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1. Best thing you’ve done or ate so far this weekend?
Getting almost 8 hours of sleep last night was glorious for me!  

2. Weekend plans?  What’s going on in your world for the holidays this weekend?  Parties, shopping, buying gifts, cooking?  What are you up to?
I plan to hopefully be at the beach, with my family, zoning out on my chaise lounge, reading, and keeping life in first gear!

3. Do the island pictures make the island look like you imagined it would?  Yes, no, sort of?  Any questions about the island that I could try to address in a future post?

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Stay warm, and don’t stress about the holidays!

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