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Hi Friends!  I was really craving Sex on the Beach last night.  Not that kind.  Unfortunately sand + private parts, not to mention no babysitter, don’t go together for me. 

I’m talking about the drink, Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach Cocktail


Island Cocktails drink menu

I went with the 10 oz.  It was about 5 oz of ice, 4.5 oz of juice, and about a half oz of liquor I think.

Sizes of cocktails you can order

We went on an impromptu outing to Senor Frogs after a dinner (at home) because I was not ready to turn into a pumpkin and sit at home for the rest of the night.  

Outside Señor Frogs Restaurant


Close up of Señor Frogs Restaurant


Tiki Bar at Senor Frogs Restaurant

The music was pumping and Skylar was jammin’ at our table in her chair.  See This Playlist.  That was the kind of music they were playing.  She knew more words than Scott did to the Taio Cruz and Katy Perry tracks.   

Young girl sitting at table inside Señor Frogs

This guy was blowing up balloons in the shape of crowns

Young girl sitting in chair while man makes a balloon figure


She hit the balloon crown jackpot.  Clearly super excited about it all!  She got a balloon crown on a San Diego night out once before, too.
Young girl sitting holding her balloon figure with hand up in air


Woman kneeling next to sitting child with balloon figure

Finally, I hit the jackpot: Sex on the Beach.  I downed it in about 3 seconds.  Not kidding.  It was mostly juice.  Unfortunately.

Woman sitting holding Sex on the Beach Cocktail timing

And then Scott hit the jackpot: Ben & Jerry’s next to Senor Frogs.  Since he drove, he was living on the edge with ice cream.  Not Homemade Vegan Peanut Butter Softserve, either.  Real ice cream.  Just looking at ice cream gives me a tummy ache.  Lactose + dairy proteins for me = no way, Jose!

Outside Ben and Jerry's

The two of them high-tailed it into B & J’s at record pace

Open door into Ben and Jerry's

They went with the Cookies & Cream and Triple Caramel Chunk.  Scott said the Caramel Chunk was awesome.  But the portion was very skimpy, I will totally admit after seeing the tiny scoops.  

Really skimpy and really pricey but great they said.  They downed their “two scoops” (hardly!) in about 2 minutes.

Young girl overlooking ice cream counter

Skylar’s Jackpot: Dancing, going out after 10pm, eating ice cream at 11pm, on an island, on vacation, with two parents doting over you!

Young girl standing smiling at ice cream counter

Actually, she’s my Jackpot!

Woman and child standing outside next to rock smiling

From yesterday’s post, it was fun to hear about your favorite condiments.  Mustard, ketchup, and hummus (if that counts as a condiment) topped the list.

And your items around the house that can multi-purpose as “gym equipment” were fun to read about and have me inspired.

Woman holding large jug of water
I am still rockin’ my water jugs as weights.

Dessert: Vegan Fudge with Chocolate Sprinkles
Vegan Fudge-10 Minute No-Bake Recipe, Gluten/Soy/Tree-Nut Free

Overhead of pan of Vegan Fudge
Ahhh, good stuff!
One slice of Vegan Fudge with sprinkles
Close up of gooey Vegan Fudge

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1. Ever wonder why drinks and shots have such funny names?
Sex on the Beach, Buttery Nipples, Red Headed Slut, and others?  The BJ sounds great.  Don’t type the word out.  Your comment will go into moderation…haha!

Shots menu

2. Craziest drink you’ve ever had?
I’ve had some doosies.  But the thing about doosies is that you never really remember them the next morning!

3. Any crazy drinking, going out, partying stories you want to share?
Once upon a time in my early 20s I was quite the party girl.  Scott and I had a ball together!  It was great, actually.  Life changes, kids happen, we get older, and I am not quite a wild child anymore, but I don’t like to be a stick on the mud and just sit on the couch on vacation, either!

4. What have you hit the Jackpot on lately?My awesome husband and daughter, being blessed to travel, being blessed to have a roof over my head and food on the table, and just being with the ones I love the most over the holidays.  Those are some of my jackpots.  I also recently posted a Living with Gratitude List that details more.

I am cooking tonight but first we’re going for a walk.  It’s not raining!  See you tomorrow, everyone!

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