Buttery Nipple Shots

Hi Friends!  It’s hot and humid here.  94F and humid to be exact.  Ugh, not really a fan of humidity.   We used to live in the Carolinas and we go to Aruba every year for a month, and those places are very humid, but you kind of adapt.  San Diego is not known for being humid so when it rarely does happen and it comes on suddently, I feel it.  As in curly hair mania, and a little puffy and a lot sweaty.

From Yesterday….
Thanks for the compliments on Skylar’s room makeoverand how it’s coming along!

Still have to get the bedframe assembled and put together but I am going to save that for next week.  I’ve had more “fun” than I can handle this week with the delivery nightmares.

It was also nice to read about whether or not you “Forget” to mention you used certain ingredients in a recipe like spinach, kale, or whatever food certain friends or family members may object to.  None of us believe in being sneaky, but sometimes, it does help to mention what was in the recipe after the meal was happily devoured by everyone.

And yes, the labels we give things matter!  Like Peanut Butter Banana “Crowns”

Even though I tend to dislike labels, what we term things does effect results and outcomes.  Not just in food but in things like self-image and self-esteem, too.

And changing people.  We all agree that leading by example, not preaching, or trying to “Save” anyone is best.   Save your energy for yourself since all that preaching and saving usually serves to rile people up and make them even more resistant to a healthier path or to the choices or things you were attempting to get them to try.

Moving On…
Today I’d like to Post Something that Touches on So Many Hot Issues in one fell swoop…

I can’t believe I am posting this because I know I will take tons of heat but whatever, I have a life, I blog about it, and no one’s life stands up to microscopic scrutiny 100% of the time.  If you don’t want to read my blog because of this, then don’t.  Just don’t blitz me with hate mail or nasty grams.  Thank you. The last time I posted something I thought was Hot, my Tough Love Post on How to Get Abs, it was well-received, so maybe this will be the same!

Buttery Nipple Shot or Drink (yes, that is really the name.  There are many ways to make this, but I keep it basic.)
1 part Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 part Butterscotch Schnapps
Pour over ice and either drink as a drink or strain ice and drink as a shot.
Optional: One part coffee (already chilled works better)

Tastes like a Creamy Butterscotch Candy.

Dessert: High Raw Vegan Girl Scout “Thin Mint”-Inspired Fudge
No baking required, just a freezer.   Done in 10 minutes!

High Raw Vegan Girl Scout “Thin Mint”-Inspired Fudge

What’s your favorite shot or drink recipe?


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