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 Remember Sarma’s new book from this post?  Well, I was reading one of her dessert recipes and got inspired…I warn you, it may not be the prettiest dessert or the easiest batter to work with, but it sure tastes great.

She made a raw vegan rendition of Thin Mint cookies.  You know, those high fat very unraw once-you-pop-you-can’t-stop cookies the little Girl Scouts guilt you into buying? Yeah, those.  Well Sarma has a delightful, but kinda complicated and with a pricey ingredients list, kinda recipe.  But I tweaked things and created Vegan “Thin Mint” Fudge.


“Thin Mint” Fudge (vegan, gluten free)

Combine and blend:
1.5 c cocoa powder
1.5 c almond flour
1/2 c maple syrup
1/2 c agave
1 Tsp vanilla extract
1.5 Tbsp Peppermint Extract

Press into a pan, chill until firm. Slice and serve.


Incredibly important sidebar: If you have never worked with peppermint extract, it is waaaaaaay more potent and strong than vanilla extract and you can extremely quickly go from pleasant minty vibe to just drown your recipe in a bottle of Listerine vibe.  So add slowly and once you’ve added it, there’s no turning back so be careful.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ingredients needed to make Thin Mint Fudge in blender

Blend.  But be careful, this is a heavy job even for the VitaBeast.  I almost overheated my Vita…whoa, nelly, slow down and add more liquid sweetenerif you need to.

Spatula scraping sides of blender with mixture inside

Spread into a pan.  It’s extremely thick to work with.  Kinda like certain people at the DMV where I’m heading to, thick.

Thin Mint Fudge spread into foil lined pan

I scored it with a pizza cutterbefore freezing which was probably a useless step and just an extra utensil to wash.

Fudge scored with a pizza cutter

 Freeze & Enjoy as is…

Close up of Thin Mint Fudge

Or mold into little Thin Mint Cookie Shapes.  If you take the time to do this step rather than just digging into your pan with a spoon (which is totally acceptable, of course), just make sure that you’ve given it time to freeze well, like 12-24 hours because otherwise it will be too sludgey to work with and you’ll have a colossal mess on your hands, no pun intended.

Molded fudge into cookie shape

Moving right on the some more Thrive action.  Brendan Brazier’s book, The Thrive Diet.  

Thrive The Vegan Nutrition Guide Book

I confess, I am not done with it, but so far, I love it.  See all these other books on my shelf…I’m trying to read all of those, too.  And keep up with everyone’s bloggie.  And cook.  And blog about cooking…so I just can’t seem to read all these great books as fast as I’d like.  Does anyone else feel like they are falling wayyyyy behind on their book or magazine reading lately?

Various cookbooks stacked on shelf

But for all of us busy folks, Brendan has this email program called Thrive in 30 and you can sign up and get all kind of great lessons delivered to your email.  They send one every couple days for a month and I really got alot out of those.  It was kinda like the Cliff’s Notes version of the book for me.  Or you could just ask Alison, I know she’s a Brendan lovin’ kinda gal.

Has anyone else read the book?  What’s your fave part?  So far I love his thoughts that even if you don’t think you have allergies, you may want to avoid certain things like gluten and dairy.  It’s really interesting to me because I have some food sensitvities.

Anyway I also munched some of Brendan’s little bars.

Vegn brand Whole Food Vibrancy Bar
Nutritional information for Vibrancy Bar

And this one too.

Vegn Brand Whole Food Energy Bar in package
Nutritional information for Energy Bar

Both were chocolate, both great.  But, of course, the Vegan “Thin Mint” Fudge recipeis mighty yumm too.

Thin Mint Fudge Shaped into cookie

It reminds me of my Raw Vegan Brownies, just a thicker, minty-er version.  This dessert is extremely rich and satisfying.  And although the texture is different, taste-wise, the Thin Mint vibe is definitely in the house.

Do you like Thin Mints? or Fudge?


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  1. Holy Cocoa…I am definitely in the mood for some raw chocolate ‘baking’ tonight!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    So glad I found your blog!!

  2. Is there supposed to be Chia seeds in the Vegan Thin Mints? It was listed under Chia recipes, so I was just wondering.

  3. Look at all the comments you're getting! That's awesome Averie – I can see you've been at it in the kitchen lately…those recipes you're whipping up look incredible. I need to scroll back a bit to see if you've written anything about your 2 blenders. Skylar is gorgeous…takes after her mom. :)

  4. Okay, my inquiring mind wants to know… how do you eat raw brussels sprouts and get past the bitter taste? Or have you found some magical non-bitter variety?

  5. Congrats on the license!

    I love my Vanilla Lace body spray from Victoria's Secret. My friend once told me that I smelled like homemade waffles…which isn't a bad thing for me! haha

    "Cracky Blacky" made me crack up when I read it. Love!

  6. I do like body spray. My MIL seems to always buy me Warm Vanilla Sugar scented toiletries. While I like that scent for the home, I don't want to smell edible ;) I haven't been on a tropical vacae since 2005! I went to Cancun with the ex. Mallard and I rented a cabin in 2007 and I came home with an unintended souvenir! We have spent so much on our lil souvenir since then that we can't really afford any upcoming vacations ;)