Shopping Finds & Greenery Recap

How are you doing today?  I’m doin’ speck-tack because the weekend’s almost here.  Repeat after me: TGIF!  (and I am actually hitting the Publish button on this post before I go to bed in an effort to beat the mad traffic rush on Google Reader.  I don’t feel so bad as other bloggers have mentioned they’ve got a hella lag time too.  It still sucks, but at least I’m not alone in delay-land).

Anyhoo…Thanks for all the love on the Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls from yesterday.  For all you nut buttah fiends, these are perf for you.

Onto other matters…My shipment showed up!  If you’re not familiar with VitaCost or, you better get familly in a hurry.  I would say on some items like the Burt’s Bees, they are 40% cheaper than retail stores and on this agave they are about 20% cheaper.

Needless to say, I go thru mega agave in my un-baking creations, salad dressings, you name it, I need it.   It’s perfect for raw baking when you need something to thin out a mixture and also impart sweetness.  Yacon syrup is still a little outta my budget to become my go-to.  And Maple Syrup is much more flavor distinctive.  Enter the 5 jars of Agave. 

Also note the probiotics for me and lil one.  So important for your overall health, probiotics.  Here’s my Tip of the Day:  70% of your immune system is in your gut, not your lungs or respiratory tract like you may think.  So if your gut ain’t healthy, you’re alot more prone to getting sick, catching illnesses, flu bugs, you name it.  The natural bacteria and flora in your gut are depleted and get out of whack from things like stress, poor diet, alcohol, environmental pollutants & toxins, antibiotics and tons of other things.

I believe we can all do ourselves a favor and either start eating more fermented foods (go check out my homemade countertop coconut milk kefir or here for fermented action) or by taking a daily probiotic.  I know in the past 4 years I have been religious about taking my probiotics, and I get sick far less despite have a toddler who’s bringin’ home germs left and right.  Not to mention, your ummm, elimination pattern will become spot on.  Nuff said.   

Moving right along…You may remember a few weeks ago I was lookin’ for face cleanser recommendations?  Well, I had previously used the Avalon product, but had forgottten about it.  But my homegirl, The Fitness Freak reminded me of it, so I ordered it again.  And Heather told me she loved the Burt’s, so I got that too.

And these little vials hold the secret to a happy Averie because they are gonna flavor up my cup ‘o joe.  Vanilla Creme, Chocoloate, and English Toffee.  The English Toffee got really good reviews and something about the well, buttery-ness, sounds delish.  I’ll keep ya posted as I try things.

And finally rather than continuing to wait for the Promised Land, otherwise known as my Amazon shipment that’s now goin’ on 2 weeks, I happened to find Sarma’s book in the B & N by my house.  Cha-ching, this baby had my name written all over it.

Here’s the essentials in my Cookbook Library.  From left to right: Vita-Mix recipe book that I never use, Sarma’s 2 Books, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, ED & BV, Matthew Kenney’s Everyday Raw, Ani’ Desserts, Brendan Brazier The Thrive Diet, Greens Restaurant (San Francisco) cookbook, Joy of Cooking that my mother gave me that doesn’t get much love ’round here.

What cookbooks or health/fitness/lifestyle books do you have and love?  Or what do you wanna get your hands on?

Couple plates of greenery that I’ve been munchin lately.  Dressings were, but of course, homemade.  OJ, agave, & black pepp on this one.  Greens, asparagus, tomato, cukes & zukes, red & yellow pepps, & carrots.

And homemade Thai-inspired peanut sauce on this plate ‘o rabbit food.  Tons of frisee lettuce, cukes & zukes, carrots, red & yellow pepps, & tomato.

Cauli, B.S., cukes & zukes, red & yellow pepps, & carrots on greens.  Dressed with EVOO, OJ, Agave, & Black Pepp.

But really, who cares about the rabbit food when you’ve got Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls…

….Or Raw Vegan Cheesecake for dessert.

I also wanted to thank my friend Deb of Smoothie Girl Eats!!!!  She sent me this awesome care package of homemade nut butters…

Maple Butter Vanilla P.B.

And Pecan Butter.  Now if that doesn’t spell Trouble I don’t know what does!   Deb, much love to you, you’re an amazing friend!!!  Muah!!!!!  xoxo

Yoga today is full backbend, Urdhva Dhanurasana.  Open your heart center and let the love flow in.  Let yourself receive healing energy, peaceful vibes, and love from the Universe.  Namaste Friends!

Tomorrow I’ve got some exciting news to share so check on back even though it’s the weekend….

20 comments on “Shopping Finds & Greenery Recap”

  1. You had me at raw dough, haha. Seriously, though, those cookies look amazing!

  2. So just like you don't own a crock pot (Dont blame ya.. they are kinda old school! lol) I totally don't have an Excalibur. The cookies looks great though, so when I decide to bake (hopefully sooooon), Ill even throw them in the oven or eat em raw. I wish you could pass along the delish chocolate smell through the computer!

  3. Yum these cookies look delish!!

  4. No need for a dehydrator?? Say no more – perfect!! I hate waiting around for that thing, haha ;)

  5. VG-Thanks for a 2-fer comment kinda day from you :)

    As well as from Abby!

    But no, no need for a dehydrator. First, the dough is fairly dry after you're done grinding/blending it and since everything is raw and this aint your mamma's cooking with raw eggs or anything crazy, you can go ahead and munch immediately!

    The #1 thing about a dehyd is it's soooo slow. And I can't always plan 12-24 hrs in advance of when I want a cookie/treat! And #2, it's loud. So yeah, I saw raw cookie dough.. or, just 5 mins in a regular oven and be done and enjoy!

    Happy night friends, I had such a productive day at the Social Security and Passport offices. Doesn't that sound like such fun? Not!


  6. Yeah, I hope that I use my dehydrator when I finally open it. I know I used my old one. I do get rather impatient :-D

    Thanks for the recipe and food porn!

  7. Me n the JJ will be there right after dinner!

    I WISH

    I don't have oats now… and dates.

    I get paid tomorrow and it's shopping city…and then I can have some stinkin' dessert!

    I am just going have to be creative tonight! am dying for some raw type of dessert.

    I wonder if oat bran would substitue for oats? might work. I have the chips and the maple syrup.. and vanilla…

    I'll just do the oven thing.
    it's my BIG magic box.


  8. ahhhh i can always go for cookies! these look so decadent and chocolatey – almost as good as the thin mint fudge :)

    thanks for your sweet, sweet comments! i love catching up with your blog for your lovely recipes and yoga moves i am SO envious of!

  9. Oh yum! I love raw desserts! I'll have to try these out.

  10. Raw, vegan, whatever…your desserts always make me drool on my keyboard!

  11. YESSS I WANT TO COME OVER!! Haha ;) Those cookies look so fantastic. You are super creative with all these recipes!

  12. I'm buying a plane ticket and coming over right now!!!

  13. Thanks for all the comments girls! I'd love to have you all over!!! We could do a Girls Night IN. A big chocolate fest, a laugh-n-bitch session with good friends :)

    Love you guys!!!!

  14. hey lady!!! missed you mucho! and i am sure i missed some stellar recipes. i am glad i caught this one tonight though, those look so yummy. i am going to make the cheesecake this weekend but dang, these cookies just may have to be on the agenda as well! so glad to be back, hope you had a great weekend!! xo

  15. YUM! Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite, I'll have to try this raw version. They look AWESOME!

  16. Hi Averie, I saw your thin mint fudge from yesterday and since I don't have Maple Syrup, and I actually have never tried it, I was wondering if I could just use double the amount of agave to substitute it. Would that be the same?

  17. Anais-yes no problem. My recipes are never an exact science anyway. Just use more agave. Good luck!

  18. I will be making these! :)

    P.S. I got my stevia package yesterday!! Thanks again for having the contest!! Whoohoo!

  19. Oooh, the mint cookies got tricked out with chocolate chips! Is there anything better? Yum!

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