Coconut Milk Kefir


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Time to Make Coconut Milk Kefir.

I just love this stuff.

Coconut Milk Kefir in large glass jar

Hopefully, I don’t need to tell you all about the benefits of kefir; that it’s a fermented food and fermented foods are good for us because they replenish healthy bacteria in our guts which are depleted by stress, pollution, toxins, eating acid-promoting foods, alcohol, coffee, antibiotics, yadda yadda.  We all know we should be ingesting probiotics or healthy bacteria every day, right?

Most kefir recipes are ridiciulously laborious, boiling pots of hot water, milk that needs to be scalded, thermometers, you name it, total PITA.  This recipe comes courtesy of my naturopath, and I won’t even charge you a $200 an hour office visit for sharing it.

1 liter of coconut water (I use about 2/3rds of it)
1 can of TJ’s light coconut milk
1 packet of kefir starter.  
Pour all 3 items into a glass or plastic jar; don’t use metal because it will impede the bacteria’s fermenting process

Ingredients need to make Kefir poured into large glass jar

Close up of the starter I use.  From Whole Foods, it’s called Yogourmet.  It’s not the good ole fashioned kefir grains, and for all those vegans who are opposed to using a starter with a trace amount of dairy in it, then don’t use this one.  

You can get water kefir grains (which are inherently vegan) from a place like this
or from the Kefir Lady.

I use this starter and am fine with it.  I’d rather have some kefir than none at all and the trace dairy in the starter is not an issue for me, but again, if it is for you, then order a starter suitable for your needs and preferences.

Box off yo'gormet freeze-dried Kefir starter
Nutrition label of Kefir starter

The coconut milk, water, and starter…

Coconut Milk, Water and Starter in glass jar

…And here’s the mixture after sitting out, lightly covered, on your countertop for 18-24 hours.

Mixture sitting out after 18-24 hours

I think it’s genius that you don’t have to do anything other than let the good bacteria get to their happy fermentation work.  No boiling vats of milk required!  

Give it a stir and pop it in the fridge if you like, and voila, it will last for a couple days in the fridge, but honestly, you won’t have any trouble finishing it the first day because it’s so good!

Stirred Kefir in glass jar with lid on on top of countertop

Have you tried kefir?

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  1. I don’t know where you got the idea that making kefir requires boiling milk. It doesn’t. It’s yogurt that requires scalding milk and afterward precise temperatures (like an incubator) , not kefir making. Kefir making is so easy it is ridiculous. You don’t need a starter, just live grains that are shared or shipped to you from another maker. Put them in a jar, add milk. At room temperature. 12 to 36 hours later (depending on the temperature of your kitchen) , you have a jar full of kefir. You scoop out your starter and start all over.

    Go on You Tube for videos. A child could do it. I have got friends who don’t even cook making it. Centuries of Caucasian peasants have not been boiling milk and fooling around with thermometers.

    And for vegans, there is water kefir: a different culture, also done at room temps, of plain water with fruit.

  2. I have a water based Kefir starter and like to use it to make your Coconut Kefir.
    I live in Goa, India with plenty coconut water around…
    After I fed my starter with coconut water, what else do I need to add, so that the fermentation process works?
    I have no coconut milk and would rather not use any brown sugar.
    Will the Kefir work with just the coconut water?
    lila love

    1. You need a starter of some sort and I would use a bit of sugar, not much for some, so the starter/culture has something to “eat” to begin their fermentation.

  3. This looks great. I have been trying to eat healthy but I have been having problems finding creative recipes. I think I will go buy myself a spiralizer tomorrow! Do you cook the zucchini first or leave it raw? I'm going to try a different one of your recipes each day this week!

  4. mmmmm made this today and it was scrumptious! huge in potassium and vitamin C… and super good source of vitamin A, magnesium and fiber. Thanks so much for the great recipe!

  5. the chocolatey creation in your next post looks epic! yes i am reading backwards. and i love the acronym PITA! your spiralizer dish looks awesome too.

  6. More yummy treats, yippee! The spiralizer is the only Raw tool I haven't caved on yet. I really need to do that! Thanks for the fun posts Averie : )

  7. Thai peanut noodles might be my favorite thing in life… Haha a little extreme but I've got some serious love for a good peanut sauce. Yours sounds to die for. If I can get my hands on a spiralizer, I will def be trying it out!

  8. Ahhhh…I just saw the other triblade and the smaller holes. OOPS! My noodles have been coming out more like fettuccini – except in a spherical shape. Next time I'll try the other holes. :) Thanks!

    You're right about taking it slowly – once I realized that I needed to walk my feet in all the way I was able to go up with a lot more control. I always tend to be gung-ho about new stuff and I am bound and determined to do it right then and there. I need to remember that I only JUST started this! It's just that when I see your pictures and poses I am in awe and so badly want to do the stuff you do! :)

    Thank you again SO much for the nomination! I still can't believe it!! I'm so excited you think I'd just been nominated for an Oscar or a Grammy..LOL.

  9. Hi Gena-Yep, I love trying new recipes and yours are a great inspiration for me and my creativity opens up, yay!

    Sahara-Thank you, miss you too :) Life is good here, love it here.

    Hayley-I almost posted this on the blog post but then I took it off…don't "shoot up" into headstand or you will backflop. You have to go up with control by walking your toes in towards your hands til you slowly get off the ground. Be careful girl, don't hurt yourself! And the poses I do werent accomplished in the first few months after I began yoga, they are a culmination of a decades worth of daily work my sweets :) There is no rush, it will all unfold in time for you. When I was 22 and starting yoga, I had no patience and wanted to do everything all at once. Now I know I can just allow it to unfold and if I keep practicing, one day, it'll probably happen….usually when I've given up on the result :) How's that for some zen Buddhism this mornin' :)

    Spiralizer is the smallest holed blade, the one that has other blades that look like it, but the finest "grate" look of all. LMK if that helps?


  10. I have to let you know that I must have made about 20 attempts at headstands last night. My cats didn't know what to think. The first time I didn't do it up against a wall and I flipped all the way over onto my back. I did manage to stay up for a second, but as I was falling I thought, "Uh oh…this is not good." I'm fine, but bound and determined to get this figured out! It seems as though you really have to think about not putting the weight on your head, but pushing your arms down into the ground. Is that right? Also contracting your abs and legs, etc. Anyway – I am sore from that and all the cranes (are they cranes or crows?) I've been attempting lately! I think I've given up on your yoga pose from yesterday. I just can't get my leg over my shoulder. :)

    Man do I get distracted – I actually wanted to post another comment asking you which of the 3 blades you used for your zucchini noodles. Mine seem to come out quite a bit thicker, but I could be wrong since I'm looking at a picture. Yours look beautiful!

    I've spiralized a cucumber and yellow squash, but when I attempted a carrot it didn't work so well. Unless you have a super thick carrot you're just going to end up with little curly bits.

  11. Deb-Yeah, cheap thrills round here :)

    G.C.-Thanks for stoppin by and yeah, the dressing is really yumm I un-humbly admit :) I ordered some PB2 a mere 10 days ago and it still isn't here…Lame!

    Glad you found my giveaway, please enter it as many times as you want and let people know…it seems a little slow in bloggie land or somethin'.

    I have Chia and Stevia I'm peddling away to good homes!

  12. Averie, Your happiness and enthusiasm for your new blog and home is infectious! :) So happy for you. Okay, this: Does anyone want a flacid, limpy, & skinny zuke schlong?
    ROFLMAO!!!! No, no I don't thank you very much. ;) Missing you guys. Love, Sahara

  13. Wow! That zucchini pasta is amazing! I think your spiralizer is a lot better than mine!! I love peanut style dressing! I always just use PB2, but I definitely need to try that recipe! It looks so tasty!!!

  14. Andrea-Thanks for sayin hi and I love peenutty noods too!

    Jenny-Torture devices would be 6 inch stilettos and flat irons but the spiralizer is really no biggie. I can grind a whole zuke in about 90 secs. Try it girl, 29.99 Amazon. Namaste to you, Beautiful :)

    VG-It just proves that great minds think alike AND it's that destiny thing…I was destined to know you. After all, we both have the same bamboo organizer xoxo. And yeah, really only 2 squares after all those peanutty noods.

    Shanghi Monkey-The sauce would be puurrrfect with fresh Thai rolls. Now you've got me wanting rice paper…hmmm….

    Flacid n limpy, just the way no one likes 'em :) Glad I made ya laugh.

    Hayley-I do the same thing too with washing my cooking and prep work dishes before I even sit down. Husband is playing with Skylar so I take advantage and get my chores done first b/c after dinner it's a downhill slide til bedtime.

    And yeah, Homegoods is actually side by side with the local Marshall's here and for women's clothes, I hate bargain shopping, the clutter and chaos prevents a joyful retail experience, but for random house crap, it's perf.

    I just cut up the schlong and threw it in with the noodles. Remember that woman about 10 yrs ago who cut off her man's goodies…yeah, that's me. Edward scissorhands over here.

    What else you been spiralizin' besides zukes? I may need variety but honestly I think I will need to OD on this stuff first :)

  15. That looks very similar to what I've been eating almost all week! I am in love with the Paderno spiralizer….but I don't get the whole zucchini schlong thing either..LOL.

    I had no idea that Home Goods carried stuff like that…OH NO!! Now I want to go there very badly. It's hard enough trying not to go into Bed Bath & Beyond! Your drawers look very well organized. :)

    I am anal about dishes. I cannot sit down to eat a meal without having everything all washed and into the dishwasher or on the drying rack.

  16. "Does anyone want a flacid, limpy, & skinny zuke schlong?" LOL!! ^_^

    Thanks for the peanut sauce recipe. I'm going to try it as a dipping sauce for fresh Thai veggie rolls.

  17. Okay, so I'm loving the spiralizer action and the chocolate (um, only 2 squares?? whimp, haha), but…


    Yes, the craziest things excite me.

  18. not gonna lie, your spiralizer looks like some kind of torture device. Well, I suppose it kind of is torture — since I don't have one and can't make that delish meal!

    namaste, honeypie!