Sunday morning.  Ahh…after breakfast in bed, a 2 hour massage, and luxuriating over the newspaper, I decided to take a bubble bath.  Just kidding!!!!!!  I have a 2.5 year old so none of that has happened in years.  And it probably won’t for a few more.  But it’s a nice thought.  

As a consolation prize for the non-existent brekkie in bed, on Saturday for a quick minute I dashed out to a little vegetarian cafe herb store kinda place called Chakra4Herbs.  I think they actually do some mail order, and I will say there were tons of dry herbs.  Both medicinal and cooking and a smattering of what I’d called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs so if you know what you need and can speak Mandarin or Szechuan, you could totally order yourself something.

The shopkeeper wasn’t too keen on photos but I snapped 3 in with my lighting fast mo-jo.

Shelves of medicinal Chinese bottled herbs


Shelves of various Chinese herbs in jarsShelves filled with containers of Chinese herbs

Thanks for your props on the Raw Vegan Apple Crumble post…that shizzle is the bomb.   Please report back if you make it, okay!  And the chia pudding is so easy-peasy, it takes 3 seconds to dump the ingredients in a bowl and you’re done “cooking”.  Then, you just wait for the little seed buggers to work for ya, and in a half hour, you’re golden.  Glad you liked it.

Here’s the eats that have been goin’ down in da crib…

I cut up alot of fruit.  First a watermelon.

Sliced watermelon in clear container

Then a pineapple.

Diced pineapple in clear container

I swear Skylar has eaten a half a pineapple today.  Hope you’re not eating while you read this, but her doo-doo smells like pineapple she’s eaten so much.  How’s that for TMI?  Sorry.  Life of a mom.

Young girl in purple shirt smiling in front of staircase

And I put it all the fruityness together with a brekkie cookie and some grapes.  Froze the life right outta it, and enjoyed.  I love chilly fruit. 

Clear container with breakfast cookie, grapes, watermelon and pineapple

And then a tray of nanners went into the Magic Box

Banana slices on dehydrator tray

And after 5 hours at 118 F they came out.  Really good.  But woulda been better if the nannas had been almost over-ripe.  I’m learnin’ all the time.  Really ripe = better for dehydrating becuz they were alot sweeter last time and the only diff was the ripeness level.  Blame TJ’s…they have alotta nerve puttin’ out green nanners and I didn’t have the proper patience to wait for them to ripen another day or three.

Dehydrated banana slices on tray

And while I had the hot box fired up I sliced some carrots with a knife.  I didn’t need any lose-a-thumbnail-mandolin replays.  I almost coated them in EVOO, lime juice and chili powder, but I thought I’d try things a la natural for my first go round.

Sliced carrots on dehydrator tray
Up close of sliced carrots on dehydrator tray

Kinda glad I didn’t waste spices or a lime because after 5 hours there was some major shrinkage goin’ on.  Still good, but I think I need to cut bigger chunks kinda like Gina did today.

Dehydrated carrots on tray with hand next to them
Close up of dehydrated carrots on tray

I did whip up a batch of Thai Inspired Peanut Sauce.  I have mentioned before that this stuff is drinkable.  Who needs champagne when you can just pour yourself a glass of peanut sauce?  Cheaper and much more protein the bubbly.

Averie’s Thai-Inspired Peanut Sauce

Into the VitaSauceMeUp went:
Generous 1/2 c PB
Juice of a 1/2 orange, probably 1/3 c
3 Tbsp ACV (apple cider vinegar)
3 Tbsp Sesame Oil
3 Tbsp Agave
3 Tbsp Maply Syrup
Twist o Black Pepp

Ingredients needed to make Thai-Inspired Peanut Sauce in blender

The last time I made the Peanut Sauce, I didn’t quite end up with as much quantity as I did today and I wanted to have a ton today.  And I got it.  Probably yielded about 1 to 1.25 cups of the Asian Peanut Delight.  ‘Nuff to store for a half a week or so in the fridge.  I don’t worry bout this stuff spoiling between the PB, the acids from the ACV and OJ, no worries which I why I made it biggie size.

Blended up Thai-Inspired Peanut Sauce in blender

For din-din I took spiralized zuke noods, cukes, red & yellow pepps and made my Thai-Peanut Inspired Noodle dish.  My peanut sauce is my current go-to for saucey lust, and the zuke noods are still gettin’ high marks.  And when you combine ’em…Supremely delish. 

Spiralized zucchini with vegetables drizzled with peanut sauce

Pooled up P-Sauce.  Drinkey drinkey.

Spiralized zucchini on plate showing pooling of peanut sauce

Before I forget, I wanna give props to Mama Alison for whoopin’ it up with 2 of my recipes in one day...she crisp-ified my apple crumble and she got down with the Raw Herbalicious Goddess Salad dressing.

Back to things round here…. 

Dessert was some of the off the chain raw apple crumble on a bed of nanna vanilla-spiked softserve with a side ‘o ‘Whippy for the non-vegans in da crib.  OMG so freakin’ ahhhh-may-zingggg!  You love my modesty toward my own un-baked treats, don’t you.  I know, I’m so un-humble it kills me, too.

Raw apple crumble on softserve topped with whipped cream

Moving right along to shopping & some bowlin’ action…major Target score.  From left:  ramekins 2.99 each will make great raw apple crumble holders, 4 larger bowls at the top were 89 cents each!  (stonewear not plastic!), 4 dippin’ bowls that were 99 cents each (plastic), and 4 slightly larger dip holder bowls for 1.79 each (porcelain).  So all in all, I was bowled over with my finds and now I have plenty o storage for all the dips-n-sauces I’ve been puttin’ out.

Various sized dishes and bowls on countertop

Do you have an obsession with finding dishes?  Where and how do store and organize them?  I have plenty of cupboard space, I just need to make everything accessible so nothin’ gets lost in the ole shuffle, ya know?

Yoga today is Warrior I, aka Virabatrasana A.  Your drishti, or gazing point, should be your hands but careful not to crink-n-scrunch up your neck & shoulders.  Your neck should feel happy & your shoulders should remain low-n-relaxed.

Woman doing Virabatrasana A yoga pose

If you could do anything on a weekend day, what would it be and why?  I am a creature of habit since having Skylar but am trying to do more stuff, different stuff, and most of all, that ever-elusive alone-time-just-for-Averie-stuff.  What floats your weekend activity boat?  That’s my Tip of the Day too:  Break outta your rut and shake your life up.  You’ll be surprised at all the fun you’ll discover!


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