Raw Vegan Chocolate Turtle on parchment paper

Hand holding one Raw Vegan Chocolate Turtle

I came up with a shortcut homemade version that take you precisely 10 minutes.

Raw, Vegan, 3 Ingredients.

Raw Vegan Gluten-Free 3-Ingredient, 10-Minute Chocolate “Turtles”
1/3 c pecans (walnuts will do in a pinch)

1/2 c melted chocolate (i.e. 2 Full-Size Squares of Melted Baker’s Brand Chocolate because it’s dairy-free, or melt 1/2 c Chocolate Chips, or a Cocoa Powder/Agave/Coconut Oil Mix)

1/8 to 1/4 c agave + pinch of salt.  Freeze this mixture to create your raw vegan caramel sauce.  Or, use your favorite Caramel Sauce or Caramel Ice Cream Topping

Yields: 4 Turtles.  Intentionally a very small recipe, feel free to mass-produce.

First, melt your chocolate (Raw Foodies, use whatever ratios of raw cocoa powder, agave, & coconut oil suits you to keep it raw).  I use the 45 seconds in the microwave trick and melted about 1/4 c worth, which is 1 Baker’s Chocolate Full-Sized Square. (You’ll melt the other square later).

Squares of Bakers Brand Chocolate in green bowl
Semi-Melted Chocolate in bowl with spoon stirring

Take the 1/3 c pecans & Divide into 4 Piles on parchment paper or wax paper for easy removal & Pour the melted Chocolate over the Nut Piles.  Try to distribute it evenly.

Four piles of pecans topped with melted chocolate on parchment paper

Next, Pour the Caramel Sauce of your choice over the Chocolate-ized Nut Piles

Chocolate covered pecan piles drizzled with caramel sauce on parchment paper

I love Caramel so I was not shy about going heavy-handed.

Up close of caramel drizzled Turtle
Overhead of caramel drizzled over Turtle stack

Pour Chocolate over the Top.  I melted up 1 more square now.

Bakers chocolate in green bowl semi-melted being stirred with spoon
Two turtles with chocolate spooned over caramel on parchment paperCloseup of chocolate covered turtle

Transfer to the Freezer or Fridge to allow for hardening.

Two finished and refrigerated Raw Vegan Chocolate Turtles

In a half hour or less, look at how chilly & yummy that Vegan Turtle looks!

Up close of one Raw Vegan Chocolate Turtle
Hand holding one Turtle

The Underside of the Raw Vegan Turtle

Underside of one Raw Vegan Chocolate Turtle on parchment paper

Hand holding up Turtle sowing the underside

And the side view

Hand holding turtle showing the side
Hand holding up one Raw Vegan Chocolate Turtle showing top
Do you like Turtles?


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