New Camera Bag


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I have been waiting for this bag for about 6 weeks and it arrived yesterday!

Camera Bag with colorful design down middle

Backside of camera bag

Overhead of camera bag showing design

I had this bag custom made.   You want to know where, don’t you?

From Porteen Gear on Etsy.  The bag was handcrafted by the extremely talented Robyn Porteen.   And also thanks to Madeline for tipping me off about Robyn’s great bags!

Flap flipped over showing front pockets and zippered pocket

I hand-selected and chose everything about the bag’s colors and details.

In case anyone is serious about ordering one, these were my choices:

Accent Fabric: Old World Fan
Leather: Chocolate
Strap Color: Brown
Waxed Canvas: Tan
Interior Fabric Color: Teal

For more info on the dizzying array of choices, see Robyn’s other website, Porteen Gear.  The combinations and permutations on all the different fabrics are mind-boggling and I spent an entire weekend just looking things over.  And then looking some more.  And changing my mind some more.

I am thrilled with how it all came together!

Hand holding up front flap showing pockets and clasp

Close up of front of camera bag with flap flipped over

All these amazing pockets will store my DSLR Camera, and the Nifty Fifty LensAnd hopefully many more lenses, one day, too.

Overhead of camera bag showing individual sections

The bag has zippers, compartments, and pockets, that just keep going and going.  And going.  And I love that!

Inside camera bag showing Velcro pocket

I am thrilled with my bag.  Robyn is amazing to work with and made sure I was 100% satisfied with my bag.  Her workmanship is amazing, her after-the-sale care has been outstanding, and I know I will have this bag for years to come.  I’ve had my pink Chanel Bag for years, so I know when I find a bag I love, I will keep it for a very long time.

Hand holding camera bag

From my earlier post and recipe for Chipotle Salsa Lentils with Mixed Vegetables, I’m glad the recipe sounded good to you.

Chipotle Salsa Lentils with Mixed Vegetables

Lots of you mentioned that you haven’t tried making lentils at home because of the “work”.  I didn’t soak these, I didn’t do anything “special” or complicated.  I just boiled water and added lentils, and in less than a half hour, the whole meal was ready.

Dessert: Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies (With Peanut Flour, GF & Vegan).

Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you don’t have peanut flour, use another flour like almond, coconut, whole wheat, etc.  I have heard mixed reports on the peanut flour being discontinued but so far, my TJs still is saying, it’s gone and done.  Sniff sniff.

Backside of Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie


1. Do you like bags and purses?

I do!  I have so many bags.  Everything from gym bags, bags I take to work, lunch and on-the-go-snack bags, bags I keep Skylar’s things in, purses, handbags, evening clutches, and that’s not even counting my luggage.

Two purses

Yes, I love bags.

2. Have you ever had anything custom made?  What was it?  Anything you’d like to have custom made?

For me, I’ve had:

Nike shoes customized with colors.  Pink was involved.

Furniture that I selected the upholstery and wood choices (from a list)

And with a few different houses I’ve owned, I was able to select some of the trim, fixtures, and more final elements like color of carpet and paint.  But I’ve never bought a house early enough in the building process to select things like banister color, type of granite, type of tiles on the roof, type of shower head, or that sort of thing.  In that sense, I am glad I have never bought a house at when it was just a dirt lot.  Thinking about what color to paint the baseboards in the spare bedroom and what size and color knob to put on the toothbrush and hairbrush drawer in the third bathroom is just a bit much.  I think it could be a bit crazy-making for me.

3. Do you like choices or do they overwhelm you?

I love choices but they can overwhelm me.  Not always, but sometimes.

I think most people overwhelmed with too many choices.

Either that, or you start second-guessing the choice you thought you just were “all set” with making.   Does that ever happen to you?  You choose something and then change your mind.  And change it back again?

Have a great night!


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  1. Although I usually love your site -and your recipes, I was really surprised and appaled that you bought a bag specifically with leather! If you avoid meat and this helps ease the suffering of animals, how can you choose something like a bag that exploits animals?! I am just very surprised at this ….

  2. Wow! It doesn’t even look like a camera bag. And all the details are fabulous.

    My favourite bag is a sling bag. I call it my purse. I don’t use normal purses unless I’m travelling on business.

    Choice is good, but endless choice can put me in a tailspin of either indecision or constantly changing my mind.

  3. Your new camera bag is gorg! I love bags! Especially designer ones. :) Pocket books + sunglasses float my boat!!

  4. i love the fabric on the bag! such a cute design! i LOVE bags– i mean i actually don’t go for expensive ones- i opt for the brands at target haha, but so fun to shop for them!hmm have i had anything custom made? OH YES.. i have a silver ring on my thumb that i wear everyday that says “believe’ and then my parents wrote ‘we love you’ on the inside that they got custom made for me a few years ago!

  5. LOVE THAT BAG, Averie!!! I’ve actually been looking for a camera bag too, as mine is kind of torn in the seams. I wonder how much that cost you? And does it protect your camera and equipment well?

    1. $150ish

      And yes, it’s protective. I mean, it’s still a soft-sided fabric bag, but it is protective nonetheless. I think you would dig it :)

  6. That is a BEAUtiful bag! I’ve considered having custommade bags done, but never had the money…I think needing one for a specific purpose like a camera would be a great excuse ;-)

    I am not a huge bag-shopper, but I do think it over a lot when I get one – I think a bag is a practical item, and a nice one you’ll enjoy every day, while an ugly or unconfortable one you’ll regret every day…yours looks like a score! Have a nice w-e when you get there!

  7. Maddie knows her stuff! That bag is awesome!

    I like bags but I’m SO picky about them. It needs to be really awesome for me to buy it!
    And as far as choices, I am the queen of indecisive-ness so too many choices stress me out. I often have people just choose for me!