Trader Joe’s Peanut Flour Discontinued


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You may have been living under a rock and never knew peanut flour existed.

Bag of Peanut Flour

Inside bag of peanut flour

Or that it’s become a very hot commodity in the blogosphere the past few months.

Peanut Flour in scoop

But if you want to make these cookies, you’d better make them now.

Of course, you can use other flours but the peanut flour worked especially nicely. If being gluten-free is important for your dietary needs, make sure you use flour from a gluten-free contract manufacturing company with quality certifications.

Vegan GF Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chips Cookies with Peanut Flour

Hand holding one Vegan GF Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chips Cookie with Peanut Flour
Backside of cookie
Vegan GF Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chips Cookie with Peanut Flour up close

What’s the rush, you ask?

Well, apparently TJ’s is discontinuing carrying peanut flour due to low sales.   You’d think the blogosphere was single-handedly keeping sales up. Julie, Deb, and Gabriela I know were at least helping keep 4th quarter sales up.

I’ve heard that TJ’s is bringing in a gluten free flour, instead. It seems that more people want GF flour than Peanut flour.

A few months ago I wrote a post about why TJ’s is successful, what products of theirs are private labeled especially for them, and various other TJ’s Trivia if you care to read itYou may be surprised to learn that Stacy’s Pita Chips and TJ’s in-house brand are one in the same.

Disclaimer: The information I have is word of mouth from TJ’s employees and from various other blog posts I have read.  I have searched the internet for written “proof” but nothing comes up.  Then again, would discontinuing peanut flour really make front page google news to people other than bloggers?

What else do I make with Peanut Flour?

Cinnamon Sugar Peanut Buttery Chickpea “Peanuts” with Peanut Flour

Not the prettiest food, but they taste heavenly
Close up of Cinnamon Sugar Peanut Buttery Chickpea "Peanuts"
Cinnamon Sugar Peanut Buttery Chickpea "Peanuts" in clear container

Those are cinnamon + sugar + peanut flour little “nuts” and boy, they are addictive!

A few Cinnamon Sugar Peanut Buttery Chickpea "Peanuts" on bottom of container

You can also make my Carmelized Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts” if you don’t have peanut flour.  And none of us will have peanut flour for much longer so get used to this recipe.

Carmelized Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea "Peanuts" on foil lined pan
Overhead of Carmelized Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea "Peanuts"


But if you aren’t a fan of peanut flour, or never even had the chance to try it, but still have a soft spot in your heart for peanut butter, try making a Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bar

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bar

Or make some Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls (or Sunflower Seed/Almond/Cashew Butter balls)

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls
Close up of Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls

From my last post about Target Finds and Smoothie Helpers, it was fun to hear what you put in your cart at Target.

And what you like, or don’t like, to put into your smoothies and your views on smoothie “optimizers” or additional powders or helpers.  Many of you say you have tried Vega products and are fans of them.

Oh, and quite a few people thought that the Vega samples I mentioned were a Target find.  No. I went to Target, came home, and found Vega samples waiting for me in the mail.  Just wanted to clear that up so no one runs out to Target thinking they are going to score Vega at their local Tar-jay.


1. Have you tried peanut flour?  Thoughts if you did?

Yes, I have (obviously) tried it and I like it but I will be honest, too much peanut flour (or too many beans) and my GI system don’t always get along super well.

So although I love the taste of peanut flour, my tummy doesn’t always love it.  A little is fine but I could never make “peanut flour paste” that I saw so many bloggers make and use without major GI upheaval.

2. Will you miss peanut flour if you are a fan?

There are online sites that sell peanut flour, and there is also PB2, but based on price and convenience, TJ’s is much better for me on all fronts.

I will miss it, of course, but since I wasn’t as much of a fan as some people, I’ll live.

3. Foods you’ve Seen in the Sphere that you’ve been inspired to try, for better or for worse?

Not a comprehensive list but some of my favorites include…

Sun Warrior Brown Rice Protein Powder


Hemp Seeds


Coconut Oil


And now, I can’t imagine my life without those things.

Things I’ve tried because of the sphere but still don’t really love include Hemp Protein, Dulse Flakes, and I don’t know, I’m drawing a blank.

The power of blogs is remarkable.  What have you tried because of blogs or anything new you’re tried lately? Did you like it?

Have a great Hump Day!

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  1. Be careful of where your peanuts come from. Peanuts are harvested and stored causing much moulds to form. Then they irradiate them; meaning they high-fire-heat them to kill bacterias and moulds. This then depletes the nutritional value of the peanut. Peanuts are’nt what they’re all cracked up to be, no pun intended.

  2. I bought peanut flour at TJs today. I talked to the manager and he looked it up for me. He said they don’t sell much of it, but the computer currently says they are still able to purchase it. So it’s not discontinued…yet. I bought 2 just in case. I’ll keep checking back. Not sure if it matters, but I live in southern California.

    1. thanks for the info…I talked to my location and they said they can’t. Maybe a store to store thing…thanks for the info!

  3. How sad! I’ve been working on a cookie recipe with that peanut flour. I’d love to find another source. But like you said, I wonder how many people outside the food blogging world would really notice. I used peanut flour in a brownie recipe I blogged earlier this week and my mom was “what is that?!” even though I had mentioned it a few times on the blog.. shows how carefully she reads ;)

    On the other hand it really doesn’t surprise me that TJ’s is discontinuing a product I like. It’s happened a few times before and always makes me wonder why I like the things that apparently no one else does – do I really have such weird taste?!

    I’ve been buying my quart-size Almond Breeze there (they had the best price) and last weekend I didn’t see any on the shelf. Fearing they had discontinued yet another product I liked, I immediately asked the manager. He had to to a bit of research but finally came up with some information that they were replacing the AB with a their own brand of almond milk (hmmm…. ya think maybe it’s the same stuff, relabled?) I hope to see it there next time, I need my almond milk! (They carry Pacific brand too, but that’s sweetened, and I want the unsweetened, thankyouverymuch!)

  4. I have never used peanut flour but there are a lot of places in my city to buy it, so I will definitely be giving it a try.

  5. You can still find peanut flour online! Check out Montebello Kitchens, Protein Plus Peanut Flour and Byrd Mill.

  6. I love Trader Joe’s, and I love peanut flour! I have been making low-fat peanut sauce with it for my salad rolls.

    Things I found out about from blogs and have tried:
    * different types of flour (coconut flour, peanut flour, etc.)
    * spelt
    * coconut oil
    * Green smoothies


  7. Devastation. Well not really as you can still get the stuff on line at Byrd Mill. However, this is precisely the reason that if I find something I LOVE LOVE LOVE, I buy at least three of them, perhaps more…lip colors, sneakers, jeans, etc etc….because otherwise they WILL be discontinued as it’s written in the stars somewhere. And there’ still always PB2 (the original) but it’s not as tasty. Thanks big time for the heads up though!

  8. the power of blogs really IS amazing. I definitely found out about the peanut flour from blogs, but to be honest it never really hooked me. reading blogs, for better or for worse, has changed the way I think about running (which used to be purely for joy, but lately has become more goal oriented due to all the races and flaunting of race times I see). Blogs definitely impact my life — probably about 10% of it!

  9. Im still in disbelief that their discontinuing peanut flour. I called my trader joes yesterday and asked about it and the employee pulled it up on the computer and said it didnt have an X next to it or anything showing it was being discontinued. Im hoping its just certain stores that are getting rid of it.

  10. I found you post trying to find out what happened to the Peanut flour. Now I know why our store no longer has it. Thanks

  11. I’ve never tried peanut flour b/c I don’t have a TJ anywhere near me and it makes me sad and I tell anyone who will listen.
    Best web find-sun warrior!

  12. Hadn’t tried the peanut flour so I don’t know what I’m missing! Reading your blog has had me upping my nooch intake. I always knew it was good on popcorn, but now I’m learning all the other amazing things to do with it. I got hooked on vitamineral green after reading about it in the blogosphere. I know some people like it and some think it’s gross or just a bunch of hooey, but I know that I feel the difference when I use it and that’s all that matters to me.

    BTW – made my first batch of Vegan Slaw Dressing today and it forced me to come out of lurking to tell you how much I love it! Ate some extra salad just to have more. Loving the new blog look. ;)

  13. makes sense they would get rid of it with the peanut allergies so rampant these days. and GF flour is a big market. although almost all of TJs products say made on wheat equipment so I wonder the real GFness of them. I guess you better go stock up on the peanut flour now.

    I tried most of those things before blogging and no matter how much subliminal messaging to get to try a certain something I won’t if it’s gross to me *cough* stevia *cough* maca. But it does give me more ideas to do with some of those things.

  14. Well, my friend, you put peanut flour on my radar (we have a store in town here that carries a few TJ’s products) and now you’re letting me know that it’s set to depart from our lives. I’ll be sorry to see it go. I haven’t consumed very much of it myself, but have made lots of things for Phil and his daughter and other friend that have been very well appreciated. And I really worry about the high omega-6 levels of peanuts, so I feel much more comfortable with peanut flour, which has had most of the fat squeezed out. If I really want a banana-peanut butter smoothie, I feel much better using peanut flour and adding a little coconut oil.

    I guess we could make our own by making peanut milk and drying the pulp, but seriously, peanut milk???

    Hey: quick question (only if you have a second): blogger’s telling me I hit my photo limit–I’ve removed a few pics but can only do so much of that: do you know if there’s any way around it other than buying more space? Thanks.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday to Skylar!! I hope she has a great year: I loved being four.

  15. I’m not a big peanut fan– it makes my tummy feel AWFUL– but I’m sorry to hear that they’re discontinuing the peanut flour for all those who love it! I wish they would replace it with ALMOND FLOUR!! Almond are much easier on my system, but it’s kind of a pain to make my own almond flour at home… but it might be worth making to try your cookie recipe! :D

    Best thing I discovered from the blog world? Nutritional yeast!! It used to scare me, but I’ve recently fallen in love with it.

    1. they do have it, it’s called almond meal. same thing as almond flour, meal vs. flour, but same thing.

  16. Great peanut flour recipe inspiration. Truthfully I’m trying to cut down my peanut intake, so I’m seeing this as an opportunity to work more with garbanzo flour and almond flour.

    1. Yes, I tried to use it in socca, got peanut pudding instead. :-) Also in pancakes and oatmeal, it does have a great flavor, but doesn’t agree with me that well.
    2. Maybe, but I’ll move on and try other products.
    3. Larabars, garbanzo flour, Kind bars – to name a few.

  17. Ok, this is a flour I don’t have. I used to be a fan of PB2 powdered peanut butter, which was basically peanut flour. The only thing I worry about with peanut flour is if it’s processed under high heat and damp, mold-friendly conditions that encourage aflatoxin growth. I guess just like everything else, moderation is key! :)

  18. NOOOOO, don’t remind me! I need to stock up ASAP! I’m hitting up all the TJ’s in a 50 mile radius :)

  19. We don’t have TJ’s in Canada so I couldn’t care less, ha! Actually, I’m just being bitter because I really like Trader Joe’s and would love if I could shop there regularly!

    Honestly, I don’t buy anything anymore that was inspired by bloggers. I’ve tried all the things you listed and they were all too expensive. These days, I like to splurge my money on the organic butcher across the street as opposed to junk that takes up space in my pantry :P

      1. yay for faster load times!

        and also i totally agree with you that altho i have learned tons from blogs, i now know what works and what i like and am MUCH more selective about what i buy that’s “new”.

  20. I haven’t tried peanut flour yet, but I am reading about its glory everywhere. I would definitely make cookie with it, hands down.

  21. Wow!! I never saw that coming. I’ve never tried the peanut flour but I’ve seen it at my health food store and always said “next time.” I better get their ASAP so that I can at least get a taste of the stuff:)

    Foods I’ve seen on the sphere that I was inspired to try were…kombucha, maca, dulse, cacao powder..and so much more:)

  22. I have been totally living under a rock. Peanut flour sounds lovely, and it makes me sad that I may not be able to try these before they’re gone. Bummer!

    Do you know if it’s possible to *make* peanut flour by grinding to a powdery substance? Or is peanut flour different than straight up, ground peanuts?

    Your cookies look absolutely divine! :D

    1. I am sure that grinding them would work but be careful as i have made peanut BUTTER real quick from grinding peanuts. Skipped flour stage and went straight to butter stage.

  23. Ugh, I really hope that is just a rumor! I looove TJ’s peanut flower! I would be very sad if it’s discontinued :(

  24. Sorry to hear that TJ’s is discontinuing the peanut flour. Will you be able to get it somewhere else for a similar price?
    I haven’t been able to find it locally, so I haven’t tried it yet.

    Thanks to the wonderful blogs & video blogs out there (like yours Averie) I’ve been inspired to try: chia seeds, hemp protein powder, stevia, coconut oil, coconut flakes, maca, lucuma powder, nut / seed butters (almond, cashew, hazelnut, macadamian, sunflower, tahini), raw cacao powder, glass straws, soaked nuts / seeds, quinoa, dried cherries, flax seeds, Tooth Soap, Tooth Brightener, and Tooth Swish. With the exception of the Hemp protein powder, I’m still eating / using all of the above.

      1. yes you can order online but i won’t bother (likely)

        thanks for the sweet praise and for always being so warm in your comments, beth :)

  25. Ahhhh, bummer ’bout the peanut flour. Here I was really enjoying having it on hand for those cookies. I think I’ll make some peanut flavored hot cocoa this afternoon to honor it.

    I actually just left some online feedback for TJ’s, asking them not to discontinue it. I’m like you–too much PF isn’t good for me. My naturopath encourages me to limit peanuts to keep my skin looking its best. So like you, I’ll live. But disappointing to not have the option.

    Link in case anyone wants to hollah at TJoe’s:

    The blogosphere has turned me on to some of the same stuff: nutritional yeast, liquid stevia, hemp seeds, maca (sort of meh on maca, truth be told), I’m sure there are other things, but I gotta run.

    Have a great day. :-)

  26. Oh no!! I love peanut flower!!! I make blueberry peanut pancakes with it :( Good thing I have 2 bags of it in the house, hmm, maybe I should pick up another 2! lol

  27. i work at whole foods, and it’s totally the same there. we use a lot of our vendors to make for our private brand..

  28. NOOOOO Trader Joes, why do you do this! I love my peanut flour and I remember they also use to carry chocolate and pb covered malt balls and now those are gone. :( Lame! I will make these cookies though. Thanks for the awesome recipe Averie!

  29. I have blogs to thank for most of my eating habits now! Nooch, coconut milk, greek yogurt, sunflower seed butter….there are so many foods (and food preparations, like oatmeal!) that I never would have discovered if I hadn’t started reading blogs. And I definitely would not have become a successful vegetarian without seeing the success of so many! Averie, blogs like yours help me to live a healthier life!

  30. I hate it when I fall in love with a product and incorporate it into my standard diet and then it gets discontinued. (That happened with a spicy broth I adore; I’m down to my last two containers!) Stock up on that peanut flour and keep it in a cool place in an airtight container! I myself never used the peanut flour, because peanuts don’t agree with Rob.

    I’m in deep doo-doo if coconut oil becomes scarce. Which, according to a message from Tropical Traditions, could happen if coconut sugar becomes too popular.

  31. Have no fear! I recently got peanut flour online from, for those who are looking for alternatives once TJs runs out. It’s by the brand Protein Plus and it’s $6.99 for a pound… I actually never tried the TJs version, but this one is pretty good, and I assume they would taste similarly! I’ve been including it in lots of baked goods, and your cookies just reminded me that I should try something like that! They sure do look yummy ;)

  32. Oh no I love peanut flour!! I can’t believe it had low sales, at least at my location — it always seemed to be running out! I made my best cookies EVER with peanut flour. Boohoo. =(

    1. i know, crazy..right? but i think So Cal shopping habits are different from other places which may be why it’s always out of stock here, and in other parts of the country, not as much of a hit.

  33. This must be a sick joke. Low sales?! Giiiirl, we are all using the stuff like it’s nobody’s business! Good thing I just had a friend of mine bring me approx. 4 of them:)

    I am dying to try Sun Warrior! Lately I’ve been digging putting maca, cacao nibs, and cacao powder with some vega protein in my Cookie Dough Bowls. Zing, energy! :)

  34. I’m so sad about the TJ peanut flour! Really, you’d think the blogosphere alone would prevent low sales. Products I’ve tried because of blogs: nutritional yeast, stevia, coconut butter, rice protein powder, chia seeds. Some have became staples (nooch and stevia) others not so much (chia seeds).

  35. Whaaaaaaat? I’ve been waiting til March (when i’m heading to NYC) to grab some peanut flour (can’t get it anywhere around here)….nooooo!! So sad:(

  36. I am so glad you mentioned that! The TJ’s peanut flour is still available in four packs on Amazon as of right now, so I just placed an order! I only just recently tried peanut flour and I love it for adding an extra protein boost to my smoothies or mixing in yogurt, so now I can prolong my newest blog food find a little bit longer. :)

  37. Wow, I can’t believe peanut flour is being discontinued…it really does seem like everyone’s been using it these days! I’ve definitely been influenced by blogs for a lot of my now staple ingredients…especially chia seeds and nutritional yeast. Must have them on hand at all times!!

  38. Great, now that I have learned of this product, I also learned that I cannot get it anymore, :-(

    I love peanuts…and the cookies in the pics look great.

  39. oh gosh, my heart just broke a little bit on the inside! I’m going to have to get to my closest TJs stat! any idea when this travesty is going in to effect? I think i’m going to send an email to the company begging them not to. (I’m so serious. Peanut Flour is my addiction!!)

  40. I’m kind of on the fence about peanut flour, but I commented on Julie’s post about this too. Ech TJs store carries their own stock – so just because one store discontinues something, doesn’t mean that it will be gone from all stores. It all depends on sales at that store. I remember the few stores in Phoenix all carried different items.

    I think a little of the peanut flour goes a long way. I like it added to baked stuff though. Gives it a nice peanut flavor without being overly peanut buttery.

    1. I know there is regional distribution on so many things, i.e I cant get the veggie masala burgers that east coast bloggies write about or some of their mustards or salsas. But i can get things they can’t get.

      And yes, a little goes a long way :)

  41. I can’t believe its going to be discontinued! We are getting a TJ where I live late this year and I have been wanting to try peanut flour for so long! I guess, I’ll have to find another away to get it!

  42. i’ve never tried it! i don’t eat legumes (peanuts) due to their inflammatory effect on my GI system so while i do mourn the loss for other bloggies. i’m excited to try the gluten free flour! i don’t really love dulse either but i do sprinkle it on my salad from time to time because i do know sea veggies are nutrient packed! i’ve seen ‘savi seed’ and never heard of it before!

  43. i am so mad at myself! i meant to get peanut flour yesterday and totally forgot. i have yet to try it but refuse to miss out!

  44. I’ve never tried Peanut Flour, but am very surprised to hear that it’s being discontinued!

  45. I have an unopened package of peanut flour sitting in my cupboards right now. I added it to smoothies, but never experimented beyond that. Now I want to stock up and make some of your goodies you just mentioned!

  46. I order my peanut flour from here:

    I bought 6 pounds and with shipping it ends up being about $5/lb which is cheaper than I’ve seen TJ’s online(amazon). Don’t know how much it is in the store because we don’t have TJ’s here.

    It’s localish for me too…at least in the same state! So when I order it’s here in 1 day!

  47. Hi Averie!

    I haven’t been able to track down peanut flour in my neck of the woods, but have been able to acquire PB2 (expensive!).

    I’ve tried many new foods because of the blogosphere! here they are:

    – kale
    – VEGA powders (the tropical and almond ones are my favorite!)
    – nooch
    – PB2
    – millet
    – steel cut oats
    – cacao nibs
    – almond milk



  48. i REFUSE to believe this. i wish i stocked up when i was there last, hopefully they still have it when i go next week.
    yeah, i still don’t want to believe it. i’m seriously very upset about it!

  49. I love peanut flour too, but I’ve relied on people in the states to send it too me, so I guess I’m out of luck!!

    All the things that you have written (except sun warrior) are my favorites too!! SO GOOD!! I can’t imagine my life without nooch or macca!!

  50. Thanks to your blog and others I have tried and LOVE Sun Warrior Protein and Ormus Greens, Nooch, Stevia, other ways to “dress up” oatmeal and Chia Seeds. My diet and health have been greatly improved thanks to blogs and these products! Thank You! Have a great day! Peace and Light

  51. I just wrote about this on my blog! I went to TJ’s and an employee confirmed that it is discontinued as of Jan. 13. I bought 8 of them when I heard, which pretty much cleared the shelf :)

    1. Lol that you cleared out the shelf…and that you wrote about it too. It’s front page news in bloggie world :)

  52. We don’t have TJ either and it seems a little more affordable than WF from what I read from everyone. Hate when products that I love get discontinued, ha! I didn’t even know they had such a thing as peanut flour. Yay!! Its Wednesday!! Have a good one!

  53. I’ve been meaning to try alternative flours to wheat, like coconut or almond, and it looks like peanut may have to wait unless I can find it somewhere else. We don’t have a TJ where I am, and it sucks because everyone is always raving about it and I would love to go there!

  54. I have never seen peanut flour here and very happy I haven’t. Their discontinuing of it could be because of the huge increase in children with peanut allergies which can mean a very fast death :( My daughter has a peanut allergy and it is no laughing matter! I am glad I have not seen it here, I would be more paranoid that someone baked with it and my daughter got a hold of it. People don’t take it seriously but even the smell of the oil of the peanut will cause a fast death. Please be careful where you take your baked goods that have peanut flour or peanuts period.

  55. Totally sad about this one! Luckily, I have like 5 bags in my cabinet :) That should last me a bit until we all find a substitute ;)

  56. I’ve not tried peanut flour. Not sure WFs carries it and we don’t have a TJ’s here. I do get the PB2, but not to really cook with as it isn’t exactly cheap. From your #3 list – the only think I’ve tried is the stevia. I’m a bit behind ;-)

    1. they dont have peanut flour at my WFs but there is regional distribution on certain items so you never know.

  57. You reminded me I have a new package of the peanut flour in my pantry, but I’ve yet to try it. I’ll have to get bakin’! :)
    Your site looks great! It’s been awhile since I’ve caught up on my reader, but it’s just lovely.

  58. Peanut flour i something I am really look forward to buying after this blizzard passes in chicago I am going to buy some! :)

  59. I’ve heard the rumor as welll, but isn’t it possible to get peanut flour from other sources (especially online)? I know TJ’s is muy cheap and convenient, but I don’t think they invented the stuff. I’m going to investigate…

    I just made a “ball” type recipe in honor of you and Katie and I don’t want to give it up hahah!

    1. Yes I wrote in the post that you can order other peanut flour online, it’s just that for me, I probably wouldnt bother.

      Ball type recipe..ooooh, can’t wait to hear about it :)

  60. Oh wow– I’m glad I picked up some at TJ’s a few weekends ago! I haven’t even opened mine yet though!

  61. I love peanut flour! I need to get there and buy all of them! PB2 is expensive and I like TJ’s more. So sad.

  62. They are discontinuing peanut flour before I get a chance to try it?!! Boo. I tried coconut butter because of blogs. Yum.

  63. OH no!!! i love my peanut flour:(:(:( I’m gonna have my mom go buy all the peanut flour at TJ’s and send it too me since there arent any in florida:( I want to make those cookies but i might have to conserve my flour stash:(

  64. I’m SO bummed they’re discontinuing P. flour! It’s pretty shocking that sales are low with how popular it is. I guess not everyone is dying to try new crazy flours though, unfortunately for us :[
    That said – it’s probably better for my wallet :P There is no TJ’s nearby so I’d have to buy it in packs of four + shipping online! I have two packs left…I’m not sure if I’ll be rationing it a couple tablespoons at a time to make peanut sauce or just go for it and make muffins or cookies! haha.
    If it weren’t for blogs, I’d have no idea what chia seeds are. Now I use them daily. I probably wouldn’t have given nut butters a second thought, either!

  65. I definitely tried sun warrior based on blog reading…but I think mostly what has happened is that I read about a product in a book, and then when I search for more info on the internet I end up on blogs and read about ideas for using it and what others think.
    I have never tried peanut flour. I like the idea, but I’m sure it would not be great for me either.
    I saw an article a few months ago about trader joes that talked all about how they do business and about how they choose their products, etc….and it made me respect them even more.

  66. I wish they couuld make almond or cashew flour instead! That would be awesome. I love PB flour, but we dont have TJ’s so I order PB2 online. Or when I am in California, I’ll stock up. No more I guess, bummer.

  67. I don’t know what I’m going to do without peanut flour!! It is seriously a staple in my diet. This is terrible!

  68. thanks to blogs, i have tried (and loved) stevia, kale chips, chia seeds, nutritional yeast…and a few i hope to try include seaweed snacks, peanut flour, coconut water.
    never been to a trader joe’s but will search it down when i’m in a city that has one (plan a vacation around whole foods, target and trader joe’s access, maybe!).
    have a great wednesday! we’ve got an official snow day here!

  69. I read a fantastic article about Trader Joe’s a few months ago and it made me fall even more in love with a store I’ve never been to. I like that they seem to listen to their customers and keep prices low, too. I can’t wait to live somewhere with a TJs in driving distance.