New DSLR Camera, Things Happening Not According to Plans


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Hi Friends!  Remember how I was all excited that I ordered a DSLR?  Well, it was snag central with that camera.  The universe did not want me to complete the order with the company with whom I originally ordered it.

I never mentioned it but I had to call them twice from Aruba for trivial details pertaining to my order. Hello international long distance charges.

I spoke to them on Dec 23 and they assured me it was going out on the 24th.  It never did.

Because the company is in NY and because of all the recent snow, FedEx and UPS were questionable at best, and there was no way it would be to the west coast before the weekend with the holiday weekend coming up.

So, I canceled the order.

I had researched myself crazy silly when I was looking to purchase the camera and you’d think it would have been easy to just hit purchase on one of the alternate companies?  Wrong, because I had purged all that data from my brain cells!

I had no idea what my alternate and runner up sites were, and then I started searching online and the making-myself-crazy-with-too-many-options stuff started happening again.

So I went and did something novel: I walked into a local camera store and bought it! In person. Not online.

This is the Camera I have: The Canon Rebel T2i

Canon Bag


Canon Rebel Eos t2i camera box


Close up of box that includes an EF-S 18-55 IS lens

I could have bought it for the same price at Target or Best Buy, but I wanted to support a local business.

I could have saved the money on tax, and had the options like the Memory Stick, UV Filter, and cleaner + cloth “thrown in for free” had I ordered it online somewhere, too.   But I didn’t and bought the camera and accessories in person.

4 GB Memory

4GB memory card
UV Filter


58 mm UV filter


Camera cleaning kit

Unfortunately the local store is out of the extra lens I ordered originally, so I do plan to order that from the cheapest place I can find it online.

But just like I had ants in my pants to unpack at 4am after our trip after being up 26 hours, I had ants in my pants to just buy this camera!

Hand holding camera showing back digital display


Overhead of camera showing buttons


Side view of camera showing buttons

And so even though I paid more than if I had waited a couple more days/week(s) for an online order, I am happy I bought it locally because if I do have questions, I live 10 minutes from the camera store and they can help me face-to-face.  And with a purchase like this, I realize that is well worth the price paid.

The 30 minutes I spent picking my sales associate’s brain were invaluable because this thing is just a tad complicated.

Inside box of camera with supplies


2 Thick Books + 4 Manuals
Camera book and manuals


+ 2 CD’s = A Tad Complicated.  By the year 2050, I’ll have this thing figured out!
Two CD's that came with camera


But I am so excited to get started playing with it and learning!

Thanks to everyone who chimed in about cleanses, detoxes, and detox diets that seem to be popular around this time of year.  It was great hearing if you’ve ever tried one, if you think they work, or if you ever will try one.  Different strokes for different folks, but most people said you’re not into detoxes or cleanses. It was nice to read everyone’s thoughts, respectful opinions, and perspectives on the matter and thank you to everyone who told me you really liked the post.

After I hit publish, I am going to make a big pot of Hearty Vegan Southwestern Sweet & Spicy Soup because it’s chilly here! It only takes about 10 minutes to chop the veggies for the soup, and 45 minutes to boil it all together, all at once. And in under an hour, the soup’s ready.  And I make enough at one time to feed all of us, many bowls over.   Batch cooking and planned leftovers at their finest.


Four bowls of Hearty Vegan Southwestern Sweet & Spicy Soup
Close up of Hearty Vegan Southwestern Sweet & Spicy Soup in white bowl


Hearty Vegan Southwestern Sweet & Spicy Soup in white bowl close up

1. Have you ever felt the Universe was conspiring against you, but in the end, it worked out as well as planned?  Or better than planned?
This camera is just one of many thing that have happened this way for me.  Fate, serendipity, luck, whatever you want to call it, things worked out on this one.

I didn’t save money, and in fact paid more than had the online order come through but it actually felt great to cancel the order from a company who showed ineptitude and give my money to a locally, privately owned independent retailer.

2. Have you ever felt the Universe was conspiring against you, but in the end, you did things your way, didn’t listen to the Universe’s subtle, or not so subtle, signs and signals?  How did that work for ya?
I wish so many times in my life that I had listened to the Universe.  Case in point, buying our house in Phoenix.  We hit more snags than an old knit blanket buying that house, moving there, moving from there back to San Diego after just 9 months.  Had I listened to any one of the 19 messages the Universe was giving me, I would have saved myself so much aggravation and trouble.  But, it was a lesson I needed to learn.

Remember this post about lessons?  This was a super popular post in case you missed it.

3. Do you ever suffer from Buyer’s Remorse? I don’t have it, at all with this purchase; just thought it would be fun to ask.
I don’t usually suffer from buyer’s remorse but I do suffer from talk-myself-out-of-buying-it-in-the-first-place syndrome.

See you back here later today!

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