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Hi Friends!  Wow, Monday’s almost over and I am just now getting my post off for the day!  I think the next couple days I will be afternoon rather than morning posting because I have so much going on that I won’t be able to hit Publish before I peel out of the driveway for the day!   I had a really busy day!  I got up early and did some cardio and then Skylar and I went to the gym and I lifted.  After that, I drove to Pacific Beach (which just happens to be where the Tattoo Parlor I want to have my 1/2 sleeve done at is located) and I picked up another Scoby.  I going to continue my Kombucha making efforts with my new Scoby, too, so that I have separate batches and brews going.   And then, I met up with my friend, Flo, and her daughters.   Pictures to follow tomorrow because I am about to overload your computers with tons of pictures in this post already…

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had fun at the Farmer’s Market.  (Here was my trip to the Farmer’s Market the previous week in case you missed that one.)

Yesterday I snapped as many pictures in a crowded farmer’s market as I could without looking like a total whack-job.  Enjoy! 

This is just one row of vendor stalls.  It’s about 5x the size shown here.

Mix-n-Match Plums, White Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots for $2/Pound
 Baskets were $4 each

 Locally grown Pineapples were 2.99 Each.  I scored one and it was gone in 5 minutes flat between Scott, Skylar and I!  And mangoes were 3 for $5.  Papaya was $2/pound. 

Local Flowers

 Beets & Black Radishes

 Crystal Apple Cucumbers on the left (no idea!) and various pickling cucumbers
 One huge tray of strawberries (3 pints) for 6 bucks. This scene was repeated 50 times over in all the vendor stalls

 Every imaginable Fresh Herb.  Wonder if they grow any Medical Marijuana..hah!
 Local Grapes

 Live Music for the Kids

 Hard to see but this woman’s fresh juices are amazing!  Cinnamon Rice Milk Horchata.  Swoon.

 Local Mushrooms

These little yellow finger squash are so good.  Squash blossoms for $6/lb, too!
Ever had a Japanese Turnip?  Ever had a turnip?  I think of them as a high class potato.
 Skylar loves this dip/relish with fresh cactus, red pepper, garlic, and onion!
Greens, Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Basil

 Local, Fresh, Raw Vegan, Gluten Free Vendor and they whack coconuts open, too
The Kombucha Vendor!
 There he is, singing the praises of kombucha and wheatgrass

 Here’s their flavors. Mango, raspberry, grape, blueberry..they are all hits with me!  Except each of those 12 oz bottles is $5.75.  Cannot afford that!  Good thing I am making my own!  

I have to say, they were not real friendly or keen on me making my own and of course cautioned me on improperly fermented foods can make you really sick (yes, I know) and after they realized I was kind of prying for how they flavor their kombucha, i.e. do they juice fruits, do they use juice from concentrate, etc. they were a bit closed-lip about it.   I did gather that they only use 5% of juice to 95% kombucha, so that was good to learn.  I understand they are running a business and it’s proprietary, but my at-home brew is not exactly a threat to their business.  I was just trying to learn and for most things it’s better to learn by talking to experts rather than just reading about it online!

Anyway, after such a dizzing array of choices, what did I buy?

A $2/bag of amazingly wonderful spring mix!

2 Red Peppers for $2.75

 $1 Broccoli

 Green Beans.  I don’t believe Raw Green Beans are Toxic.  But, if you missed that discussion, Click Here and here was the Follow-Up
 12 Long, Firm Inches.  Can you handle it?  I can’t…haha!  But it sure tastes great in my salad!

 7 vine-ripe tomatoes for $7 to last me until next Sunday.  A week’s worth, love it!

3 Plums, 2 Nectarines, 1 Peach, 6 Apricots.  Half gone.  Should have bought  more!

All gone:  My $2.99 Pineapple.  Should have bought 3 of these!
 The sweetest, juiciest, best pineapple I’ve had outside of the Caribbean!

Recipe Time!
I decided to put my Red Pepper to good use!  I made a new dip. 

It resembles This Dip

 Cheezy Hemp Nacho Sauce

But I like today’s recipe even better!  The title speaks for itself.  It reminds me of being in 7th grade and gobbling Spicy Doritos.  Yum.  What can I say, I loved those things and am happy to have recreated the flavor!

Averie’s “Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip
1/3 C Sunflower Seeds
1/2 C Hemp Seeds (if you don’t have these, use Cashews, all Sunflower Seeds, or try Sesame Seeds. Mix & Match your seeds as necessary)
1/4 C Nooch (nutritional yeast)
1/2 of a Red Pepper
3 Tbsp Lemon Juice
1/2 Tsp Salt (or to taste)
1/2 Tsp Chili Powder (add more to taste if desired)
1/8 Tsp Cayenne (add more to taste if desired)

Combine All Ingredients and Blend until Smooth

After a quick blend…

I think it even looks like Doritos cheesy coating.  Who doesn’t have memories of cheese-stained fingers from Doritos or Cheetos.  Admit it.  But we’ve all moved on.  Right?  And there are vegan options, now, to stain your fingers with!

Dip Anything from Raw Veggies to Chips to high Raw Vegan GF Crackers into the dip

 Raw Vegan GF Crackers i.e. Homemade Mary’s Crackers!

Or use it as a sauce over spiralized zucchini pasta!

For spiralizer info and what I have, where to buy it (the best $29.99 you’ll ever spend!) check out this post
That would be like eating Spicy Doritos Pasta.  I think that sounds great, actually!  
Raw, Vegan, Fast, Good Stuff.

For All my Nooch Recipes, including Sauces and Savory Recipes, and This Recipe for Vegan PB Cups, Click Here

From Yesterday…
Glad you all liked the Fresh Vegan Spring Rolls and 2 Minute Peanut Sauce Recipe!

 2 Minute Peanut Sauce Recipe

I have to have Tons of Peanut Sauce with Every.Single.Bite.
Peanut Sauce + Rice Paper Wraps with Fresh Veggies = Perfect!

There were also other Wraps and Filling Options like Raw Taco Nut “Meat” and Sesame Ginger Maple Glazed Tofu in case you missed those

 Recipes Here

And I loved hearing everyone’s crazy stories and shenanigans!  From ditching dates in movie theaters (Nelly) to Creepy Clowns at frat parties (Danielle), oh, I loved all of theseTrust me, for those of you who asked, I have tons more very not PG rated things I could mention, but they may not really be blog-worthy, ahem.  Then again…that’s what’s fun to read about, right!

Ok so this picture that I posted yesterday from my meetup with my friend Amber

And yes, to everyone who asked or noticed, that is a Pink Chanel Purse.  The matching pink wallet is inside.  I bought it about 5 years ago from the Chanel Store on Michigan Ave. in ChicagoI loved to shop.  I still do, but I have college tuition to think about for Skylar so Chanel bags are on hold.  For now.

The reason I am posting it again is because the blue sweater I am wearing (Circa 1992, high school, Abercrombie, wool, love it and wear it twice a week for the last nearly 20 years!) is now lost!  I could cry!  Here’s what happened…I went to the gym, threw my gym bag on a couch, took the sweater off, put the bag into a locker but the sweater must not have made it into the locked locker, and an hour later, as I was getting dressed to leave, the sweater was gone.  It’s no where to be found.  I asked everyone there and nobody turned in a sweaterSigh.   Who would want my sweater?!  The gym is 95% gay men.  I would think that they just want each other, not my sweater!  But, clearly somebody walked off with it and I am bummed.   I hold out less than 1% hope that it will be turned in.

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab: Full Body Workout

Tip of the Day:  My Give Away for Newman’s Own Organics 6-Chocolate Bars!!

Signature Series Chocolate
Who can pass up the chance to win 6 Chocolate Bars?
Click Here to Enter Now!  

1. Favorite thing to buy at the Farmer’s Market?  Anything you wish you could buy at the market?
Me = that local pineapple was awesome and I didn’t buy any this week but local blueberries are great!  I mean, really, local, organic (even if not certified), seasonal fruit.  What’s not to love!  For greens and veggies, I love local beets and broccoli.  Mmm, good.  What do you love from your market?

2. I know I asked this a week or so ago, but ’tis the season for Dips and Spreads.  Fourth of July is right around the corner.  What’s your fave dip these days?
As I said then, Spinach and Artichoke is mine and 2 readers were kind enough to email me their favorite vegan versions.  I haven’t made those yet, but I am going to, soon.    Any favorite dips you plan to make soon?

3. Did you like Cheetos or Doritos as a kid?  Or maybe even now? Really, who cares if you do!  Seriously, if you like it, eat it.  No biggie.  Don’t do it all the time, but whatever.  I am so sick of food dogma on blogs it drives me nuts!  Anyway, I loved Doritos as a kid, Cheetos too.  I haven’t had any in about 10 years, or more, on account of the gluten situation.  I simply cannot cheat on that or I am miserable for weeks.  Any “healthy” chips you like these days?  Or not so healthy ones, too?  haha!
Evan and many others seem to like the Food Should Taste Good Chips, I need to try those. 

4. Losing Things.  Do you do it?  What’s the most recent thing you lost?  Have you ever lost anything of value, either monetary or sentimental value?
Before having a child and feeling so fragmented, I rarely lost things.  I still rarely loose things.  I am anal, neat, Type A, and can tell you where my tax returns from 2001 and Scott’s baseball card collection, and Skylar’s favorite Barbie are, at all times.  I always know where things are and so it’s a total fluke about losing my sweater today.   And in most other situations besides and urban gym, I think it still would have been sitting there an hour later.  Sigh.  It’s not the money, it’s that I’ve had it forever and want it back!  Plus, it’s super comfy and warm without being hot.

Prior to this, I can’t think of anything I’ve lost of consequence.  I did leave a cell phone in an airplane seat pocket once after drinking a half a dozen vodka on the rocks during my two hour flight. 

Scott went swimming in Aruba with his wedding band on and lost that.  He’s actually lost two or three wedding bands.  We’ve stopped buying them now!

Have you lost anything lately?

Stay Tuned For Kombucha Making Progress and Meetup Pics with my Friend…

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  1. Hi!
    I found this via pinterest and think it sounds great! I have never cooked with Nooch but after seeing it here and researching it online, I thought I would give it a try in this recipe. Unfortunately though I was unable to find it at the grocery store today. I was wondering if you had any ideas for a good substitute for it in this particular recipe? It wouldn’t have to be vegan in this case! :) I was told by someone at Kroger that I could maybe use queso instead? I wasn’t sure if that would give this recipe the same flavor or even how much to use in Nooch’s place. Not sure if you can help but I figured I would try! :)


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  4. The Doritos Dip certainly caught my attention. I mean with a name like that….! I can’t say it tasted like Doritos to me, but definitely cheesy and good. I don’t know what that Doritos taste would be..corn? MSG? Well, this dip is delicious. I used part cashew, flax, and more sunflower seeds for the 1/2 cup ingredient. Decadent texture too.

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