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Hi Bloggies, how are you today?  Did you do anything to Celebrate the Summer Solstice?  Did you do 108 Sun Salutations like I mentioned is customary in yoga on Solstice days?  I kept a loose count but did about 75.  10 here, 15 there, type of thing.

Skylar was busting out Sun Salutations nonstop yesterday, too.  On the bathroom floor of the gym, no less.  Sanitary, indeed.

Young girl on floor doing yoga pose

Young girl on floor on knees trying to do yoga pose
Young girl doing yoga pose on floor

 And then she’d take a dancing break

Young girl dancing in front of mirror
Close up of young girl dancing
I don’t routinely break out my camera in the locker room or anything but it was completely vacant.  Just making note of that.

However, there are posted signs up that discouraging the use of steroids.  Okay, whatever.  Not sure why anyone wants to hit the juice but I don’t judge.

But they also have a sign posted about the showers.  That the “showers are there for members to use but that if you were to encounter any inappropriate behavior from others, to let the management know.”  What, you mean like horror stories of prison showers?  That kind of inappropriate behavior that you’re going to have someone walk in on your in your shower?  Really they need to post that in a woman’s locker room?  Ok, it’s an urban gym and the PTA Moms are not swinging through, but still.  Good thing I have a greater fear of athlete’s foot than being hit on in the showers so I never use them.

From Yesterday…
I’m glad you guys liked the looks of the Cheezy Nacho Hemp Dip

 Cheezy Nacho Hemp Dip on pea pod
Cheezy Nacho Hemp Dip on crackers

I also edited the post (yesterday, mid-day) and made mention that you can use Cashews in place of Hemp Seeds if you can’t find Hemp Seeds or are being budget-conscious because cashews are less expensive than hemp seeds, generally speaking.

And if you want an all around killer dip, make my Kale Chip Coating and use as a Dip!

Kale Chip Coating being poured over Kale
Stacked close up of Kale Chips
And if you like Nooch, Try My Nooch Recipes Link for a Dozen More!

Green Food: Fresh, Raw Green Beans

Green beans
Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing with ingredients in background

Interestingly, I was doing some reading online and there is research and anecdotal stories that suggest that one should not eat Raw Green Beans because they may be somewhat toxic when eaten raw.  However, there was no clearcut information.   It seems the jury is still out and plenty of farmers have survived after eating raw green beans in the field.  And I have just eaten plenty and am fine.  Despite the high fiber intake and possibly actually having a food allergy to them, which are other confounding matters.

However, I think people are talking about the toxic compound lectin phytohaemagglutinin which is present in many varieties of (dry) beans, but is especially concentrated in red kidney beans.  Not green (string) beans.  (see Here for Source)

After all that Toxic Green Veggie Crunching, it was time for something sweet and smooth.

Remember the Bananas that I said were going to turn into Softserve from This Post?

Bunch of bananas on countertop

Well, they did.  I made a batch of Vegan Vanilla Softserve (I didn’t have any chocolate chips on

Ingredients for Vegan Vanilla Softserve in blender
Side view of ingredients in blender
Blended up Vegan Vanilla Softserve
Tamper showing consistency of Vegan Vanilla Softserve
 Portion into Bowls!
Four bowls of Vegan Vanilla Softserve
Close up of one bowl of Vegan Vanilla Softserve
After our busy day and running around, this went down perfectly.
Vegan Vanilla Softserve in white bowl
 Click Here for Exact Vegan Vanilla Softserve Recipe Instructions, Blending Tips and Directions

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab: Day 2 Back/Abs

*Last Call…Winner announced Tomorrow Morning!*

Tip of the Day:  My Bora Bora Bars & Prize Pack Give Away!!!!

Various Bora Bora Products on countertop
Various bora bora bars on countertop


Raw Green Beans.  Have you ever heard they were possibly toxic?  Have you eaten raw beans of any variety?  If you have, you’re clearly alive to tell the tale.

Raw food.  Any foods that you love raw or food that you detest raw?
I am a raw food girl not because I have lofty ideals about enzymes and the food being living and all of that jazz.  I am high raw because I just like raw food.  Nothing more ideological than that!  I like the crunch, crisp, snap, and the flavor of raw foods.  In as close to their natural state as possible works best for me.  I like my Brussels sprouts 95% raw.  Barely take the edge off, maybe steam for 30-45 seconds in the micro.  Most other veggies, raw please.  Potatoes, beets, turnips, and root veggies like that, I do prefer those cooked to tender, though.



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