Vegan Vanilla Softserve with Chocolate Sprinkles, Hair Salon Visit & Tipping, Staying Calm & Centered


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Hi Friends!  For those of you who had Monday off because it was a Holiday, I hope you’re managing getting back to the grind after the long Holiday weekend.  Back in the day when I worked for money (as a mom I work harder than I ever worked in any paid job, I just happen to do my current job for free) but I always dreaded getting back to the grind after a long weekend.  Hopefully your day is plugging along for you and that you had a great weekend!

Today I got my hair done.  Dual purpose of getting it done before the move so that the first thing I don’t need to do back in San Diego is chase off to the salon, but the main purpose is to have my hair looking in peak form for my Bodybuilding Show on Saturday!

I never stay for blow-dry’s at the salon as I mentioned here the last time I got my hair done, but I am happy with the color.   This was just wet hair, get in the car, air dry on the way home. 

Woman showing off new hair color

It was getting to that desperately need to freshen this hair up stage.  Ahhh, feeling much better now after today’s salon visit which almost didn’t happen.  

Mirror photo of woman showing new hair color

About 10 minutes before I was leaving my house, I randomly called my hair stylist just to double check and make sure she had me down for 9:45am.  No, she didn’t! 

She had me down for tomorrow which wouldn’t have worked on account of childcare  issues.   Not sure if it was her error or mine with the scheduling but thankfully she worked me in and it turned out fine. 

Woman taking selfie in mirror of new hair color
But I did have a lot of extra down time waiting around the salon today.  Ugh.  I was definitely practicing deep breathing and patience knowing what a full plate with everything else I have going on this week and cooling my heels in the salon waiting around wasn’t on the agenda.  But I’m happy with my color so that’s all I really care about. 

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on my last post about my last Phoenix meetup with Madeline and if you’ve ever had to say goodbye to a close friend, and how that went for you.

And also the comments about hot or cold beverages.  I guess I am not alone in liking really hot coffeeGabriela and Naomi told me they like their hot tea and coffee sizzling, too. 

It was interesting to read everyone’s perspective about how your appetite changes seasonally and what you crave in hot weather, and what you don’t seem to care for as much.  It makes sense that our bodies are trying to stay cooler so light, juicy fruits can cool us down and rehydrate us naturally, and in a seasonally-appropriate manner.  When it’s 100F+ like it is here, I have to make an effort to eat.  As a kid growing up in Minnesota in the winter, eating heavy cooked foods like potatoes and noodle casseroles was nourishing and comforting.  I couldn’t imagine eating a noodle casserole right now, even a gluten free one!  It’s interesting how much the weather really plays a role in what our bodies desire.

Speaking of a Seasonal Recipe.  Perhaps softserve is a year-round hit (just ask Evan aka Mr. Ice Cream, Anytime), but I think it’s especially good when it’s hot out.  Today’s New Recipe is Vegan Vanilla Softserve with Sprinkles

Some of My Previous Softserve Receipes Ideas….

My Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Softserve

Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Softserve in bowlClose up of Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Softserve

Banana Vanilla Softserve

 Banana Vanilla Softserve in blender

 Peanut Butter Soft Serve

 Peanut Butter Soft Serve in blender
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Mango BananaVanilla Softserve

Mango Banana Vanilla Softserve ingredients in blender

Vegan Vanilla Chocolate Chip Softserve and Sundaes

Vegan Vanilla Chocolate Chip Softserve in blender
 Vegan Vanilla Chocolate Chip Softserve with chocolate chunks added
Vegan Vanilla Chocolate Chip Softserve topped with various toppings
Topped Vegan Vanilla Chocolate Chip Softserve in bowl with spoon

Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve

Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve in blender
Tamper showing consistency of Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve
Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve with various topping in bowl
Close up Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve with toppings

Today’s Softserve…
(with a nod to Gena, our resident Softserve pioneer)

Averie’s Vegan Vanilla Softserve with Chocolate Sprinkles
3 Previously Frozen & Chunked Bananas (freeze in chunks)
1/2 c white sugar (you can also reduce, omit, use lucama powder, stevia, agave, maple, etc.  If using a liquid sweeter, do not add any other liquids to the recipe, i.e. water or nutmilk)
1+ Tsp Vanilla Extract (I use about 1.5 – 2 Tbsp.  I adore vanilla.)

1/2 c Sprinkles (or more/less if you prefer.  Or try chocolate chips, carob chips, cocoa nibs, white chocolate chips, etc.)

Splash of Water or Nut Milk only if needed for blendability/smoothness
1+ Tsp Coffee or Hazelnut or Mint Extract for Vegan Mint Softserve

Combine all Ingredients In Blending Device except chocolate sprinkles

Frozen banana chunks
Previously Frozen Banana Chunks 

Combine everything except the Chocolate Sprinkles 

Overhead of ingredients for Vegan Vanilla Softserve in blender


Hand holding bottle of Pure Vanilla Extract
Note the 8 ounce bottle of vanilla extract.  I polished off this bottle in various recipes in about 2 months.  And I also have a jar of TJ’s Bourbon Vanilla I interchange with.  I love vanilla everything from extract to lotion to vanilla-scented candles.  Yum!



Blended softserve with tamper showing consistency
Blended Vegan Vanilla Softserve minus Chocolate Sprinkles
Note for Vita Users: Blend at a Level 2-3 for about 10 seconds just to break up the banana chunks. Then blend at a Level 8-9 for about 20-30 seconds or until incorporated.  Do Not Overblend and Do Not make the mistake of blending on too slow of a gear, i.e a Level 2-3 after the first 10 seconds or so have elapsed, because you will overheat the machine.
Tamper showing consistency of softserve

This picture reminds me of a Dairy Queen Softserve Ice Cream Cone from my childhood where they finished off the top of the cone with a “curly que” like this as I used to call them as a kid.  I think the texture and color even looks like DQ Softserve.  What do you think?

If you’re adding Chocolate Sprinkles (1/2 c), I recommend hand stirring them in after incorporating the softserve as to not pulverize them. 
Chocolate Sprinkles added to Vegan Vanilla SoftserveSpoon stirring sprinkles into softserveClose up of spoon stirring in sprinkles

Serve & Enjoy as is!   You can freeze it if you’re not eating it all at once without major impact to taste or texture.

Vegan Vanilla Softserve with Chocolate Sprinkles portioned into bowls
It’s so hot here that in the minute I scooped the softserve into bowls, washed my hands, and got the camera, the softserve literally started to melt by the second.
Close up of Vegan Vanilla Softserve with Chocolate Sprinkles in bowl
Melting does not effect taste.  At all.

 You can make Sundaes with the Vegan Vanilla Softserve with Chocolate Sprinkles, too

Vegan Vanilla Softserve with Chocolate Sprinkles topped with various toppings
Close up of topped Softserve

Green Food Today: an Edamame Salad with Romaine, Tomatoes, Cukes

Edamame Salad

Dressed With Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing using Reduced Fat Veganaise

Vegan Slaw Dressing next to ingredients
Edamame Salad toped with Vegan Slaw Dressing
Love this Combo!  Its a Groove, not a rut!  Plus, the unprocessed soy protein in the edamame is good for me.   If you need other Vegan Protein Ideas,  Click Here

Yoga Today For Abs is Ardha Sirasana (Half Headstand).  Go into full headstand and then carefully lower so that your legs are parallel with the floorAbs anyone?  Holding your legs 90 degrees from your body while fighting gravity is a sure-fire way to help increase your core strength.  Core strength is so important for everything from balance to remaining injury-free and as a benefit, your abs will look better. 

Woman doing Ardha Sirasana yoga pose

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab: Day 4 – Back/Hamstrings

*LAST CALL — Contest Ends Wed 6/2/10*

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1. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor, Brand, or at-home Recipe/Combination?
I am not as big into ice cream as Scott is.  Back in the day, he loved Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate ice cream (like 7 bucks for a tiny little pint!) or Dreyer’s brand Reduced Fat Mint Chocolate Chip.  Nowadays, there is no dairy ice-cream in our house and he gets his mint on with my Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Softserve

Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Softserve in bowl

What’s your favorite ice cream?   Is there anyone like me who’d prefer desserts other than ice cream?  I know, crazy right!  haha!  I like slurping agave and cinnamon instead in my Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble side view in container
Raw Vegan Apple Crumble in clear container

2. After a long weekend, are you refreshed and ready to get back to work/school?  Or does it just leave you wanting more time off to play and you go into wanting-to-be-on-vacation mode?  
Me = the later.  All the way.

3. When you go to the hair salon, or nail salon, restaurants, or places where tipping is expected, do you tip a percentage, or always give the same amount, like $10 bucks no matter what, or does it vary?

I knew that today’s hair salon visit was going to be the last time I ever saw this woman.  This truly was a Forever Goodbye. But I also didn’t feel compelled to give her an insanely extra big tip just because of our “lovely relationship we’ve had during my time in Phoenix”.   She’s done a good job with my hair, she’s efficient and speedy which has been great, but I am also not in a financial position to give her an extra big tip on top of what I would normally give her. 

The same goes for holiday tips, bonuses, and presents for me.  I take care of people year-round, but I don’t feel compelled to go “all out” around the holidays.  Do you?  

I want to note that I am far from cheap.  If anything, I over tip my service professionals after years of working in bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.  Just sayin’ I am not slipping anyone any Benjamins or anything.  Are you an over tipper?  How much do you decide to tip?  And why?

4. How frequently do you shower?  
I shower twice a day.   After my morning gym session (but sometimes this doesn’t happen til like 3pm!) and then I shower after my family evening power walk.  The second shower of the day isn’t really needed but it’s more habit to wash the dust and dirt off.  I hate getting into my bed at night if I can feel road dust on my legs!  I know in older generations, they only showered or bathed maybe once a week and in other cultures, they don’t shower/bathe nearly as much as North AmericansAre we obsessed with being clean here?  Maybe so, but I prefer that to funky smelling people!  haha!

5. What do you do when you are looking at your watch, cooling your heels in a place you really don’t have time for, but have to deal with it anyway?  Do you just try to take a deep breath and say, this too shall pass?  Chew gum?  Slam a shot of tequilla hot coffee?
I was definitely chompin’ some gum and doing my yoga breathing and mental head-clearing thoughts.  I passed on the tequilla shot though…haha!
What do you do to stay calm and centered in the moment?

Stay Tuned For The Scale Give Away Winner…

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