Last Phoenix Blogger Meetup, Seasonal Appetite Changes, Hot vs. Cold Drinks


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Happy Memorial Day to everyone who’s celebrating it!  What are you up to today?  Hopefully not spending much time at your computer! 

On Friday before the weekend kicked off, Madeline and I met up.  For our last Phoenix Meetup.  I specify in Phoenix because I know I will see Madeline again.  Just not here.

Woman in black shirt sitting in chair smiling

She’s always more than welcome to come visit me in San Diego!

Over the past months, she has been patient as a Saint with Skylar. 

Woman in black shirt with young girl sitting on her lap smiling
Close up of young girl making silly face

And as Madeline mentioned here, she has watched Skylar grow into a little lady.

Young girl with head cocked to side standing and smiling
Close up of young girl sitting and smiling


Here was our First Meetup in November 2009
Two women standing outside under umbrella smiling

And here was a Recipe I posted that DayHaven’t thought about these in awhile!

Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls in clear containerClose up of Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls 
 The Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls  take less than 5 minutes to make!  I need to make them again when I get settled in San Diego!

And Here was our Meetup Last Week when Skylar Fell off The Chair

Empty chair
Skylar was fine after her fall.  Startled, shook-up, some tears, but no visible bruises. Whew.
Young girl sitting in leather chair smiling

So on Friday at our most recent meetup, Skylar decided to hug me tightly and not let go. 

Woman in chair with child hugging her smiling
 Don’t want to risk falling off any chairs.  “Just use Mom as My Human Pillow to Squish and Hold”, Skylar says.
Young girl standing with hand on face smiling

I will miss Madeline, dearly.  I talked here about Saying Goodbye.  That post was written as a foreshadowing of what I knew would be an imminent Goodbye.  Just Goodbye for now, not forever.

Woman in black shirt next to young girl smiling

But it’s with tears in my eyes as I write this.  I really don’t know what I would have done the past many months without my nearly-weekly coffee dates with Madeline.  Thank you, my friend, for all that you have given me, for being who you are, and I wish only good, wonderful amazing things for you.  You Deserve It!

Ahhh…ok, Kleenex break for me.  

Before we left Starbucks, I bought a re-usable coffee go-cup

Green Re-Useable Coffee Go Cup


It’s made with recycled post-consumer this and that
Cup with saying Hopes and Wishes, Smiles and DreamsSide of Go Cup

The reason I bought it is because my 2+ year old one is on it’s last leg.  I am known to run this bad boy through the dishwasher and put it in the microwave because I do like my hot coffee so hot that it scorches most people’s mouths incredibly hot

Re-Useable Coffee Mug with lid off on countertop

And the “clasp” that seals or opens the drink hole flops open and closed mid-guzzle and it’s been preventing me from getting my chug on annoying me and it was simply time for a new go-cup.

Close up of lid on coffee mug

 I hope I have many years and thousands of milligrams of caffeine with my new go-cup.

Coffee Go Cup with lid off on countertop

To Touch on Saturday’s Post…
Thanks to those of you who chimed in about food and guilt.  If eating certain foods such as “traditional” rather than a “healthified version” makes you feel guilty.  Or if any particular food gives you a case of the guilts.  I explained why I don’t have food guilt and it was interesting to hear everyone’s responses.  Everything from never have it to always have it.   My wish is that everyone can enjoy food, enjoy life, without having guilt over things.   And besides, tomorrow is a new day.  No guilt, no shame, just another chance to choose more wisely.   Thanks for the comments, gang!

It was also great to read who has inspired and influenced you.  And how those people or things have really shaped you.  For me, it’s been everyone from my trainer to my naturopath, and it was fun to hear your storiesSo uplifting reading those comments!

And then Black Beans in Sweets.  I gave you a recipe for Black Bean Vegan Fudge.

Can’t vouch for that recipe, but can vouch for my own No-Bake Vegan Fudge Recipe
Slice of Vegan Fudge Recipe with sprinkles
Close up of sliced Vegan Fudge Recipe

For those of you who let me know that you have tried Black Beans in Fudge or Brownies or cookies, thank you for the feedback.  Anna and most of you said the beans were ok, but Erica and McKella were not so fond of them.   I’m still on the fence if I am going to try beans in sweets.

Mini-Recap Time….

Here are a list of Post Titles from Last Week.  If you See Something that Catches your Eye, Click Away:

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Woman doing Photoshoot in black and white in dress by fountains


Woman doing photoshoot in animal print bikini

Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve, Packing, Stress Before Big Events? 

Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve in white bowl
Close up of Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve in bowl

Trainer Session & Progress, Recipe Published, Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs, Pressure & Expectations, Does Blood Type Matter

 No-Bake Coconut Oil Flaxseed Cookies on white plate
Vegan Dark Chocolate Coconut Snowballs in white bowl

5 Winners Announcement: Naturally Nutty Give Away! 

Cinnamon Ginger Popcorn, Summer Produce, Social Media: How Friendly Are You on Facebook? 

Close up of Cinnamon Ginger Popcorn with chocolate chips

New House Pictures, Raw Vegan Pasta & Sauce, Homemade Sweet Vanilla Almond Milk, In Season & Local

Photo of new house
Raw Vegan Pasta & Sauce on plate

Black Bean Vegan Fudge, Food Choices & Guilt, Impact & Inspiration 

Sliced Black Bean Vegan Fudge
Close up of Black Bean Vegan Fudge
Moving On…

Today I found this in my Inbox:

Hi Averie,
Matthew Kenney wants to be friends with you on Facebook.


Matthew Kenney Matthew Kenney
The Facebook Team

Remember how I said that lately I have been wondering what to do about becoming Facebook Friends with people I don’t know in real life?  Many of you told me you’re very cautious with allowing total strangers into your Facebook circle of friends, and so am I.  Creepy dudes with huge dogs and black tshirts and shady webcam photos, sorry, I click ignore.  However, I gladly clicked accept to Matthew Kenney.   And I know, I know, he probably has someone that does his facebook stuff for him and he “friends” all kind of people but I will gladly pretend I was “special”…haha!

Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies on dehydrator tray
 Close up of one Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookie
I‘ll gladly become friends with him!  Anyone who likes raw vegan chocolate cookies is a friend indeed!

This weekend I took some packing breaks and played catch with Skylar in the driveway.

Young girl holding blue ball
 She is a trooper in the hot weather.  I give my peanut credit!
Young girl throwing ball
Woman and child embracing while child holds blue ball
And it was so Windy
Young girl with arms up in wind


And So Hot! 105F or so when Scott took this picture. 
Woman squatting with child sitting on her lap with ball
 We both look rather red and exhausted.  Happy, but beat.

Yoga Today is Eka pada (one-footed) Urdhva Dhanurasana (upward facing bow pose)

Woman doing Eka pada yoga poes

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab: Day 3 – Chest/Shoulders

Tip of the Day: My Digital Kitchen Food Scale Give Away!!! 

EatSmart™ Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale w/ Extra Large LCD and 11 Lb. Capacity
Thanks EatSmart Products!!


How Fun would it be to Win This?   Not just for “dieting” and counting calories.  Think about how precise your baking/cooking will be when you know what 1 cup of dates weighs or 1 cup of nuts.  No more guessing!
Click Here to Enter!

1. Best Thing You’ve Ate or Done This Weekend?
Me = 80% of my packing for our move to San Diego is done!  Everything that remains has to stay out and unboxed until crunch time.  

2. Is it hot where you are?  What do you like to do to beat the heat? 
In the past, I would say, go to the pool but right now there’s no time to lounge around.  I have weights to lift and boxes to pack and most importantly, a child to raise!  No lounging by the pool time these days, but I wish I had some! 

3. Have you ever had to say goodbye to a close friend?  How long before you saw that person again?  Was it goodbye forever even though you didn’t think it was at the time, but in reality it turned out being that way?
I definitely know I will see Madeline again.  Phoenix to San Diego is a quick and inexpensive Southwest Airlines flight or an easy road trip.

But there have been many friends in high school and college and professional or job-related friends and acquantences that I did think I would see them again, and it turned out I didn’t.  Then there are those who I knew I wouldn’t see again, but at the time I pretended I would see them again like I mentioned here.   Yes, I admit to saying “see you soon” when I knew I never would.   There are worse things.

Who have you said Goodbye To?  Was it hard?

4. Does your appetite change in hot weather? 
Mine does.  It becomes less strong and I crave juicy, light, watery foods like watermelon, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes, and I have no desire whatsoever for cooked food.  I normally don’t desire cooked foods anyway, but in the heat, I definitely just want fresh and raw fruits and veggies. 

I am really focusing on eating enough this week in advance of my Bodybuilding Show on Saturday.  Most competitors are crash dieting the week before a show.  Not me!  Between the high heat which seems to suppress my appetite, all the work I am doing packing, and my continued lifting and training, I need to consciously keep the fuel going in! 

I better break into some Chocolate Coconut Oil Protein Popcorn

Close up of Chocolate Coconut Oil Protein Popcorn
It’s a Good Recipe to Add about 35-40 Grams of Protein plus Coconut Fat.   
As I mentioned here and many of you commented on in my last post, there should be no “guilt” when the fat source is plant based like Coconut Oil.
Overhead of open jar of Coconut Oil
Chocolate Coconut Oil Protein Popcorn


If you like the combo of chocolate + peanut butter + nooch = Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups 
Try them and impress your friends and family!
Stacked split Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cup
Stacked Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cup showing filling

Anyway, I need to focus on adequate fueling this week despite the heat.   Does the weather change your appetite?  How so?  What do you like to eat when it’s hot?  Anything you don’t like or avoid?

5. Hot vs. Cold Drinks
Even in hot weather, I can still drink hot coffee.  I love iced coffee too but sometimes in the morning, I prefer hot.   Just depends.  I prefer my hot beverages really, really hot to enjoy them.   Most people think I’m nuts or have cast iron skin on the roof of my mouth, but what can I say, lukewarm coffee skeeves me.  It has to be really hot, or else just do iced.   

I can actually drink room temperature water though.  That doesn’t have to be super cold.   Purists would say that water assimilates better into the body and cells at room temperature anyway and the body has to work less hard to incorporate it (warm it up) to 98.6F anyway.

How do you like to take your beverages?  Coffee, Tea, Water, or other drinks?  When I was a little girl I used to think my mother and grandmother were nuts drinking hot coffee when it was really hot out.  Now, I am just part of the club.  Can you handle hot coffee in hot weather?

Stay Tuned For A Cool Summer Treat Recipe…

I am off for a power walk with the family before it hits 100F at 9am.  Then, training, packing, and hopefully some zoning-out time later on….Have a Safe and Awesome Day Everyone!!!  See you back here tomorrow!

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