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Happy Earth Day Everyone!  What have you done, if anything, to celebrate today?  I realize it’s a Thursday and the middle of the week.  Or, maybe you did something last weekend or maybe you’ll do something this coming weekend in honor of Earth Day.  I mentioned that in previous years we attended the World’s Largest Outdoor Earth Day Fair in San Diego but this year, no big plans.

I did Rack Up a Few More Points for Katie and Lori’s Earth Week Challenge that I mentioned Here

Green Week Logo

More Info On Katie’s Blog and on Lori’s Blog, but today is the last day to Score Points if you’re keepin’ score

Today I went to Whole Foods and brought my Cloth Reusable Bags with (1 point)

Cloth Reusable Bags

And of course brought my own Coffee Mug and Skylar’s Re-Usable Water Bottle (1 point, each). 

Re-Usable Water Bottles

What Did I Get At Whole Foods? 
Well, just a few things because I cannot afford more than a couple things.  As I’ve said before, it’s a Museum.  You go to Admire the Food, You Don’t Buy it Though….”Just Looking” are words I live by in that store.

Nutritional yeast

But I Needed to Restock my Nooch

Nutritional yeast
 What’s Nooch and What Recipes Can I Use it In?   

I also found Some Cool Spices: Citrus Pepper and Fiery Chile Fusion. 
$4.29 Each and No Salt or Garlic in Either of Them!  I hate salt and garlic!

Citrus Pepper and Fiery Chile Fusion

Citrus Pepper: Black Pepper, Lime Peel, Orange Peel, and Lemon Peel.  Yum I can’t wait to try it!

Citrus PepperCitrus Pepper
Citrus Pepper
Fiery Chile Fusion: Black & Red Pepper, Green Chile, Green Bell Pepper, Chipotle Chile.   
No garlic or added salt this makes me so happy!
Fiery Chile FusionFiery Chile FusionFiery Chile Fusion

And I replenished my beloved Veganaise but because they were all out of Regular (the blue one) so I tried Reduced Fat (yellow) Today.   


I admit my cupboards are stocked with Glass Veganaise Jars that I save and use for food storage

Glass Veganaise JarsGlass Veganaise Jars

Comparing the Original and Reduced Fat Stats: Reduced Fat has about half of both fat and calories…whoa! 

Glass Veganaise JarsGlass Veganaise Jars

I don’t mind fat, but I’d rather it be coconut oil fat…

coconut oil

….than salad dressing fat. 

salad dressing

Just a lot more rewarding to have Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate

Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate
Bite-Sized Coconut Oil Chocolate Pieces always hit the spot more than salad dressing!
Bite-Sized Coconut Oil Chocolate Pieces

I did make a Batch of Vegan Slaw Dressing using the Reduced Fat Veganaise

Vegan Slaw Dressing
Vegan Slaw Dressing

Verdict after I dipped half of this broccoli stalk in it?  Awesome, can’t really tell the difference. 

Vegan Slaw Dressing

There is a tiny, slightly less fatty taste to the reduced fat Veganise, but it’s very minor and not a biggie and doesn’t effect the overall taste of the Vegan Slaw Dressing to me.   And as I said, fatty chocolate is great.  Fatty salad dressing, not so much…haha!

I was in dire need of new sheets and went to Marshall’s Home Goods Store this morning after the Gym.  I ordinarily hate stores like that because I am a self-admitted neat and anal freak, and all that chaos and clutter really overloads my brain, but for things like sheets, you cannot beat the prices at places like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx.

new sheets

I picked up 500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Fitted, Flat, and 2 Pillowcase Sheet Set for $39.99

500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Fitted, Flat, and 2 Pillowcase Sheet Set

I exercised extreme restraint because they have a to-die-for kitchen gadget section.  Everything from a mango slicer to measuring cups to knives to re-usable water bottles.  I don’t “need” any of those things, so I just kept walking.  After much hemming and hawing and coveting tons of things, but I was a good girl and left all the non-essential gadgets at HomeGoods.   

The sheets, however, were essential and they washed up beautifully (Katie & Lori, 1 point, I always wash in cold water) and I can’t wait to sleep on the smooth-as-butter coconut oil sheets tonight!

After the Whole Foods and chaotic HomeGoods trip, I got Skylar some fruit & veggie snacks


 While I unpacked a Box of 8 Go Max Go Foods Bars!

Go Max Go Foods Bars

The Mahalo and Buccaneer Bars

Mahalo and Buccaneer Bars

And Twilight and Jokerz Bars

Twilight and Jokerz Bars

And You Know I was Already a Huge Jokerz Bar Fan from This Post

Jokerz Bar
Not only does it taste like a Vegan Snickers

…but all of the Go Max Go Foods are: Dairy-Free, Vegan, No Trans Fats, No Hydrogenated Oils, No Cholesterol…

Go Max Go Foods
Go Max Go Foods
…And as I said HereJust Awesome!

As I indulge in and sample these Bars, and Sorry Evan and Ashlei, these are all for me, but I will keep you all posted on my faves!  Thanks Go Max Go Foods!

Thanks for all the great feedback and comments from my post yesterday on Making Our Own Choices and on Not Explaining or Defending Yourself.  As I said yesterday, explaining yourself and defending yourself puts you in a position of weakness.   By defending something, you are implying that there is something “wrong” with it, so I don’t defend myself anymore.  

The Comments Poured In and here are just a Few That Mirror that Majority of Comments (and Compliments…thank you all!!!) that I received:

From: kalli

skylars bike is too cute! what a lucky girl :)
i love that you are who you are and love that you made all of these “alternative” choices raising her. it is obvious she is well cared for and happy :)
follow your heart and let others deal with it!

From: Pure2Raw Twins

Totally agree with you girl on stop explaining ourselves all the time. We do the same thing! We used to be explaining ourselves all the time to others but than we just got sick of it and just did our own thing. We are proud of who we are and what we are doing and I guess that is all that matters, and we just hope we lead good examples for others to follow ;)

And From Sophia …this is such an interesting comment, but all of your comments are, Sophia, that I want to post it here.
(truncated for length)

I think it’s great if you stick up to your own choices, and don’t let what other people think bother you…but TO A DEGREE. Taken to extremes, you just become a really self-absorbed person who cannot get along with society. If your choices are absolutely right, then other people’s judgments really should not bother you…but some choices doesn’t NEED me to be so stubborn and aloof.

Now, in the context of high raw and veganism…as you said, you’d rather eat cooked veggies than none at all…so you are willing to make some compromises.
but let’s say, when it comes to traveling, or being hosted in another person’s house…I think depending on the situation, it’s just a bit ridiculous to obstinately refuse the host’s food, or always having to pack your own food because of your principles. I would understand if you’re severely allergic, but would it kill you to allow yourself a bite of soup that may have a touch of cream stirred in, or some veggies from the same dish as meat?

And if you go into another country, isn’t the experience of their food a part of traveling? You don’t have to chow down steak, but if perhaps the restaurant serves a “vegetable” stew that may have used chicken broth…would it be so evil to allow yourself a bit of leeway once or twice? That doesn’t make you a horrible vegan, does it? Because in truth, the essence of veganism is to show active support for your morals…but if you are insulting someone, or forcing a group of your friends to hike out to a vegan restaurant, wouldn’t that just have an opposite effect?

Just a few thoughts…I would love to hear what you think about this. I’m not trying to criticize anyone here; I genuinely am curious about the different view on this topic.

3) I think your answer was great! But it again depends on what kind of attitude a person may ask. If he/she is belligerent and insulting, and clearly not ready to accept your opinion and even consider it…well, to hell with them.  

I appreciate everyone who took the time to write in and tell me about Your Choices, if you care what people think about them, and if you’re an over-explainer or choice defender.   Great comments and Feedback and I am genuinely touched that so many of you praise my lifestyle and parenting choices, and notice that Skylar is such a happy little person so whatever I’m doing is working just fine for us…Thank You for the High Praise!

And for those of you who Make the Kale Chips Recipe…

Kale Chips Recipe
Kale Chips Recipe
…let me know if you eat the whole batch in a sitting or not.

Green Food Today was another Edamame Salad
This one was Romaine, Edamame, and Tomatoes

Edamame SaladEdamame Salad
Vegan Horeseradish Relish Slaw Dressing 
Vegan Horeseradish Relish Slaw Dressing
edmame salad

I snacked on some Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Popcorn 

Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Popcorn 
Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Popcorn 
Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Popcorn 
 Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Popcorn is Not Reduced Cal or Fat but it’s sure awesome and I love eating it!

I made a fresh batch of No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls with Extra Protein Option

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Dessert involved breaking into half a Jokerz Bar….

Jokerz Bar

But if you Don’t Have Vegan Candy Bars on hand, why not have Nature’s Candy?

Medjool Dates with PB
Medjool Dates with PB in the Middle 
Medjool Dates with PB

And also Munched on the No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls with Extra Protein Option 

no-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Yoga Today is Taking Tree Pose a Step Further.  You know, Trees, Earth Day, Continuation of the Theme…
Hand to Big Toe Pose (Utthita Hasta Pandungustasana)
Averie doing yogaAnd with Leg out to the sideAverie doing yogaTry to make sure when you’re doing any kind of standing pose that you don’t let your pelvis become misaligned and tilted.  It should be level.   The temptation is to let the side of your pelvis with the raised leg, rise up. Try to keep it squared off.

Also try to keep your shoulders back and dropped.  Don’t scrunch them up by your ears.  I know it’s alot to think about, including keeping your balance, but just some other little tweaks to remember if you can, of course based on where you’re at with your pratice. And if  is what works for ya, start with there!

Gym & Weights Workout Today was the Day 4 Split – Back/Hamstrings
And oh baby, my lower back is feeling it!  In a good way, though!

Tip of the Day: Did You Check and See Who Won the Jewelry Give Away for a Custom Necklace?



Om and Shanti necklace
 Click Here to See Who Won!

1. Earth Day.  How are you Celebrating It?  Did you do anything special or different today or this week?  If you did make any changes or do anything differently, do you plan to keep stick with it?

2. Fave Place to Buy Sheets, Towels, Housewares, Kitchen Items and Such?  
As much as I hate the chaos of TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, they have great deals on things and as “Fill-In’s”, they are a great resource for me.  But for a room overhaul, Give me some West Elm Baby!

 Pillows on bed
Chair pulled away from table

Where Do You Shop for Household Goods or Kitchen Gadgets and Smaller Non-Furniture Items? 

3. Do You Consider Yourself Neat, Organized, Anal, Tidy, Clean, Meticulous, etc.?
Or, are you more Random, Messy, Not as Organized, Cluttered, etc.?
Or, are you both?
I am definitely the first set.
But….I can go with the flow and although I do love structure, I embrace letting there be room in life for things to unfold organically, in their own time, place, and space, without feeling the need to have it be super controlled and fit into a neat and tidy little box or into a small window in my schedule.  Life doesn’t happen when we pencil it into our daytimers, it’s always happening.  Let it.  Live it.  That said, I do like neatness and clutter drives me batty! 
Can you shop in messy stores?  Can you live in a messy house?  Messy kitchens drive me bonkers!  Are you messy or neat?  And I find that most people are who are Neat, are also Planners and Schedulers and like their daily routine and life to go just as planned.  Is this true for you? 

4. Jillian Michaels.   I admit, I have never watched the Biggest Loser, I have seen the promos and commercials for it, but I have never watched it.  Frankly because I am too busy to watch much tv and of the tv I watch, it’s more along the Bravo or E! lines.  I have also never really understood they hype behind Jillian but I also didn’t “know” her, either.

Recently I won a subscription to Women’s Health from Jessica, thanks FitChick!, and since Jillian had the cover and a feature story this month, I read up on her life and past. 

I didn’t know she forged a college diploma to get a job, was an overweight preteen and adolescent, or that she’s been in loving relationships with both men and women.   She also said that she would like to adopt because she couldn’t imagine gaining pregnancy weight and that she’s like to “rescue” a baby.  Wow, is adoption “rescuing”?  I thought it was providing a loving life and home to a child, something which all children should have and be entitled to from birth but I digress.  I also know there was some bru-ha-ha surrounding her awhile back about some supplements she was endorsing.
Are you a Jillian Fan or Not?  And do you think she’s in “Amazing” Shape?  Or Not? 
I enjoyed learning more about her and I did enjoy some of what she had to say, but some parts, hmmm, not so much.   What are Your Thoughts on Jillian?  I know there are some die-hard fans of hers.  What appeals to you about her or her DVDs?  Why is this woman so popular?  She also said she plans to be the Next Oprah by 2012. 

Stay Tuned For A Give Away!



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