Tackling Tuesday

Some of the things I tackled on Tuesday include:

1. Laundry.  I do this every day.   Nothing special about Tuesday.

2. An edamame salad with my 1 tomato a day habit on top.  And that particular vine-ripe tomato was perfect.  It almost tasted like summer and tomato season.


Dressed with Vegan Slaw Dressing

And some Mango Ginger Maple Tofu on the side

3. A 2 mile run outside while pushing Skylar in the jogging stroller.  It’s windy and chilly today.  Darn.

4. 20 Minutes of at-home yoga + lifting moves

5. Lots of emails, phone calls, and busy work.   And I still have to go to my paid job yet today.

6. I tackled making one of these for Skylar.  Nothing too hard to tackle here.  They take 3 minutes.

Biggie Microwave Banana Oat Cakes

From my last post for Mango Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables, I was happy to hear what your favorite one pot meals are.  Gotta love anything that’s one pot and if it’s ready in 20 minutes or less, even better!

And thanks for letting me know your stance on leftovers.  Friend or foe.   Most of you are friends with leftovers.  I am.  Such a time saver!

7. For dessert, I’d like to tackle one of these Vegan Maple Nut Chocolate Oaties


1. What did you tackle today?

2. Do you like feeling productive?

I know I do!

I am a bit “addicted” to being productive, staying busy, and keeping on track and just getting things done.  But it’s just the way life is and so I roll with it.   It’s a great feeling for me to cross things off my to-do list.   Even if that list is all in my head.


  1. Ugh, laundry! I managed to go to spin at 5:45, take a shower, make breakfast, and get to class on time! Usually I forgo washing my hair to make breakfast, so it was nice to have time for all those things :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I NEEEED to do laundry!! It’s been a productive day but not enough time to clean house!!

  3. Today was pretty low-key. Suave Slav and I went to a yoga class :)

  4. I just made two different pizzas and 4 different calzones. I also took the cats to the vet and wrestled with them there and back. I don’t feel especially accomplished…mostly warn out. Looks like you got some stuff done though!

  5. That dressing sounds so good!! And girl I know, WAY too windy and chilly today, but a run always sounds lovely. Enjoy those cookies!:)

  6. Shoot! You just reminded me that I’m supposed to be doing laundry today. What’s with this wind? I want the 70F weather back again! :-D

  7. haha will you come over and do my laundry? it’s backed up like NO other. boo to that.

    i lovvvvveeee that rice and beans recipe from your last post :) it looks and sounds so fresh and deliiicious :)

  8. I actually tackled a lot today! Went to 2 classes, went to a “resume blitz” at school to have my resume critiqued, paid a visit to the financial aid office, met with a professor, and worked out! It was the most productive day I’ve had in a while…
    PS- Posted about your oreo balls- they were delish!

  9. I survived Day 2 of the vegan challenge! I think I am going to tackle some of those chocolate oaties :)

  10. I do love being productive. It’s such a great feeling.

    It’s great that Skylar still likes the stroller. I have friends who say their little ones won’t take stroller rides past age 2 1/2 or 3. I hope Meghan (2) will still like the stroller when she’s 4–I love running outside with her. :-)

  11. I did tackle organizing one of my closets today and some wedding related stuff! I love getting stuff done, I feel like super woman when I do! hahaha!

    Love ya! Hope you have a great night! : )

  12. today has been VERY productive for me, too! i think i get high on being organized/fitting “it” all in/crossing off my to do list…nice work on all YOU did today, too…BEFORE heading in to work.
    off to make the husband’s sandwiches for the rest of the week…shower, supper, crash for a few minutes…check, check, check!!! :)

  13. I tackled some serious grocery overhaul at Costco! I love that place with all my heart. :)

  14. I love feeling productive — even if it is little things around the house. When I clean the kitchen I make a list: stove, oven, microwave, sink, fridge, shelves, etc. That way I can check each item off my list as I clean it. It is more rewarding than cleaning the kitchen for an hour and only checking off “kitchen” on my list.

    Today I got my blog post ready for tomorrow, a 3 mile run, dinner made and plenty of time tonight to relax and unwind. I feel very productive and it feels great!

  15. I love being productive…and once I start, I am like a machine! I make a to-do list every night for the next day, and then I cross things off as I go (and if i do things not on the list, I add them and cross them off).
    I cleaned and did work for about 14 hours today. I really need to get away from the computer!
    Productivity feels awesome…

  16. Ohhhh, how I wish it actually WERE tomato season!

  17. Hey Averie!

    Today, I tackled our greens (spinach, kale, cilantro). By tackled, I mean: cleaned, dried, and bagged so that they’re ready to use. It’s a production – washing , salad spinner, air dry on tea towels. There’s probably a more efficient way of doing this, I know!

    I like BEING productive more than FEELING productive. ;-)

    Today, life is so much busier than work and I feel like I accomplished far more at home than at work (spent most of the day sitting in meetings).


  18. You come across as super-productive, and as if that helps you to feel good about yourself. It’s inspiring. I definitely feel more productive when I’m in a rhythm, as opposed to traveling all over and being all over the shop. But I notice that sometimes I’m productive but don’t ‘feel’ productive, just can’t take it in…

    Laundry once a week–that’s so cool. We do it way less often because we have to go to the laundromat–sometimes I’m almost out of clothes!

  19. I got a lot done today! Laundry too! Hubby just got back from a trip and i’m washing his clothes…so i feel like I’ll be doing laundry til 2012! :) Also busy packing since we’re staging our house to sell! busy busy!

  20. tackled work(teaching yoga) and more work (real job). Not a super fun Tuesday

  21. Hi Averie! Happy Tuesday :)

    I want to bake some banana chocolate chip muffins (mmmm…). Can you recommend a gluten-free flour (or a few) that are good for baking? I’ve tried using almond flour, but it ended up kind of flat. Oops!

    (I still ate them, though!)

  22. Laundry EVERY day!? wow how nice and definitely productive! no scrambling for clean underwear for you :) Our apartment public washer is hungry for quarters, so we do a wash every 2 weeks. Let’s just say I have gone my fair share of days going commando…

  23. Has Skylar grown a foot recently?! She’s such a little lady!

  24. You just reminded me I have some edamame in the freezer i need to eat :)

  25. I love being productive! I want so desperately to be an early bird (and by early, I mean at the gym by 7), but college life as well as my internal clock incline towards late nights! It’s a struggle, yet I’m determined to make it work most of the time! Today I tackled my first Arabic review class; I can still read the alphabet, so that’s a good start!

  26. So far I tackled my pillow today! :P

    I love being productive. There’s nothing more invigorating than looking at a long list of tasks behind you. :) Conversely, there’s nothing worse than a list of looming tasks ahead of you, lol.

    I need to make some more balls! You’re balls always appeal to me, LOL.

  27. I felt very productive today and tried a lot of NEW stuff today! :)

  28. I was pretty productive today. I worked, made supper, did some homework, blogged …

  29. I know what you mean about being addicted to being busy. I used to be like that all the time. Today was a bit busier for me and I am so worn out. I can’t keep up that pace too long.

  30. I am obsessed with being productive. A day without productivity is like a day without… blood in my veins. I would die.

    Today I worked out, Skyped with my mom, did a bunch of cooking and made food for later in the week, sent a thank you note to an agent, caught up with e-mails and blogs, went to acting class, wrote for my blog, read the news… and more. Gotta keep movin.

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  32. Who else would open their blog post with a shot of their laundry appliances? Keep on keeping it real!

    Today I tackled: paid job; paperwork for taxes; preparing home made gluten-free biscuits; dishes; laundry; brisk walk outside in the cold (-28C with wind chill); and catching up on some quality time with my hubby

    Feeling productive and crossing things off my to-do list help make the day seem better some how. Although if I run out of things on my “to-do” list, then I still find things to do :)

  33. ahh you are making me hungryy! and i just snacked….
    hmm i did not tackle anything today.. unless you count my lazy workout?

  34. The washer and dryer caught my eye – I have the exact same set, and visit it daily as well : )

    I don’t comment much, but just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog!! I’ve been reading for over a year, and have decided to finally eliminate processed foods from my house (I’ve been raw vegan for 1 1/2 yrs, but have been lazy keeping the family healthy. As recently as a week ago I bought Apple Jacks (eeeek!) That is ending!)

    All your efforts are so appreciated! I know blogging is not easy. Your site is a regular reference for me these days. My 12 yo son has been making the micro banana cakes for days (except we use sucanat). He loves them! I also made a stash of the no bake granola bars for week 1 of our transition. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how useful your recipes are!!

  35. I miss my grandma, too. It’s a gift that I knew her, even if not for long enough.

  36. Wow, busy day! I usually tackle my laundry on the weekend – not fun, but that’s when I have time.

    1. Yesterday I tackled work, dinner, a workout, kitchen cleaning and lots ot stupid little chores.
    2. Yes, especially when it’s saving me hassle down the road.

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