Delicious Desserts

I didn’t intend this to be a desserts-only compilation.  It just kind of worked out that way, which clearly shows you where my mind is at and what I focus on.

Enjoy the desserts that I’ve seen just this week in the sphere on some of the blogs I read.

Brown Eyed Baker’s Peanut Butter Snickers Cookies



Maria’s Coconut Lime Macaroons with White Chocolate


Sarena’s Mini Coconut Cream Pies


Jenna’s Chocolate Pudding Dump Cake


Anna’s Brown Buttered Blondies with White Chocolate & Coconut


Katie’s Chocolate Brownie Cake


Leanne’s Peach Pancake Cobbler


Joy the Baker’s Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies


And I previously posted on Foods That Caught My Eye and I drooled over.  Check those great recipes, too!


If you want more cerebral inspiration rather than sugar inspiration, these are a few posts from this week I particularly enjoyed:

Jess’ Post on Efficiency in the Kitchen for a slew of tips, tricks, and timesavers

Chelsey’s Post on Little Girls & Fat Talk

Tina’s Post on What Makes You Read or Not Read a Blog see the comments

From my previous post on Favorites & Submit Your Best Of, I loved hearing what you’re loving lately and what your favorites things, foods, gadgets, and everything else is.

And thanks for submitting your Best Of recipes!  Please keep the submissions coming and drop a link in to your Best Of on your site, in the comments section of This Post.


1.  Weekend Plans?

I am in L.A. for the day on Saturday doing something fun!  See item #4.

2. What amazing food have you seen lately in the sphere?  Have you made anything you’ve seen? Or just drooled? Which is perfectly okay, too.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. :) Thanks for the link love. That made me happy!

    All of those pictures of those desserts look so so good.

  2. So many delicious dessert, yummy! :D I just made Fitnessista breakfast cookie, ah it was amazing! :D

  3. yumm! I can’t wait till my photos are good enough to send in to join the ranks :)

  4. You’re in LA and I’m not?! Oh the humanity!

    Hehe, any droolworthy recipes you’ve come across that are made from coconut flour?

  5. Oh wow! All of those look so good, I especially like the 2nd one :)

  6. MY GOODNESS those things all look amazing. For me this weekend is studying and then going to an amusement park to unwind a little! :)

  7. zomg everything looks SO good. I have my eye on the coconut + lime macaroons, oh and those cream pies. Delicious!!

  8. Great dessert list! I love Maria’s recipes- they always rock!! And I hope you’re having an absolute blast in LA! We had dinner guests Friday night, Saturday AM was launches at the gym and tonight we tried a new restaurant in Charleston

  9. Definitely drooling right along with you. Especially the first photo… I want!!

  10. Thanks for the shout-out girl!!! These other recipes all look great too!

  11. Oh wow, all these desserts look fantastic. Major drooling! ;)

    Weekends are my catch-up days to get a dent made in schoolwork and housework, and leave some time to relax. I got a little of everything in today!

  12. Something fun in LA…. Hmmm. Hob-knobbing with celebs aren’t you!! LOL

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself.

    I want all of those desserts in this post. My sweet tooth is tingling, lol.

  13. I’m drooling over all these desserts! I just ate some ice cream, so you would think my sweet tooth would be satisfied, but not anymore :)

  14. Ooh you must have read my mind cause I am totally craving sweets and it couldnt be more perfect to have all of these goodies on one page thanks!!! :)

  15. This evening I made a recipe I saw in the blogosphere a long time ago – ruby red grapefruit pound cake. It is good!

  16. Have fun in LA! By the way, you always get my sweet tooth going!

  17. Everything looks so delicious! But the peach pancake cobbler? Oh my word – drool-worth. I was recently in a local bakery and saw a decadent chocolate cake with coconut frosting – I decided to make it for my birthday, only raw, and it turned out AMAZING! And way healthier than that crapcake in the bakery. Hopefully you are having fun in LA!:)

  18. I’ve been away from the internet all day and it has been nothing short of GLORIOUS.

    Thanks for the shoutout!! The cake is gone and I have to say I’m a little sad about that now that I am seeing these photos. Oh my god, the snickers cookies?1?!??!? Heaven. And I have to find those candy-coated sunflower seeds!

    Great night!

  19. I’m all about the dessert today too! Tomorrow it may be savoury but I’ll be keeping it sweet today no doubt….ah to be a woman!

  20. Such a fun round-up these treats do look amazing!

  21. Yum, great desserts! Especially the macaroons, dump cake, and brownie cake.

    1. Not much, took my grandma to lunch and gardening.
    2. Too much to list! I’ve seen a lot of raw recipes and breads that I want to try.

  22. I’ve been drooling all over all kinds of recipes! I’ve been experimenting with raw cheesecakes lately. I haven’t been able to find that one recipe that truly wows me. But I think I almost have it!

  23. Oh my, those Snickers cookies look KILLER!! That’s my favorite candy bar by no doubt them stuffed inside a cookie makes for a delicious treat!

  24. I love your high resolution photos, but I must eat some chocolate now…!

  25. All of those desserts look so delicious. I think I just drooled on my keyboard ;)

    Weekend: had our teenage staff over on Saturday night to get everyone up to speed on the upcoming paintball season. Also walked my friends dog a couple times while she worked a 12 hour shift. Yard work, errands, food prep and a movie filled up my Sunday.

    I’ve been doing a lot of drooling over desserts on the sphere. Will be making these this week:
    Angela’s Vegan Overnight Oat Parfaits
    TT’s Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Cookies
    Elana’s Chocolate Cranberry Power Bars
    Kelly’s Coconut Chocolate Chip Pancakes -although not technically a dessert, it does have chocolate ;)

  26. Hi, I was looking for this delicious cakes for so long, yours are special and looks delicious at the same time. I am planning party for my nethew and he is really keen on sweeties. I will definitely use something from your pictures to please him.

    Thanks, Alice

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