Thursday Things

It’s time for another installment of Thursday Things

You may find yourself wanting things that you never even knew existed before you read it this post.  Apologies in advance to your wallet.

1. Precut Brownie Pan Set

This would solve uniform slicing issues, and making messy rows issue, but what if I want to frost the brownies or cake?


Putting frosting on each individual piece will be a laborious and messy process.  Frosting things one-at-a-time is way harder than a pan-at-once frosting application, in my experience.  Which explains why I rarely make cupcakes and make bars instead.  One fell swoop rather than one-by-one.

Or what if I don’t want the pieces that exact pre-determined and fixed size?  Sometimes I like my bars or brownies bigger or smaller, depending on my mood and the recipe at hand.

But for the price, who cares!

3. Or this wheeled-cutter would make much less mess and may solve all my slicing problems.

4. This Betsey Johnson bag.  Or any of her stuff.  Love it all.

I got married in a hot pink Betsey Johnson dress ten years ago.   And I’d do it over again.

5. Michael Stars anything

So soft.  Texture is big for me.  If it’s not soft, I don’t want to wear it.

6. Free People anything

Funky, hip, unique, artsy, Bohemian.  That’s why I love Free People.

7. a Clarisonic

Does anyone have one?  Thoughts & reviews, please!  How has it helped or benefited your skin?  Any noticeable and positive changes?  Some skin care products either don’t work or make you break out, but I know many people like these and I’d love to hear some firsthand stories.

8. A quality food processor like this Cuisinart

Anyone have a Cuisinart or Kitchen Aid and want to share your thoughts on yours?  I currently only have a Vita and do 100% of everything with it.  For the money, I should, right?

However, there are times I feel like a food processor would be the better tool for the job.

But, I don’t want to buy a cheapie model, only to be disappointed in it’s workhorse abilities.  I am all for saving money, but many times, on kitchen tools like this, you are money ahead in the long run to buy something pricier rather than the no-name model that’s on clearance at Target. Do you have a food processor that you like or don’t like?

Tip: Bed Bath & Beyond has 20% off coupons that never expire.  Hoard them.  They make purchases like food processors a bit easier to swallow.

9. A lifetime supply of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle

It’s been in my arsenal for years and I never tire of it

10. A lifetime supply of Chocolate

Maybe some Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter for starters

Have I succeeded in making you want things you never knew existed or that you didn’t know you “needed”?

It’s fun to window shop on the internet.  No harm done until you pull out your credit card.  Or have your cc numbers memorized.  Including the 4 digit code on the front and 3 digit code on the back.  Ahem.

What are your Thursday Things that you have your eye on?

Any feedback on any of the products mentioned is also greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi Averie!
    I’m delurking to let you know I have the Clarisonic and LOVE it! It has helped my skin so much over the past 3 years. I used to get major breakouts and they have minimized, also the fine lines on my forehead have improved. I bought it on Amazon and I get the replacement heads on ebay, both a lot cheaper then buying them at a spa or Nordstroms.
    I also have the KitchenAid 12 cup food processor, I like it better then using my Blendec for things like making hummus and nut butters. I bet you would get a lot of good use out of it.

  2. I have a Cuisinart 4-cup {or maybe it’s 3?}, and so far so good! I’ve had it for about a 2 months now and absolutely love it. Since I’m usually cooking for myself or a smaller crowd, the size is great. Although, I really want the Big Kahuna since it has all the attachments!

    I have my eye on pancakes. For dinner!

  3. My grandma found me a 14-cup Cuisinart from the 70’s (at an estate sale) that still works perfectly! I also have a 2.5-3 cup baby Cuisinart that I picked up at Costco for about $25. Well worth it.

    I’m with you on Betsy Johnson–her work exudes happiness!

  4. I have a Clarisonic and love it too! I’ve been using it since the beginning of this year and notice my skin has become really smooth. I have oily/acne-prone skin and it’s really helped control break-outs and with fading blemishes. I highly recommend it!

  5. I own a clarisonic and I have to say, I don’t love it. I think it works ok, but to me, a washcloth works just as well. It did cause me to wash my face more often and for a set period of time (mostly because I wanted to play with my new toy). Maybe it worked better for other people, I would definitely give it another shot myself. I think it matters more what kind of cleanser you use than it does the gadget that gets it on your face. I hope this helps, I’d be interested myself to read how others liked it.

  6. You succeeded in making me want to see a pic of you in your wedding dress :) I clicked on the link but no picture – does one exist on the blog?

    I have had my food processor for close to 7 years and the best part is I only paid $1 for it at a yard sale. I almost had to replace it a couple of months ago but thanks to some Krazy glue and my husband we managed to save it. I did research new ones while I waited for it to fixed. I had my eye on a KitchenAid one but noticed there were a lot of refurbished ones for sale. It made me wonder how long it would last if they had so many returns. Other than that, I can’t be very helpful!

  7. That lens looks awesome– I wonder if it works well….

  8. LOVE my kitchenaid food processor – I only have a 3-cup one, but it works AMAZINGLY well for everything. I’ve found I don’t even need to use a blender for smoothies. I also posted about a gluten-free, high protein Coconut Pancake recipe I used the food processor to make. These machines are so useful!

    Interesting discussion about the Clarisonic – How does it reduce fine lines/wrinkles? Could it have the same effect as getting facials?

  9. I have a Clarisonic Mia, and it’s soooo worth it. I’ve had acne for 12 years, I tried everything under the sun to help it including Accutane, and this little gadget has remarkably improved my skin, it’s not perfectly clear but it’s much better, it has improved the texture of my skin and my skin just feel generally cleaner after use, I don’t really have sensitive skin, so I use the normal brush head twice a day!

  10. I JUST bought a clairisonic mia this week!! My skin has been FREAKING out during pregnancy, and I’m hoping it will help at least a little. I’ll let you know how it goes after I’ve used it for a little while longer!

  11. You’ve succeeded in making me want to get married in a pink Betsey Johnson dress :P I’m dying to see that!
    I love my Cuisinart food processor. I’ve made your raw brownies in it that you gave warning of it being “for vitas only.” I think I added maybe a drop of water, but not enough to make them any less brownie-like in consistency. And I can make nut and coconut butters pretty easily. Or…I will be when I get a new blade, at least :P
    And I still want an iPhone…maybe once that happens I’ll want the lens! I hope the rumors that they’re coming to Sprint are true :]

    • yeah as i told another commenter
      “not digital…and the print copy is in a box. somewhere….
      But….I dont know where that box is at the moment. I have it, but just not certain in which storage locker in which zip code it exists. whoops…”

      and glad to know you love your food proc so much and that it made those brownies..which are motor burners :)

  12. Hi love! Hope all is well with you and the family!!!

    You know I love my clarasonic! It does a face good ; )

    Love Free People!

    Love that perfume, I have not bought it in forever!

    xoxo <3

  13. Amen to “anything Free People”. LOVE at first buy.

  14. I have a clarisonic and I love it. I also gave one away for my blog anniversary – the person who won it raves all the time! :) I have never had real problems with my skin, but in the past year or so it’s changing – and the clarisonic deep cleans and makes my skin soft and smooth. *disclaimer! I am an esthetician, and can say for the most part, the basic products you clean and moisturize your face with Do Not Matter. you can use anything, heck, you can use ionized WATER! :) the technology of this piece of equipment is what does something good for your skin, and I have noticed a difference. also, I am not in any way affiliated with them ;)

    I think I told you about my kitchen aid – I love it too, and use it for different things than I use my vita for (hummus, nut butters, etc). yes, you can do those things in a vita, I think my kitchen aid container is easier to work with for those things. I have the kitchen aid version of the one you pictured here – with all the accessories and the smaller bowl – that smaller bowl is AWESOME. I use it all the time.

    finally, you know I share your love of Betsey. :D

    I think you need that telephoto. you do so much with your iPhone camera, you know?

    • thanks for SUCH an awesome comment…
      “the basic products you clean and moisturize your face with Do Not Matter.” <--- that is a HUGE statement! The reasosn i use what I use (lancome face wash) is b/c it doesnt break me out like drugstore brands or other brands ive tried but if i could get away with cheapie stuff i would! good info about the Clar and that you love it and coming from an estheticiain that's huge. also the food proc, yes we chatted on email about it and i was watching top chef just desserts and they use K.Aid products rather than Cuisinart. Smaller bowl 10-4, will make sure to get that if/when i buy something.

  15. I have a cuisinart and love that old thing. Worth every penny – but mine is NOT that fancy dancy set you have pictured there LOL.

  16. I’ve had a cuisinart for over 10 years and it still works great. Had to replace a lid once but those are cheap and easy to find on ebay. I think it’s better for raw balls and date/nut combos since the surface area is larger. You can make more at once versus the blender that has such a tiny bottom. Hope you get what your heart desires!

    • yes there are things like raw balls and bites with the dates and sticky dried fruit mixture that just would be easier in a food proc I think.

      Btw are you blogging anywhere these days?

      Not sure if you get comment notified on her site, but I commented right under you on Kath’s re her orange shirt. I love the item I got from Five Bamboo. It’s sooo soft. Highly recommend their stuff if you can swing$$ it. I once hosted a giveaway for them. Maybe more one day…

  17. Hello my love! ahhh its so good to be back!!!!! I have a clari knock off and I swear my moisturizer has never gone on so smooth after a light scrub with it! I kind of want to ask for the real thing for xmas… though i’m not sure all their claims are true it certainly feels like a face massage! <3 =) who wouldnt want that?! hehe

  18. I started using Clarisonic last year (june) and i love it!!! it has made my skin super smooth, i’m very particular about my skin (i’m filipino so just got lucky to already have nice skin for my age), and this has totally enhanced it. i definitely have more supple skin and look younger (i think and i’m 31!) :)

  19. Olay has a clari knock-off, I used it before purchasing the Mia, it works well, but with the Olay the brush spins compared to the sonic vibrations of the clari, Olay is a good start, it has the same benefits, but I just love my purple Mia, oh and olay takes batteries, and clari is a plug in charger which I prefer!

  20. I have the Cuisinart food processor, and I use my Vitamix much more often. True, they can serve different purposes, but I’m partial to the Vita.

    You’ve sparked my interested in the iPhone lens. I had no idea this existed.

    As far as Thursday Things I have my eye on, there are a few…. I’m looking for a new wetsuit for an upcoming dive/snorkel trip. Also, I’m almost ready to pull the trigger on a purchase of Lightroom. And I really *need* a pair of J. Brand black leggings (not for the dive trip :)

  21. i am having the biggest craving to go on a lululemon shopping spree. i would love to replenish my closet with lulu wear!
    love that brownie pan divider! squares can be so challenging to cut – either they’re goopy or too hard. i love that wheelie cutter!
    betsey johnson totally fits with your vibe, averie!

  22. I. want. it. ALL!
    I’m in the same boat with cocoa chanel mademoiselle; It’s my go to scent. I worked at free people in high school for the sole purpose of an employee discount… I miss that 40% off!

    Also, great question on food processors. I’ve been looking to invest in one… but I want to hold out until I find the one worth the $.

  23. I seriously want a food processor, wish I got that instead of a stand mixer which has been gathering dust on my countertop. It looks pretty tho. LOL!

    We wear the same perfume!!! I love love the Chanel Mademoiselle! =)

  24. Hey Averie!

    I have a Kitchen Aid Food Processor (can’t recall how many cups, but it’s not small) and love it! I make nut butters, pesto, black bean brownies, etc with it. i love the slicing and grating attachments, which make scalloped potatoes, zucchini bread, and carrot cake that much easier to bake.

    See if you can find a gently used one, if you’re not certain about taking the plunge and purchasing a new one.


  25. I have the Viking Professional 12 cup food processor. I love it!! I don’t have a Vitamix (yet…Christmas is coming up you know!) and I’m not totally sure what all you can do with the Vita, but my food processor does all kinds of fun things! It’s got different blades with fine and coarse mandolins, for things like slicing potatoes or other veggies very thinly. Like if you want to make sweet potato chips for instance. It’s also got other blades that I haven’t experimented with yet, like a julienne disk. It also has a citrus juicer, so if you need a large amour of juice for a recipe or something you can juice your citrus fruits very quickly. But the thing that I love it most for…a dough blade, for making homemade breads and pizza doughs. We are big homemade pizza makers at our house, and I couldn’t live without the dough blade!

    • Well every single thing I make, I make with my Vita…from mixing dough to making raw desserts to sauces to ice cream. It’s super versatile but I still want a stand mixer AND a food proc. It would be more *optimal* to have a food proc, obvi I can live without it..

      Viking = amazing products

  26. I just got a cheapie Cuisinart food processor and it’s AMAZING. Seriously, got it at target for $30 and it’s fantastic! And free people??? I worked there for a year. They gave me a 40% discount (that worked at Urban Outfitters and Anthro too). Needless to say, my entire paycheck went right back into the store. My style all the way!

  27. I have a cuisenart blender and food processor in one. The base stays the same but I just switch off the top part for whatever I need. It works SO well and I got it for a great deal on Rulala. Cuisenart makes great quality products in my opinion.
    And I use chanel chance, love it and never want to switch it.

  28. Can you use more than one coupon at a time at BB&B? I always assumed that you could only use one for one purchase.

    Not that I have any coupons – I haven’t shopped there in a LONG time. So much stuff there to browse through though.

  29. Okay for my real comment:

    I want to see the wedding dress! That sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Telephoto lens for the iPhone???? Whaaaat!???

    I want agood food processor. Love my Vita but hate scraping banana whip and noosh cheese out of the bottom!

  30. I just bought the Cusinart 16 Cup Food Processor from Williams and Sonoma and I love it! It’s pretty, stainless and is just plain awesome. I checked out the reviews and it’s 5 stars. I can actually fit 4 cups of nuts in it to make peanut butter. It has a retractable cord, a lock box for all the blades. It makes dough, slices, dices and more. I just got it and so far I love it! No complaints from me. It makes everything go fast and easy to use. It came with a little cookbook and 90 minute DVD, which I still haven’t watched. If I change my mind about it, I’ll let you know!

  31. Alright! You made me come out of the woodwork :) Totally want #1 and I don’t even own an iphone but when I do, I will want that lens! #8 would also be welcome.

  32. Fun! I have that same Cuisinart. I saved up for it for 6 months and threw out my 10 year old processor the same day. I was SO pumped… but I’m kinda disappointed in it. It doesn’t make nut butters like my previous one. I WISH I wouldn’t have thrown it out. It’s good… but when you make a nut butter a week, it’s kinda challenging. I ended up ‘borrowing’ my Moms haha.

  33. I have a Kenwood Multipro, which looks like that Cuisinart you have pictured. Cuisinart is not a brand I have seen here in NZ. I LOVE IT. When my niece went overseas to live, I became a little down :( My man decided to cheer me up with a $500 food processor and it truly did distract me for weeks as I tried everything. I makes really good nut butter, which was something I’d blown up two blenders trying to do. It does get a bit hot doing it though… There is only one thing that the Kenwood lacks, which is a mincer/grinder for grains. I would like to be able to make flour or to grind sprouts into a paste for sprouted, fermented breads. I’m now lusting after a Champion juicer, which can do that as well as expeller juice pressing and I think it might do a better (quicker and maybe not as noisy) job of nut butters too.

    I made your cookies and cream fudge two weeks ago (pics were on my blog) and tonight I am having a go at your peanut butter nutella one. I’ve had to be creative because I’m a bit allergic to peanuts (get the ‘punched in both eyes’ look if I eat them) and … what IS a ‘graham cracker’? I read on the interwebs that it’s a sweet malt cracker (i.e. not a cracker at all), so I’ve found something approximating that.

  34. I totally have my eye on those kitcheny gadgets and about a million things on pinterest.

  35. My mom and I are both using Clarisonics and we both love the product. As one who used it during high school, it really helped me skip over that awkward acne stage – it keeps my skin clean, minimizes breakouts and makes it feel smooth. Speaking of smooth, I’ve had keratosis pilaris my whole life, and the Clarisonic has really helped minimize the appearance of it on my face.

    My mom’s usage of the clarisonic has peeled years off of her face! She really loves it and definitely notices a decrease in the visibility of her wrinkles – I’m not sure of the science of how that works, but it sure looks like it’s working. Maybe it’s magic…

  36. I got my mom the brownie pan for Christmas last year, she loves it! And I just got a Cuisinart 11c food processor. It’s heavy duty and definitely gets the job done. I’m waiting for a BB&B coupon so I can get a juicer!

  37. Poking around on the Internet is so much fun, but then I usually find a ton of things I could never afford, lol. I actually really like the Hamilton Beach food processor I got at Wal-Mart. I’ve had it for almost five years now and I am constantly using it to make banana soft serve, balls, bites, and what not. I really wish I had a Vita-mix because I think some things would be a lot easier with it. But I do love it!

  38. Fun list! Too funny on the iPhone lens, pretty sure I won’t get one. :-P

    I do have a Clarisonic Mia and love it! Nothing removes makeup and daily grime like it, totally worth it.

    I also have that Cusinart Food Processor and love it! It has a lot of parts to clean, but it’s boss for creating raw dessrts, guac, hummus, banana solid serve, salsa … the list goes on! Never buy a cheap food processor, they can barely handle frozen bananas.

    I want tons of stuf too – new running gear from Luluemon, fall boots, new clothes, lenses, etc.

    • I thought of you on both the Clar (I know you have one and like it…didnt realize you LOVE it)
      On the food proc. I know you have a Cuisinart and knowing you have both a Cuis and a Vita and still think the Cuis is Boss on raw desserts, that’s good to know.

      “Never buy a cheap food processor, they can barely handle frozen bananas.” <-- SO TRUE!!

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  40. I got an Oster 10 cup food processor through my work reward points system. It retails for only $80 and it’s done pretty good so far! It doesn’t have tons of attachments but it works great for everything I really need it for. It seems to be only available in Canada though.

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