Thursday Things

It’s time for an installment of Thursday Things, otherwise known as things I’d like to have.

Nothing here is essential to my life’s happiness and well-being or anything, but they’d be nice.

1. A mini-donut pan

2. Or else a donut maker

3. A big hatchet A knife for slicing through a 9 x 13 pan of brownies, bars, or cake in one fell swoop

I hate when I am slicing desserts and running my knife through the frosting and through the cake, row by row.  It creates a total mess and my lines and rows are never even.  I want to just attack it with one fell swoop.

Not sure if this tool work on desserts as it’s intended for pizzas but it’s worth a try

Anything I can do to not get brown crumbs into the white frosting of Fudgy Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting is a good thing <– And I realize if this is my worst problem in life, I’ve lived a blessed life.

But see the foodie sites don’t like my pictures if they’re messy.  <– Harsh but true.

4. A new flat iron that is One Pass and Done

If you love your flat iron, tell me about it and where I can buy it!

So many of them either get too hot (major damage), not hot enough (re-passing, over and over; also damaging), the plates don’t touch, the plates have corners and rip or snag your hair out (yikes, ouch!)

And yes, I did the Brazilian Blowout (twice) but it’s worn off and I won’t do it again.  Fine while it lasted but not something I want to maintain.  I’d rather just flat-iron as need be.

5. Another external backup drive.  Mine is almost full.  Already.

How would you feel if you lost ALL your digital photos, documents/work, digital music, and everything else you have on your computer?

I cannot fathom it.

Yes, please back up your machines as I urged here

6. Wacom Wireless Pen Tablet

I didn’t even know this product existed until reader Jenny told me about it this week.  Thanks, Jenny!

Basically, I could ditch my mouse and do all my photo editing with a pen which would give me much better control over what I am doing.

When editing, the tiniest, slightest little motions can really make a huge difference in the finished photo and sometimes I feel like Mrs. Butterfingers with my mouse.  I barely touch it and a major change occurs to the photo and I have to start over or try to back track.  I’d love the wireless pen tablet for control and precision.

7. Another memory card for my camera

All this crap this camera stuff is just so pricey!

8. And a faster card reader

I shoot in RAW and sometimes it takes 10 minutes (or more!) just to get the photos into my computer because the files are so large.  And that’s before I even make a single edit.

Being more efficient = better and more time to spend thinking about #9

9. Drinks on the beach with Scott

10. Chocolate + Peanut Butter

Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting (No Bake)

The winner of the 500 Business Cards Giveaway is:

Kristin @ STUFT Mama September 20, 2011

“Ahh!!! I need new busniess cards big-time. I’m running a race to raise money for my friend’s deaf daughter and need help getting the word out! :) I only have cards for my fitness, not my blog. Yay for this amamzing giveaway! :) Averie- you ROCK!”

Congrats, Kristin


What are your Thursday Things?  Any recommendations on anything I’ve mentioned?  What do you have your eye on? 

Have a great day…the weekend is coming up.  Yay!

59 comments on “Thursday Things”

  1. Okay, I have been seeing mini donut pans EVERYWHERE! I think I need to jump into the trend ;D That knife is awesome, I’d totally use it for desserts. I want a new straightener too! Ahh I have a Chi but I got it online from China? Chocolate + peanut butter is heaven.

  2. I have that very donut pan. Its cheap, dude. Buy it. Even if you only use it a couple times, you’ll still get your moneys worth….unlike that juicer of yours. ;)

    My parents eat SO MUCH pizza and my dad is a handy dude. So about 10 years ago, he made one of those pizza cutters – welded it and sharpened it himself. I never thought to use it on anything else, but now I kind of want to ask him to make me one!

  3. You’re so CUTE!
    Love the mini donut pan.

  4. Great list. I’m torn on a mini doughnut pan, I just don’t make them enough. I do have a nice flat iron, only the super expensive ones seem to work on my hair. And yes, one can never have too many backup hard drives. :-) This post makes me want to break out my Wacom tablet since I finally have a good desktop for it, maybe this weekend. It was a super gift hubby got me years ago when I was heavily into computer graphics.

    Some new kitchen toys and fall apparel for me … and maybe some new running winter gear. :-)

  5. I have the babycakes donut maker, I just made 4 dozen mini donuts about 30 minutes ago. And 2 dozen a couple days ago and.. You get the idea! It is awesome. I own all of their products and love them. Well, I have yet to make a whoppie pie… Cakepop maker is my favorite! I got my donut maker at Kohls, I saw some at bed bath and beyond, you could use one of those 20% off coupons they have that never expire! I think they stack them too. Go buy it, cute fun and even kid friendly with some supervision!

    • I was torn between the cake pop maker and the donut maker. Sounds like you like the cakepop maker slightly more…and yes, I stockpile my BB & B 20% off coupons b/c they never expire…I have them waiting for me in an envelope so I’m ready for that rainy day shopping and coupon needs…. :)

  6. I like that donut pan too. I’m sure my kids would love one. We could make Babycakes salted caramel donuts in it.

  7. Someday…I would love to have a top-of-the-line knife set.

  8. That Wacom tablet would be a good investment and you are going to LOVE it! I’ve had mine for 5 years now and it still works like a charm =)

    I have the Sedu flat iron that I got from the folica website. It doesn’t snag my hair or burn it so i’ve been pretty content with it. Folica always has deals and discounts so you can get their 1 1/2″ Sedu flat iron for 99bucks!

  9. I was going to comment last night but I ended up working until the wee hours so I fell asleep right after :) LOL! How about you get the sedu first and then the wacom sometime during the holidays. Hmmm…. :D

  10. i’ve been wanting a donut pan for the longest time!!!!! i think i’ma get one soon!

  11. I use a GHD flat iron and love it. Yes, it was a pricey $250 from Sephora, but they have an amazing return policy (as in, if it breaks in 10 years I can exchange it for a new one).

    • I ALMOST LINKED TO THE GHD’S!!! but linked to the T3 instead in this post.

      Glad to know you love yours. Some of the reviews on the GHD’s were not stellar on the sephora site and for the money, i want perfection :) Thanks for lmk your thoughts.

      • I have the GHD IV Mark, which they no longer make, but is much better than their newer versions. If you can find the IV at Sephora or Nordstrom, I would definitely give it a try, as both stores have AMAZING return policies.

  12. Oooooh, a donut maker!!!!! I want one!!!!

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